Modern Bathroom Design Trends 2024-2025

Bathroom Design Trends 2024-2025The bathroom in the house for most people is a room where you can put yourself in order, be alone with yourself, and even relax and unwind, enjoying the bath, shower, and care procedures.

Having a beautifully designed bathroom means having ideal conditions for renewing relaxation, morning and evening rituals. If your bathroom design is just being planned, and the bathroom is being renovated, we are ready to offer the latest photos of the new bathroom interior in the best interpretations of styles.

We also suggest that you familiarize yourself with the main trends and trends in the arrangement of this room in order to decide which modern bathroom design trends 2024-2025 to choose for your home.

Modern bathroom design trends 2024Bathroom Design Trends 2024-2025

What you need to know when deciding to change the interior of the bathroom? Each room in the house, including the bathroom, should reflect your individual preferences in terms of comfort, coziness, functionality and style.

According to the main interior trends of the season, modern bathroom design 2024-2025 gravitates towards naturalness, both in terms of colors and finishing materials. This design trend has been relevant for more than a year, as it has lived up to expectations.

In order for the effect of naturalness to be displayed in the room in the best possible way, create a bathroom design using materials, in particular tiles, according to the texture, which displays or resembles the surface of stone, marble, metal.

Often, to give the bathroom a special flavor, wood textures, rough and unfinished concrete surfaces, and brickwork are used for decoration.

Looking through the photos of the new bathroom trends 2024-2025, which are presented in our review at the end of the article, it can be noted that such bathroom styles as the most trendy today can be considered as:

  • Minimalism
  • Loft
  • Scandinavian style
  • Eco style

The named bathroom styles are similar in certain characteristics, in particular, muted shades of design, design features.

You can change the style of the bathroom by taking finishing materials that are neutral in terms of colors and textures as a basis, and adding additional elements that set the rhythm of a particular design.

These include marble surface and tiles that imitate marble in different colors, because depending on the details, the marble bathroom design can be both discreet and luxurious.

Do not forget that the design of the bathroom should be not only beautiful, but also functional. And if we are talking about a bathroom with a small area, the task of arranging the room is doubly complicated.

Often the bathroom can accommodate a washing machine, a boiler for heating water, and a dryer for clothes… To fit all these functional elements, you need to think over the design of the bathroom to the smallest detail.

Modern bathroom colors trends 2024-2025Bathroom Design Trends 2024

As we have already said, natural textures and shades are in trend, therefore, if you are designing a bathroom from scratch, we advise you to take note of the natural shades that can be found in nature.

Natural shades have a big plus. Taking finishing materials that are calm in color and design, they will look unobtrusive and will not bother you if the design of the bathroom does not change for several years in a row.

Among the favorites that will be relevant in updating the bathroom are the following basic colors and shades derived from them:

  • White
  • Oil
  • Grey
  • Beige
  • Sand
  • Brown
  • Black

If your bathroom design is made in these shades, you can easily experiment with the interior, add new interior details, play with accents.

Having the opportunity to change the design of the bathroom often, of course, it is worth allowing yourself experimental solutions for decorating the bath, without losing sight of pleasant pastel shades, in particular:

  • Blue
  • Citric
  • Light pink
  • Lavender
  • sky blue
  • Turquoise
  • Herbal

A modern bathroom design in bright colors is undoubtedly permissible, however, it should be borne in mind that the brighter the bathroom, the harder it will be to relax in it. In addition, a bright, color-saturated bathroom can quickly get bored with its owners.

To play it safe, you can strike a balance by combining soothing shades in finishes, and playing with bright colors in the category of details and accents.

Designers say that the most harmonious and malleable is the white design of the bathroom, because it is very easy to work with the interior in white in terms of modifications and additions.

Also, a great trick is to model the design of the bathroom, combining in the decoration at the same time, as the main one – the basic palette, and as an additional one – in an accent color.

