Kitchen Trends 2023 And How To Adopt It

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2023 Kitchen TrendsAre you curious to find out what is the 2023 kitchen trends? We’ve analyzed the popular colors, must-have decorations and the most sought-after interior styles to bring you the complete list with the trends you can’t miss. In short, we have everything you need for the gourmet room renovation. So, without further ado, here are the best kitchen design trends 2023 to copy. Zoom !

2023 kitchen trends2023 Kitchen Trends

What are the decorative elements and trendy colors that you shouldn’t miss ? The kitchen is finally getting the attention it deserves, especially when it comes to thoughtful and practical design. Following the pandemic, many of us discovered the importance of that part of our homes, where we cooked when we worked at home and where we made all kinds of meals when we couldn’t go out. No wonder, then, that this vital part of the interior is constantly being improved and renovated.

We have seen the kitchens take on color, fill with unique natural materials and ultimately become the most luxurious place in our home. In 2023, we’re going to see an even greater increase in kitchens that reflect our personal tastes and truly meet our specific needs. And all this, mixed with a really elegant and sophisticated decoration.

Metro tiles2023 Kitchen Trends

In 2023, we’re going to see a return of tile kitchen backsplashes, but this time in a shiny version. So, we finally say goodbye to matte finishes. The best part? This type of earthenware is much easier to clean! So, to achieve a really trendy kitchen, opt for rectangular tiles in the metropolitan style. As regards the interstices, bet on the thin joints, that is to say of approximately 2 mm.

Sunny kitchen2023 Kitchen Trends

Expansive windows along the counter or extra-wide light pipes above the island or stove will be the 2023 trend in interior design. The aim is to welcome natural light and thus create a visual connection with nature. It is in fact the goal of biophilic design that will dominate the trends over the next few years. Bonus point if you add a few green plants to the kitchen shelves.

Natural materials2023 Kitchen Trends

Maybe you already know this, but we will say it again, from now on we are trying to replace plastic completely. This means that the use of natural materials is a priority which requires your attention and investment as well. In this context, marble, granite and unpainted wood kitchen cabinets become essential elements. Not only do they have a rich aesthetic quality, but they are increasingly recognized for their health benefits, as they do not require chemical treatment when cleaning.

The design of the cabinets2023 Kitchen Trends

When it comes to cabinet design, in 2023 you can choose from two main options –  the minimalist style where you will see fewer cabinet knobs and pulls, and the flat-fronted cabinets decorated with handles that draw the eye. Warning.  Automatic opening systems and those that require pressure on the door itself are still a trend that will make it easier for avid cooks.

Designer kitchen lighting2023 Kitchen Trends

Lighting is particularly crucial for interior design. Lights can make a room look amazing and warm. This is why we should not neglect this element of the decoration. The 2023 kitchen lighting trends are clean and refined. Unique and handcrafted models are an asset, but you can also bet on minimalist designs that complement that of the cabinets.

Metal elements2023 Kitchen Trends

Marble and wood are a must-have trend in interior design 2023, but one should not also forget about metals which complement each other well with them. The different shades of wood and metal often bringing warmth and contrast to a cold marble surface. In this sense, copper details are particularly suitable if you want to achieve a contemporary look.

Wallpaper in the kitchen2023 Kitchen Trends

Yes, you heard it right! In 2023, the wallpaper will be present even in the kitchen. Maybe this sounds weird to you, just like putting a fluffy rug on the balcony, but in fact if you shop around you will find wallpapers designed especially for kitchens. You can also apply a coat of water-based matte varnish to the wallpaper once it is set and dry. So you will be sealing all edges and seams for extra protection.

When it comes to design, tropical paintings and flowers are preferred… In fact, any kind of design that reminds you of nature. Against this background, you can also find images of foliage, twigs, trees, fruits and vegetables. They will all bring a very fresh look to your kitchen, while also adding a stunning contrast to the minimalist furnishings.

On the other hand, if your cabinetry is made up of ornaments, like a vintage style kitchen, or if you have an industrial kitchen, then you should choose lighter and simpler wallpaper. Abstract patterns and those that mimic metal are the best solution for you.

