New Bedroom Decorating Trends For 2021

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The design of the sleeping room is characterized by a minimal amount of furniture. The room is concise, functional and spacious. Free space allows you to add the necessary items and contributes to a good rest. In order for the bedroom to meet all the requirements of the residents, you should initially decide on a stylistic direction. Below we have collected for you more the best ideas for a modern bedroom decorating trends 2021 that will help you see how your room will look in one or another version.

Bedroom style trends selection

A variety of styles allows you to choose the right bedroom interior for every taste. In each of the directions there are defining elements and colors.

Neoclassicism bedroomNew Bedroom Decorating Trends For 2021

A bedroom in the neoclassical style will appeal to lovers of elegant luxury. The direction involves the use of expensive materials (leather, marble, granite, natural wood). Characteristic features of the style are arches, columns, borders, stucco molding and clear lines. As a ceiling and wall covering, materials of calm tones are chosen. Ideal for bedrooms with high ceilings.

Eco style bedroom design trendsNew Bedroom Decorating Trends For 2021

The eco-style room is distinguished by its natural color scheme and natural materials. The bedroom will be bright, spacious and soft. Natural materials will give you a sense of calm, contributing to maximum relaxation. A great option for those families who share a bedroom with children.

High tech bedroomsNew Bedroom Decorating Trends For 2021

The basis of this style are clear graphic lines and shiny metallic surfaces. Furniture items are simple and functional. When choosing finishes and textiles, preference is given to white, black and gray colors, diluted with green, gray, red and yellow elements.

Minimalism bedroom designsNew Bedroom Decorating Trends For 2021

With a heavy workload in everyday life, a place of rest should maximize relaxation and rest. In this case, a bedroom in the style of minimalism is the best option. The minimum amount of functional furniture, gray-black colors with a bright accent do not load the space and make it comfortable.

Scandinavian style bedroom designNew Bedroom Decorating Trends For 2021

Distinctive features of a Scandinavian-style bedroom include deliberately rough wood and exclusively natural materials. The room is bright and comfortable and spacious. Light colors are often used for wall decoration, and a laminate is used as flooring. You can revive the interior with the help of fluffy rugs or patchwork bedspreads.

Youth bedroom ideasNew Bedroom Decorating Trends For 2021

The youth style of the bedroom should meet several requirements: be comfortable, original, functional and spacious.

Such an interior is not loaded with unnecessary details and involves the use of metal, glass and plastic. An additional advantage will be the presence of a small amount of wood and textile.

There are no restrictions on the choice of color in the youth bedroom: someone prefers bright colors, and someone likes contrasting strict combinations of black and white. A characteristic feature of the youth bedroom is modern gadgets, transformer furniture, unusual poufs, a water mattress, and hand-made decor.

Loft bedroom designsNew Bedroom Decorating Trends For 2021

Creating a bedroom in the loft style involves covering the walls with rough stucco or the presence of brickwork. Such an interior is based on the contrast of cold colors and textures, home-made and original decor elements, the presence of large high window openings and maximum free space. For the decoration of the ceiling, a gray board and white painting are optimal.

Art Deco bedroom styleNew Bedroom Decorating Trends For 2021

The combination of different materials, oriental and ancient elements makes this style indispensable when designing a bedroom for creative natures. A wide comfortable bed, massive decorative elements and accessories are quite acceptable in such an interior. When choosing a finish color, you should pay attention to orange, blue, purple and green tones.

Modern bedroomNew Bedroom Decorating Trends For 2021

The Art Nouveau bedroom attracts attention with sophistication, flowing lines, plastic shapes. An interesting combination of materials (plastic, glass, stone, wood) and an unlimited number of colors allow you to choose an option for a bedroom in a modern style individually.

The variety of directions in the interior will make the bedroom a resting place in accordance with any requirements.

