What Are The Decorating Colors For 2025

What Are The Decorating Colors For 2020The interior decorating colors that will be a trend during the year 2025 are selected by specialists worldwide, and leading companies in paintings for architecture and home.

If you like to have your house in fashion, you can start thinking about painting it in the colors of this year. A varied palette of shades that will help renew the decoration of your home to travel 2025 with new expectations and a renewed air.

An ash gray color called “Quiet Sunrise”What Are The Decorating Colors For 2020

The shade chosen by the paint companies of the multinational Akzo Nobel is somewhere between green, blue and gray. And it can be identified with the code 45g and 55/052 in recognized brands such as Alba, Bruguer, Coral, Inca and Dulux, among others.

All soft grays, especially this color, are versatile to combine with any shade, and perfect companions for neutrals, dark colors, but also bright tones. The so-called “Quiet Sunrise” or “Gray Jeans” goes perfectly with colors such as dark gray , tan, mustard, burgundy, moss, and many others.

Since 2019 a trend has been seen for Nordic views and styles. Several shades of cold gray give this look that will continue as one of the trends to follow in 2025. In the living rooms and dining rooms they look particularly good; when using it, just make sure to combine it with some warm tones, or that the room has plenty of natural light, to avoid the cold sensation that color brings.

Navy blue or “Naval” by Sherwin WilliamsWhat Are The Decorating Colors For 2020

For its part, one of the most important paint companies in the United States, and marketed in many parts of the world, has opted for a fairly strong navy blue tone. Its code in the color chart is Naval SW 6244 .

Sherwin Williams’ 2025 color is a deep blue that creates a calm but characterful vibe. Marine or Naval is a classic color in many color charts, and has been used for years in interior decoration. But this does not mean that it has been in the past, but that it is still used to paint an entire room, to highlight a wall , or as an accent color. It is a perfect color for any interior space.

Much bolder than the other colors on this list, Sherwin-Williams’ Color of the Year 2025 is a rich and worthy navy to be declared. Though classic and cool, this deep shade blends the power of nature with timeless confidence straight from Art Deco designs.

A dry green called “Back to Nature”What Are The Decorating Colors For 2020

Back to nature, is what this green chosen by the Bher company aims to reflect. A balanced and revitalizing green, close to being a dry green but somewhat softer and more neutral. Your code to identify it in the color palette: S340-4 .

The color called Back to Nature, in the brand’s collection, combines very well with other shades, both indoors and outdoors, is perfect for painting doors or windows, and is a special color for the renovation of old furniture.

Even when the outside weather convinces you otherwise, this “calm, friendly and balanced” green inspires you to get out into nature and embrace all it has to offer. Regarded as ‘nature neutral’, Behr’s painting, aptly named Back to Nature, achieves meadow-inspired color by combining light and dark greens.

Pale pink, also called “First light”What Are The Decorating Colors For 2020

This year the cold colors are the ones that predominate, but between both blues and neutrals we find a special pale pink. The specialists of the Benjamin Moore brand have called it First Light code 2102-70 in its color chart.

This soft pink shade belongs to a group of 10 shades that the company has selected as the color trend for 2025. And with which modern combinations are achieved , as well as fresh but discreet. Pink First Light favors any space if it is properly combined with other colors.

Light up your space with Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year 2025. A unique alternative to classic white or beige, First Light is the “backdrop for a bright new decade.” But if you prefer something with more personality, go for another one of its 10 inspiring selections, including pure gray and rich blue-green.

As the First Light of Dawn, the North American paint company’s 2025 color is a warm, bright color. Very enjoyable and appropriate for almost any environment. First Light is part of a 10-tone card that the brand’s specialists have chosen for this year. These colors are perfect to combine with each other, that is why this soft pink is a good companion of mint green, olive green, steel blue and corn, among others.

It takes its coloring and name from the pink oyster mushrooms, a delicious edible mushroom of tropical origin. We are in the presence of a fusion of a pink and an orange, what we usually call salmon or coral, depending on the intensity of the hue. In this case it is a warm and cheerful tone, but at the same time bright, suitable for all environments, especially those in which we want a soft and renewed touch. It combines perfectly with lighter or more intense shades of the same hue, pinks, grays, cinnamon and whites.

Black and whiteWhat Are The Decorating Colors For 2020

In interior paint , they are two colors that never fail, that combine practically with everything, but the mixture of both will look great in 2025. Some of the trends in interior decoration have taken inspiration from oriental designs that prioritize minimalism, and black and white are special agents to give this feeling of simple elegance.

This combination can look in any space, but we recommend it especially in the main room where it can make it look more spacious and bright.

BeigeWhat Are The Decorating Colors For 2020

Beige will be a color that offers multiple shades ranging from sand to a color similar to caramel. It is ideal for a wall or piece of furniture that you want to stand out, as well as to combine with more vivid tones such as orange, which will also be on trend. It is a color that looks great in the living room or kitchen.

OrangeWhat Are The Decorating Colors For 2020

It is a very striking color and that is its main function when used in home decoration, attracting the attention of an element or wall. The ideal shade of orange will depend on the colors that make up your spaces. You can experiment with this color in any room, as long as it is not used excessively.

TurquoiseWhat Are The Decorating Colors For 2020

A fresh and cheerful color that goes very well in hot climates. It’s a shade that has popped up since 2019, and it looks particularly good in bedrooms, living rooms, and even the bathroom. We suggest you contrast it with warm colors or a little stronger than the shade of turquoise you choose.

Dark blueWhat Are The Decorating Colors For 2020

Dark blue or cobalt gives an elegant and deep touch to the spaces. It is perfect to move away from a wall and to draw attention to a specific point. If you want to use this color make sure to contrast it with light colors, or use it in rooms with a lot of natural light, otherwise you will have the feeling of a small and dark space.

And Pantone’s classic blueWhat Are The Decorating Colors For 2020

The worldwide color specialist announced that his Color of the Year 2025 is Classic Blue, a deep blue shade reminiscent of the sky at dusk. His coding on the Pantone chart is 19-4052.

True to its name, this blue is usually sober and creates a sense of depth. But also be active and modern if you use the variety of suitable shades to accompany it.

The Pantone color of the year 2025 is none other than classic navy blue, which will appear in homes around the world in the new year. “Suggestive of the evening sky, the calming qualities of Naval Blue that invite reflection highlight our desire for a reliable and stable foundation to build on as we cross the threshold of a new era,” the brand said.

How to wear the trendy colors of 2025

If you don’t feel like painting your whole house, either because it is in good condition, or because it seems like an unnecessary outlay of money, you can do it partially. Use the trendy colors of 2025 in small places like:

  • On a special wall
  • At the front door
  • On kitchen furniture
  • On the dining room table or chairs
  • To paint an aged piece of furniture

The colors of each year are decided through a process, which specialists carry out for a long time. Taking into account lifestyle, cultural changes and industry trends. And for us it is a good excuse to change the decoration and the general appearance of our homes.

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