Dressing Room Design Trends In 2024

Dressing Room Design Trends In 2024Dressing rooms transform the space of your house or apartment, adding individuality and originality to the interior. The fenced-off space for placing a wardrobe is not only fashionable in recent years, but also practical. Let’s talk about the design of the dressing room design trends 2024 with the basic rules of design and zoning, options for its organic placement in large and small rooms, as well as stylish design.

Dressing room design – the main trends of 2024Dressing Room Design Trends In 2024

Recently, the demand for small-sized housing has been growing, so the principles of ergonomics and practicality of placing the main items inside the rooms have become especially in demand. It is not so easy to rationally place a dressing room.

Designers for 2024 suggest using the following interior design trends:

  • environmental friendliness – preference is given to natural finishing materials and textures based on the motive of natural colors;
  • reasonable consumption has brought hidden storage systems to the peak of fashion – for them, the main requirement is a combination of compactness and functionality;
  • colors – purple as accents on textiles or one wall of the room, earth colors (beige-brown shades) expand the space and calm the perception, natural shades (pink nude and blue-green) fill with calmness and vitality;
  • the main stylistic trends – minimalism for the dressing room will simplify the room, ethnic motifs in the form of boho or scandi will make it cozy;
  • details – the use of arches, carpets and screens is becoming more and more popular, the use of man-made textures on natural materials is also popular;
  • a special place is occupied by the coloring of the walls, which came to the place of the wallpaper – for a dressing room this is an ideal solution.

The lifestyle trends of recent years are focused on decluttering, so even small rooms can boast a stylish dressing room design.

Dressing room placementDressing Room Design Trends In 2024

In a private house, the owner independently creates a design project and plans the space, so he can foresee a place for pantries and dressing rooms in advance. The ideal location would be a place close to the master bedroom or, if there is a large family, next to the kitchen – to ensure free access for every resident of the house.

If you thought about the dressing room much later than you made the repair, then the following places can be distinguished for it:

  • large corridor;
  • attic;
  • place under the stairs;
  • Behind the bed.

In apartments, any pantries are rarely provided, so the question of the location of the dressing room becomes more difficult. Small-sized apartments with a dressing room are generally seen as transcendental desires, but even in Khrushchev you can place such a storage system, for example, in a niche or pantry. In extreme cases, you can fence off part of the room with a weightless partition. Fortunately, the use of various screens and arches is now in fashion.

Let us consider in more detail the main options for placing a dressing room and the features of their design:

  1. The design of the dressing room in the hallway is a zoning of the space of a large hall. In private houses, this is easier to do by installing a partition, but in apartments there may be two options. The first one is for long corridors – a wardrobe with mirrored doors is installed on one wall to visually expand the space. The second is for cramped and square rooms – the corner is fenced off for arranging a closed compact storage system.
  2. The design of the dressing room in the bedroom depends on the shape of the room itself – for stretched rooms, a full-width partition is made, adding coziness and regularity to the structure of the bedroom. Square rooms suggest a corner location with thick curtains or doors.
  3. Open storage systems with hinged doors are organically located under the stairs – modular designs with retractable elements are in demand.
  4. Wardrobe – An old boring wardrobe is modernized with new filling and decoration.
  5. A niche allows you to install shelves and hangers with doors or a fabric curtain without prejudice to the main space. Small niches can be expanded with drywall constructions.
  6. Pantry – old apartment layouts suggest a spacious closet-pantry without windows, which can be filled in a modern manner with a dressing room.
  7. Behind the partitions – improvised types of fences are made of screens, curtains on the cornice under the ceiling. More suitable for the bedroom. Plasterboard partitions are relevant anywhere, but take up more free space in the room.

Dressing room planningDressing Room Design Trends In 2024

The arrangement of wardrobes depends on many factors: from the presence and location of windows and doors in the room to user preferences and the number of items in the wardrobe. The most common layout options:

  1. Linear – created for rectangular rooms, a kind of family closet, fenced off by a partition to the full height and with free space inside for moving between shelves.
  2. Parallel – suitable for long corridors, rooms with windows or mirrors in front of the doorway. Storage systems are located opposite each other. Suitable for large rooms. The window solves the issue of lighting and ventilation.
  3. Corner – dressing room design on the territory of the room 4 sq. m and other small spaces is created due to the space in the corner. Shelves and hangers are fastened in a linear fashion at an angle of 90°. You can install a partition made of drywall or other materials, or makeshift screens, curtains, arches.
  4. U-shaped – in a large room, you can make a design with a place for ironing, a pouffe and a “beauty pointing” area. The central part of such a space should be at least 1.5 m in length.

There are two main types of wardrobes – open and closed. In the first case, the space continues the interior of the main part of the house and does not have doors or partitions. Especially true for small apartments and allow you to equip a dressing room even for 2 square meters. m In the absence of fences, the room looks more spacious, but things are in sight, so it will take time to maintain an aesthetic appearance.

In the second case, the room is fenced off from the rest of the room. In size, it is usually at least 5 square meters. m, which allows you to place things of all family members with the possibility of planning ergonomics. Partitions hide space, making it visually even smaller. In a closed room, lighting and ventilation should be done separately.

The layout of large and small dressing rooms requires the allocation of the main areas inside the room:

  1. Upper – at a height of at least 190 cm, replaces the mezzanine, designed for seasonal items.
  2. Central – consists of bars for outerwear, shelves for linen, hangers for other wardrobe items. If there is space, an ironing board is placed here.
  3. The lower one is reserved for shoes and consists of specialized boxes.
  4. For headdresses – it is divided into cells ranging in size from 25 × 18 cm and is located above the central part.

Basic dressing room design styles 2024

When choosing the stylistic design of the dressing room, it is necessary to rely on the preferences of the user of the room. The decorating style of this room should not conflict with the design of the rest of the apartment. Therefore, the interior is better to organically combine with the room in which the wardrobe is built into the space. Let’s highlight the main differences in styles:

For womenDressing Room Design Trends In 2024

Women’s rooms are best decorated in a classic style with baroque or rococo elements. This suggests the presence of stucco in a light interior in pastel shades. It is appropriate to use poufs, mirrors and paintings, the presence of carpets.

For menDressing Room Design Trends In 2024

The main emphasis is on the functionality and ergonomics of the space, so the minimalist style becomes the most suitable. Men’s trousers and ties with convenient organizers for watches or cufflinks in 2024 are important to design in dark wood-like shades.

For kidsDressing Room Design Trends In 2024

Children grow up quickly, so in such a room you need to provide for many details at once – from interest in the cleaning process for small children to restraint for an adult child. Eclecticism will be the most suitable. A bright design of auxiliary elements lies on a light base base.

For the whole familyDressing Room Design Trends In 2024

Immediately make a reservation that the family dressing room should occupy an area of 3 square meters. m. Zoning and planning – based on the number of things each family member has, since everyone is assigned their own sector. The style should match the design of the main room and be comfortable for everyone.

Finishing the dressing room

Before you start decorating the dressing room space, you need to consider ventilation and lighting systems.

LightingDressing Room Design Trends In 2024

They don’t experiment with light in the dressing room: the lighting should be uniform and as natural as possible. Actual additional spot lighting over mirrors or remote shelves. It is possible to use mobile lamps on clothespins. Be sure to have a central chandelier on the ceiling and built-in lamps around the perimeter.

VentilationDressing Room Design Trends In 2024

Often dressing rooms do not have windows and natural ventilation, but in the absence of such, wardrobe items will quickly become unusable. Therefore, for enclosed spaces, it is recommended to make 1 ventilation shaft for 2-3 crossbars. In extreme cases, a fan with automatic switching on is installed, the frequency of which is set in advance.

Finishing materialsDressing Room Design Trends In 2024

The materials used are responsible for the functionality of the room. Dressing rooms are filled with shelves and cabinets made of solid wood, and in more budget options, chipboard or MDF.

Doors are often decorated with mirrors or, conversely, hidden from prying eyes, completely imitating the interior of the room from the outside. It is recommended to choose metal for coasters and hooks, and lightweight plastic for baskets.

WallsDressing Room Design Trends In 2024

The walls must be perfectly even, otherwise the racks will not be able to install evenly. All old finishes are removed, the walls are leveled, including using PVC panels and drywall sheets. After that, they can be painted with water-based paints, but first, mount the flooring.

FloorDressing Room Design Trends In 2024

There are no restrictions as materials for flooring, but they must be comfortable and tactilely pleasing: a person, choosing clothes and dressing, often stands barefoot on the floor. It would be appropriate to provide a rug with a soft and pleasant pile over a laminate or linoleum.

CeilingDressing Room Design Trends In 2024

Having completed the wall cladding, they move on to ennobling the ceiling. The ceiling covering should be identical in color and texture to the walls to create a single harmonious alliance. It is also important to level the surface as much as possible. This is achieved through drywall sheets or PVC panels.

In very high rooms, suspended ceilings are acceptable, but it is better to save the entire height of the room for more storage systems, and organize access to the uppermost shelves using a ladder.

Doors and mirrorsDressing Room Design Trends In 2024

The doorway is closed with a full-fledged sliding or swing-type door 60 cm wide or hung with a curtain on a cornice attached to the ceiling. In some cases, the use of arched openings of an open type is relevant. When installing a full-fledged door, it can be beaten as a full-length mirror, which will save free space inside the dressing room. The door trim should match the main walls in color and texture.

When installing mirrors separately, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • illumination around the perimeter;
  • The height of the mirror is full length.

Mirrors visually expand the rooms and are relevant in small rooms, but by building it into the door, you can save the treasured meters of a small dressing room.

Storage systemDressing Room Design Trends In 2024

Cabinets and shelves inside the dressing room are mounted only when all surfaces are completely dry. Storage systems can be designed and manufactured by yourself, or you can order according to your project or buy ready-made modular-frame type. It is necessary to maintain the basic parameters for the placement of outerwear, dresses, trousers / skirts, shirts, shoes, underwear, bedding. The height of the shelves is selected depending on the height of the users.

Planning and arranging a dressing room is not an easy task. The degree of coziness and comfort depends on its filling and design. Even the largest premises require a rational approach to this process. The room should be practical and meet the functions assigned to it.

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