What Are the Latest Architecture Trends in 2020?

Architecture Trends in 2020In a few days we will change the decade. In that future that opens up ahead of us, we will address many human and technical challenges, also in the field of architecture. Many of these challenges will inspire the fascinating architecture trends for 2020. From prestigious international publications, we have compiled some of these trends.

These Will Be the Architectural Trends In 2020

Zero energy buildingsArchitecture Trends in 2020

The construction of zero energy buildings will be one of the great trends of the year. These types of buildings try to respond to a climate problem that has already acquired the magnitude of global urgency. In 2017, the Energy Information Administration in the US reported that the construction sector was responsible for almost 40% of the country’s energy consumption. On the other hand, the International Energy Agency placed the global consumption of the sector close to 30%. Therefore, architectural supply and demand advance in its commitment to sustainability.

In that sense, California has been at the forefront of sustainable construction. For this, it has demanded that all new homes incorporate previously installed solar systems from 2020. Beyond if it is done through solar panels or other strategies of energy use, it is expected that the architecture follows that trend and modernizes in line with the new sustainability standards.

Open spaces with defined stays

While open floor plans have been a trend in residential architecture over the past decades, now this style has evolved into a more nuanced concept. Now, the spaces are more defined but the floor is still open and transparent, that is, without walls.

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This means that, architects have begun to play more with the design of rooms from the use of different materials. Among them, stand out the large quartz surfaces for kitchen countertops or the use of marble or fireplace stone in the living room.

Importance of outer space

Another trend that in 2020 will reach its maximum potential is the reintroduction of balconies, terraces and patios as main elements of architectural design. The outdoors is fundamental again in our lives, and not only in summer.

Now, outdoor spaces can be enjoyed throughout the year. The architectural tendency leads to condition them so as not to suffer cold or heat. Thus, glass curtains will become popular because they will allow this space to be used during times of good weather. Mobile stoves will also gain presence on terraces and balconies.

The role of kitchens and bathrooms growsArchitecture Trends in 2020

2020 will give prominence to kitchens and bathrooms. The truth is that cooking is already somehow the epicenter of our daily activities. However, the introduction of noble materials and concepts such as the kitchen island will make this area abandon its original function and become, at all, the nucleus of the family and home. The architecture sector is no stranger to this current and in the next year will accentuate the weight of the stay.

As for the bathrooms, these are no longer just toilet and personal care spaces. The different currents of lifestyle have turned this stay into a space of relaxation and rest after a hard day. Trends in interior design will underline that role with the use of materials such as marble or quartz .

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Smart homes

Energy sustainability begins to be imposed by necessity along with the digital advances of the new times. The 21st century has put technology at the center of our lives and architecture does not escape that reality. In this way, the designs that will arrive in 2020 will accentuate the automation.

Thus, raising homes and even smart buildings involves integrating automatic systems that control light, temperature or safety. An intelligent building provides its users with two key elements: greater comfort and lower energy consumption. This also translates into lower economic spending. Consequently, home automation architecture will be consolidated in 2020 as a resource to avoid damaging the planet.

Architecture trends 2020

We tell you what are the most important factors that gave way to new trends in architecture. Know its advantages and live in a house where you get future benefits.

The circumstances that live the most populated cities in the country make construction companies look for ways to offer better solutions. The concern to have more space, be better connected and incorporate green areas are some factors that give rise to the architectural trends of 2020.

Tiny housesArchitecture trends 2020

This concept began strongly last year and responds to the needs of building in cities that no longer have much space and where people seek to live paying just for the necessary space. For this, the architects develop practical and innovative spaces that, in an area of not so large territory, can integrate everything a person needs to live. At the moment when the demand for real estate begins to exceed the supply is when these spaces begin to emerge, which are also a way to find apartments at an affordable price for the majority.

Inclusive housesArchitecture trends 2020

It is one of the most necessary concepts and that is taking relevance since 2019. Inclusive architecture seeks to create spaces where elderly people with different abilities do not see obstacles in their homes but rather facilities. These types of houses and buildings are not for a specific audience, hence it is inclusive, since it is designed so that anyone, regardless of their age or abilities, can live comfortably and in a more physically accessible way.

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More green spacesArchitecture trends 2020

The green in the houses is the symbol of a living space and, in addition to making better use of natural resources and energy, many new buildings are proposing better ways to integrate green spaces into their projects. Landscaping is beginning to position more in residential buildings as a design principle and we find more and more departments that have gardens.

Mixed use spaces

This type of architecture allows its inhabitants to have shops and services within the same development or building. It is a very well adopted trend that benefits people who save time by having basic products without going outside and merchants who take advantage of a public grouped in one place. Learn more about what they are and the benefits of mixed use spaces.

Do you feel that any of these trends adapts to your personality or needs? Your house should be a reflection of yourself, so we help you find the new house or apartment that will be your soulmate.