10 Main Trends In Bedroom Designs 2023

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Main Trends In Bedroom Designs 2023Ethnic motives, a separate dressing room, an emphasis on the headboard – have collected the most current bedroom designs 2023 that will make your bedroom fashionable.

The bedroom is the most personal room in the house. You don’t need to impress anyone here, but it is important to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere in which you want to fall asleep and wake up. In this article, we will tell you what trends in the design of a private area await us in the new year and share ideas for decorating a functional and fashionable bedroom.

The main trends in bedroom design

Fashionable styles-2023 for the interior of the bedroom

1. MinimalismMain Trends In Bedroom Designs 2023

In recent years, the perception of minimalism has changed: from a cold uncomfortable style “not for everyone”, it has become the norm. Gone are the associations with large empty spaces and one designer chair for a few square meters.

Modern minimalism is the laconicism of forms and the grace of simple lines; natural, eye-pleasing palette; high quality, mostly natural materials; lack of unnecessary things and clutter.

In the recreation room, this concept echoes the European approach to housing design: all activity is in the common space of the kitchen-living room, the bedroom fulfills its main function and there should be nothing superfluous in it (not even a TV !).

Preference is given to natural colors and materials, several types of textures are combined, a minimum of decor. The main role in the room is assigned to the bed – it must be comfortable and functional. Necessarily multilevel lighting: overhead light, local reading, contour night lighting. Storage should be hidden, ideally a separate mini-wardrobe for clothes.

2. Ethnic motivesMain Trends In Bedroom Designs 2023

One of the main trends in 2023 is ethnic touches in the interior. There should not be many of them so that the room does not turn into a hall of an ethnographic museum. It is enough to add a few details depending on the main style. What exactly should I include?

  • Japanese-Chinese motives – prints on wallpaper, decor made of rice paper, ceramics or bamboo, screens, silk textiles.
  • African elements – animal prints, fur and leather, beige and brown palette, wooden masks and figurines, wicker decorations.
  • Oriental notes – ornaments characteristic of Arab countries, carpets, multi-colored poufs, red-orange colors, copper and brass.

Ethnicity perfectly complements minimalism, boho and eco-style. Also, these elements can soften the brutal loft or grunge.

3. ScandinavianMain Trends In Bedroom Designs 2023

The Scandinavian style, like minimalism, smoothly passes into the category of classics, and therefore will not disappear from the interiors in the near future. It is good, first of all, because it is easy to repeat and implement it even within the framework of economic repairs. It does not require large spaces and expensive materials. The main idea is the practicality and comfort of everyday life. Even a small room should be light, comfortable and not cluttered.

To create a Scandinavian bedroom interior design, as in the photo below, use the following techniques.

  • Calm colors: pastel tones, shades of beige and brown, black, white and gray as a base.
  • Bright accents that will enliven the atmosphere – it can be bright blue, burgundy, orange, ocher, purple.
  • Natural materials, as much wood as possible.
  • Natural fabrics, rattan, clay, straw, wood decor.
  • Light neutral finish.
  • Simple and practical furniture.

Actual bedroom colors

1. MonochromeMain Trends In Bedroom Designs 2023

The monochrome color scheme does not give up its positions: this option is easy to implement and is suitable for all current styles. Monopalette can be of two types.

  • A combination of three achromats – black, white, gray.
  • The use of many shades of one or two adjacent colors – for example, brown and beige.

The main danger of such a color scheme is that the room can look flat and boring. This problem is solved primarily with the help of a variety of textures: the same shade will play differently on soft and hard, smooth and rough, glossy and matte surfaces. Also, monochrome gamma can be diluted with a couple of bright accents; correct multi-level lighting will also help. And contrasting dark details will make the space more graphic.

2. White as a baseMain Trends In Bedroom Designs 2023

Hot discussions have always been and will continue around white interiors – total white may indeed seem like a controversial decision. But it is not necessary to make the room completely snow-white.

In the coming year, natural materials and light colors are in trend – white can be taken as a universal base and supplemented with other paints.

