Bathroom Design Trends 2024: 20 TOP trends

A home spa, large-format tiles and a bet on technology have brought together the top bathroom design trends 2024 for the coming year.Bathroom Design Trends 2024

Special requirements are always imposed on the interior of a bathroom: it must be practical, comfortable, safe and, preferably, stylish at the same time. If you are planning to renovate or build a new home, this article is for you. In it, we have collected the brightest trends for the bathroom design 2024. Read, look at photo collections and take note of ideas.

Top 10 bathroom design trends for 2024

Bathroom trend 2024: home spaBathroom Design Trends 2024

At one time, the pandemic clearly showed that full-fledged self-care and relaxation sessions can be arranged in your own bathroom. Now, without waiting for new lockdowns, design is aiming to make the bathroom not just a place for hygiene procedures, but also a full-fledged home spa.

Most importantly, this trend is not only for owners of spacious bathrooms – you can add elements of wellness to a small bathroom in a typical apartment. For this:

  • Choose calm colors and comfortable materials: white, gray, beige, brown and green in combination with the texture of wood, stone, frosted glass will create a cozy atmosphere.
  • Make everything in the room tactilely pleasing. Lay a rug, use soft towels, dressing gowns made from natural fabrics.
  • Add a couple of unpretentious living plants to the interior, arrange scented candles with your favorite scents, buy an aroma lamp, use bath salt.
  • If there is no place for a bath in the bathroom, install a massage shower with several modes – the relaxing effect of it will be no less.
  • Consider lighting. In addition to the main lamp, there should be soft local illumination. For example, you can run an LED strip with warm light around the perimeter of the mirror or arrange shelves in a niche in the same way.
  • Get rid of the clutter. Hide cleaning products in the utility closet, organize neat storage of trifles, towels and dirty linen – nothing should distract from the rest.

Wood textureBathroom Design Trends 2024

The second enduring trend in bathroom design in 2024 is rethinking the very role of the room.

This is no longer just an area for hygiene procedures and a few square meters that are used exclusively for utilitarian purposes, but a full-fledged room that can be no less stylish and comfortable than a living room or bedroom. The easiest way to add softness and warmth to any space is to introduce natural textures into the interior, primarily wood in its various manifestations.

But, as you know, wet areas are not the best place for a natural array, since this material does not like moisture and temperature changes. Therefore, you can use various alternatives. For example:

  • Furniture with facades under MDF with high-quality imitation of a wooden surface.
  • Tiles and porcelain tiles under the tree.
  • Quartz vinyl on the floor.
  • Decorative panels.

To make the effect not only visual, act on other senses: put a warm floor under the tiles, put an aroma diffuser with the smell of the forest, etc.

Natural colorsBathroom Design Trends 2024

The color scheme is always a matter of personal preference: someone likes calm beige, and someone likes bright blue.

But it is not without reason that large analytical companies choose the colors of the year – trends can also be traced in this area. So, the design of a fashionable bathroom trends 2024 will be based on noble, eye-pleasing natural tones. They can be divided into several groups:

  • Shades of soil, sand, earth. These are all variations of beige, gray, brown : from light sandy to brown with a red undertone.
  • Other natural elements — water, fire, air. If you like bright colors, then when choosing a shade, refer to deep natural tones: green, red-orange, blue, terracotta.
  • Minerals and gems. Blue, purple, emerald, deep red – if you want to add dark tones to the palette, use gemstone shades. They will make the interior visually more expensive, emphasize metal, copper or brass, and will not tire your eyes.

So that natural shades do not look too flat, designers complement them with pronounced textures. These can be both original materials (for example, a stone sink or marble slabs on the wall), as well as their high-quality imitations.

Large formatBathroom Design Trends 2024

Already last year, large format tiles were one of the main trends in bathroom renovation, as in the photo, and in 2024 this trend is not going to give up.