Modern bathroom tiles trends 2024-2025Bathroom Design Trends 2024

Over the past decades, trends in finishing materials in terms of quality have improved significantly. Today you can pick up a beautiful and high-quality tile that will fulfill the functions assigned to it for many years in terms of moisture resistance, strength, excellent design, a variety of sizes and shapes, and resistance to mechanical stress.

Although tile is a very expensive material, it is decisive for bathroom decoration, so it is very important to choose the best tile option, both in terms of quality and color, shape, pattern, and other characteristics.

It is very beautiful when the bathroom is made according to the principle of a combination of materials, including tiles.

As in the choice of colors, the combination of materials is also based on the principle of combining basic tiles in texture and accent tile decor, which gives the interior character and a certain style.

If you gravitate towards a discreet design, you can combine base tiles in close shades, but without tile decor.

In addition to tiles, other materials with sufficient moisture resistance can be used to finish the bathroom.

In the case of low moisture resistance of finishing materials and poor ventilation, you risk getting fungus and mold.

Modern bathroom ceiling and lighting trends 2024-2025Bathroom Design Trends 2024

The walls in the bathroom give a lot of space for experimentation, but with the ceiling in modern bathroom design trends 2024-2025, experiments are not required.

The trend is a perfectly white ceiling, which refreshes and expands the space of the room. We choose moisture resistant coatings for the ceiling. Hanging ceilings look beautiful.

In addition to the ceiling material itself, we do not forget about lighting, which is the most important component of modern bathroom design, including the ceiling.

So, in order to decorate the modern bathroom design trends 2024-2025 at the highest level, designers offer to choose several types of lighting, in particular:

  • Built-in lights or spotlights
  • Unusual chandeliers that are in harmony with the style of the interior
  • Round, square, convex LED pendant lights
  • mirror lighting and built-in LED strips

The photos of bathroom interior design ideas 2024-2025 that we have selected for you illustrate the lighting options in the best possible way.

Bathroom floor trends 2024-2025Bathroom Design Trends 2024

But the flooring, as well as wall decoration, unlike the ceiling, is also a good platform for introducing interesting design ideas.

In addition to universal ceramic floor tiles, which have many options, both in color and texture, designers suggest paying attention to durable, moisture-resistant, reliable, non-slippery…

  • Marble
  • Porcelain stoneware
  • Mosaic

It is less advisable to talk about the choice of parquet boards, laminate, because these materials do not tolerate high humidity.

Modern bathroom furniture trends 2024-2025New Modern Bathroom Design Trends 2024-2025

Since bathrooms are often not large, this fact should be taken into account when choosing furniture, which, first of all, should be ergonomic, compact, functional.

Large bathrooms have a lot of space, so it is permissible to place here not only storage furniture, but also, for example, a chair or a comfortable armchair, which will greatly transform the modern design of the bathroom.

Today you can buy ready-made furniture sets for the bathroom, which have an interesting design, are spacious, and can be easily integrated into the bathroom of any color.

As a rule, such bathroom furniture sets are waterproof, made in neutral colors (white, black, gray), and already have built-in mirror surfaces. They can also be combined with a built-in sink, be hinged.

But in order to create an unusual and fashionable bathroom design, interior experts suggest introducing extraordinary wooden shelves, shelves, cabinets in natural color, which will not only give the bathroom a particularly stylish look, but also allow you to expand the accent decor for the bathroom, as well as plant elements. See examples of furniture below in a selection of photos of bathrooms.

It is worth noting that it is necessary to talk about the relevance of furniture sets in terms of their combination with the interior and decoration of the bathroom as a whole.

Bathroom plumbing trends 2024-2025New Modern Bathroom Design Trends 2024-2025

When the walls, floor, ceiling are finished, along with the choice of mirrors, lighting and furniture, an important aspect of the design is the choice of plumbing and all the main components of this room. Among them:

  • bathroom bowl
  • Sink
  • Toilet
  • Bidet
  • Shower/shower
  • Faucets and faucets for cold and hot water supply

It is not worth saving on plumbing elements, because their quality determines how long you will use the bathroom without breakdowns and troubles, which often take place in the presence of poor plumbing.