Choosing bedroom color trends for 2021New Bedroom Decorating Trends For 2021

Not only the general perception of the interior, but also the emotional background of the residents depends on the choice of color design. There are several color options that are preferred for a modern bedroom:

  1. The white bedroom is an unchanging classic that will always be fashionable. White tones can be both basic and as a background for other shades. Properly placed light accents will help get rid of the feeling of a hospital room. This color can become basic in the style of minimalism, or additional in any other interior.
  2. In the modern bedroom, decorated in black colors, it is easy to create a feeling of coziness and chamberness. So that the room does not seem gloomy, it is worth considering in advance the option of placing dark color accents. If there is a large area, it is permissible to paint one of the walls with black paint. If the room is small – just select a black bed, which will become the main element of the interior.
  3. The gray tones in the design will help the owner relax and enjoy a calm, deep sleep. Giving preference to pale shades, it is necessary to correctly select furniture, focusing on it. A gray bedroom will not seem boring if you dilute the interior with bright textiles and accessories.
  4. Beige colors are diverse shades – from milk to coffee. Each of them makes the bedroom special, but always cozy, warm and calm. For lovers of experiments, a combination of beige tones with contrasting colors is suitable.
  5. Bright elements in the sleeping room are necessary for revitalizing pastel walls and flooring. The presence of color paintings, textiles or accessories will add colors and save the room from excessive rigor.

These are the main color options that will never go out of style. Fans of extraordinary solutions and extravagance can decorate the bedroom in any other color they like.

Furniture for bedroom 2021New Bedroom Decorating Trends For 2021

Choosing furniture for a modern bedroom, it is worth giving preference to modular models. They are easy to assemble, move and even modify. Do not clutter up the space: the room should be spacious and light. Built-in designs are optimally suited for this task.

The central subject in the bedroom – the bed is not only classic on four legs, but can also be a rather interesting subject:

  • A modular bed, consisting of several separate ottomans;
  • Flexible design – a transformer that turns into a sofa and adapts to the bends of the human body;
  • Japanese beds in the style of minimalism.

The bed can be equipped with a mechanism that allows you to slide it into a wall or cabinet. If the choice is made in favor of the classic model, you can experiment with the headboard, covering it with leather or adding metal parts.

Storage locations ( cabinets , chests of drawers ) should not create a sense of clutter. Glossy mirror facades that reflect artificial light meet this requirement. If you have free space, you can provide a small dressing room, hidden behind a light screen.

2021 Wallpaper bedroom trendsNew Bedroom Decorating Trends For 2021

In order to choose wallpaper for the bedroom you will have to make a lot of effort. Therefore, we have prepared a series of articles in which we have collected all the useful tips from experienced designers.

Modern curtains for bedroom 2021New Bedroom Decorating Trends For 2021

The choice of textiles is of no small importance. Read about curtains and photo novelties in the interior in our article.

About arrangement

To follow fashion trends when decorating a bedroom, designers advise taking into account a number of recommendations:

  1. The use of carpets or laminate is allowed as a floor covering, however, parquet remains the leader. It is distinguished by environmental cleanliness, durability, practicality and beautiful appearance. The safety of the material makes it indispensable for the bedroom.
  2. When choosing the color of the walls, the location of the windows is taken into account. For the south room – cold shades, for the north – warm.
  3. For wall decoration it is allowed to use wallpaper for painting, imitating textiles, photo wallpaper and wood veneer panels.
  4. It is also not uncommon to use laminate on the walls. More about this here .
  5. For several years now, stretch cloths , which can consist of several levels, depending on the height of the room, have occupied the first place as a ceiling coating .

When choosing decorative elements, you should be guided by your personal preferences, remembering that the bedroom should have a quiet and cozy atmosphere. The best option will be a fluffy rug, a beautiful mirror and original candlesticks. The main thing is to show a sense of proportion, and the sleeping room will fully correspond to its purpose.

Design of a modern bedroom in the photoNew Bedroom Decorating Trends For 2021

The examples below show the fashionable interiors of this year. Popular trends and bright accents make these projects interesting for implementation in your own apartment.New Bedroom Decorating Trends For 2021

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