New Ideas for Modern Bathroom Trends 2020

Ideas and trends so that you can decorate your modern bathrooms with the most modern and contemporary style. We bring you ideas of bathrooms and trends 2020. In Newdecortrends we will show you the latest in modern bathroom designs and what are the factors that determine them so you can get the perfect decoration.
Modern Bathroom Trends 2020
In this article we will analyze in depth the decorating ideas for modern bathrooms, but taking into account that there are many styles and designs of bathrooms, so we will see: small modern bathrooms, with shower, colors… you will find all the information at In the following section you will discover everything about the small bathrooms, how to decorate them with a modern style and also taking advantage of the space to make it beautiful and also comfortable and functional.

Small Modern BathroomsModern Bathroom Trends 2020

We are going to analyze all the most important aspects to make your bathrooms, the space of your dreams, that is, a small but modern bathroom. The first thing we have to take into account are the walls and floors. The bathroom supports changes in temperature and humidity, so the choice of these should be good. A good example for the choice of the wall are the tiles and mosaics. There are many styles, design of smooth tiles, mosaics, combinations of the two or even panels. The tiles that are more fashionable are retro, that is, with different designs. The brick-like tiles with glossy finish is being used a lot, as you can see in the next photo. In the next gallery you can see more examples of photos of small modern bathrooms, with different types of tiles and mosaics so you can take ideas for your bathrooms.

Bathrooms without limitationsModern Bathroom Trends 2020

When we have a small bathroom what we want at all times is to gain space and a feeling of spaciousness and luminosity. Removing the barrier of the floor of the bathroom will make the shower take up less space, in this way we will have greater amplitude.

Extension of bathroom floorsModern Bathroom Trends 2020

The floor has a very important role in the design of a bathroom since it can expand the space in a visual way. If we extend the floor of the bathroom to the wall, the bathroom will look much bigger, as in the following image.

Stone bathroomsModern Bathroom Trends 2020

A beautiful, elegant style that year after year returns to be a trend is the stone style, that is, the stone bathrooms. The elements in stone manage to turn a normal bathroom into a modern one.

Large Modern BathroomsModern Bathroom Trends 2020

When you have a large bathroom you can play with different styles, elements and more as you have no limitations when placing the sink, shower, bathtub… We are going to give you a few ideas so that you have a large, beautiful and functional modern bathroom.
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Black bathsModern Bathroom Trends 2020

Just as white gives the feeling of spaciousness, black is a color that conveys connection between the elements and bathroom furniture. As you can see the picture, a very good combination is black and white because it will not give the feeling of a huge bathroom but it is big and elegant.

Bathrooms with SPAModern Bathroom Trends 2020

Since we have a lot of space in the bathroom, I’m sure you’re interested in having a place to relax and disconnect from day to day. We recommend that you put a spa, it will be your corner of heaven, it will become your favorite place in the house.

Bathrooms with JacuzziModern Bathroom Trends 2020

Another option if the spa does not convince you much are the bathrooms with Jacuzzi. As we have space to spare instead of a bathtub you can put a jacuzzi and have a shower in case you want to take a quick shower before going to work, for example. In the following photo gallery you can see more examples with the best ideas to decorate large modern bathrooms with different styles.

Modern Bathrooms with ShowerModern Bathroom Trends 2020

Every time we look for more space and when decorating a small bathroom what we can do is put a shower instead of a bathtub. Let’s see all the ideas to decorate a modern bathroom with shower and gain space. More and more showers are taking place but very broad, protected by screens, usually by critics who usually reach the ceiling. As a kind of small room. We seek comfort, enjoy a shower, a quiet moment where we relax at home. That’s why the new trend is the increasingly larger shower cabins. Even several showers so that we also save time and not only space. In this photo gallery you will find more examples of modern bathrooms with showers so you can see the latest ideas to decorate your bathrooms.

Clean designModern Bathroom Trends 2020

When we talk about a bathroom, a clean design means that it is not an ornate bathroom, it has a minimalist and functional point. An example of this is the following bathroom with a large shower with glass doors to the wall making an elegant and modern shower.

Rain effectModern Bathroom Trends 2020

To relax while we take a bath and enjoy a pleasant time we recommend that your shower has the rain effect. It is very comfortable and as you can see in the image is not very complicated to put, just change the artichoke. In the next gallery you can see more examples of modern bathrooms with showers.

Modern Bathrooms with BathModern Bathroom Trends 2020

Do you like to enjoy relaxing baths? In Newdecortrends we are going to give you all the ideas to enjoy the best bathrooms with modern, comfortable and beautiful bathtubs so that you can enjoy the experience. Join us!

