Kitchen Apron Trends 2022

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Latest Apron Trends for Kitchen Design 2022Ceramic tiles, mosaics, stone or wood? We will tell you about all the materials that can be used to design a kitchen apron.

Everything is important in the design of an apron for the kitchen: size, shape, and, of course, the material from which it is made. Its main function is to protect walls from grease, water, dirt and steam in the cooking area. Therefore, it must be durable and stylish. After all, it is one of the main decorative kitchen items.

Review of materials

Ceramic tiles are one of the most popular materials for decorating a work area. But not the only one. Let’s consider all the options.

Kitchen apron design from tilesLatest Apron Trends for Kitchen Design 2022

Let’s start with the main thing – ceramics. Its demand is not accidental.

  • First, the tiles are easy to maintain. Grease stains and drip marks have no chance.
  • Secondly, wear resistance and moisture resistance are pleasing. Not afraid of alkalis, acids, moisture resistant. But here it all depends on the specific type of ceramics. Porcelain stoneware is many times stronger than decorative products.
  • Third, it is easy to choose from a wide variety of products. The tiles are easy to fit into any interior. Suitable for modern, classic and Scandinavian design.

There are few cons. The weak point of this finish is the seams, or rather the  grout. From dirt and grease, it quickly loses its appearance, especially if it is made in light colors. It will have to be updated periodically. The second point is styling. Despite the seeming simplicity, it is not easy to lay tiles. It will hardly be possible to arrange this zone on your own. The styling process is messy and requires care and accuracy from the master.

There are several types of tiles that can be called the most fashionable in modern kitchen backsplash design.

  • Boar. Despite the fact that many are already tired of him, it is difficult to ignore him. Simple tiles give room for imagination. It can be laid not only vertically, horizontally or with a herringbone, but also try chessboard or diagonally.
  • Scales. Another nice option for a modern kitchen. Looks more interesting in a bright color in combination with a monochromatic headset. In this case, it can become an accent in the interior.
  • Arabesque. Atypical version with oriental motives. Looks good in neoclassical and classic interiors.

Choose more decorative options with painting, drawings and patterns carefully. Not everything will be appropriate in modern designs. The simplest in this regard is patchwork, which is easy to fit into decorative interiors in a rustic and Scandinavian style.

Mosaic tilesLatest Apron Trends for Kitchen Design 2022

Mosaic in the design of a kitchen apron is not used so often today. But this fact does not make it irrelevant. You just have to spend time choosing the right mosaic.

  • Glossy, bright options in glass and ceramics can look out of date. However, they are acceptable in bright kitsch designs.
  • Stone mosaic is suitable for classic and eco designs.

The plus is that it is a durable material that is not afraid of moisture and steam. But the cost of coating is often higher than that of ceramics. Mosaic tiles are more difficult to lay than large tiles. It is better not to take risks without experience.

MarbleLatest Apron Trends for Kitchen Design 2022

What is the best kitchen apron to choose if you are not on a budget? Stone! These are natural granite and marble or their artificial analogues. A more affordable option is porcelain stoneware slabs with a corresponding print. But in its properties, it cannot be equal to a stone.

  • Granite is the most durable material that is not afraid of moisture, dirt, temperature drops. The variety of shades is also surprising.
  • Marble absorbs moisture and dirt faster and is not always easy to clean. But it looks very impressive.
  • The main difficulty in working with a stone is the need for professional expensive installation.
  • Artificial stone is almost no different from granite, it is only slightly inferior to it in strength. Its price is still higher than porcelain stoneware, mosaics or ceramics.

MDF and chipboardLatest Apron Trends for Kitchen Design 2022

In the photo, a wooden apron in the kitchen design looks very cozy. But wood is not the best material for tough environments. Besides, it’s expensive. Therefore, analogs are more often used – MDF and laminated chipboard, they are cheaper and stronger.

Wooden coverings look especially good in combination with a worktop made of the same material. Other advantages: ease of installation and maintenance.

MDF and chipboard are not suitable for finishing the area behind the slab due to their high flammability. Heat-resistant coatings or separate screens are used here.

MetalLatest Apron Trends for Kitchen Design 2022

Not the most obvious solution. But if you like industrial style or modern hi-tech, take a closer look at it. Textured panels are suitable for modern kitchens.

The metal is durable and strong. He is not afraid of the impact. However, the main disadvantage in working with it is soiled. All water droplets, fingerprints and streaks will be visible. The smooth surface will need to be wiped dry after every meal. It is much easier to care for textured products.

Metal mosaic can be a worthy alternative to panels.

GlassLatest Apron Trends for Kitchen Design 2022

Another cover that doesn’t have many fans. The work uses a special tempered glass, with a strong impact, it breaks not into sharp fragments, but into safer round ones.

The glass is easy to clean, although not easy to maintain. It will also have to be wiped every time so that stains are not visible. Skinali is a special type of glass panels, photo printing is applied to them. In the photo, such glass aprons for the kitchen do not always look relevant. Drawings and paintings were popular in the early 2000s, now look at abstract textured prints.


Another controversial coverage. It all depends on the appearance and pattern applied to the plastic. This is a good solution for an apartment for rent or temporary renovation.

  • The advantage is obvious: the price. Plastic is easy to replace if broken or worn out.
  • Scratches, smudges and breaks easily. Service life – no more than 5 years.
  • Bright coatings fade in the sun.

An apron for a kitchen made of plastic is not suitable for decorating an area with a stove; here you will also have to look for alternative solutions in the form of tiles, for example.

Color and designLatest Apron Trends for Kitchen Design 2022

We have some tips for designing your work area.

  • Matte surfaces are easier to care for than gloss.
  • The soiling of a light coating is a myth, a dark one is more capricious. Stains and drops are better visible on it.
  • If you choose a bright finish for your work area, everything else is better made more neutral. Let the wall be the only accent.
  • With the help of decoration, you can visually slightly adjust the room. Try tiling for this.
  • Medium-sized tiles work well in small spaces. Too small will eat up space.

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