Bathroom tiles: popular trends in 2021

Bathroom tiles - recommendations and popular trends in 2021The unique design of the bathroom tiles will not only highlight, but also give style and elegance to the room. In this “simple guide” we will tell you how to improve the overall appearance of a room with a tile. And besides this, protect the walls and floors from water damage and temperature changes.

If you think this is a lengthy project, then just follow simple tips. It is relatively easy to create an excellent bathroom design using tiles using proven methods and the necessary materials.

Ideas for creating an aesthetic bathroom interiorBathroom tiles - recommendations and popular trends in 2021

The choice of tiles for the bathroom is an important component of most repairs. Do you want a big tile or a small one? Do you want to mix ceramics, porcelain, glass or materials that look like marble? You have a million questions in your head when you are planning a major renovation of the bathroom or updating the interior to something more modern.

There is no doubt that you have an image of your “dream tile”. Clarity in the aesthetic sense is the first step to facilitate the selection process. Regardless of whether you choose floor tiles or accent ceramics to complement the style of the room, it is enough to get a general idea of aesthetics. After which, you can safely begin repairing the bathroom.

Next, always remember the scale of your space. This is especially true for the choice of tile size. Experts agree that it is tempting to choose the option of 800×1200 tiles for the bathroom. But still, for small rooms it is better to use ceramics with a size of 600×600 or a little less. These models will make your bathroom visually larger and airier.

If you want to highlight one section, corner or an entire wall, there are several great options available for accent ceramics. We suggest you limit yourself to one eye-catching element instead of playing with too many variations, patterns and materials. Do not combine more than three types of tiles in one space, as this will deprive it of sophistication. Better let the two options subtly complement each other.

Lastly, keep in mind the maintenance and durability of your chosen wall and floor material. It sounds boring, but you will be grateful for the durable, easy-to-clean tile for the bathroom, so please consider this. We made classic combinations of tiles and ceramics specifically for bathrooms.

Tile purchase

When you buy the tile you need, buy a little more than enough in case they split. It is better to have more than run to the store during the repair. In addition, it is better to make sure that you buy tiles from one lot. In other words, if you buy the same tiles in a month, they may not correspond to the exact color scheme, since they come from another lot. It’s also good to have extra stock so you can replace broken or chipped materials years later.

What to consider when choosing a tile for a bathroom?Bathroom tiles - recommendations and popular trends in 2021

First, they must take into account the appearance of the bathroom. The market has a huge number of styles, designs and colors, so the choice of the perfect tile is really stunning. Bathrooms require frequent cleaning and are also expensive to repair. Accordingly, it is important to consider aesthetics, which, in addition to a stylish interior, will provide at least 10-20 years of use.

And the most important thing. Tile quality cannot be determined from the photo. Do not be lazy, visit a large store where you can see the real color of the product, evaluate by touch. Remember, the most expensive options are not glossy blue or pink, but materials that imitate concrete, marble, stone, travertine.

The architecture of your home also influences the style of the bathroom. For example, if you have an old house, you can stop at the usual ceramic subway. In addition, when choosing the right option for your room, the ease of cleaning and maintenance of the tiled walls should be taken into account.

The choice of tiles made of natural stone or with cement content has its own nuances. Please note that these products must be regularly sealed and cleaned with a non-abrasive detergent. Thus, maintenance will be more difficult than, say, in a bathroom lined with porcelain stoneware or ceramics. It is the latter that do not require sealing. So, they can be cleaned with appropriate chemicals.

Does tile size matter?Bathroom tiles - recommendations and popular trends in 2021

Definitely. If your bathroom is small, medium-sized tiles are recommended. As a rule, a mosaic in the form of an accent looks great in a small bathroom. This option visually increases the size of the bathroom. On the other hand, if the room is large, the largest material can be used in the cladding. In addition, when you design a large bathroom, you can replace the tiles with full-fledged tiles.

Of course, the way you choose to lay the selected tile for the bathroom can completely change the look of the tile after it is installed. Do you prefer a stack of bundles or prefer to add some kind of texture by putting ceramics in a chevron, Christmas tree, basketry or stretching?

Does the way to grout change the aesthetics of the bathroom?Bathroom tiles - recommendations and popular trends in 2021

Of course, yes. The amount of grout can affect the final result of how your bathroom looks. Some options require more grout than others. For example, a handmade tile that has uneven edges and large gaps to fill after installation. On the other hand, seamless tiles are laid without any clearance at all.

Do you prefer the color of the solution to mix with the color of the tile or not? Please note that the color of the solution goes hand in hand when choosing the perfect tile for any bathroom.

Is there a difference in price of large and small tiles

As a rule, larger models are more expensive to stack, as they require qualified tilers. The cost of laying small glazed tiles, which are laid individually, can also entail high labor costs due to the time-consuming nature. As a rule, small tiles laid on sheets stack much faster and cheaper. In contrast, stone tiles, due to thickness and gravity, are considered premium on all fronts, considering the cost of installation.

Bathroom Tiles – Selection TipsBathroom tiles - recommendations and popular trends in 2021

The selection of tiles in reputable stores is truly huge. From synthetic and natural, shiny and matte to large and small models – the combinations are endless. Here are truly invaluable recommendations from leading interior designers.

Fashion trends for bathroom tiles in 2021

1.Wide-format porcelain tiles with a thickness of 1200x1200x60, with the appearance in the form of a stone – a novelty in the market and a big trend in 2021. These are suitable options that provide a luxurious stone effect. In addition, they have the advantages of porcelain – durability and low weight.

  1. As an option, we will see much more capricious gray, white and diluted tones in combination with contrasting dressing tables and cabinets, plumbing, lighting equipment and accessories. This color scheme complements the modern bathroom design with a fresh and timeless approach.
  2. So, tiles with a matte or polished finish will remain at the peak of popularity. The appearance of the matte tiles blends perfectly with any metallic color and finish, whether it is a traditional or modern bathroom design.
  3. The resurgence of geometric shapes is an ongoing trend this year. Thus, manufacturers are improving modern technology and capabilities. Geometric tiles for the bathroom are used not only as accents and elements. Alternatively, innovations are manifested in the folding technique. To give the bathrooms a holistic and textured look, floors and walls are decorated with the same material.
  4. Handmade tiles make it possible to give an individual look to your bathroom, since each element will have a certain number of variations, because it was made by a person. Each instance will have tonal changes in color and vary in size and shape.


Even before the start of repairs, it is necessary to budget not only the amount of material, taking into account a certain margin, but also how much the lining will cost. Will you clad all walls from floor to ceiling, or lay only to a certain height? All these decisions affect the final cost, and it is important to consider all the details in advance when choosing a finishing material for the bathroom. Well, our ideas will help determine the choice and appreciate the beauty of new products.

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