Living Room Paint Colors 2025

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Living Room Paints 2020There are many decorative ideas that we can find for our living room, and among them we have to mention, of course, the fact of applying different colors that are trend and that even combined can give us a spectacular result to our living room. Therefore, we talk about the paints for living room: Modern ideas for 2025.

Living room paints: Modern ideas 2025Living Room Paints 2020

There are many ideas that we can find when choosing a good color or paint for our living room and although it always seems to impose ideas that do not go out of style such as the use of white, so that everything looks more spacious and illuminated, the truth is that today we can opt for the color that we like, without taking into account the space as before.

The latest painting trends for the living room 2025

The key is to know how to combine tones and that these are as I said, much more varied than in previous years.

In this way, we can opt for the neutral tones, which are trend and that like white we will allow the sensation of amplitude to be greater. Or we can choose more sober or dark tones, that combined in a successful way will renew and improve the appearance of our room.

Let’s see now, those ideas that will surely convince you to make your living room look like never before and completely modern and renewed.

Paints for living room: Gray roomLiving Room Paints 2020

We can start then with a room that is gray, since this is the tone that seems to be imposed among the many novel proposals for decoration 2025.

In this way, the idea of having a room in a soft gray, combined with furniture and a sofa that can be of the same tone, or a similar one. You can also combine different shades of gray on the different walls. Or combine it with white as we see in the following example.

Paints for living room: Gray color combined with whiteLiving Room Paints 2020

On the other hand, we have the option of choosing a room with walls in gray, something darker than the previous one, and how the idea of combining it with white is really spectacular.

If in addition, we add some furniture in blue, resulting in the space looks very modern. The mixture of gray and white is especially ben in modern or minimalist rooms and has the advantage of combining with virtually all styles and colors.

Paints for living room: Blue living roomLiving Room Paints 2020

I’ve already said that neutral tones are a trend this year, and among the many options to choose from, one of the coolest is the soft blue or sky blue.

In this way, if you have a room to decorate completely, just by painting it in this tone we can change its appearance completely. Of course, it is a color that will be very good if the space is large or if we choose to decorate it to the minimum.

Paints for living room: beige living roomLiving Room Paints 2020

If we continue to see the latest ideas of neutral paints for the living room, we must also mention, of course, beige, one of the colors that is why we are betting more on the decoration of living rooms.

In this way, our living room can be completely renovated, if we opt for a beige or “egg” color like the one above. Painting a single wall, while the ceiling can go white and the furniture will also be the same tone. What do you think of the example of the image?

Paints for living room: Orange roomLiving Room Paints 2020

If you are looking for a more intense color in your living room, the variety is also wide and among the many trends, perhaps the orange is the most current of all.

You have to be careful when painting the orange room since it is a very strong and strident color, which makes the space appear more flat and reduced. That’s why we recommend combining it with white, to dose its strength.

In this way, as in the above photo, we can choose to paint a living room wall with an intense orange, leaving the rest white. The idea is that the room is not reduced in space because of the use of that striking color and the result is without a doubt, spectacular.

Paints for living room: Living room in ochre colorLiving Room Paints 2020

Orange and beige are definitely colors, very similar to the ochre color, one of the most used tones currently in interior decoration. A tone that also combines very well with other shades such as neutral or white. You could say that orange is the riskiest option, while beige or ochre are the most conservative (although quite modern anyway).

Paints for living room: Living room in earth tonesLiving Room Paints 2020

Neutral tones, earth tones, and nude tones are imposed for spaces such as the bedroom, although we can also opt for them if we have to repaint the room.

You will achieve with this that your living room looks more elegant than ever, whether it is a decoration, modern or more eclectic. In addition, with walls in the mentioned tones, we will be able to combine it with furniture of more intense colors.

As we say, this painting is especially good in decoration rooms more urban style, or even with an eclectic and minimalist style.

Paints for living room: Living room in green colorLiving Room Paints 2020

Green is another of the trend colors in decoration for this 2025, so that your living room can be as modern as the one you see above, if you choose the idea of painting the walls with a fairly intense shade of green.

Although a large room is the best option, the truth is that what we have to know so that our room is well with the green on the walls, without looking smaller, ideally we paint those walls or wall near the window or balcony and that the furniture and sofa are also arranged in the direction of natural light that enters us.