Built-in bathtubModern Bathroom Trends 2020

To gain space, the best thing you can do is have a built-in bathtub, and you’ll get a cleaner touch in the bathroom. It can also be the size you choose according to the space you have.
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Bathtub with transparenciesModern Bathroom Trends 2020

A new fashion or trend in modern bathrooms are bathtubs with transparencies, that is, a part covered in glass, where you can see the interior. But they are not usually whole in glass.

Separate bathtubModern Bathroom Trends 2020

As we can opt for a built-in bathtub, the other way is a separate bathtub. In this way we will achieve a great amplitude where the bathtub will only be separated by the walls. In the following photo gallery you can continue enjoying more examples and ideas of modern bathrooms with bathtubs. You can not miss them!

Mew Trends for Modern Bathrooms 2020Modern Bathroom Trends 2020

Although it seems that by 2020 modern bathrooms are imposed, we are clear that another trend that is recovered, is to have bathrooms that are more rustic style where wood is part of the decoration and furniture. In this way we can choose a decoration like the one you see above in which modern elements are mixed with the use of wood  and green tones in the tiles that remind nature, even with some other “vintage” proposal. If you are thinking about redecorating the bathroom you can choose between several options and very interesting styles that are fashionable nowadays. Look at the image above and how the tiles combine with a blue print combined with elements in white, both the floor and the furniture. But, the touch of color that changes everything, are the flowers that surround the stay of harmony and nature. Thus, we can point out for example the minimalist trend as another of the main among modern bathrooms. This trend is characterized by the fact of betting on the minimum presence of elements and above all to make everything look with more space. Another trend for modern bathrooms is the ” vintage ” style, which happens simply to be inspired by ancient times, although it may seem a bit “weird” to say that a modern trend is to have old elements in the bathroom. Anyway we can have a completely modern bathroom, but choose any specific element that has a vintage design: aged style furniture, four-legged bathtub, etc. There are also other types of styles such as this modern shower bathroom in the form of rain and an open bathroom space. The current possibilities in terms of tiles are many and far from the traditional ones in colors like blue or white and with small details, we can find them in many other colors and with varied patterns that we will see later.

Smart bathroomsModern Bathroom Trends 2020

The design of the bathrooms has been changing and modernizing, now what they take are the smart bathrooms whose purpose is to facilitate everything. Large showers are very fashionable, space is fundamental and the wider is better.

Classic bathrooms, whiteModern Bathroom Trends 2020

A classic never dies and that happens with white baths, classic beauty is worthy of admiration. In addition, a white bathroom will always give the feeling of brightness, spaciousness and cleanliness.

Forest BathsModern Bathroom Trends 2020

The originality comes to the designs of the bathrooms, the natural touch that makes us feel in a forest can transmit positive energy and relaxation. That is why every time you will see more examples of forest inspired baths.
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Modern bathrooms: ColorsModern Bathroom Trends 2020

Apart from trends or fashions for the modern bathroom, we must also point out how these can be defined from the color we choose for it. For years white and blue have been the colors that everyone chose for the bathroom and, although we can still choose them, the truth is that there are many other possibilities that can lead us to choose both light colors and others that are something most striking. For example, we can find modern bathrooms that choose the dark color, like the browntones of the wood and even the black color. A very elegant color although we have to point out that it is always better that we choose it in the case of having a bathroom that is large or that has a lot of space. Light colors are a trend in the palette of pastel shades, both for large and small bathrooms. In fact, in the latter it is great that we choose a color like lighter blue or beige (for the walls) and that the rest of the bathroom has elements in white and that it combines with some other detail of stronger color, such as have a carpet for the floor in brown.

Modern Bathrooms 2020 | ProposalsModern Bathroom Trends 2020

Previously I mentioned the trend of the tiles since they are very fashionable now, so if you want a modern bathroom, like this we see in this first image, we can say that the key will be to choose them in a color that allows you to combine them with the color of the wall or even that of the bathroom furniture. We can choose, if the bathroom is not very small, colors that are really striking and in fact a black color, combined with a green pistachio can stay with a modern style. Another example of the use of color and tiles, we have in this proposal of modern bathroom that also takes advantage of the entrance of natural light through the window. The success of a bathroom like this is that the toilets and bathtub are white, while everything else is a dark gray creating an enveloping space that is very current, fresh and modern. For those who are looking for a modern bathroom and elegant pair, we have examples like this that also has two elements of each for a bathroom that is a couple or that we will share. The brown tones of the floor, combined with the dark of the walls, look great with the design of the furniture and toilets that are also white. They also have a foot shower and are in fact another trend for modern bathrooms that we can find in the market today and the best thing is that they do not take up much space. Do you want to see more pictures of modern bathrooms to inspire you? Previous and current trends that can be used to decorate your bathrooms: