New Decoration Ideas for Bedroom Curtains 2025

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Curtains for Bedroom 2020Renewing the curtains is something that we can recommend you whenever you want to make your house change its appearance instantly without the need to spend a lot of money or do works. Stays especially like the bedroom benefit a lot from this type of changes, so we now offer you 20 new decorating ideas for bedroom curtains 2025.

Decoration ideas for Bedroom Curtains 2025

Curtains for Bedroom 2020There are many ideas that we can find about the curtains for the bedroom in this 2025, but some of them are really trend like for example the use of shades in shades such as gray and others that we will see now.

Therefore, we can show you below some of those ideas that are really inspiring and that will also allow you to combine with the different decorative styles we also have for our bedroom. Let’s go for them!

White curtains: they can never be absent

Curtains for Bedroom 2020We start with our ideas of curtains for the bedroom, with the sure bet that the white one supposes.

This is a color that has always been worn in the curtains, and although for a time it seemed that they no longer wore much, the truth is that the tendency to choose bright colors for the walls of the bedroom, makes a white curtains provide more light and the truth is that they combine very well.

The novelty of black curtains

Curtains for Bedroom 2020On the other hand, if you want to break everything, leave aside the blank curtains and you can decant for those that are black.

Although you think that this type of curtain, or color, is perhaps too dark and will turn off the brightness of your bedroom, it is shown above that in reality they mark an interesting counterpoint if the rest of the furniture and colors are clear, or white.

In this other black curtain image, we see how these combine perfectly with a gray wall, a tone that we now see also for the curtains.

The trend of patterned curtains

Curtains for Bedroom 2020On the other hand, we can choose the option of betting on curtains that have a pattern. You can find models that are as varied and that will serve you both for the dining room, or for the room, as well as for the bedroom, where you can even place some curtains that although white, have the drawing of some leaves or of some flowers.

The elegance provided by the gray curtains

Curtains for Bedroom 2020Following the tendency to choose a curtain that is black, we can also opt for the curtains that are gray, certainly a color that is imposed for the walls and decoration in general, of the house.

In this way, we can select curtains in gray, and dark, like those above, Ikea that are also combined with tones that are also off.

New Style Curtains

The modernity of the lilac curtains

Curtains for Bedroom 2020On the other hand, we can rest by some other color of curtains with which to get our living room, or the room in which we place them, to acquire a modern style and even I would say, sophisticated.

Some curtains in lilac for example, are a great option for those who want to bet on something that is really different. In addition, if you opt for a curtain, which are transparent and the rest of the room is painted lighter in color and furniture in a lighter shade, you will achieve an ideal combination, which also marks a trend.

The trend of neutral tones

Curtains for Bedroom 2020If you are looking for colors that mark the decoration of this 2025, you have to bet on the soft tones, and those that are neutral.

In this way, we can opt for everything that is beige, soft blue or sky blue, light pink or salmon color curtains. This type of curtains will combine perfectly with all kinds of colors, but in particular they look great with white furniture.

Bet on two types of curtains

Curtains for Bedroom 2020On the other hand, the curtains of our bedroom do not have to be of a single color, and although we have that option of shades of dark tones, we can also choose two types of curtains for a radical change of our bedroom.

In this way, the image above is inspiring, although it has two curtains, one of curtain, the other thicker, in two tones that are also different and create a counterpoint with great elegance.

In this other image, we also see the option of combining those two types or shades of curtain, with one white, central and another that will be blue.

A really cool style for this year, which also brings a very youthful appearance to the bedroom so we recommend them for your children’s rooms.

You can also combine them with curtains that are of different intensity of blue. So you can choose a dark blue curtain and one that is a very light blue sky color.

Or you can choose a white curtain and another that is a striking pattern, on a dark background to create a counterpoint that is really prominent between the two.

So that we can get the bedroom, and indeed any room in the house, such as the living room or dining room, have two of the essential colors this year that also allow us to get more or less light depending on the time of day in which let’s be

The green curtains that are fashionable

Curtains for Bedroom 2020And of course, we have to mention the trend of green curtains, as this color is imposed both for walls, as decorative elements to be placed throughout the house but especially in the bedroom.

In this way, and continuing with the proposal to combine two shades of curtains we can choose the one of them to be green as we see in the image above. A curtain that has a thickness greater than the white curtain that has also been placed. With this, we achieve that our house is more or less illuminated as it suits us and with the latest color trend in interior decoration.

Curtains for any bedroom

Curtains for Bedroom 2020Among the curtain proposals that we are showing you, I also want to add that if you are looking for the curtain that will work for any type of bedroom, it does exist: the white one that we saw earlier.

Why the best option is to  bet on curtains that are white, is produced because they combine with everything and serve to cover and not see anything from the outside if we wish, but we can also mix with any decoration that we have in the bedroom.

The modernity of the blinds

Curtains for Bedroom 2020And if you’ve already tired of the idea of curtains of all life, with curtain, which are long, reach the floor and perhaps take up too much space, nothing like using the idea of hanging a blind since these have been trending for years and are still considered as the most modern option of all.

In stores like Ikea, they have blinds in neutral tones like the ones you see in the image above, which provide not only modernity, but elegance and are ideal both combined with furniture in white, and in darker tones such as those we see in the photo, in brown.

On the other hand, we have to add the white shades that are also worn a lot and that, in fact, fit well for any room in the house. Blinds in white give a lot of play and especially with white furniture.

Choose blinds and curtains

Curtains for Bedroom 2020Along with what has been said about the modernity of curtains of the shade type, or the tendency to combine two curtains at the same time, we also find the option of hanging a blind but also having curtains.

In this way, you can rest when you lower the opaque blinds, and the rest of the curtains will provide the desired and necessary lighting for each moment of the day.

Choose curtains of fabric and venetian blinds

Curtains for Bedroom 2020Together with the option of choosing that combination of curtains and blinds, we can also choose to hang and hang some curtains of fabric, in one window and in the other place Venetian blinds.

Venetian blinds are that kind of curtains of a retro style that are characterized by having slats or sheets so that we can see the exterior through them, and disguise the interior.

As we can see in the image above, the mixture of the two types of curtains in a place in the house such as the living room or the living room, can be a great idea, which on the other hand, we can also apply in the bedroom.

Whats the latest style in bedroom curtains 2025

Whats the latest style in bedroom curtains 2020
Curtains in the bedroom – photo

Feeling safe and secluded is perhaps one of the main wishes of each owner of an apartment or house, especially when it comes to personal space. An element that plays a key role in creating this feeling, as well as protecting residents from the outside world, are curtains in the bedroom, the choice of which should not be postponed until the last moment. We will tell you how not to get lost in the whole variety of assortment and buy textiles that are perfect for your design.

Styles of curtains for the bedroom

Curtains – this is not just a direct canvas on the window that protects from prying eyes. They can vary in shape, volume, size, creating bright accents in the interior or complementing its minimalist look. French, Japanese, classic… Which option to choose? Let’s go through the most popular styles and try to figure out how they look in the bedroom.

French curtains

Style of curtains, the textiles of which are selected and create many rounded folds along the entire length. The effect is achieved using the cords from the wrong side of the fabric, which pass through the loops. Such curtains in the bedroom look very solemn, especially in combination with patterned material. Choosing a light translucent fabric, you can achieve the effect of airiness or combine it with a more massive one.

Austrian curtains

This style of curtains has common features with the French, while possessing a more restrained decor. In the omitted form, the horizontal folds are located only along the lower edge, leaving the upper part of the straight line. Elegant and at the same time concise.

Roman curtains

Despite its ancient origin, the Roman curtains in the bedroom look quite modern and practical. This is a strip of fabric stretched over a structure that is installed at the window.

Roman blinds are non-moving, adjustable vertically. They often use dense impermeable textiles that reliably protect the room from sunlight.

Japanese curtains

They are several rectangular, even canvases that are fixed with rigid inserts from the bottom to prevent creasing. They can be with one-sided or central extension. Japanese curtains resemble a large screen, perfectly fitting into the minimalist interior of the bedroom.

Roller blinds

A convenient view of the curtains for the bedroom, the fabric of which is wound on a special roller. Thanks to this mechanism, matter can be fixed in any position, adjusting the level of lighting in the room as desired. It will look good as plain textiles, and canvas with an elegant pattern.

Classic curtains

The most common option, which is two straight fabrics with a separation in the center. Despite the seemingly simple appearance, such curtains can be decorated with any drawings or accessories, creating a unique design in the interior of the bedroom.

Styles of curtains by the method of fastening

A more invisible, but no less important point, an understanding of the features of which will greatly simplify the choice of ideal curtains, is a way of attaching to a cornice. By this criterion, several species can be distinguished.

Drawstring bedroom curtains

Fastened to the cornice by tying ribbons or lace around the structure. Better for thinner fabrics, but in the case of dense material, it is recommended to make wide strips. Large bows help create an airy design that is relevant for children’s bedrooms. The advantage of the species is the absence of extraneous sounds that usually occur when moving along the cornice.

Curtains in the bedroom with eyelets

The upper part of the curtains includes eyelets, which are worn on a cornice. An advantage of the view is the invisibility of the fastening method, which in some cases can visually increase flows or create a sense of unity of the artistic composition of the canvas. In addition, with the help of eyelets, uniform folds are obtained. The density of parts reduces the wear of the fabric.

Curtains in the bedroom on the curtains

A drawstring is a pocket-tunnel in the upper part of a fabric into which a cornice tube is threaded. Differ in noiselessness and accurate appearance. They are considered a style of straight curtains that form light folds.