Manufacturers today offer both budget plumbing options and design designs that will be relevant for a certain interior style.

Particularly relevant in modern design:

  • Rimless models of toilet bowls with an additional protective coating against harmful microorganisms
  • Wall hung toilets that look stylish and save space
  • Shower cabins with glass walls
  • Oval bowl baths that do not require additional finishing
  • Shower cubicles with built-in plumbing with frosted walls

You can combine a shower cubicle, a bath bowl, and other elements provided for the bathroom, if space permits, or choose only certain options that are suitable for you.

Beautiful bathroom design trends 2024-2025New Modern Bathroom Design Trends 2024-2025

We have identified the main components of bathroom design, and now we offer to evaluate the options and interesting ideas for bathroom interiors that deserve attention and implementation.

2024 bathroom trends2024 bathroom trends

As the saying goes – well-being is always trendy! But even if every bathroom ambience should convey relaxation and calm – when redesigning and renovating, you can hardly avoid the current 2024 bathroom trends.

The trend scout and bathroom designer already showing you today which colors will be popular in the coming year, which it-pieces will transform the room immediately and which materials you will give preference to when planning your bathroom in 2024.

Current bathroom trends briefly summarized for you

  • Colours: you can choose from a wide range of colors for the coming season – royal blue, very peri or would you prefer a classic black?
  • Furniture: Toilets check your health, mirrors catch the news, while a fireplace in the bathroom adds coziness.
  • Exclusivity: Next year is the best opportunity to finally realize your dream of a unique Private Spa!
  • Trends from 2023 that will survive the turn of the year: The color black remains and is now spreading to ceramics – individuality is even more important – the bathroom is finally becoming a fully-fledged living space.

2024 Bathroom trend #1: the bathroom at home as a lifestyle experience

A few years ago, the bathroom underwent a fundamental change. From a practical utility room, it developed into a fully-fledged living space. This continuous upgrading will reach the next level in 2024, where the intimate retreat will be equated with the wellness experience of public spas. The private spa should now not only provide a sauna, Kneipp pool and water massage de facto – but bring the luxurious experience factor into your own four walls with well thought-out lifestyle concepts, sophisticated lighting scenarios, exclusive accessories and comfortable pieces of furniture.

2024 Bathroom trends #2: the realized dream of uniqueness

The past year has shown impressively how complex and challenging the world is. All the more you long for – and now also invest – in the uniqueness of your bathroom. For most people, their personal place of well-being is in their own bathroom, which is not just used as a washroom. It should act as a mental balance to the hustle and bustle, to stress and to unstable world events. Everything that was previously considered “too much” will be realized in 2024 without a guilty conscience:

  • A wooden bathtub for two? Always a pleasure!
  • A custom-made sauna cabin in the bathroom at home? Why not!

Closed showrooms, custom-made products and limited editions underline the desire for individuality and uncompromising self-realization. We are also happy to assist you in designing your private oasis of emotional balance and, together with our cooperation partners, make the impossible possible…

2024 Bathroom trends #3: black is the new black

Even if bathrooms have shone in a clinically pure white for centuries – in 2024 these will only rarely be found. The uncompromising step towards the black bathroom is considered to be the most striking and daring bathroom trend in the coming year.

Elegant, harmonious and, above all, excitingly new, the modern feel-good room shines with a midnight-black, glossy bathtub. Matte black fixtures are a welcome change from the polished chrome. And then there are the black sinks with concealed drains…

The bathroom trends that will stay in 2024. Bathroom as a lifestyle experience, the dream of uniqueness, royal blue majesty, but also the coves in the ceiling and niches, and of course, as always, it’s all about emotional bathrooms.

