New Decorating Trends in Interior Designs 2021

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In the first half of 2020, the main exhibitions of furniture and decor were held, reflecting the main trends in interior design 2021.

Interior Styles 2021

Style for personalityNew Decorating Trends in Interior Designs 2021

Experts drew attention to the personalization of interiors. Requests for specific styles go away. Clients are increasingly asking to arrange a home according to their lifestyle. First of all, customers turn to designers for coziness and personal comfort.

From here comes the need for craft furniture, works of modern art. Interest in antique things, objects with history is growing.

Art Deco as a trend for a new interiorNew Decorating Trends in Interior Designs 2021

Bright colors and bold ornaments, luxurious furniture come to the fore. Art Deco replaces the humble Scandinavian style. Interior design like the 20s is observed not only in residential premises, but also in public spaces.

Italy and Scandinavia

The fashion for rich finishes, attention to sophisticated colors, flowing lines is a reference to Italian design. However, the Scandinavian style does not go away at all. Northern design is becoming more sophisticated and atmospheric.

BohoNew Decorating Trends in Interior Designs 2021

But in 2021, the trend returns to create interiors in vibrant boho. Juicy shades, an abundance of patterns, a combination of decor from different eras – meets the features of style and the desire of customers. Boho is particularly harmonious in children’s rooms, where a laid-back overall picture is needed, combined with sophistication.

Forward to 1970New Decorating Trends in Interior Designs 2021

General trends in styles and colors look back at the 70s of the 20th century. Warm shades of terracotta, ocher, olive colors, combining them with other bright palettes – all this is typical for the decoration of apartments and houses of those years. The return of velvet and geometric ornaments also speaks of the 70s.

Interior Color Trends 2021New Decorating Trends in Interior Designs 2021

Dulux announced Spiced Honey as the color of the year. This color can be given a different character, combining it with a certain palette. Spiced Honey can become invigorating or soothing. Lovers of the classics boldly use honey to create a warm interior. Those who prefer a modern style are advised to choose white as a harmonious pair of honey.

Of the other neutral colors, combined with an active ornament, experts recommend:

  • French vanilla
  • mint;
  • light brown hazelnuts;
  • gray green;
  • warm gray.

The desire of citizens to be as close to nature as possible has been preserved for several years. The lack of space to put live greens is offset by the use of green fabrics, the choice of a natural palette and moss in the wall decor.

For several years, pink has not lost ground. Delicate nude perfectly harmonizes with the neutrals listed above and with active colors. Those who are tired of pink are more likely to choose red and purple colors in 2021 in all the variety of shades, mostly warm.

Since cold Scandinavia has faded into the background, the priority is more intimate, dark. There is a tendency to use muted blue and green in combination with golden colors.

Attracting attention, making an accent is possible not only with the help of active colors. There is also a game in contrasts, so the trend is decoration and furniture in black and white.

OrnamentsNew Decorating Trends in Interior Designs 2021

In 2021, more attention is paid to accents on the floor and ceiling. The “fifth wall” returns again: the ceiling is decorated with hand-painted or covered with ornaments.

Designers connect an additional sense organ – tactility to the perception of the interior. Wallpaper without an ornament or pattern still has its own expressiveness: options are selected with a texture for leather, suede, stone, etc.

Preference for wallpaper with an enlarged ornament. It looks interesting where the decoration of furniture echoes the pattern of walls and decor. The geometry itself becomes more bold, contrasting, large.

GeometryNew Decorating Trends in Interior Designs 2021

The desire to relax leads to the modern tendency to use asymmetry both in the arrangement and directly in the form of the furniture itself. The exception is the classic interiors, but even here, free placement is increasingly being used, only the main objects remain symmetrically.

Furniture in the spirit of the 70s is characterized by soft flowing features. It’s not necessary to go retro, but this way you can soften the atmosphere and create a relaxed atmosphere.

