Bathroom Design 2023: Top 5 Interior Trends

Bathroom Design 2023: Top 5 Interior TrendsMany people are interested in bathroom design 2023. There are also quite a few of those who already today want to know what the bathroom design trends in 2023. We invite you to find out the main trends that will be relevant in the coming years.

Bathroom Design 2023: Space, More SpaceBathroom Design 2023

Many of our grandparents were born and lived in communal apartments. They were in seventh heaven when they moved to Khrushchev with private bathrooms. Then no one bothered that they had nowhere to turn.

In modern new buildings, such rooms are more spacious. As for the bathrooms in luxury apartments, they often consist of two rooms connected into one.

Often there are large and sometimes even panoramic windows. Given this circumstance, experts offer the most unusual bathroom design ideas 2023. They are aimed at ensuring the comfort and beauty of the premises.

Modern bathroom design 2023: “Mini SPA”Bathroom Design Trends 2023

Bathroom 2023 is not only a place for personal hygiene. The modern trend in interior design is the arrangement of this room for a mini spa. Along with the bathroom itself, toilet and washbasin, you can see other plumbing fixtures there today. For example, Jacuzzis are popular.

Many designers are proposing to create a 2023 Japanese bathroom design with a traditional wooden euro bathtub. The design for the eastern hammam is also relevant. In this case, an octagonal podium made of natural stone with heating, which is called a chebektashi, is installed in the center.

Spacious bathroom 2023: LayoutTop Bathroom Interior Design 2023

If you have a spacious 2023 bathroom, then you can arrange a seating area there by installing a sofa bed or an ottoman. It can be used for relaxation, during beauty treatments such as body wraps, etc.

Are you interested in small bathroom design 2023? Or maybe make it spacious? We offer a layout option that is suitable for couples without children, and single people, if the bathroom in the apartment is adjacent to the bedroom.

You can apply an open-plan technique. Simply remove the partition and place a translucent screen between the spa and the sleeping area. This modern 2023 bathroom design blends perfectly with the Loft style.

2023 bathroom design ideas to visually increase space

Bathroom design 2023 with open-space layout is too revolutionary for you? Then just use the well-known methods of visually increasing the space. Your main tools should be light, glossy materials and light paints. This will push the walls apart and raise the ceiling.

Be sure to use mirrors and reflective surfaces. This will increase the illumination of the room and create the illusion of spaciousness.

Bathroom Design 2023: Colorbathroom interior designs 2023

Talking about the previous trend, we briefly touched on the issue of the color of the bathroom. Bathroom design 2023 involves both the use of traditional and less familiar color solutions.

As always, the “white” design of a small bathroom in 2023 will be relevant. There are practically no alternatives to it. The only exception is the use of shades of gray of varying intensity in the bathroom.

A real sensation will make a design in yellow and gold tones. And we are not talking about lurid design under the motto “Expensive and rich”. Golden surfaces should be combined with clear geometric lines and strict minimalist asceticism.

The bathroom 2023 will also look interesting in blue or light blue, as well as white and ultramarine combinations. In the latter case, it should be a striped design, consonant with the marine theme. Again, it should be without unnecessary details. The use of objects with a clear geometric shape, mainly rectangular and square, is encouraged.

Bathroom 2023: Materials

Bathroom design 2023, like bathroom design 2023, can be done with a wide variety of finishing materials. However, the unconditional trend is the environmental friendliness of the interior.

Materials for wall decorationbathroom trends 2023

This means that trendy designs should be created using natural wood and natural stone. These materials have a natural, unique cut pattern. Thanks to him, the bath does not need any additional decor.

They go well with impact-resistant clear glass, which is considered another trend. Showers made of this material are relevant. They can also be replaced with the simplest construction in the form of a glass cube. A modern and trendy solution is decorative plaster. She will make the 2023 bathroom design stand out.

At the same time, it is not recommended to get too carried away with this material and apply it in dosage. For example, in any case, it is better to cover the area around the washbasin with stone or ceramic tiles.

