10 New Decoration Trends to Keep an Eye

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If you follow the NewDecorTrends know that around here we love trends! Not to follow them as a rule, but rather to have them as a reference and to fit the insights into our own style (and only when it makes sense!), whether in color, in design, in decoration.New Decorating Trends 2019

After much research, and in partnership with Indecortrends website, we selected some new decoration trends 2023 to keep an eye on you in the coming months and get inspired. If you are thinking of making small changes in your home or just one room, who knows, do not invest in new cushions, carpets, accessories, finishes or paintings, thinking about these ideas? Check out:

10 New Decoration Trends 2023

Wabi Sabi Decoration Ideas

“Real life is messy, and it’s okay if your house is too.” “Houses should not be perfect, they should be lived.” Or at least that’s what this main trend wants to help us embrace. One of the main decorating ideas today is to seek the Wabi Sabi – the ancient Japanese philosophy of finding beauty in impermanence and imperfection. At home, this means emphasizing the use of craft and organic materials, natural shapes, faulty parts, innate imperfections that embrace authenticity, even if that means being a little out of line.New Decorating Trends 2019

The products and aesthetics that fit into this category actually become more attractive and interesting as it passes and are “spent” over time; thus, they reveal new layers of color and textures, effects and oxidations. Wabi-Sabi talks about finding beauty in not-so-perfect. Think of tables or cutting boards with burn marks, ceramics that have not been 100% smooth. Accepting the idea that your home does not have to be a showroom all the time is all it takes. Keep the decor real, be authentic and fine if you can not clean the bed everyday!New Decorating Trends 2019


After the unicorn fever, llamas appear as the new favorite animals. The brands will put the Peruvian animal at the center of everything, combining it with patterns, cheerful colors and tropical elements, when we speak in the category of products.New Decorating Trends 2019

Although found in countries like Bolivia and Peru, llamas have already begun to invade the windows of the world. We can already see cushions, vases, candle holders, bedding, posters and other accessories with the nice animal to decorate!New Decorating Trends 2019

Yellow Turkey

Tones that remind us of mustard, turmeric and honey emerge as key colors bringing deeper and more sophisticated looks to walls and products. This is a tonality that fashion has observed quite like trend in the next season. The rise of turmeric yellow is also successful in interior design.New Decorating Trends 2019

Turmeric yellow acts almost like a golden thread, a touch of color in the environment, used delicately to enrich cushions, give a shiny finish, life to the utensils and highlight tableware and decoration. You bet!New Decorating Trends 2019

Prints: Folklore Standards

A growing fascination for the crafts of places like Africa, Peru, India, Mexico, continues to gain ground, bringing a global and artisan perspective to the decoration. Traditional motifs will be celebrated with vibrant hues in graphic blends and fabrics, embroidered details and patchworks.New Decorating Trends 2019

The graphic prints will continue to be present, but they reappear in traits that emphasize geometric maximalism, as well as primitive motifs. The juxtaposition of colorful shapes and figures can come together to tell a beautiful story!New Decorating Trends 2019

Sophisticated Pastel Colors

The obsession with the millenial rose continues, but it is important to keep in mind that it may soon appear dated. So if you plan to invest in the tone to paint walls, it is worth reflecting whether it is not best to use it in finishes, fabrics and accessories or as a paint color that can be changed in years to come instead a great investment, according to Victoria Redshaw’s London trend forecasting agency Scarlet Opus.New Decorating Trends 2019

From now on, we will not see the mint green before, nor the baby blue, but rather pastel colors more sophisticated like a dusty blue, lavender purple, or pink along with an orange, for example.New Decorating Trends 2019

Dark Wood

The earth tones and dark woods back to be used, especially in Europe, which has technical carbonization that result in a wonderful effect on the surface.New Decorating Trends 2019

Here we will see an impressive change, as we are accustomed to the emergence of lighter woods, a style that has been very popular in recent years.New Decorating Trends 2019

Organic and Artisan Materials

As our lives become more agitated and dependent on technology, our desire to reconnect with nature and return to a simpler way of life is reflected in the design and style of our homes. Organic materials and traditional crafts will continue to gain momentum.New Decorating Trends 2019