Furniture Trends 2021New Decorating Trends in Interior Designs 2021

Multifunctional spaces have moved from small-sized apartments to large areas: in homes and offices. The ability to quickly change the situation, use each object to the maximum – modernization becomes a priority in the design.

Hence the creation of mobile, modular designs, right down to ideas when an item can be folded and taken with you on a trip.

The finish is dominated by matte surfaces, which also set up relaxation.

Interest in cult furniture from the middle of the last century, natural wood, has not gone anywhere.

Designers pay attention to the smallest details: contrasting edging, unusual stitching, bright fittings – everything that makes the interior as diverse as possible is in fashion.

Interior lighting trends 2021New Decorating Trends in Interior Designs 2021

An intimate atmosphere is created by a subdued, pointy light.

Personalization of the interior leads to the frequent inclusion in the decor of craft, custom-made fixtures. An alternative to them is vintage lighting, often with copper and brass trim.

Home Decor Trends 2021New Decorating Trends in Interior Designs 2021

The love of antiques is gaining popularity. Experts noticed the desire for “glossy”, aristocratic environments not only among collectors. This is becoming a mass trend. Designers say that people want to see old and rare things at home with character, history, soul, and not stamped objects.

No less interesting are the objects of modern art. For decor, often choose paintings, unique figurines, collections of dishes and textiles.

False mirrors became an unusual accent typical of the current year. Faded reflections make the atmosphere mysterious.

As for the design theme, 2021 takes ideas in all possible corners – from space to the deep sea.

The desire to create a green oasis at home encourages the use of stabilized moss, large living plants. They are echoed by tropical prints.


The latest trend in the interior of 2021 is tactility. One always wants to have fabrics and furniture upholstery pleasant to the touch, to walk barefoot on the floor. This year, designers pay as much attention as possible to soft fabrics and other materials that you want to touch. In fashion, everything is natural, close to nature.

The clothNew Decorating Trends in Interior Designs 2021

In the first place – velvet, suede. As in furniture, more often multifunctional, lightweight textiles are chosen that you can take with you. A lot of fringes and brushes in the decor. Natural textiles are a priority – suitable for any style. More attention to the carpet, as an accent, often even an art object.

Marble, Concrete and TerrazzoNew Decorating Trends in Interior Designs 2021

Marble remains in trend, but pink, black and gray rocks are more preferred. Since last year, there has been a terrazzo in decoration and furniture.

Concrete plafonds and decor elements act as an accent of the author’s interior. But concrete finds the most interesting application in bathrooms. Fonts and sinks treated with special impregnation are durable and look unusual and new.

MetalNew Decorating Trends in Interior Designs 2021

Brass elements are a trend of most European manufacturers. This is especially evident in the design of bathrooms and kitchens. Novika 2021 – a mixture of several metals in one project. Silver, bronze and some gold are added to the brass. The warm palette of furnishings is perfectly complemented by copper.

GlassNew Decorating Trends in Interior Designs 2021

When choosing glass elements, you need not to be trifled, in the literal sense of the word. Large plafonds and large glass objects are the trend of the year.

Master Bedroom Decor Trends 2021New Decorating Trends in Interior Designs 2021

Four-poster beds return to the interiors. Soft fabric sheathed not only the head, but also the foot. You can use not only soft upholstery, but also replace the headboard with kilim rugs.

Kitchen Decorating Trends 2021New Decorating Trends in Interior Designs 2021

Dark blue and black kitchen sets are a fashion trend of the current year. When choosing white furniture, it is recommended to combine it with a warm tree.

Fashion for bold colors spread to household appliances and utensils.

From furniture, the bar trolley becomes a pleasant addition as a multifunctional, elegant and convenient facility for parties and home comfort.

Bathroom Decor Design Trends 2021New Decorating Trends in Interior Designs 2021

Most design experiments are now in the bathrooms. The market offers many novelties in brass and concrete. Ceramics for walls repeats natural forms – leaves, scales, sea waves.

The latest fashion trend for modular furniture remains in the bathroom – shelves and heated towel rails become multifunctional.

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