Kitchen Cabinet Colors 2024

Trendy kitchen colors 20232023 Kitchen Trends

Colors in a room can completely change its look, so choose them carefully. Fortunately, in 2023, the trends bring us a palette of warm and intense shades that will illuminate our interiors. Expect more burnt yellows and oranges against a backdrop of dark blues or light whites.

If pop colors aren’t your cup of tea, then you can bet on a 2023 kitchen trends in sandy undertones. It is an ideal solution for all fans of Scandinavian design and cocooning, as well as the gray and white colors.

You can implement the fashionable colors even in the wardrobes. Take a look at terracotta kitchens for example. They are all the rage right now and will continue to amaze us even for the next year. Another shade to consider is khaki green. It adapts to all styles of interior design and what’s more, it guarantees you a calm and super serene atmosphere.

Kitchen trend 2023: interior styles2023 Kitchen Trends

Interior style really depends on your personal taste, but if you follow the trends there are a few key things you can incorporate that will change the look of your kitchen. After the Moroccan style has invaded our living rooms, it is time to integrate it into the kitchen. How? ‘Or’ What ? The most elegant way to do this is to bet on Moroccan zelliges. With their irregular surface and varying tones, this distinctive glazed clay tile will bring texture and craftsmanship to a room.

Cottage-style kitchens are also very popular. If you want to have a kitchen that is trending 2023, this is among the best choices. It’s a rustic, traditional style that’s appreciated for its distinctive features – stone flagstone floors, rustic beams, aged ceilings and valances – it’s these details that give cottage kitchens their unique charm and feel.. Another must-have piece is the farmhouse sink which will also be in vogue for next year.

We mentioned it before, but biophilic design is a major trend in interior design. So don’t waste any more time and adopt several green plants in your kitchen – not artificial ones, but real ones! You can also think about planting some fresh herbs, which can help you even improve your cooking skills.

You can’t miss the minimalist interior design, right? ! It’s already a part of our lives, and it looks like it will last. So keep it simple, avoid open shelves and overly bright colors. Instead, go for light, soft and pastel shades like beige, vanilla color, dusty pink, etc.

Ecological kitchen2023 Kitchen Trends

What does that mean ? The second hand trend is no longer just for fashion. It is now possible to buy a reused kitchen! It sounds amazing, but it’s true! From a sustainability standpoint, buying used kitchens or ex-show kitchens makes a lot of sense as it allows recycling / reuse of products that are generally in pristine condition. In addition, you will save a good amount of money that you can invest in a green household appliance.

Kitchen cabinet color trends 2023Kitchen cabinet color trends 2023

Trends rarely appear out of nowhere. Instead, they are often built year after year, constantly evolving as our tastes and color preferences change. The kitchen is a space that the whole family uses every day. And it’s not as easy to change as a bedroom or living room, which can usually be renovated or repainted in a matter of hours. Kitchen cabinets, appliances, countertops, flooring and backsplash come together in a single palette, so choosing a color has some weight. And changing headsets every time trends change is impossible for most. But there are some trendy kitchen colors that aren’t going away anytime soon.


The absolute hit of this year! With such a strong connection to nature, green tones create a relaxing and informal atmosphere, perfect for a family kitchen. This shade pairs perfectly with lighter tones and shades interspersed with white, cream or grey. There are many different shades to choose from, including mint and apple green, which pair beautifully with white and wood accents. If you want to be more adventurous, try a rich emerald green. A vibrant hue can add energy to a kitchen if used on an accent wall, cabinets or chairs.

Green kitchen cabinets are one of this year’s top color trends. We see a brilliant use of this multifaceted hue in contemporary kitchen spaces. The popularity and preference for green is enhanced by its versatility and wide range of shades. It comes in dark and light colors, making it easy to mix with other shades. As a result, it can be used in a wide variety of kitchen settings because it’s easy to find suitable shades for green. This moment makes it a favorite for most interior designers.


You have probably noticed the huge popularity of white in the kitchen. It’s hard not to notice, even if you’re not an avid design fan. White kitchens have been dominating for years. And we are promised that a departure from all this congestion with white is about to happen, that there will be other fashionable colors of the kitchen. Yes, indeed, every year brings us new trend shades. But, as they say, trends come and go, but white kitchens always stay.