Bathroom trends 2024 #4: her highness royal blue

One can understand the enthusiasm for the rich shade of blue Royal Blue as a homage to the legendary Queen Elizabeth II and her influence on society that continues to this day. At the same time, nothing prevents you from developing associations with valuable sapphires or the mysteries beneath the surface of the ocean in your bright blue bathroom. In any case, the bright but at the same time elegant shade of blue is the most important color trend for the bathroom in 2024. You can opt for a royal blue wall that serves as a backdrop to the freestanding tub with bronze Empire detailing – or tame it with minimalist ceramics in soft pastel hues.

Bathroom trend #5: flashback 2022 – very peri

“A dynamic blue with a vibrant violet-red undertone that combines the confidence and continuity of the cool nuance with the energy and excitement of the fiery color,” is how the opinion-leading Pantone Institute describes the current color trend for 2022.

The name of the new trend color Very Peri raises questions: Translated it means “very wrong”. we think that’s a good thing too. Because the color is a blue – but only very slightly off.

The color 17-3938 reflects the zeitgeist with the combination of seemingly opposites, which is characterized by change, contrasts and a fusion of different visions. In the bathrooms of 2024, deliberate accents are set with the Pantone trend color – a radiant shade of white serves as the canvas. A contrasting glass wall in Very Peri or cozy terry towels as a splash of color – you decide how global change will find its way into your bathroom.

Pantone trend color 2023: Viva Magenta

The new Pantone color of the year 2023 is called “Viva Magenta ” so we may also find it in many bathrooms meet the saturated color tone. An unusual color for an unusual time – this is how the renowned Pantone color institute describes the color 18-1750. The pulsating shade of pink captures the current zeitgeist with exceptional precision and presents itself as bold, fearless and, above all, self-confidently different. The nuance, which forms a jewel-like glowing mixture of pink, red and violet, encourages experiments in your own four walls. It invites you to consciously exceed your own limits and to dare to be yourself. Regardless of whether you choose a velvety pouf in viva magenta or large-format tiles in the Pantone trend color 2023 – in any case you are making a clear statement for a rebellious future!

2024 Bathroom trend #6: wallpaper instead of tiles

Next year, the wall in the bathroom will be discovered as a creative design area. It should no longer just serve as a quiet background or neutral stage for exclusive bathtubs and spacious rain showers, but should step confidently into the limelight.

The innovatively coated bathroom wallpapers from various manufacturers – especially Wall & Deco – are ideal for implementing this bathroom trend for 2024. The waterproof wallpapers change every room with relatively little effort. With political statements, modern works of art or psychedelic patterns, they enable aesthetic self-realization made to measure.

2024 Bathroom trends #7: The grain as a unique design feature

Wood has always been one of the most popular materials to give a room coziness, coziness and warmth. Since the bathroom design 2024 has made the leap to a fully-fledged living space across the board, the floor, the walls and even the bathtub can be made of grained natural wood.

However, the design is by no means reminiscent of the wood-panelled alpine huts in the mountains – the natural material will be presented in the coming year as urban, innovative and, above all, elegant. Types of wood with a distinctive grain are particularly popular: for example, oak and pine have a particularly intense wood structure with contrasting play of colours. These guarantee an individual look and stand out in an impressive way from the light, almost homogeneous woods that primarily represent the Scandinavian style.

2024 Bathroom Trends #8: Translucent and transparent

The tendency towards more clarity, freedom and generosity in interiors identified at international furniture fairs will be picked up by designers in the coming year with transparent materials. The shower area confidently takes its place in the luxury bathroom and there are no visual limits:

Barely visible panes of glass serve as a practical splash guard that is integrated into the room architecture without a frame, flush with the floor and absolutely transparent. Washbasins and bathtubs also offer new perspectives on everyday care rituals with translucent surfaces that ensure impressive visual effects, especially in colored versions.

Bathroom trend #9: Energy transition with a difference – the radiator as a design object

Parallel to the rising costs for heating and electricity, the value of radiators is also increasing. In 2024, these are no longer mere utility items that want to be concealed as best as possible, but real design objects that like to attract attention.