Large-format pottery includes fragments over 30 cm wide, and some can be up to a meter wide (such as stoneware slabs). Rectangular tiles are usually produced in the format of 30×60 cm or 45×90 cm, there are also narrower and elongated models that imitate, for example, wooden boards.

This cladding has two important benefits:

  • The large format looks minimalistic, monolithic and visually enlarges the space.
  • Because there are fewer grout lines, these ceramics are much easier to care for.

No need to be afraid of the large size of the details: choose porcelain stoneware or tiles in soothing shades, smooth or with imitation of natural textures, so that the wall decoration looks whole and does not violate the proportions of a small room.

ManufacturabilityBathroom Trends 2024

New technologies have firmly entered our lives, and other requirements began to be imposed on the interior.

The atmosphere should be not only stylish, but also as comfortable as possible. To make the design look concise, stylish and holistic, as in the photo below, the space is equipped with elegant-looking, but multifunctional appliances. Behind smooth lines and a beautiful surface hide complex smart systems, voice assistants and dozens of technologies invisible in everyday life.

What you should pay attention to:

  • Contactless sensor faucets.
  • Toilets with water saving function.
  • Water heaters and shower systems with remote control.
  • Shower faucets with temperature control and scald protection.
  • Shower with individual settings: you can set your favorite parameters, the order of modes, operating time, etc.
  • Smart light control, etc.

Technological models are more expensive than standard ones, but this is an investment in your own comfort. It will pay off as soon as you feel how much the experience of using the bathroom will change.

Mirror as an accentBathroom Trends 2024

In the bathroom, the mirror, in addition to its main function, performs others. For example, it visually expands a small space through reflection.

But now the tendency to emphasize the decorative component of the mirror is becoming more and more obvious. It becomes the central element, the main focus of the entire space. An unusual shape, a massive or bright frame, LED lighting can help with this, which at the same time will provide additional local lighting, which is also very important for this area. Curly sconces or any other decor will also help to attract attention.

Product design may vary.:

  • Classic round shape.
  • Square or rectangle with rounded edges.
  • “Infinite” mirror without any frame.
  • Sun model with a frame in the form of rays (this is a characteristic element of Art Deco, but can be used in any other style).
  • With colored or stained glass inserts.

More decorBathroom Trends 2024

The approach to the design of the bathroom, as if it were a living space, is realized, among other things, with the help of a large amount of decor.

Since minimalism is in trend, there should not be a lot of jewelry, each one is concise and self-sufficient. It can be:

  • A couple of posters or paintings by contemporary artists.
  • Scented candles and diffusers.
  • Textiles from natural fabrics.
  • Bathroom sets in the same style: a cup for brushes, a soap dish, dispensers for shampoo, shower gel, etc.
  • Interior perfume in a beautiful bottle.
  • Wicker baskets or interesting organizers for small things.

When choosing decor, remember that the bathroom is a wet area. If you want to hang a picture, it must be protected from moisture. It is better not to put scented candles where it is always hot and there is a lot of steam. In general, when choosing accessories, pay attention to the material from which they are made so that they do not deteriorate ahead of time.

Freestanding bathtubBathroom Trends 2024

To save space in typical bathrooms, a built-in bowl is usually installed, if not abandoned at all in favor of a shower cabin.

But more and more often in design projects there are spectacular freestanding bathtubs – and in 2024 there will only be more of them in bathroom design. Manufacturers are also following the trend, releasing models in different colors, sizes and shapes.

Such plumbing has several features that need to be considered. Firstly, it is not suitable for very small rooms – it is still better to place a shower or a compact built-in model on several squares. Secondly, the supply of communications will be non-standard, and this must be planned at the repair stage. Finally, when choosing a place for a separate bowl, remember that it should be convenient to approach it: both to climb in or out, and during cleaning.

The design of such bowls today is truly diverse. These can be oval, rectangular, non-standard models. Whether with a clean, minimalist design or with a retro feel: curved legs, colored body and accent taps. Choose a product for the overall concept of the interior and complement it with appropriate finishes, furniture, and decor.

