New Bedroom Decoration Trends 2021

New Bedroom Decoration Trends 2021The bedroom is the place where one meets oneself, can relax, relax, is your resting space. Therefore the better decorated and designed it is, the more you will enjoy it every time you spend there. We show you a lot of photos and ideas for decorating bedrooms, and some of the most important interior trends for 2021.

It must be your personal oasis, a space where you can forget about each problem. Between lighting and furniture, divert attention to concerns. Here we will try to give a lot of ideas, to meet all the needs and preferences. Surely, the current design trends will help to find options for all tastes.

Colors in bedroom decorationNew Bedroom Decoration Trends 2021

For a long time, beige, white and cream are the colors that are most used in the decoration of bedrooms, for transmitting calm and for being eternally classic. It should be noted that in recent years, colors such as dark brown, gray and even black have also been incorporated. It is predicted that the gray color will remain one of the most used in these spaces, especially combined with white.

A room in darker grays also has its charm. The photo below shows it; a simple room, in shades of gray, with the dark brown color of wood as the maximum expression of color.

To show that dark rooms don’t have to be in bad taste, just look at this photo. The room is more than attractive and it is good not to forget that such a room serves more as a meeting point with your partner, than a room with greater clarity.

Another trend is the use of black and white, a very dynamic and effective combination to achieve a modern bedroom.

However, for this interior bedroom trends 2021, pastel colors make an important return.

The dark green color, makes an important appearance, especially to incorporate it by means of details or why not, in the walls.

The decoration of bedrooms is definitely something very personal, some people need a calm and relaxing atmosphere, which favors rest and sleep, and other people prefer a bright and energizing environment, which injects life every morning upon waking up.

The use of bright colors can be one of the options to achieve this task. It is recommended that you use touches of vibrant color in small decotant details, such as cushions or quilt.

It can also encourage you to color using the walls. One of the trends is to color only one of the walls of the room, keeping the remaining white or pale neutral.

Natural and environmentally friendly materialsNew Bedroom Decoration Trends 2021

This is a trend that is growing, fortunately. Ecological materials are widely used by contemporary interior designers. For example, the use of treated brick or wood respecting nature. These materials are being used a lot on the walls, creating a very interesting rustic effect.

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The use of natural fibers in carpets, ornaments and bedspreads is also very important.

Upholstered headboardsNew Bedroom Decoration Trends 2021

This is another trend that resurfaces with great force this 2021. The headboards made of wood, which dominated the market in recent years, will be left aside to give way to fluffy and sophisticated backrests.

Terracotta floorsNew Bedroom Decoration Trends 2021

This type of flooring is having a very important resurgence, but this time, the appearance is more rustic than previous years, they are not polished and shiny tiles, but opaque.

Newest Style trends in bedroom decoration

ClassicNew Bedroom Decoration Trends 2021

If you prefer something classic, but with modern slips, you should focus on a large bed like the ones before. Around it will turn the rest of the bedroom furniture, as well as the lighting, the colors of the decorative elements and the color of the wall. We recommend dark woods, soft vanilla walls and good accent lights. A plant can add a very subtle detail to the bedroom.

But there are also those who want something simple, although with detectable color combinations only for the most detailed. Look at the picture and you will understand. The wood of the bed, picture frames and curtains is in different shades of blue, just like the lamp shade. Classic style furniture from the mid 20th century must be used for this style.

MajesticNew Bedroom Decoration Trends 2021

In the same way, there are those who are inspired by older styles, such as Victorian, and make their bedroom a movie scene. With a majestic bed and large mosquito nets, the bedroom can become a place that awakens the imagination.

MinimalismNew Bedroom Decoration Trends 2021

The minimalist rooms also have their land gained when designing the bedroom. Its straight lines and the variety of light and soft colors, win many times, over other contemporary trends.

RusticNew Bedroom Decoration Trends 2021

One can take their fantasies home and not believe they are unattainable. If you like the aesthetics of the rustic houses of the forest, you can be inspired by them to decorate your bedroom, for example, cover a wall with old planks, worn-looking, and of course, use natural wood furniture.

Ideas to decorate the walls behind the bed

Whether your bed has a headboard or not, the wall behind the beNew Bedroom Decoration Trends 2021d is usually the most important of any bedroom, and can become a decorative accent. Therefore we present several ideas to decorate it. These ideas presented are an effective way to add interest, style and fun in some cases.

One way to enrich the wall behind our bed is to make a kind of collage with our favorite photos.

Decorative wall papers are also an effective way to add style to the walls of our bedroom.

Drawing a headboard in two or more colors can also be a successful way to turn it into a decorative accent.

Painting this wall a different color to the remaining walls of the room is another successful idea.

The walls behind the bed in children’s bedrooms can become a true children’s story, so we can successfully paint motifs and cartoons for children.

Marriage bedroom decoration

Decorating a room for adults is not an easy task. It is important to consider several parameters, including brightness, color of walls and furniture, to create a pleasant atmosphere and gain comfort.

Romantic bedroomNew Bedroom Decoration Trends 2021

One of the best decorations for a double room is the romantic one. The most important element in this type of decoration is the choice of colors, whether for walls, carpets, candles, etc. The choice of color is crucial, since it gives meaning to the decoration of the room. Ideally, opt for pink or white tones. The white color is characterized by its freshness and clarity. Several shades of white can be used to create volume and depth.