The advantage of white is that it can be combined with any other color. For example, a white kitchen with light wood accents can create a cozy warm feel, while pairing with dark marble can create a luxurious feel. White and navy give a crisp, clean aesthetic, while the black and white combination looks ultra trendy. With a white kitchen set as a base, you can change accents, chairs, curtains, dishes and other elements in accordance with changing taste or fashion trends. This is a great choice for a wide audience and can be a smart option for those who want a timeless versatile design.

Natural wood

Designers are increasingly appreciating the natural beauty of wood. The structure of the tree or its imitation is a stylish and sought-after trend. Part of this moment is due to the new emphasis on sustainability and natural materials. Nature-inspired trends have been gaining momentum over the past few years and aren’t about to slow down. There are many ways to add wood to the kitchen – the decoration of the room itself, the kitchen set with wood decor, tables and chairs. The options are truly endless! It’s also a great way to add warmth, especially when the wood has deep, rich tones. Think marble and wood countertops. What seems warmer and more attractive? Usually it’s a tree.

Natural wood has always been customary to paint. What we are seeing now is a resurgence of their natural coloration, allowing the texture of the wood to shine in the spotlight. You can also play with the texture of the wood, horizontal or vertical, and how light or dark you want it. But this trend makes sense when paired with other trendy kitchen colors. Add a beautiful wood texture to them and you will understand why this combination is so popular.


When it comes to trendy kitchen colors, beige is a classic color that is very timeless and safe. We often feel safe in shades of beige because they don’t demand anything from us. If you want your kitchen to blend into the background and be very elegant and sophisticated, beige is a great option. While bold colors dominate headlines, there’s still plenty to be said for softer, neutral hues that can add color without being too loud. The timeless allure of white has shifted to beige, which will remain a firm favorite in the kitchen for years to come.

Using a beige kitchen cabinet is a good way to add color to your kitchen if you prefer a softer hue and aren’t interested in bold greens, blues, or blacks. Beige and its undertones are also examples of a color that will add warmth and softness to a kitchen space. In addition, it naturally pairs well with light woods and allows you to choose versatile countertops – both with white surfaces and darker patterns. This is a color for those who want something other than white but still want a low-key look. The hues have some depth and create a neutral background with nuances that make you wonder what color it really is.


Black in the kitchen?! This is a very bold statement. Although you might not want to paint everything black. It is added as an accent in certain parts of the room. A black cabinet, an accent wall, or black-painted floors can give a bold touch to an otherwise neutral kitchen. Black household appliances and faucets have become especially popular. If you love this color, then now is the time to try it out! If you don’t feel so daring, why not opt for a statement black countertop or maybe black accessories?

Black kitchen cabinets are quite popular lately. The dark theme works great in spacious kitchens. With this color, you are unlikely to notice dirt and fingerprints on cabinet doors. The dark shade works great in combination with other tones, especially lighter tones. It contrasts beautifully with the white marble countertops. The contrast of such combinations can create a striking look when paired with a brilliant lighting design. You will need to carefully consider your lighting scheme. Without enough light, a dark tint can make your kitchen appear smaller than it really is.


Another color that looks good in the kitchen. When lighter shades are used, they can create a crisp, clean look and are recommended for walls and cabinetry. Blue is an invigorating color and works best when used in moderation; otherwise, it can overload the room. Dark blue also looks good, but it’s important to accentuate the rest of the kitchen with shades of white, gray, or other neutral tones so it doesn’t seem too saturated and dark.

Rich shades of blue – from indigo and royal to navy – are becoming more and more popular. The beautiful deep blue has become more visible. The blue kitchen set goes well with light wood and cream countertops. The addition of light neutrals offsets any heaviness that comes with a hint of dark color. Other variations, such as turquoise or sapphire, create richer tones that enhance brass or gold metalwork.


Another popular kitchen color 2023. It can be used in light or dark shade to suit your style and individual needs. You can achieve a different feel with different shades. Paired with contrasting colors on countertops for a more stylish look. Gray offers a versatile alternative for those who are looking for a dark look and don’t like black. This makes it the perfect choice for any kitchen. In addition, it fits well into the kitchen of almost any size. Therefore, this shade has recently taken center stage in many homes.