We will see many objects made from bamboo, crochets, straw baskets, sustainable materials, alternative fabrics, biodegradable, and those created with plastic removed from the oceans / garbage. Wood, ceramics, clay, natural and organic also continue to make total sense in this process! It’s a new kind of luxury that focuses on well-being. This will influence everything from our choices in building materials to kitchen utensils and carpets, for example.New Decorating Trends 2019

Mixing of Metals

A simple piece of metal is able to make your home brighter. This trend reshapes its appearance, as happened with copper, which became extremely popular a few years ago. According to experts, bronze, copper, gold and silver alone are not out of style – but will return to the sphere of decoration through new and rich applications in materials. We will see the highlight of silver and bronze in the coming months and many products with the mixture of all metals.New Decorating Trends 2019

In addition, metals mixed with other types of materials such as ceramics, concrete, wood, being used in detail and accessory finishes, bring brightness and life to the home. You can bet on that idea!New Decorating Trends 2019

Maximalism – When More Is More

A maximalist home is always dramatic, sensational and daring, but without losing the sense of warmth and welcome. Think of animal patterns, eclectic prints, vibrant multicolored rooms, collections exhibits, open shelves, seductive walls that look more like an art gallery and eccentric furniture.

Maximalism is the art of blending, it is embracing its artistic, collectible side, seeing white and empty walls as a diversion.New Decorating Trends 2019

The trend is for you to expose pieces that speak to your style, to fill your home with things you love, so your decor will never go out of fashion. You can bring your more through antiques, from a wall full of pictures, plants, memorabilia, expose collections, books, mix prints, finally, translate your real soul into home form.New Decorating Trends 2019

Black And White Decoration Trends

Having a black and white décor has been something classic for a long time. That is precisely why the idea never goes out of style. It may look vintage, but that is the reason why these colors reflect a sense of sophistication and elegance as well. For some people, no matter how trends fluctuate over time, black and white in particular will always remain the best mix.New Decorating Trends 2019

The difference is that now some projects come back inspired also in the Parisian movement of Art Deco : curved furniture with round finishes, sculptural lighting, carved accessories, graphics and panels in B & W. Mixing the old world with the new world is also something we will see a lot!New Decorating Trends 2019

If you do not like the idea, the good old Scandinavian design continues to teach us that black and white decor fits in any environment!

Craft trends 2023Craft trends 2023

Creativity is in the air! Because even in 2023 there will be a lot of great DIYs that we absolutely want to try out. Two major trends are particularly striking: On the one hand, more and more color is coming into play – for example in the form of painted ceramics, colorful crocheted wool or playful decorations like from the 90s. On the other hand, the DIY world is becoming more and more sustainable, so that upcycling, recycling and natural materials are taking center stage. You can now find out everything else you should know about the handicraft trends 2023 and which of them we are putting directly on our to-do list. Have fun trying!

  1. We are nostalgic – and knit, crochet and braid like grandma

Yes, you read that right: knitting, crocheting, braiding, embroidery and more are back in fashion! Actually, this return to old handicraft techniques does not come as a surprise. Just think of the ongoing trend towards chunky knit blankets on the sofa or the stylish crocheted tops that have already sweetened our summer.

A nice idea – and in the spirit of sustainability – is to simply recycle existing materials. For example, embroider an old pillow that you no longer like so much. Not only does the environment benefit from this trend, but also the wallet. Depending on your taste, you also have a choice: in 2023 you can certainly go for colorful wool and unusual knitting patterns, but warm earth tones are still very popular.

Reading tip: You really want to learn to knit now? Then click directly into our simple instructions! And we also have lots of tips for knitting with the Strick Liesel.

  1. We love it colorful – and transform ceramics into small works of art

In 2023, optimism will return! And with it, other colors can also move into our homes, with which we make living even happier. Because it doesn’t matter which handicraft trends you decide on in the end: Feel free to rely on strong colors such as orange, fuchsia or green.