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The second important criterion for decorating a modern adult romantic room is lighting. Good lighting that is both warm and tender, therefore, candles are an excellent solution.

Cozy bedroom ideasNew Bedroom Decoration Trends 2021

This is another of the great current trends, a cozy environment that promotes relaxation and provides escape from the daily routine. Both curtains, carpets, rugs and furniture should be placed in order to create harmony in the environment. It is best to opt for plush and cotton fabrics. As for the curtains, choose models that are pleasant to the touch and with warm materials. And of course wood can help us.

The element that makes a difference in the decoration of a cozy bedroom is lighting. In order to have a warm and pleasant atmosphere, it is better to choose soft colors.

Zen decorationNew Bedroom Decoration Trends 2021

Zen decoration is conducive to relaxation. Relaxation and comfort are the words that best describe this type of room. Good oxygenation must be offered, therefore freeing up space and creating storage places without leaving anything in disarray.

Choose trendy colors like yellow, blue or purple. These colors can bring real added value to the decoration of your bedroom.

Colors according to Feng ShuiNew Bedroom Decoration Trends 2021

According to Feng Shui, it is better to opt for cold colors on the walls, such as purple, blue or gray. These colors are very fashionable and create a pleasant atmosphere.

Youth bedroom decoration trends 2021New Bedroom Decoration Trends 2021

The teenager’s room is a place of privacy for your child, where sometimes he will be alone and sometimes with friends. Decorating a teenage bedroom is not an easy task. Girls usually want to get out of this feminine atmosphere made of pink flowers, too childish tones. As for the boys, they leave the world of small cars to move towards a more rocker or more industrial style, where they change from pastel blue to navy blue. The first idea is that the bedroom is the teenager’s taste. This space must combine multiple functions, ranging from living room, place to sleep and to study.

Youth bedroom FurnitureNew Bedroom Decoration Trends 2021

The teenager’s room usually requires three different spaces, one dedicated to work, the other dedicated to rest and the last one dedicated to relaxation. The room should include a bed, a desk and an area similar to a small living room. Beds with drawers or storage to deposit books and other essential items such as the night lamp.

For small spaces, high beds that house a dedicated space for work at the bottom are excellent and therefore will leave more free space. For larger rooms, different areas can be separated more easily.

Youth bedroom colorsNew Bedroom Decoration Trends 2021

For girls, different shades of white or cakes may be very appropriate.

For boys, who move naturally towards an industrial style, black, brown and navy blue are very chosen.

Hanging bedsNew Bedroom Decoration Trends 2021

One of the elements that has gained an important terrain in recent years in the area of bedroom decoration, is undoubtedly the incorporation of hanging beds; since they can be seen in multiple proposals, some of children’s bedrooms, others in youth bedrooms and others in the double bedrooms.

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They are an effective way to add interest and personality to the bedrooms, regardless of their style, since these beds have enormous versatility.

And the best of all is that we can find them in a huge variety of styles and materials, since they are presented to us both supported by thick and strong ropes of the marine type or by means of thick chains of iron links, among others.

Also, as you can see, they allow us to play in terms of layout, in shared rooms, since they can be perfectly incorporated like traditional bunks one on top of the other or in a simple way.

We can also opt for a false hanging bed, like the one we see below.

Bedroom decoration trends according to the season

Many people usually have the habit of changing some decorative details of their bedroom according to the season of the year. Obviously, the bedding has to change, when summer comes, the warmest is stored for the following winter, and we start using other types of bedspreads and materials. But these changes not only apply to bedding, some accessories can also be adapted. Let’s see some ideas.

Autumn Winter bedroom decor design trendsNew Bedroom Decoration Trends 2021

So that you can take to your bedroom the peculiar spirit that characterizes autumn, we will show you some ideas that become one of the most effective ways to accompany the station and benefit from its main attractions, among which the attractive earth tones are highlighted, orange and yellow

It is undoubtedly one of the stations that allows us to benefit from the decoration with a greater diversity of textures, thus allowing us to add charm to our walls, furniture, beds and windows.

Tapestries with autumnal motifs are another of the great options we find for this type of decoration; since they are a fast way and with a lot of presence in the decoration.

Those who instead prefer a more genuine spirit, can perfectly perform works of art on their walls with the characteristic autumnal leaves and their peculiar colors.

Then for more details and inspiration about this decoration strategy, which is becoming more and more fashionable, we invite you to enjoy some photos, which as you will appreciate, offer us a huge number of variants.

Spring Summer bedroom decoration trends 2021New Bedroom Decoration Trends 2021

Decorating bedrooms in this season is so easy that you just have to resort to moving bedding and drapery. If you do not want large expenses or do not plan a major renovation, this is the best way to impose the color of the new season. Both the children’s room, the girls’ bedroom or the master bedroom, because everyone can benefit from the color.

We show you images of a summer collection in which color prevails, so you can choose options for a summer season. The bedding is overflowing with color and originality, through its bold prints.

And it is so easy to add a colorful detail to any room from the bedding, that you just have to decide what pattern you like and what colors are the ones that motivate you most, to forget the neutral colors of a long winter and face Spring with overflowing originality.