Curtains in the bedroom with braid

Unlike the previous version, this one is characterized by frequent vertical folds, which give the product dynamism and splendor. The effect is achieved using sewn-in cords that are pulled together. It is recommended to choose a fabric wider than the used window space, since when assembled, the curtains can become one and a half to two times smaller.

Curtains in the bedroom on the rings with clothespins

This kind can be found in the interiors of many apartments. Curtains are attached to the cornice thanks to special rings with clothespins that extend beyond the fabric. The most practical option for curtains for the bedroom, which does not require additional effort during installation. Creates a classic design that fits different styles.

What fabric to stop on?

Of course, it is better to give preference to natural materials, especially in the bedroom. Cotton and linen have a pleasant texture and the ability to pass air. But this choice is more suitable for apartments located on the north side, since under the influence of the sun the canvas burns out faster. You can additionally use blinds or roller blinds.

But you should not discount curtains made of artificial materials – they are not only practical, but also characterized by great diversity. For example, polyester has a wide range of textures. Taffeta creates a light feeling and is suitable for volume curtains. Rayon looks luxurious and washable. Organza is the perfect solution for an airy, light bedroom interior.

In terms of decor, in the modern market you can find a wide variety of options – from simple patterns to textiles with complex prints. In the bedroom, try to use plain bright curtains that will help create a relaxed atmosphere.

How to choose the curtains in the bedroom by style?

The style of the bedroom plays an important role in choosing the right curtain option. After all, if in the design of the premises you followed a certain direction, then you will have to adhere to it in every detail.

Classical bedroom curtains

Despite its traditionality, the classical style does not lose popularity in our days. In this solution, curtains play an important role in creating a luxurious as well as cozy design.

According to the rules, two levels of matter are used: a dense canvas with a floral pattern, under which a transparent veil. The best of all are suitable for this interior – French or Austrian.

It is desirable that the color scheme of curtains be light, pastel, as well as the interior itself. In the bedroom, each element should contribute to relaxation and good sleep. If the room uses several colors, focus on the color of the bedspread.

Curtains for a bedroom in a modern style

This style has no clear boundaries and rules. Following it, it is necessary to focus on general design principles, not to be afraid of experiments or unusual combinations.

Classic curtains are well suited, the bright accent of which is color, as well as an interesting pattern. Roman, Japanese species will fit in combination with a long curtain of a different shade.

Provence style bedroom curtains

Provence style in the bedroom loves comfort and rustic charm, so curtains are its indispensable element. Look for light, airy fabrics or floral textiles. The good old cell also looks good, especially if such a material has already been used in the interior, for example, as a bedspread, tablecloth.

The color palette should ideally fit the overall design, standing out due to the delicate texture and graceful folds.

Minimalism style bedroom curtains

When mentioning a minimalist style, the question may arise: why are curtains needed here? After all, design involves a limited set of items that serve only practical purposes. But in such a private room as a bedroom, curtains are more a necessity than an ornament.

Curtains should not contain textures, but be made in white, gray or black. A simple classic curtain, roller blinds, as well as Roman curtains will be enough to create the desired effect.

Additional criteria when choosing curtains

Curtains in the bedroom are not only a component of decor. They serve practical purposes by providing privacy. Actual for those who live on the ground floor or whose windows are located close to the neighboring house. Therefore, dense fabrics are used in the evening, and light translucent tulles in the daytime.

If you are not afraid of prying eyes, pay attention to where the window goes. The sunny side may bring some inconvenience to the residents. An excellent option in this case is Roman or Japanese curtains that will reliably protect the bedroom from excessive light.

When all practical issues have been resolved, you can concentrate on decorative ones. To do this, use textile with patterns or buy additional accessories, for example, pick up curtains with brushes or a lambrequin.

Pay attention to the dimensions of the space and ceilings. In an interior with a large area, any solution will look harmonious, but small-sized bedrooms require a special approach. The same applies to the height of the walls – those that are more than a few meters can be used to demonstrate beautiful patterns on textiles.

Curtain styles for a small bedroom

Bedrooms that do not have an impressive number of square meters, and most of them are in our homes, are very demanding in relation to the window design. The curtains in this case should not impede the penetration of natural light, but responsibly fulfill the mission of the partition between the inner and outer world.

When choosing, focus on light shades, even if your design includes two levels of curtains. Ideally, if the color scheme is close to the decoration of the walls, as bright details can enhance the feeling of the boundaries of space.

In especially severe cases, it is better to do with plain fabrics. At the same time, Roman, rolled and other styles of curtains that do not create a large number of folds will look good in a small bedroom.

Visually increase low ceilings will help ceiling cornices. And the fabric itself in this case should reach the floor, although to some this solution may seem impractical. Vertical lines enhance the desired effect, and a laconic look will create a stylish atmosphere.

Best of all, a variety of window solutions will be demonstrated not by words, but by photographs. We have prepared a bright selection with all kinds of options for curtains for the bedroom, among which you will definitely find the right one. Get inspired!


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