New Living Room Decorating Trends for 2021

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The living room is one of the most welcoming and welcoming environments in the whole house. At least it should be, because that’s where we entertain ourselves, spend countless family moments, and be very welcome when it comes to visitors.

But we also know that creating an inviting atmosphere takes care of the detail, the layout, and the consistency of absolutely everything in it. That’s why there is decoration. For it is through his concepts that we can transform simple objects and their sets into something harmonious, capable of transmitting feelings and sensations, making it much more cozy and receptive.

For those seeking inspiration from decorative living room trends in 2021, today we are going to point out a number of amazing concepts that can revitalize and enrich the atmosphere of your home.

Trends for Living Room Decorating in 2021

The trends for living room decoration are becoming more modern, sophisticated and elegant. And to achieve these results, the most famous contemporary designers seek to mix the rigid traces of tradition with irreverence and spoil, thus creating modern, elegant and exclusive environments, owners of truly unusual atmospheres.

In other words, they obey the rules to some extent and break in others, creating highlights in exotic elements that were not previously common in that particular style of decoration. It is precisely there that the new trends and trends that dictate the new paths arise, showing that it is not necessary to be a professional in the area to be able to create the best combinations.

Frames, Colors and Complementary ColorsNew Living Room Decorating Trends for 2021

The colors too hard, but it all depends on your style and your goal. In the example above the color was placed on the decorative paintings, while the sofas contrast with the concept of complementary colors – one of the fundamentals of decoration. The paintings do not follow a certain pattern and this makes the scenery much more showy, dynamic and relaxed, something quite biased. Not to mention the mirror on the back wall, which causes a feeling of spaciousness, leaving the living room brighter and “open”.

Small living rooms, Earth Colors and Analog ColorsNew Living Room Decorating Trends for 2021

As you will see, each environment presents its capabilities, following the taste of those who live there. In the example above you can see that they like more stylish and modern furniture and cleaner walls with only one frame. The result is a larger, minimalist space. If so, they could have opted for a canvas or a set of them instead of the whiteboard. The result would also be beautiful and bold.

Because space is so small, filling the walls can cause the opposite sensation, which is less space, resulting in a kind of “warmth”. Already the yellow details of the cushion together with the earthy tones of the sofa and carpet, break the seriousness of the environment to make it more inviting. The concept of applied colors was analogous colors.

Half-Complementary Colors and Many PillowsNew Living Room Decorating Trends for 2021

This image represents many of the modern living rooms we see out there: beautiful, relaxed and welcoming. In this case, we opted for more colorful pillows on the sofa in order to break some of the sobriety that the mid-complementary colors of the setting (blue, brown and yellow) provide. Note that on pillow covers you will find prints with similar characteristics in both shapes and colors, creating a communication so that you can dare alongside many different arts.

Already the paintings, with white frames and soft colors come in order to support the decoration, which leaves the protagonism for the cozy pillows.

Breaking Patterns, Minimalism and EleganceNew Living Room Decorating Trends for 2021

Rugs and tapestry are on the rise and their applications have gained even more versatility. It is possible to use overlapping rugs as well as starring through them. In the example above, the beaten carpet adds charm and comfort to the environment. Already the “beanbag table” follows the trend of earthy and woody colors that decorators and architects invest so much.

By the way, the aged rug also features trend colors from 2021 and 2020, such as terracotta and other burnt dark tones. Due to their visibility, they gained space in objects, furniture and various other items in order to star in scenarios. In the example above, a clean, cold living room with black and white paintings is noted, but it has this sobriety broken through the earthy “beanbag” and the green of the plants.

Textures and MirrorsNew Living Room Decorating Trends for 2021

Decorative mirrors have always been part of the decoration but are now present throughout the beautiful house. They attribute feelings of spaciousness to the environment and make it brighter.

Another trend is the presence of rich textures in various materials, such as the velvety sofa and the worked wood panel. As already mentioned, earth tones and wood details tend to be increasingly used and in this example was no different. Complementing all this with porcelain or glass ornaments is the finishing touch that any exquisite ambiance requires.

Monochrome living rooms and Geometric ShapesNew Living Room Decorating Trends for 2021

Some enjoy the elegant, minimalist atmosphere that monochrome living rooms can offer. They are based or have a single color with slight nuances between their shades. However, as standards break and new trends are emerging, you can use this concept more flexibly and add spoil and vibrancy to your new living room.

In the example above, sandy and earthy tones make up the entire background of the living room, leaving the colors for pieces of great visual impact, such as the metallized structure of the geometric table, avoiding overloading or disfiguring the monochrome.

As a curiosity, geometric shapes and objects convey the sense of order, organization and modernity.

2021 living room Decorating Ideas and TrendsNew Living Room Decorating Trends for 2021

As you can see, although the trend dictates one direction, it eventually subdivides into several others, so that a pattern never exists, but patterns can be worked upon new patterns.

An example of this is that you like the industrial style decoration, together with the rustic. Surely this combination will yield a unique atmosphere, and it goes for absolutely everything. Every feature of a particular decoration can be attributed to a new one and so on, allowing you to have your own taste even under the memorable shapes that the decor has.

Enjoy decorating your home and catching up with the top trends here at Newdecortrends! For besides the best products, we have the best prices to make the decoration is not a class art.

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