Paints for living room: Living room in redLiving Room Paints 2020

Continuing with the intense colors we have to talk about the commitment to red. A color that is perhaps too striking but that has become very fashionable for living rooms that also have other colors such as gray, which we can choose both for furniture and for the sofa.

Yes, be careful with the shade of red we choose, because we could end up getting tired of it soon, since it is a very powerful color.

Paints for living room: Living room in brown colorLiving Room Paints 2020

And a brown room? Many paint brands every year launch new shades of this color that ultimately can be imposed for the walls of our living room. Of course, the best option is to combine the intense brown on the walls with furniture that is lighter or neutral tones.

Until recently the brown color was totally discarded if it was about paintings for the living room. However, as you can see the modern decoration does not reject any color

Paints for living room: White colorLiving Room Paints 2020

Sometimes we believe that for a living room to be modern and attractive it must be painted in some original color. However, white is still one of the great references. Why not paint our white room?

Of course, white offers a large number of advantages. First, stick with almost everything. The living room furniture may not stick or do not look good with other colors, but they will do it with white. others, it is a color that transmits, peace, purity and tranquility. To make matters worse, painting the white room is the best solution if we have a dark room or that does not get the sunlight.

Therefore, from here we defend white paint for living rooms as an option to be taken into account, as current as it has always been.

Paints for living room: Turquoise color combined with whiteLiving Room Paints 2020

The good thing about white, in addition, is that it combines with everything. We have seen before combinations of white and blue paint that can give the room a very special touch. But we can also choose other more curious blue tones, such as the turquoise we see in the following image.

This turquoise color seems to add extra warmth to a cool color like blue, and that warmth is reflected in the room. If you like the touches a little special and exotic, turquoise could be a good choice for painting your living room.

Paints for living room: PurpleLiving Room Paints 2020

We continue with the coldest colors, but they go slowly to warm. The purple or violet are colors that, increasingly, are becoming a trend in what refers living room painting.

Although it seems that no, the purple is a color that gives life and joy to the living room and that combines quite well with other colors. Of course, we must also take into account the type of furniture or decoration that we want for the living room since in some cases it would not be too good (for example, we did not see it in a rustic style room).

The only downside that we can put is that some shades of purple are quite dark and it is not advisable to use them in rooms that do not get the light too well.

Living room paints: PinkLiving Room Paints 2020

There is always the idea that pink is the favourite color of girls, and in many cases it is true. However, within the decoration of living rooms has always opted for other types of paintings less “ñoñas” or children.

But, what if we tell you that you can paint the rose room without looking like a girl’s room or the room of My dear pony? You can use a shade of pink a little darker, and combine it with white in other walls of the room. In this case it is true that painting the entire room of this color may be a bit excessive.

In any case, do not discard the rose as a color for your living room and if you have doubts check out some photos on the internet and get some ideas and examples that you see.

Paints for living room: Yellow color combined with whiteLiving Room Paints 2020

The yellow is usually regarded as a strong and garish colored, instead of relaxing makes us nervous and alert. It is also a youthful color, cheerful and with march. Many people think that yellow is not a pleasant color to look at, especially to be surrounded by it in our living room. But we return to the same as in the previous example. If we combine in a wise way, it is a very usable color and, in fact, it could become our favorite for the living room.

Living room paints: Garnet colorLiving Room Paints 2020

The red is one of the most chosen for paint colors classroom because it is a warm and inviting color. However, it is also true that there are many types and shades of reds, each with its own characteristics.

For example sure that there are people who prefer a more discreet and dark red, pulling almost already garnet. This color is also one of the preferred ones at present for the decoration of living rooms. The best is the touch of elegance and satisfaction that it gives, without forgetting a point of warmth and sensuality.

There are innumerable options to paint our living room. The important thing in this case is to make the decision taking into account the furniture we have and the feeling we want to create in the room.

2025 Interior Paint Colors

2020 Interior Paint ColorsWall decoration is a must in the design of the room. Today we will consider in detail the option of decorating the wall – painting. This is a popular and sought-after way to update and diversify the interior. Painting the walls in the interior gives room for creativity and imagination. A variety of colors on the shelves of stores allows you to realize design ideas and realize the interior of your dreams. The right choice of material is important, as the final result will depend on this. To begin the process of painting, the materials offered in stores are studied and suitable ones are selected.