Floor finishing materialssmall bathroom trends 2023

When designing a small bathroom 2023, you can choose light tiles for flooring. Self-leveling floors are relevant. They are beautiful and practical. They have no seams, which provides increased moisture resistance and durability. A more spacious bathroom can be finished with planks.

It is unusual and very much in the spirit of Scandinavian or eco design. By the way, the board can be successfully replaced with ceramic tiles. Some firms imitate wood panels very well. They are almost indistinguishable from the real ones.

Furniture and plumbing in bathroom design 2023Bathroom Design 2023: Top 5 Interior Trends

Bathroom design involves the use of a variety of furniture. If the room is small, it should, if possible, perform several functions at once. For example, it will be interesting to look at a washing machine enclosed in a box-table top. The bathroom furniture in the form of a “wall” looks original. This is practical and allows you to “unload” other rooms in the house from storage systems.

If there is very little space, a mirror above the washbasin can replace a cabinet with a mirrored door, and a pencil case can be conveniently placed above the washing machine. It is best to order bathroom furniture. This service is offered by many companies. This will allow you to use every inch of your small bathroom.


Metal is also one of the materials that will bring the bathroom design 2023 to the fore. And it’s not just metal fittings. A metal bath of an unusual shape will look gorgeous.

Usually such products are ordered. Recently, however, some well-known sanitary ware brands are offering entire collections in different directions.

Bathroom Design Ideas 2023: Decor & LightingBathroom Design 2023: Top 5 Interior Trends

Although we have repeatedly emphasized that Minimalism is the main trend of the coming years, a little decor will not hurt. When creating a bathroom design 2023, it is suggested to use paintings. This is an unusual solution for spacious bathrooms.

Another feature is potted flowers hanging on the wall. They replaced lemon and other trees in tubs. Potted flowers and pots will enliven any interior and, at the same time, highlight the theme of eco-design. Even plumbing can be a decorative item. Oval sink-bowls made of gray granite look unusual. They are especially beautifully combined with glossy black glass worktops.

Lighting fixtures

Lamps can also be used as a bathroom decor.

Remember! There should be plenty of light in the bathroom. Therefore, it does not hurt to supplement the built-in ceiling lighting with several original lamps. The most relevant options are the simplest form. They are made of light, frosted glass with chrome-plated holders.

By the way, the trend is built-in backlight in the form of fairly large rectangles. They are made of white frosted glass and look like a kind of windows on the ceiling. Such a solution, as it were, pulls the room upward, adding space.

Now you know everything about bathroom design in 2023. We hope you will be able to correctly use the presented trends, and your comfortable mini-SPA will cause everyone’s admiration.

Bathroom ideas 2023Bathroom ideas 2023

The bathroom has many utilitarian aspects, but today more than ever, it is conceived as a place to relax where you can pamper yourself. The bathroom ideas 2023 tell us about achieving a practical, hygienic space while also being highly aesthetic. Design is going to bet more than ever on courage in the application of color or the introduction of patterns, as well as some pieces capable of creating a ‘wow effect’. The new bathrooms will not only be beautiful, but will give off a lot of personality.

Cabinets that you ‘customize’ at will

Furniture with pure forms will continue to occupy a privileged place in bathrooms, in which, above all, being able to customize them almost completely will prevail: the color and finish of the fronts, the handles or way of opening, the dimensions and how they are equipped inside.

In addition, in large spaces there is a trend towards minimalist equipment, to avoid temptations to unnecessary accumulation and generate relaxed and peaceful atmospheres.

Personalization and color

The color in the bathroom is sweeping, it can be blue in any of its shades, beige, gray, black or more daring tones, such as yellow or those that dye this environment that Venturoni Studio has projected, which is committed to the pink. The range of options is increasingly wide. And best of all is the ability to personalize even the smallest element because here, even the taps are pink! This is the Cleo 84 model, from the firm Fir Italia, from their The Outfit program.

The triumph of organic lines

Surely you have noticed that curved shapes are gaining ground in all rooms of the house, well, the bathroom is no exception and, in any case, it can be its greatest exponent in mirrors, sinks, bathtubs, furniture, etc. lighting… And even its architecture, with arched entrances (something that we will see more and more in new constructions and renovations).