Not only tilesBathroom Trends 2024

Another long-term trend is not to be limited only to tiles in bathrooms of any size.

Previously, ceramic was the only option because it was the only one suitable for a hot, humid room. Now there is many stylish alternatives:

  • Washable wallpaper.
  • Moisture resistant paint.
  • Plaster.
  • Decorative panels.

Porcelain stoneware or tiles don’t have to be ditched – it’s still the best finish for wet areas. But you can and should dilute them with other material – you get a stylish and interesting interior. If you’re adding wallpaper to the tiles, it’s best to hang them in a dry part of the room, such as behind a mirror, at the entrance, or in a storage area. Even a moisture-resistant washable cover in the shower will quickly become unusable. Paint and decorative plaster are usually used in a dry area or at the top – the bottom of the wall is decorated with more practical ceramics.

Countertop sinkBathroom Trends 2024

The sink and cabinet combination is standard for any bathroom, as it allows you to combine two zones and arrange storage.

At the same time, there are different models of bowls. Mortise sinks are the most common, but overhead sinks are becoming especially popular now. They are simply placed on the countertop, where a hole is made for the siphon. In this case, the joint between the bowl and the surface does not require careful sealing.

But the popularity of this type of sink is due not so much to functionality as to its appearance. Now manufacturers offer a large selection of models: round or oval, square or rectangular, classic white and spectacular black, even colored. The material also varies: from sanitary ware to stone.

Trends 2024: 10 TOP trends in bathroom design

Smart gadgets, natural materials and bold details – we understand what a trendy bathroom looks like in 2024. Take note and use when you do home renovations!

Spa areaBathroom Trends 2024

In recent years, the bathroom has gradually turned from a utilitarian space into a full-fledged relaxation space, and in 2024 this trend is only intensifying. Find a place in the bathroom for a table on which you can arrange all the care products; comfortable banquette, sitting on which you can apply body lotion. And don’t forget the smartphone stand to take a bath and watch your favorite movie.

Natural materialsBathroom Design 2024

Being in nature has a positive effect on our emotional state, so try to surround yourself with natural materials as much as possible, including in the bathroom. Of course, this will not replace a walk in the woods, but it will help create a warm, soothing atmosphere.

Bright huesBathroom Design 2024

Light colors, associated with cleanliness and tranquility, will also help you relax after a busy day at work. Just stay away from “sterile” whites in favor of warmer shades.

Soft formsBathroom Design 2024

In 2024, sharp corners and straight lines are replaced by softer, rounded shapes. The easiest way to stay in trend is to choose a round or oval bathroom mirror. Irregular shapes with smooth curves are also in fashion.

Relief texturesBathroom Design 2024

The ribbed fronts of the nightstands and wardrobes make the interior more interesting and dynamic, while the glass shower screens with vertical grooves provide complete privacy without blocking the light.

Luxury lightingBathroom Design 2024

Crystal chandeliers, voluminous pendant lamps and sconces are great not only for the living room, but also for the bathroom. They will illuminate the entire space with light and give the interior a note of luxury and solemnity.

Modern technologiesBathroom Design 2024

LED water temperature indicators, illuminated mirrors, touch-sensitive soap dispensers, and moisture-resistant music speakers are just a few small gadgets that will make your bathroom more stylish and convenient.

Mixing stylesBathroom 2024

A mixture of different styles and eras in the interior always looks impressive. Try adding a gold-framed mirror to a minimalist bathroom setting, or replacing a modern vanity with a vintage vanity unit.

Colored marbleBathroom 2024

Previously, Calacatta marble, white with gray veins, was especially popular, but today designers are increasingly using more unusual shades. Green, red, pink, yellow – get acquainted with the whole palette before making a choice.

Open storageBathroom 2024

Closed storage systems make it much easier to keep organized. However, if you add a couple of shelves to cabinets with blank facades and place a few decorative details on them, then the bathroom will become much more comfortable.

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