Bathroom Trend #10: Villa Colorful – but with style, please

It became more than clear at the international interior trade fairs: people are longing for color in the bathroom again! Radiant blue bathtubs, lush green washbasins or fiery red washbasins – if you unpack the paint box in the bathroom in 2024, you are absolutely in line with the trend. The manufacturers leave you spoiled for choice, so that the desired bathroom interior is now available in all imaginable color variants. As a balance to the unbridled creativity of colour, the forms are kept within a strictly geometric framework, so that radiant royal blue, delicious honey yellow or masculine platinum gray can play the leading role.

Bathroom trend #11: A room to yourself

Regardless of whether you are planning a bathroom in a new building or carrying out a long-awaited renovation – more and more customers insist on their personal privacy – for which there must also be space in a room. While many people opted for a double sink until recently, today people choose two separate washbasins on opposite sides of the room. Toilets and associated sanitary facilities are now also placed separately. In addition to the intimate sphere, which one takes completely to oneself as an individual, there is space for sensual encounters as a couple: In the middle of the room there is a spacious floor-level shower, which is separated from the private refuges by semi-transparent or translucent glass walls.

Bathroom design trends 2024 #12: a renaissance in decoration

The years when open, empty spaces were considered the ideal to strive for – but rarely achieved in practice – are now officially over. Limited perfume bottles, outrageously expensive creams and pretty decorative objects from all over the world can finally be put on display. Fragrant incense sticks from Mumbai, hand-woven seaweed baskets from Brittany or silver vintage hairbrushes from England – your own individuality is cleverly underlined with the individual decoration. The designers also provide the solution to the chaos that often accompanies this: Open showcases, generous open spaces, small niches, illuminated shelf elements and glazed consoles tame the unleashed frenzy of decoration with great style.

Bathroom trends #13: a fireplace in the bathroom

If the architectural conditions allow it, it is worth taking a look at open fireplaces for trendsetters in 2024. These ensure a homely atmosphere not only in the living room, but now also in your own luxury bathroom. The hypnotic effect of the open fire gives you an incomparable, top-class experience while you enjoy a sensual bubble bath.

Fireplace and ventilation – risk-free operation of the fireplace in the bathroom design 2024. You should definitely seek expert advice on this.

However, before you start choosing the right containers for the rustic logs, get professional advice from your trusted bathroom planner. We would be happy to show you without obligation what is important when it comes to a fireplace in a humid environment and how it can be optimally integrated into your personal care rituals.

Fireplace and ventilation – risk-free operation of the fireplace in the bathroom design 2024. You should definitely seek expert advice on this.

However, before you start choosing the right containers for the rustic logs, get professional advice from your trusted bathroom planner. We would be happy to show you without obligation what is important when it comes to a fireplace in a humid environment and how it can be optimally integrated into your personal care rituals.

2024 Bathroom Trends #14: Drama but with style

Sometimes it just has to be more – you want more emotions, more sensuality, more feelings in 2024! One way to bring that desire for drama into your home is modern gothic. A style that is a mix between the look of the Victorian era, the aesthetics of dark vampire castles and the opulence of noble residences. Dark, mirror-smooth surfaces bring the historically inspired style into the new millennium. Splendid accents are set with ornate fittings in a retro look, which may well be in antique brass or old gold. Large mirrors in lavishly decorated frames or expansive chandeliers satisfy the desire for more drama in everyday life. However, in order not to turn your own bathroom into a movie decoration,

New, symbiotic material mixes such as marble and wood open up unknown horizons in interior design that were previously considered unthinkable in terms of craftsmanship and thus offer the upscale lifestyle community new scope. The manufacturers create their presentations in a tropical style and thus play with the longing for long-distance travel. The same applies to puristic bathroom ambience, which brings a holiday on the Mediterranean into your own bathroom with summery pastel colors and elegantly curved shapes.

