Single Kitchen Trends 2025: Must-Have Kitchens for Solo Chefs

Single Kitchen Trends 2020What does the single kitchen have to offer? Sufficient culinary dance floor for the solo chef? Should it be a classic fitted kitchen or rather a kitchen for individualists with exquisite unique items? We scouted 11 absolutely crazy single kitchens for you and we give them now and here.

1. Must-Have Single Kitchen: High Gloss Kitchen In White

Single Kitchen Trends 2020The must-have single kitchen is a white glossy kitchen.

The shiny surface of this single kitchen radiates noble and lets recognize the good taste of its buyer. When cooking together with friends, she will prove to be just as good as when cooking the swarmed beauty queen with a small three-course meal. The two flower vases fool it over: you can work on the kitchen island. There is a lot of work space on the cooking plate of the kitchen island. The master chef can spread out here and artfully process selected ingredients into a feast for the eyes and palate.

In the rear wall oven and microwave are embedded. The strong extractor on the ceiling prevents the scents of cooking from escaping into the living area – because the kitchen is open and integrated into the living area. The violet surround of the single kitchen expresses the owner’s taste as well as his emotionality. At the same time, the color strip delimits the kitchen from the rest of the house, assigns it the space it deserves.

2. Best of Single Kitchen: Stainless Steel And White High Gloss In The Industrial Look

Single Kitchen Trends 2020This single kitchen impresses with the tension between the black of the bar, the white high-gloss built-in wardrobes, the untamed rough screed and the stainless steel elements.

Anyone who has believed that a single kitchen is only a paradise of color harmonies for hosts and guests must be mistaken.

This kitchen turns this principle on its head. All furniture is drawn back to the position of understatement. Black, white, gray dominate the scene. Only the high gloss of the built-in wardrobes is in the foreground, but only to radiate a timeless elegance and nobility. Immediately afterwards he draws the attention of the observer back to the elaborate cook and master, who celebrates his culinary art in this optically rudimentary environment. Only accepted accent: the two stools in Mauve in the foreground. Note the noble clock embedded in the concrete wall in the background.

3. Single Cuisine For Exceptional Singles: Nordic Cuisine In White Wood, Turquoise Accent Through The Retro Fridge

Single Kitchen Trends 2020The nordic cuisine with the typical white wooden planks and white kitchen furniture brings cosiness in the single apartment. But beware: the turquoise retro fridge gives the single kitchen a fresh touch that will wake you up.

A single kitchen does not always radiate status. Sometimes the single likes to be comfortable, especially when friends come to visit. The Nordic style with its white wood, similar to the country style on the floor as wooden floorboards or in the appearance of the furniture, invites you to linger. Fresh colors dominate the picture in this single kitchen. Juicy green and yellow on the table, plants at the window, turquoise on the retro fridge, the colorful cushions on the bench – they are the white imposed impulses that breathe the single kitchen beyond pure cosiness liveliness: but do not let the superficially simple impression and fooled by the retro elements. This single kitchen does not miss any achievement of modern cooking technology. Everything is laminated and integrated into the kitchen almost invisibly. Who could say no to that…

4. Idea For A Stylish Single Kitchen: White Glossy Kitchen With A Lot Of Natural Wood

Single Kitchen Trends 2020How do you gently and yet sustainably break through the solid charisma of a white high-gloss kitchen in a country estate? With pastel shades that give you a little extra energy. In this case: soft lemon yellow and old rose. The bright parquet floor smiles and makes a good face to this game.

Where else could a white glossy kitchen, with its cool modernity, become the absolute ruler of the old-fashioned, rather than in a time-honored country estate? Gently and yet powerfully, she clings with her delicate fingers in the old walls, which has undergone a refreshing rejuvenation by his inherent single. The single has already felt that he can not leave the high gloss kitchen uncontrolled control of the country house. With strong color accents he commands (or is it you?) The high-gloss white.

The parquet floor is patient and does not rear up. He has seen too much coming and going too much. But the rubber boots in their old pink, which is actually almost ready to go over into a rather strong raspberry pink, throw themselves with all violence against the single kitchen. Look at the guest in the kitchen. Even the bar stools in a lemon yellow, which is so strong yet gentle and reserved rarely seen only, participate in the fight for the attention of the eye. Those who can tear themselves away from this fight, let their eyes slide into the lush green of the endless garden, which invites you to walk in pleasure.

5. Single Kitchen For Singles With A Tendency To Strong Colors

Single Kitchen Trends 2020Clear colors with strong contrasts characterize this single kitchen. While often color harmonies are desired, this kitchen is made up of clear surfaces with often austere shades: pink, white, black. No further accent colors. “thou shalt have no other gods beside me!”

We know that red is a color that you can only enjoy in moderation in the long run. But what about a pink that almost threatens to turn into a mauve? Can you still enjoy a wall in this shade behind a white kitchen in the long run – or is the enjoyment at some point in a toleration? Only for singles with a strong personality, we can therefore recommend our fifth proposal for a single kitchen.

The built-in kitchen – actually it is freestanding elements of a fitted kitchen, which has been placed in the spacious single kitchen – offers everything a single chef’s heart desires. Spacious cooking island with sufficient high-tech, a sweeping worktop for preparing a variety of vegetables and meat dishes. This singular kitchen experiences its peculiarity through the color life surrounding it. Almost unnoticeably, stainless steel elements have sneaked between the high-gloss white and the old rose-colored walls. The abundant base cabinets provide plenty of space for equipment and supplies of fine ingredients. The two black stools not only offer the guest peace and quiet. Even the tirelessest eye may cling and linger there.

6. Single Kitchen: For Scandinavia Fans – Or Youth Memories Of The First Kitchen From Ikea

Single Kitchen Trends 2020We already have a pronounced tendency towards nordic style and country style. What is common to both? They radiate a pleasant peace and tranquility. This single kitchen can do that too. Even the cheeky-fresh color accents on the table and windows can not hide that.

What a few rays of sunshine, which fall with glistening light on the tender green leaves of the plants by the window and on the wonderful yellow tablecloth on the table in the middle of the single kitchen. You can literally feel the energy that they bring in. Who does not want to unpack the crunchy-fresh rolls and start breakfast? That’s the way the single life has to be. Enjoy the day to the full – starting here in this wonderful white kitchen, which invites you for breakfast.

The kitchen utensils hang neatly behind the sink on the wall. Here you live tidy – and a little green has made it to the wall and entrenched in a small flowerpot. The table can accommodate a breakfast of three or four, as you can see. A lot of light in this kitchen makes the stay pleasant. You can smell the scent of coffee and in the background you hear the ear worm after the other.

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