The main advantages of white in the bedroom

  • Fits into any style.
  • Will not go out of fashion either in a year or ten years.
  • Visually enlarges the space (an irreplaceable quality in a small room).
  • Reflects light, makes the room more airy and bright;
  • It goes well with any color.

To prevent the bedroom from looking like a hospital room, use white as a base (for example, for walls and ceilings) and complement it with richer colors, a cozy wood texture, and tactilely pleasant colorful textiles. Later, if you want to update the interior, it will be easy to do – you just need to change the details and add other colors to the palette.

3. Natural tonesMain Trends In Bedroom Designs 2023

Getting closer to nature in all aspects can already be called a sustainable trend. In city apartments, there is a lack of greenery, fresh air and relaxing landscapes, which is why there are so many natural variations among fashionable colors.

In 2023, look at the following palettes

  • The color of the sand – particularly inspired by the film Dune.
  • Mineral colors are gray, blue, dark green, muted purple tones.
  • Soil shades – brown, brown, terracotta, dark red, gray-green, mossy.

Trendy bedroom design ideas

1. Accent headboardMain Trends In Bedroom Designs 2023

If you look at fashionable photos of bedroom interiors in an apartment, the headboard immediately attracts attention almost everywhere. And this is quite logical: in the rest room, the central place is occupied by the bed, and eyes should be riveted to it – and an unusual beautiful headboard will best cope with this task.

It is possible to focus attention on it in different ways, therefore, several directions can be distinguished within the trend.

  • Massive headboard-panel – can be made of the same material as the bed frame, as if continuing it, or be part of the wall, thus erasing the boundaries between furniture and decoration.
  • A designer product – or vice versa, hand-made. The most important thing is that it should be a unique author’s creation, which becomes not just a structural part of the bed, but also a real art object. The effect can be achieved through an unusual shape, textured material, bright color or ornament.
  • Accent wall – in this version, the entire wall behind the bed (or most of it) stands out visually. The installation can continue the headboard or replace it altogether.

2. AsymmetryMain Trends In Bedroom Designs 2023

The desire for perfect symmetry came to us from classical interiors, where this principle is the basis, without which it is impossible to build a room composition. Today, there is a departure from strict canons, the space of the room is perceived not as a plane for verified drawings, but as a field for experiments and a flight of imagination.

In the bedroom, this trend manifests itself primarily in a departure from the rule of two identical bedside tables. You can replace them with two different ones, completely abandon one or hang a shelf. The same goes for pendant lights or sconces – they do not have to be combined and present strictly on both sides.

Even the bed can be placed not in the center, but, for example, moved closer to the window or to one wall. At the same time, furniture does not need to be arranged thoughtlessly and chaotically: everything should obey logic and ergonomics. To make the space visually look harmonious (and symmetry is responsible for this), balance the elements: for example, if the bed is shifted to one side, place an armchair, dressing table or flower in the corner diagonally.

3. Wardrobe instead of a closetMain Trends In Bedroom Designs 2023

One of the main trends this and next year is separate dressing rooms. Finally, it became clear that this is not a privilege of elite housing – you can allocate a few square meters even in a small bedroom of a typical apartment. In terms of area, such a mini-wardrobe takes up little more space than a built-in wardrobe.

You can organize such a zone by re-equipping the pantry, if it is adjacent to the recreation area. Or select part of the room (for example, in the corner) and separate the dressing room with sliding screens. Models made of translucent corrugated glass look especially beautiful.

If the room is narrow and long, a wardrobe can help adjust the proportions – for example, by organizing it behind the headboard. So the living part of the room will not seem so elongated.

4. WorkplaceMain Trends In Bedroom Designs 2023

And finally, one more general trend – the pandemic has completely changed the format of work, so no one can do without a home office now. If the apartment is small, it is unlikely that it will be possible to allocate a separate room for it – but you can organize a compact workplace right in the bedroom.

This can be done in different ways.

  • Allocate space next to the bed or opposite by placing a computer desk and chair against the wall.
  • Insulate the loggia – organize the office right there.
  • If there is not enough space, but there is no balcony, continue the window sill to a small table, organizing a working corner by the window.

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