Latest Belgian Decorating Style Trends

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Latest Belgian Decorating Style TrendsAmong the many decorative styles of the moment, there is one that is increasingly becoming more relevant, attracting new adherents of interior design every day. This is the Belgian decorating style, a rustic trend that is based on naturalness and elegance combining old and modern at the same time.

Fall in love with the Belgian decorating style, we show you how to get it

Fall in love with the Belgian style, with these proposals by Leroy Merlin we show you how to get it. We will review with you the most important decorative keys of this trend. If you are one of those who lose their heads because of the natural, rustic and Shabby Chic environments, you will love it. Take note.

Differences between Shabby Chic, neo-rustic and Belgian styleLatest Belgian Decorating Style Trends

At first glance you may think that it is like the Shabby Chic style or even that, sometimes, it resembles the neo-rustic style. However, there are obvious differences that distinguish these three styles from each other. Broadly tell you that Belgian-style environments are more serene and elegant, while Shabby Chic spaces have a country, feminine and carefree air. On the other hand, the neo-rustic style is more sober, masculine and zen than the Belgian.

If Shabby Chic furniture has that patina aged in the Belgian style the furniture has an impeccable appearance, if in the Shabby the colors were sweet, based on red, blue, pink and yellow mixed with neutral tones in the Belgian color palette It fits only neutral and earth tones.

Another great difference will be found in the prints, since in Shabby homes we see Toiles de Jouy and stripes everywhere, instead in the Belgian style the prints disappear. In conclusion, it is a more sober, stately and masculine style than the Shabby.

As for the neo-rustic or natural style, the differences, although they seem minimal, are not really so much: They use the same color palette, the same materials, the same textures and do not use prints.

The big difference lies in the lines of furniture and accessories, if in the Belgian style the furniture is classic or rustic mixed with some current piece, in the neo-rustic style all the furniture is of simple and minimalist lines, giving this a contemporary look That doesn’t have the Belgian style.

The golden rule of the Belgian style is to create elegant spaces with a rustic air without reaching the formality of the classic style. To achieve this, try never to lose your naturalness, using raw materials, however in many cases the environments are really stately.

Once the differences are explained, it is important to comment that the labels are only a guide to guide and distinguish what is what, but once clarified their characteristics, we can do with each style what we want, mix them with each other and add a bit of our personality. This is the best of the decoration, that each house is different and although they have the same style, they have their personal touch.

The main Belgian style element: WoodLatest Belgian Decorating Style Trends

The homes that use this style are cozy, comfortable and harmonious, to achieve it gives prominence to the wood. The floors are always covered with natural, raw and matte wood, it is interesting to expose the beams of the ceilings. Another very comfortable resource is the wood dumps, however in this case they are painted.

In addition to that elegant and classic air of the Belgian-style environments, these homes have a tremendously natural look. Despite that stately point, they always have that rustic air that the wood gives it. That is why it is one of the main materials.

But when you abuse wood you can get something unwanted, a rustic, rough, dark and old-fashioned space. That is why it is important to treat it as a neutral base. Bet on wood floors and walls in light tones.

Create a neutral base: A simple color paletteLatest Belgian Decorating Style Trends

One of the basic characteristics of this trend is its color palette, a simple palette full of contrasts, based on neutral tones (gray, beige and white) and earth. Unlike the Shabby Chic style, the Belgian is less bright, use white or cream in the same proportion as other darker neutral tones, such as gray or brown. This palette gives this style that cozy and elegant air we are looking for.

It is a scarce and sober color scheme, but no less interesting and boring, play with the tonalities and look for contrasts, delimit areas through color and play with the textures of noble materials to give life to the decoration.

As you see the protagonists are white, raw tones, grays and earth. As we see in the images that illustrate the post, it is about achieving a balance between dark and light tones. If you put a camel leather sofa add a knitted wool cushion in a beige tone, if you paint the white wooden weir paint the wall in a stone gray tone that contrasts…

Textiles with texture: Linen, an elegant and natural textileLatest Belgian Decorating Style Trends

The main fabric that sweeps the interiors of the Belgian style is, of course, a natural material, linen. If in the Shabby Chic style we see flowers and more colors, these here disappear. At most you will find some line in the tones that we have already commented.

Apply these fabrics everywhere, thick linens for cushions and tablecloths, soft and elegant linens for curtains, by the way curtains that are long, extra long, that touch the floor, as we see in the picture.

For the upholstery, and the covers made for chairs and armchairs, something very common in this trend. We will even use this textile for bed linen, and don’t be afraid to wear dark tones. Combine anthracite sheets with cushions in raw tones.

Furniture of different styles that complement each otherLatest Belgian Decorating Style Trends

At the beginning of the post we have commented that this look combines pieces of all styles and periods. Unlike an eclectic apartment, where everything fits and the contrast is sought, here it is about adding pieces that, regardless of their design, combine with the decoration of our home.

The Belgian style stands out for finding the right balance between the old and the modern, in how you choose the ideal furniture for each area of the apartment, the right complement for each wall and the right accessories in the interior design project, everything has to be in your site and in perfect harmony.

The elegance of period furniture perfectly complements the simplicity of contemporary pieces. The accessories also play a very important role in this type of decorations, since they are responsible for giving life and personality to the environment.

For example, fill a wall of small works of art (sheets) with different frames, another of mirrors with frames of different colors, times and styles, a dresser with portraits,… The most important thing is to find sobriety in these compositions Do not reload, remember that less is more.

As you can see the difference between both styles is remarkable, although at first it may seem that they are the same, little by little you see how different they are. If you liked these proposals and you are encouraged to apply it in your home, remember that everything you need will be found on the Leroy Merlin website.

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