In the environment of the image, the hybrid between Acquabella washbasin and totem stands out, which has a captivating relief of waves in its lower part. It is the Delia Zero model, brand new winner of the Archiproducts Design Awards 2023. It is supported by the Artic furniture, made of elm wood.

Welcome domestic ‘spa’

Hedonism is also back with many spaces in which bathtubs are gaining ground again, because it is a real pleasure to add to the quick daily showers also a special day in which to take a peaceful bath. Thus, when bathtubs are introduced, it will generally be together with a shower tray. And, on many occasions, to turn the bathroom into a true spa, that shower will produce a whole sensory experience with relaxing or stimulating effects in the water jets and even chromotherapy. The objective is to turn the bathroom into a place of retirement and personal care.

‘3D’ textures

The post-pandemic bathroom has gained in the sensory dimension, we do not like cold surfaces, neither on floors nor on walls. So many of the coverings have a strong tactile component, like these textured tiles by Marazzi in the central partition.

For the floors, high-quality wooden floors or materials that imitate them are used, from vinyl to porcelain.

The possibilities of decorating walls multiply

Keep in mind that there are endless alternatives to tiles to cover the walls, among which the winner is above all wallpapers, because they will incorporate a lot of design into the room with their patterns since they are suitable for all types of wet areas, including showers, thanks to their compositions that make them very versatile. In this modern environment we see Airy, from Wall&decò, a firm that has a wide collection of wallpapers for the bathroom.

Other proposals that are making a name for themselves are microcement (gray or colored in other shades) and wooden panels with moldings, the latter however not suitable in areas with direct water.

Embracing the natural

And in apartments or houses where this is not possible, biophilic design also triumphs, which reminds us of nature in forms or materials. Here the tree-shaped hanger shows it, but other options are wooden furniture, natural fiber accessories or precious stone sinks. In addition to that you can also literally bring nature into the bathroom, filling it with indoor plants that adapt to their humidity and light conditions.

Lighting counts more than ever

Recessed ceiling lights are the most common option for general lighting, however, to ‘elevate’ the decoration, in 2023 bathrooms will dare to incorporate luxurious and eye-catching luminaires, such as chandeliers or pendant lamps that incorporate endless pieces of glass or art deco designs. These are from the Portuguese firm Maison Valentina.

In the same way, many furniture proposals incorporate a diffused light on the shelves or interiors, something that will cause a furore in the decoration. And it is that more than ever attention is paid to achieving careful and practical lighting.

If the luminaires are capable of creating a ‘ wow effect ‘ that we talked about at the beginning of the report, other high-impact decorative resources are not far behind, such as sculptural faucets (some with cascading falls) or stylish toilets. Those in the proposal, in an exquisite combination of matt black with golden touches, belong to the Darian series, also from Maison Valentina.

A new ‘deco’ dimension

We are returning all the honors to this room, which in many cases is already a true bathroom, due to its dimensions and exquisite decoration, so it is not surprising that it incorporates works of art such as paintings or sculptures.

Bathroom remodel ideas 2023Bathroom remodel ideas 2023

If your bathroom looks tired, then no amount of cleaning will transform it to the desired state. Don’t worry, major remodel is optional. Just use the presented bathroom remodel ideas 2023.

  1. Morning vivacity

Your shower curtain doesn’t have to be boring, and if you can’t find exactly what you want in stores, then just a stencil can give you a great design. Why not add your favorite saying or affirmation?

  1. Artistic design

If you have some dull tiles in your bathroom, then you can use something very simple – add an image, print on the wall in any way. It is even possible to do this in a rented house.

  1. Hidden decor

Why not consider adding some cute wrapping or wallpaper to the inside of your first aid kit? Only you and maximum curious guests will see it, but it will put a smile on your face every morning!

  1. Transform a boring floor

Bath rugs are a handy addition, but they don’t always look good. You can cut them to their original shape to add some personal preference. How about the shape of a palm tree?

  1. Homemade elements

If you want to own an amazing heated towel rail, then it’s worth visiting your local DIY store to pick up some metal parts. They pair well with each other and can make a truly unique design in seconds.