If you think that gray kitchen sets look dull – this is a mistake! There are an endless number of variations in the gray family, from subtle undertones to bright and saturated hues. More and more people are moving away from traditional white in favor of rich gray tones in their kitchen. And this is an amazing trend. Gray is often called too cold, but with the right shade, it can do wonders in the kitchen. Best of all, it pairs beautifully with a wide range of other colors and is the perfect base. It also works well as a countertop or kitchen unit color. Pairs perfectly with matte black furniture and warm wood surfaces.


Another popular trend for kitchen sets is the two-tone look. This color scheme can add depth to a kitchen design. There are also many different ways you can use. Mix green or blue with natural wood tones. Or choose different colors for the upper and lower cabinets. By combining shades, you help to avoid any one color or tone being mixed with the entire kitchen at once. However, there are no hard and fast rules. Remember, trends are changeable, and white is always timeless. Think white cabinets above the sink paired with shades of black or green underneath. It can make your kitchen look more modern and trendy.

If you have a large kitchen, too much of one color can feel overwhelming. Choosing a two-tone kitchen can solve this problem by pairing a light and airy hue with a darker color. While most two-tone kitchens have one color on the top cabinets and another on the bottom cabinets, vertical colored columns also work. But it is always important to choose shades that complement each other. Whatever trendy kitchen colors you choose, a two-tone option is an affordable way to personalize your kitchen furniture.

Kitchen countertop trends 2023Kitchen countertop trends 2023

Times change, aesthetics too. If a few years ago synthetic materials dressed our kitchen countertops, now the trend seems to change a little more. Natural is in fashion, and that is more than evident. Would you like to know what the kitchen countertop trends 2023?

It is not that synthetic countertops are in the doldrums, the truth is that they are still used. However, there is a clear inclination to other types of materials. Today we talk about some of them.

Granite countertops are still trending

Granite countertops were the most used in the 80s and 90s. A rock composed of quartz, feldspar and mica. It is the most abundant rock in the continental crust, so its price, within natural stones, is more accessible than others.

If we look closely, the trend in kitchens has changed radically. Modern spaces are no longer so booming. An attempt is made to bet on a clearly more retro or vintage aesthetic. For this reason, it is not uncommon that we currently find granite stones covering the surface of kitchens.

Black and white kitchens with granite countertops look very nice. Here we have a clear example where both the bench and the kitchen island are made of black granite.

Within the market we can find granite stones from many parts of the world. For example, the most limited Spanish granite in color, basically finding gray and pink. However, in other countries it is more common to find granites with more nuances.

Would you like to know how much it costs to manufacture and install a countertop for your kitchen? Complete the form and receive up to 4 quotes from professionals in your area. You can request budgets for any type of reforms. It is FREE and without obligation.

Trends in kitchen countertops: the elegance of marble

Marble is one of the most elegant natural stones that we can find today, and yes, it is also fashionable. It is a compact metamorphic rock that forms from limestone rocks that crystallize at high temperatures. As for its main component, it is calcium carbonate.

Its appearance is very different from granite. In fact, we have published an article where we talk about the differences between marble and granite. The marble is almost smooth in color, although there are pieces that have veins. It is one of the most beautiful stones that we can install in a modern kitchen, although obviously its price is also high.

Yes, it is true, there are many materials, but nothing equals the elegance of marble countertops.

Slate countertops

Natural slate countertops are not yet widely exploited, but they are beginning to appear strongly in many environments. But what is slate stone? It is a dense, fine-grained metamorphic rock. The minerals that form it are mainly quartz, sericite and muscovite.

She has incredible beauty. Slate countertops can be found in various colors: gray, blue-black, and also red or even green and other shades. Also, do not forget that it is a waterproof stone, which is why it is also used on roofs and house facades.

New materials: porcelain countertops

We also see how new materials are introduced that we were not aware of until now (at least in benches or countertops), this is the case of porcelain countertops, an option that is becoming more and more convincing. These surfaces are ultra-compact in which different natural mineral compounds are used. They are subjected to high pressures and temperatures. The result is a material with almost zero porosity, therefore, porcelain countertops are the most resistant that we can find on the market.

What do you think about kitchen countertop trends 2023? Which of all these materials is your favourite? We would love to read your comments…

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2023 Kitchen Trends

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