2024 Bathroom trends #15: welcome to the future: your alibert 3.0

An indispensable classic in almost every bathroom is the Alibert – a three-door mirror cabinet above the washbasin. The modern variant remains in place, but is complemented by a technical


  • Circumferential light strips with LED lights allow you to adjust the light to your mood using Smart Home control
  • Built-in Bluetooth receivers and speakers ensure a lively start to the day with music
  • Energy-saving mirror heaters put an end to tarnished mirror surfaces
  • Built-in induction chargers charge your smartphone at the same time
  • Integrated smart screens with FullHD resolution ensure cinema pleasure in the bathroom at home

Bathroom trends 2024 #16: smart toilets for unexpected convenience

The trend towards intelligent toilets (also called washlets) that originated in Japan has finally established itself in European households as well. Self-cleaning functions with UV light, touch-free operation of the flush and a heater for the toilet seat are now standard. What is new, however, are the additional functions that a smart toilet takes on.

Tips from the experts for realizing current bathroom trends

  • Begin to slowly approach new trends – you can definitely start with a few splashes of color and let the new atmosphere affect you and your mood.
  • Even if the idea of extending the living space into the bathroom seems very tempting at first glance, it definitely pays off to consult an expert first. Because not every material that is used in the living room or bedroom is equally suitable for the humid room climate in the bathroom.
  • Do not try to copy the suggestions from Paris or Milan 1:1, but rather interpret the individual bathroom trends for 2024 with regard to your personal needs and ideas.

Bathroom decorating trendsBathroom decorating trends

Are you looking for inspiration for renovating your bathroom? Do you want to know which interior design and architecture trends will dominate in 2024? In this article, ACQUABELLA gives you the keys to a trendy bathroom. These are the bathroom decorating trends to watch in 2024

Eclectic interiors in modern bathrooms

Why commit to one style? Eclectic spaces will continue to be a trend in bathroom design. Eclecticism is about combining styles from different eras in a way that preserves the history of their elements. For example, we can mix modern bathroom furniture with vintage furniture, minimalist finishes with retro patterns, technology with craftsmanship… and so on, thousands of possibilities.

This means that it is not necessary to completely renovate the bathroom in order to adapt it to the latest design trends.

Organic and natural design

Designs inspired by nature will be much more widespread in the next year. Organic and sustainable materials will prevail as a trend in bathroom design 2024: wood will be the protagonist, present in bathroom furniture, walls, floors and decoration.

The era of wellness in the bathroom

The term “wellness bath” may have once been reminiscent of cold, aseptic rooms. Instead, the concept has given way to a more intimate and personal approach that maintains the minimalist architecture, but this time with a commitment to warmer colors.

So the warm minimalism will have a lot to say, with a clear inspiration from Japanese decoration like Japandi or Wabi Sabi style playing with neutral, soft and earthy tones like beige, cream and tan.

Open-plan shower rooms

Regardless of whether the bathroom is small or large, the latest trends in bathroom design are all about spaciousness and avoiding overcrowding. In this area, custom-made shower trays are the best option to create open-plan spaces. The shower trays, made of resin and mineral fillers, allow a recessed installation that can be adjusted anywhere.

If you prefer the bath (or a shower tray and bath combination), we’ve seen this classic redesigned to take new modern and elegant forms, as a freestanding bath.

Neo Art Deco in interior design

Living culture and architecture with curved lines will not only survive in 2024, but also gain momentum. This style trend is inspired by a new take on the sumptuous Art Deco of the 1920s, full of bright colors, exaggerated curves, arches and linear patterns. Slightly eccentric rooms will also be seen in much calmer versions, with bright colors and pastels. Soft-edged furniture and décor complement other edgy pieces and add a touch of romance to rooms.

Natural stones and marble

Large format wall tiles will also be an important trend in interior design in 2024 and therefore we will see their application in the most elegant bathrooms. Luxury and sophistication are brought to life with natural stone and marble on the walls and floors.

Nowadays there are technologies that make it possible to obtain technical materials that convey the elegance of natural stone with additional advantages such as greater lightness, adaptability, antibacterial treatment, easy repair and slip resistance, and much more.


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