  1. Originality instead of standard

If you have a standard mirror, why not modify it a bit? You can add lighting or even a custom frame that you can then paint on. No one will have exactly the same mirror!

  1. Update the furniture with paint

Large bathroom storage items can be given a new lease of life with paint, and if you’re thinking about changing your color scheme, this is a great way to give a room a makeover.

  1. You can paint not only furniture

While you have a brush handy, take the right paint and freshen up, for example, a battery. It will look like you bought a brand-new item!

  1. Makeshift storage

If you like to do something with your own hands, then think about how cute a bathroom shelf would look? You can finish it with decoupage, which will really add originality to the room.

  1. Experiment

If you’re in the mood to do something different, try something like a mosaic tiled toilet or urinal. It may seem strange, but it looks very good.

  1. Using various leftovers and parts

Instead of throwing away weird nuts and bolts, save them in case you can repurpose them. We believe this homemade roll holder will give you a lot of inspiration.

  1. Soap container

Make an original soap dispenser and toothbrush holder, you can apply the idea presented. Your guests will be surprised and you will be proud of your creation.

  1. Natural materials

If you have real wood flooring that’s languishing under linoleum or tile, why not dig it out and freshen it up? It will take grinding, a couple of layers of waterproof varnish and the coating will look like new.

  1. Sew cosmetic bags

No one wants to have cosmetics and personal items that clutter up the bathroom. Find on the Internet a simple tutorial on how to sew such a cosmetic bag. Such a thing will save you from the trash in a few minutes!

Bathroom trends 2023Bathroom trends 2023

Find out what are the main modern bathroom trends 2023 and choose your favorite to decorate the area!

Thinking about revamping your bathroom to make it more current, beautiful and functional? One of the ways to do this is to invest in trends for the modern bathroom 2023!

And what are these 2023 modern bathroom trends? Here, you can check out the main ones! Continue reading, see what they are and choose your favorites to adopt in your bathroom!


For those who want to escape the obvious and the basics, a dramatic and maximalist decoration is among the main trends in the modern bathroom 2023. In this case, the focus is on using furniture and other details that draw attention and do not go unnoticed.

You will be surprised!

This is the case of a classic piece of furniture full of details, as well as a mirror with a more striking frame, golden metal, large and imposing lamps, paintings or wallpaper with large prints.

The proposal is to create a memorable and pleasant space at the same time, which enchants not only residents, but also visitors.


Wood is one of the main decoration trends in 2023, as an attempt to insert natural materials into space in order to enhance them.

Interestingly, it also appears in bathroom decor, especially in furniture. The preference is for solid wood cabinets and cupboards, ensuring a natural and organic element in the decor.

The ideal is to bet on furniture with wood treated against moisture, after all, its use will be in the bathroom, which is an area with water and steam from the shower. Thus, the furniture will remain in good condition for much longer.

When choosing your wooden bathroom furniture, keep the style simple and classic to ensure a more pleasing look. If possible, opt for light woods, which will reinforce a cleaner decoration for the space.

Colorful bathroom

When talking about color trends for the bathroom 2023, the most striking and sober tones are on the rise. If you like dark colors, black, shades of gray and dark green, as well as dark blue, are excellent choices.

If you like light colors, pastel tones are great choices. Consider, for example, inserting lilac in the bathroom decor, a shade that is one of the main trends for 2023.

Light pink, mint green, and light yellow are also great choices.

Vertical lines

Vertical lines appear heavily in modern bathroom decor 2023. This trend is visible mainly in coatings, with the use of vertical tiles.

The use of vertical lines in the decoration is interesting, because it creates the impression of a space with ample, higher ceilings. So it’s a great trending tip for small bathrooms.

Although it is mostly used in coatings, this trend can also be applied in different ways, such as wallpaper with a vertical print, use of pendants, among other elements and vertical decorative objects.

Patterned tiles

Patterned tiles are strong trends in the 2023 modern bathroom, especially those that have large prints and form mosaics or patterns on floors and walls.

They help to differentiate the decoration, making it more creative. Give preference to tiles with prints with rounded shapes, which are great decoration trends for the year.