Many owners in the decoration of walls prefer to use paint rather than wallpaper. More often this method is chosen by more creative personalities, because having shown imagination, you can create an individual, effective, amazing design! How carefully you need to prepare the walls for painting, how many times to repaint, what is the optimal number of layers – we will talk about this in more detail.

Pros and cons of painted walls: tips, reviews2020 Interior Paint Colors

At first glance, this is the simplest type of wall decoration; the market offers a wide selection of types of interior paints that are odorless and dry quickly. In painting walls there are features that need to be considered.

Tips for choosing wall paints2020 Interior Paint Colors

Characteristics of paints that are important to know:

To make painting indoors, you only need interior paints, on the packaging of which there is a mark “for interior work”.

The way the paint interacts with water affects its use in various rooms: rooms with high humidity (bathroom, kitchen) need moisture-resistant paint. For other rooms, where there is no dampness and moisture, non-moisture resistant paints can be used.

All coloring materials are also divided into two groups: breathable and not. Vapor-tight (non-breathing) paints should be selected only for rooms where it is planned to spend little time. The walls in the bedroom, for example, are painted only with vapor permeable paint. This is the key to healthy circulation and air renewal.

Wear resistance. This is an important indicator of paint, which shows the degree of its resistance to abrasion. For example, if you plan to frequently wet the walls, the paint should be wear-resistant. Hiding power, i.e. the ability of a paint to coat a surface. This directly affects its consumption.

Hiding power on a jar means how much of this paint is needed to cover 1 square meter of the surface.

Fashionable color for painting walls in 2025: stylish examples, trends, photos2020 Interior Paint Colors

Many people ask themselves: to try different shades immediately on the wall or on paper, which then apply to the wall? Of course, you can use the second method, but still the first option will be more prudent. After all, the surface of the wall for painting is not at all like a piece of paper. Here, different absorbency, hiding power, etc. Just do your test colorings in the least viewed places. So, you will definitely not be mistaken with the future color of the walls.

A large role in the final appearance of the room is played by the choice of colors. This is a rather complicated and most important process, because with the help of color it is possible to brighten up imperfections and turn an ordinary room into a cozy and comfortable room, and visually hide all the advantages and spoil the design as a whole.

A variety of colors and shades allows you to make the right choice for a particular room. First of all, it is necessary to understand the differences between cold and warm colors. Starting from the choice of color is necessary both from one’s own feelings and regarding the advice of specialists.

The first category includes: blue, gray, turquoise, blue, graphite, some shades of green and purple. Cool colors are suitable for those rooms that do not require extra light due to their location. They look fresh and encouraging in the interior, while visually creating depth.

Designers advise using cold shades both in large rooms and small rooms. If necessary, cold shades visually expand the space, while adding depth. The use of cold colors should be abandoned in rooms where sunlight hardly penetrates, because they will look cold and dull. It is better to pay attention to warm shades that will create a cozy, pleasant and comfortable atmosphere in the room. They not only beneficially affect the mood and attitude in general, but also significantly enhance mental activity and increase working capacity.

The second important point when choosing colors is brightness, since the mood of a person will depend on this. For example, red color is a rather bright and even flashy element in interior design, therefore from an emotional and aesthetic point of view it is not suitable for every person. After several days of living in the red room, many begin to have a headache, irritation or anger appears. Red is considered a heavy color for perception, therefore, experts recommend using it in those rooms where homeowners have not been for a long time, in particular a hallway, dressing room or kitchen, but in metered quantities. If desired, you can replace the red with some shade of it to achieve a calm in nature, but not boring design. The same rule applies to such bright colors as yellow,

An important nuance when choosing shades for future design is the combination of warm and cold shades that compensate for the lack of a component in the color scheme. For example, yellow color is immediate, lively and very active, as a result of which it can easily overload the room, but in combination with more “cool” shades it becomes a bright accent that only decorates the room. Almost every year, the gurus of the world of fashion and fashion magazines make a list of “trend colors” that look as original, interesting and unusual as possible in the interior. In 2018, green, gray, white, blue and caramel colors were added to this list.

The choice of color also depends on the nature of the room. So, a children’s room should bring warmth and coziness, therefore pastel shades are relevant here, and furniture or separate zones painted in active colors can act as bright accents. In general, pastel shades look appropriate in any room, especially in designs of such styles as classic, neoclassic, shabby chic and, to some extent, vintage. Moreover, they can act not only as an independent element, but also as a white sheet for the entire design.

