Newest Interior Decoration Trends 2024

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Newest Interior Decoration Trends 2020During 2024 you will see a bet for the natural, so you will not stop seeing materials such as bamboo, cork or wicker. As for the colors, we will leave a little aside the total white, to begin to see it combined with other colors.

Know here the most important thing about interior decoration trends 2024, you will see various changes, some really unexpected. If you want to know the latest trends in interior design, you will be interested in the ideas that we present below.

We anticipate it: the Nordic style will not have as much presence as in these previous years, the prominence will be won by the vintage style.

Colors in interior decoration 2024

Although white will never stop being used, during this year it will be accompanied by other colors, highlighting warm tones or earth tones. However, to achieve greater contrasts on white, the best options are red watermelon or green throwing dark.

On the other hand, in kitchens, the black color will predominate, in woods, metals or stones.

In the bathrooms, soft colors, such as violet, gray-blue or beige, will be important.

Speaking of the floors, there will be a radical change in them. The cold colors will be totally forgotten. They will be replaced by very warm colors, which will favor the formation of much more welcoming spaces.

Little by little, the metallic tones will begin to have more importance, although it is certain that the most traditional metals will be left behind a little.

It will open the way to those of a more industrial nature, such as burnished metals. In addition, steel and the mixture of iron and bronze will continue to be used.

A tip: if you want a kitchen that gives off an air of elegance and sophistication, choose stainless steel black.

This color palette can be used in any space of the house. You just have to consider the possible combinations and the results, to achieve always balanced and warm environments.

An exception will be the woods, each time in darker colors, a trend that had been somewhat forgotten during the last few years. Examples are walnut or ebony.

We have to make a special mention to the blue color, in some of its variants, such as cobalt blue or indigo blue.

All these colors will be organized in geometric designs, such as stripes, simple as well as sophisticated. The truth is that we will see more in designs zigzag, not as simple straight lines. It will also be frequent to see designs in the shape of a diamond.

We can see all of them in all kinds of textiles, such as bedspreads, quilts, tablecloths, carpets or even curtains, as well as walls or floors.

The most viewed materials in interior decoration 2024

In kitchens and bathrooms, we will continue to see the use of marble, although not only white, which may be the one we are more accustomed to seeing.

During 2024 we will see a tendency toward the natural, in which all the objects and colors that we choose in our house will influence.

Closely related to the natural, we will find the use of wood, obviously practically untreated. The less processed, the better.

All this will lead us to the use of varied natural fibers, something that we have seen anticipating in recent years.

  • Bamboo : it stands out for its resistance, durability, exoticism and low cost. In addition, its growth is really fast, therefore, through its use, we will promote a more ecological architecture. Although we can use it in furniture, its use in soils stands out. Actually, until a few years ago it was a material that did not pay much attention.
  • Wicker: mainly noted for being a robust material, while lightweight. Therefore, all furniture or objects built in wicker will be very light. We can find it in all kinds of objects, including lamps.
  • Rattan : it becomes important due to its elasticity, which makes it absorb all kinds of bumps and shocks. Therefore, its use is highly recommended if there are small children at home.
  • Cork : during this year you will see more than ever, both in small objects and in a whole wall, replacing it.

As we will look for the natural, the materials will not be subjected to treatments: now we can see their imperfections (like cracks or wear) without appearing unsightly. During 2024 we will see an authentic homage to the ecology, thus promoting the care of the environment.

As for textiles, velvet and varied upholstery will stand out, especially in the headboards, despite the taste for iron.


Hopefully these ideas will help you decorate the interior of your house.. As you see, we have focused mainly on materials and colors. Thus, you can be in the latest fashions even if you do not have a new house (where you could play better with the spaces, in 2024 there will also be changes in them).

Therefore, you just have to apply all these ideas in the furniture, walls and accessories of your usual home. Do not forget that this year you will see natural materials in their purest form.

In this way, you will be able to join this current trend of interior decoration 2024, although for this you have to leave some things behind.

Therefore, this is a good time for you to join the DIY trend (or do it yourself). Thus, you will be even more involved in this naturalistic and ecological current.

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