Mirrors with light

Bathroom trends 2023 that transforms the mirror, making it much more modern and elegant. In this case, the light is installed behind the mirror, ensuring a chic piece that quickly updates the bathroom decor.

You can apply this trend to pieces of different shapes, but the round mirror is the trendiest this season.

Nature-inspired colors

Trying to bring nature into the house is one of the main trends of 2023 and it can be adopted in different ways in decoration. One of them is the use of colors inspired by nature!

Light tones such as variations of white, beige, soft gray, among others, are on the rise for bathroom decor. Earthy and warm tones are other great examples of colors you can use in your space to adopt this trend, as well as variations of blue and green.


Gold is on the rise in metals used in the bathroom, such as taps and other finishes.

You can also bet on this shade in mirror frames, box finishes, lamps, among other decorative details of the space.

Small bathroom trends 2023Small bathroom trends 2023

Small bathroom trends 2023: find out what’s new for this environment and start investing.

Discover the main trends for small bathrooms in 2023 and choose your favorites to decorate the area.

Your bathroom has limited space and you are not sure how to decorate or redecorate it? An efficient and simple way to do this is to bet on trends for small bathrooms 2023.

Here, you can find out what are the main trends for small bathrooms in 2023. Check it out and choose your favorites to adopt in the decoration of the space!


The use of mirrors is one of the strongest trends for small bathrooms 2023 and there’s a reason for that: as it reflects images, this piece gives the visual sensation that the space is bigger. Therefore, the mirror is a great ally when decorating small areas.

To make the decoration even more current, consider combining the mirror with two other trends for the year. One is the use of round mirrors. The rounded shapes give softness, lightness and dynamism to the decoration, helping to differentiate it.

Another option is the use of mirrors with lights on the back of the piece. These lights are built-in and help to modernize the space, in addition to making it even brighter. As a result, there is the impression of a wide area.

Bright colors

Light colors are also trends for small bathrooms 2023! They give the impression that the space is larger, so they are ideal for use in this area.

Give preference to using white in weight in the decoration, using it in the coating of floors and walls. Also bet on painting in that color and furniture.

If looking for an alternative to white, consider working with shades of beige. They are also clear and light up the space, but have the differential of having a subtly warm background, making the area even more pleasant.


Wood is one of the strongest decoration trends 2023, even appearing in the bathroom. In this case, the focus is on the use of solid wood furniture, preferably sustainable wood.

In this way, it is possible to value the wood in the decoration, giving a natural touch to the space. Just be careful when betting on this trend: remember that the wood is susceptible to damage caused by water, and can become stewed, for example.

To avoid them, it is recommended that you invest in furniture made of treated wood, as they are more resistant to damage. You can bet on sink cabinets, cabinets and wooden shelves, making the bathroom decor much more beautiful, without leaving functionality aside.


Gold is one of the bathroom trends, especially when talking about metals such as faucets, shower stall finishes, hooks and supports such as those intended for holding toilet paper and towels.

However, nothing prevents you from using gold in other bathroom decor details. You can use a wallpaper that has golden details, for example. If you choose to use mirrors, choose models with gold frames.

Large print wallpaper

Wallpaper with large and dramatic prints are sure bets for those who want to put together a modern decor that escapes the obvious. An excellent choice is the floral wallpaper, with images of large flowers, as if it were a mural or panel.

You can cover all the bathroom walls with this alternative, even just one accent wall. Just be careful to choose the correct predominant colors.

In small bathrooms, the background color of the wallpaper is ideally light. Dark tones give the visual sensation of reducing space, so they should be avoided.

Vertical lines

Vertical lines are another strong trend for the small bathroom 2023. One of the differences is that vertical lines give a feeling of high ceilings and spaciousness to the space.

There are different ways to invest in this trend, one of which is to install tiles vertically, especially on the walls. In addition, you can install lighting systems with vertical lamps.

Patterned tile

Patterned tiles are on the rise for bathroom decor, especially those with rounded prints, somewhat reminiscent of the décor used in the 1960s and 1970s.

The black and white version is one of the trendiest, but you can also choose colored patterned tiles to give the decor an extra touch of charm. Bet on shades of green, lilac and blue, for example.

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