How to paint the walls in the apartment with your own hands2020 Interior Paint Colors

Do-it-yourself wall painting can significantly reduce the expenditure budget during the repair process. You can experiment with colors and textures, and if you approach this task creatively, in just a couple of days you can turn an ordinary apartment into a work of your own design art.

Of course, you should start by choosing the paint itself. The modern market offers a variety of textures and colors, but the main thing you should pay attention to is performance. Especially if your plans include painting walls in the bathroom or in the kitchen. Most decorative paints will give you many undeniable advantages both when working with them, and in future care.

Especially practical is painting the walls with water-based paint. Its main advantage is versatility, ease of application, as well as a long service life (more than 10 years). Thanks to the vapor permeability of such a coating, you will get a healthy indoor microclimate.

Another advantage of using water based paint is that it is mainly available in white. You create the necessary shade yourself by adding special dyes, the so-called color. Choosing a gamut that will combine and harmonize with the common space is the next important step when painting the walls in the room.

The combination of painting walls with other materials: photos, the most beautiful examples with photos2020 Interior Paint Colors

To create a modern interior, designers suggest using several types of wall decoration. Wallpaper and paint are often used to design one room. The emphasis is on vertical surfaces. Wallpaper is glued to the ceiling. One wall is distinguished from the others, acquiring photowallpaper for it. You can apply paint to the plaster, which will create an original relief. For a country house, you can use wood in combination with plain wall painting. In the living room or kitchen, stone or brick is used for decoration. The remaining walls are covered with a coloring composition.

Photo wall painting in the interior of rooms 2025: trends, new items2020 Interior Paint Colors

Despite the abundance of available finishing materials for walls, painting still safely remains relevant. Still, the accessibility and ease of design for most hosts is not an empty phrase. However, you do not need to think that this is where all the advantages of paint end. In fact, this is one of the most effective and expressive ways to give your interior a memorable personality. At your disposal are all the colors of the rainbow and countless shades that can create the necessary mood and atmosphere in an apartment or house. Meanwhile, very often the walls in the apartment are painted in two colors. And today you will find out why this is not a desire to complicate the color pattern of the room, but an intentional move to create a catchy and remarkable design. Photos with popular ideas will come in handy.

New Modern Paint Colors for 2025New Modern Paint Colors for 2020

Who hasn’t happened? You remodel your home, you paint your walls a new color, clean, rearrange and it feels great, but after a while, you don’t like something or you see a new idea and you think “I would have done it like this ” To avoid this, we present you some of the colors that will be trending in 2025, and so that when you remodel you will be sure that there will be no better idea than what you thought.

Black and white

In interior paint , they are two colors that never fail, that combine practically with everything, but the mixture of both will look great in 2025. Some of the trends in interior decoration have taken inspiration from oriental designs that prioritize minimalism, and black and white are special agents to give this feeling of simple elegance.

This combination can look in any space, but we recommend it especially in the main room where it can make it look more spacious and bright.


Beige will be a color that offers multiple shades ranging from sand to a color similar to caramel. It is ideal for a wall or piece of furniture that you want to stand out, as well as to combine with more vivid tones such as orange, which will also be on trend. It is a color that looks great in the living room or kitchen.

Light gray

Since 2024 a trend has been seen for Nordic views and styles. Several shades of cold gray give this look that will continue as one of the trends to follow in 2025. In the living rooms and dining rooms they look particularly good; when using it, just make sure to combine it with some warm tones, or that the room has plenty of natural light, to avoid the cold sensation that color brings.

Dark blue

Dark blue or cobalt gives an elegant and deep touch to the spaces. It is perfect to move away from a wall and to draw attention to a specific point. If you want to use this color make sure to contrast it with light colors, or use it in rooms with a lot of natural light, otherwise you will have the feeling of a small and dark space.


It is a very striking color and that is its main function when used in home decoration, attracting the attention of an element or wall. The ideal shade of orange will depend on the colors that make up your spaces. You can experiment with this color in any room, as long as it is not used excessively.


A fresh and cheerful color that goes very well in hot climates. It’s a shade that’s popped up since 2024, and it looks particularly good in bedrooms, living rooms, and even the bathroom. We suggest you contrast it with warm colors or a little stronger than the shade of turquoise you choose.

After selecting the color that you like the next thing is to choose the best interior paint ; easy to apply and clean.

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