6 Trendy Bathroom Design In 2022

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Trendy And Hot Trends In Bathroom Design In 2022Marble, wood, terrazzo, minimalism – we are talking about these and other trends in bathroom design in the coming season.

In addition to global trends such as the pursuit of sustainability, the pandemic also influenced bathroom design in 2022. We began to pay much more attention to coziness and our own comfort. We will tell you what ideas you should pay attention to when decorating a bathroom in the coming seasons.

Six Trending Bathroom Design Trends in 2022

1. Soft colorsTrendy And Hot Trends In Bathroom Design In 2022

A bright saturated palette gives way to 50 shades of beige. This is one of the design jokes, but today the basic colors are at the peak of their relevance.

Among the basic achromatic colors: black and white, a palette of gray, beige tones and muted pastels – all those shades that can be easily found in nature. Slightly more saturated tones are easy to combine with each other, and a neutral base will balance any contrast.

The desire for a calm scale is easy to explain: it is comfort, rest for the eyes and relaxation. And it was these criteria that became the main ones in the design of the house during the pandemic.

2. Natural textures and materialsTrendy And Hot Trends In Bathroom Design In 2022

This trend can hardly be called new, but it certainly will not lose its relevance in the next few years. Only the degree of influence of nature on design changes.

  • To decorate the interior in accordance with this trend, it is easiest to use decor: these are potted plants that are not afraid of the dark, textiles such as linen and cotton, decorative dried flowers, for example, pampas grass, lagurus or driftwood.
  • More complex variations are in decoration. It can be designer tiles with a stone effect, marble effect porcelain tiles, stone or wood panels on the wall.
  • Wallpaper for the bathroom is becoming relevant. Look for handicrafts with prints such as eco-style, greenery and flowers. This technique is suitable for a large room with a dry area at the entrance. And in small spaces, it is better to do with a more minimalist design in the form of paint and tiles.

3. TerrazzoTrendy And Hot Trends In Bathroom Design In 2022

The mosaic interspersed with stone is also not losing ground. And designers are unlikely to abandon it in the near future. A huge variety of shades and textures speaks in favor of the material. We advise you to take a closer look at the mosaic with small inclusions, especially for decorating a small room.

Tiles are relevant not only in the decoration of the floor and walls, but also in the design of the countertop, shower room, bath and even sink. Terrazzo can be used in almost any style: from classic to minimalism. It’s just a combination of materials and the relevance of the design itself. But we will talk about this in the next paragraph.

4. Minimalism as a trend in bathroom designTrendy And Hot Trends In Bathroom Design In 2022

The year 2020 has proven that interiors with a lot of details and decor quickly become boring. Therefore, the designers’ course is on minimalism. This does not mean that all styles fade into the background, no. But the decor, finishes and furniture choices are now dictated by this global trend.

An environmentally friendly direction, a brutal loft, Scandinavian design and modern are still relevant. But now they are not in their pure form. There are fewer details and prints, and the emphasis is on textures, shapes and materials. It turns out a kind of mix of stylistics, so at first glance it is difficult to understand which one is presented brighter here.

5. Exquisite shapesTrendy And Hot Trends In Bathroom Design In 2022

If we talk about a design approach, then unusual sinks and bathrooms are in trend. Both those and others today are rarely built into niches or dressing tables. More and more often, one can notice a novelty in projects – freestanding bowls and washbasins on the countertop. Such products look much more interesting than usual factory models. Plus, in a large room, you can place a bath in the west, by the window or in the center.

The plumbing itself is changing. Glossy faience is found less and less (only if it fits in the scale), preference is for natural materials and more interesting forms. Cast iron products are suitable for classic interiors, concrete and stone for modern interiors. Smooth soft lines change to geometric cup-shaped or rectangular.

We should also say about mixers. Brass is still in trend, since the classic style is not complete without it. But in modern designs, designers often choose matte black, white or even colored mixers. Moreover, simple linear forms, without special decor and embellishments.

6. Open showersTrendy And Hot Trends In Bathroom Design In 2022

Another long-established trend in 2022 is open showers in bathroom design. The implementation of this solution is not the easiest one, such redevelopment will have to be coordinated. And it’s quite difficult to do it yourself. It’s easier to hire a designer to help with project planning.

The main advantage of such a shower, in addition to the stylistic component, is practical. It will not burden the interior of even a small bathroom, unlike a bowl or an ordinary factory cabin. In large spaces, you are not limited in the size of such a shower: it can be made even very large, for example, two by two meters.

Inside, the open shower room is trimmed with tiles, stone, but moisture-resistant wooden panels are especially good in the photo. This solution is non-standard, but very effective.

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