We particularly like this DIY trend: repainting old ceramics. In this way, even unloved pieces become new it-pieces in no time at all! By the way, they are not only beautifully individual, but also a great gift idea. Convinced? Then watch out: We will now explain to you how painting ceramics works:

What you need:

  • Porcelain or glazed ceramic
  • Ceramic pencils, porcelain pencils or ceramic colors of your choice
  • tracing paper
  • Pencil
  • Paint brush
  • duct tape

That’s how it works:

  1. Cleaning: First clean your dishes thoroughly. There must be no more greasy film on the surface, otherwise the color will not hold.
  2. Sketch out the motif: Then draw your desired motifs with a pencil on the tracing paper. Advanced users can also skip this step and paint directly on the dishes. This also applies if you have decided on patterns such as polka dots, stripes or dots that you apply with a brush.
  3. Painting ceramics: Then carefully fix the tracing paper to the ceramic dishes with the adhesive tape. Now trace the motif with a harder pencil. After that you can paint it with ceramic paint.
  4. Firing: Now you still have to fire your dishes in the oven. Check the manufacturer’s specifications for the correct burn time and degree, as they may differ depending on the colour.
  5. Allow to cool: Allow the finished dishes to cool. Now the paint is water and dishwasher safe!

Important: Make sure that your ceramic pen is food safe! Otherwise you can only use your crockery as decoration.

  1. We rely on eye-catching wall decorations – and decorate our mirrors ourselves

Bare walls were yesterday! In 2023 we are leaving minimalism on the wall behind and are only too happy to venture into decorations inspired by the colorful 90s. A nice DIY project are, for example, stylish mirrors with an eye-catching frame. You may already be familiar with the so-called Clay Mirrors from TikTok, Instagram or Pinterest. Best of all, the mirrors may look like cool designer pieces, but they’re pretty easy to make yourself!

Would you rather style your walls a little calmer and more natural? Then instead of colored clay you can also use a rope, shape it on the mirror and glue it. Or you can opt for a DIY mirror with a raffia frame! This stylish wall decoration is also perfect for all boho fans.

What you need for this:

  • Round mirror without frame
  • metal ring (same diameter as the mirror)
  • 2 rolls of raffia
  • hot glue gun
  • Scissors

That’s how it works:

  1. Unroll the raffia and cut strips of the length of your choice.
  2. Then take about 3 strips of raffia and fasten them together as a loop on the metal ring. Repeat the process until the entire ring is covered.
  3. Then carefully apply hot glue to the ring. Be careful not to use too much or the glue will run onto the mirror.
  4. Finally glue the mirror onto the ring, press firmly and let dry.
  5. Hang the boho mirror on the wall and you’re done!
  6. We are individual – and make jewelery from beads into a craft trend

Colorful glass beads, funny motifs or rather natural wooden beads: there are no limits when you make your own jewelry. You can make your own rings, necklaces or bracelets in no time at all. Incidentally, these creative handicraft trends are also perfect for a children’s birthday party – as long as the children are a bit older and there is no risk of small parts being swallowed.

A style from the 90s is also particularly trendy here: the so-called daisy chain. You design cute pieces of jewelery in a daisy look from colorful beads, thread and a needle. So just take a look at the handicraft supplies or online shop of your choice and get started with your own pieces of jewellery. Have fun!

  1. We bring nature into the house – and make our own flower pots

As in many other areas, naturalness and sustainability also play an important role in the interior. We see that too when we take a look inside our four walls: more and more plants and flowers have been finding a place here for a long time. This is how we can bring a piece of nature home even in the big city.

So that we can also present our green darlings in style, we need the right flower pots. So it’s no wonder that these are now very trendy as DIY! From concrete plant pots to ornate terracotta pots to macramé hanging baskets, there are plenty of craft trends to try.

  1. We make the boho style chic – and make wreaths out of dried flowers

The fact that the boho style is super popular is probably not big news. Also, in 2023 we are completely in love with the casual look that transforms our home into a creative oasis of well-being. We are only too happy to design our own boho decoration!

Homemade wreaths of dried flowers are beautiful and relaxed at the same time. The practical thing about these is not only that they last almost forever (and are therefore also very sustainable), but also that they are particularly flexible: you can redesign your wreath depending on the season. For a casual Christmas wreath, use pampas grass or eucalyptus. In summer you can also decorate your wall decoration with corn, ears of corn and dried wild flowers.

Extra tip: You probably already know pampas grass as a popular material for door wreaths. But did you know that you can easily color this yourself? Our article tells you how to do this.

  1. We take our time – and simply build pieces of furniture ourselves

You discovered your passion for handicrafts a long time ago and you now call the hardware store your second home? Then you should definitely start with larger projects now – for example your own pieces of furniture!

As a real DIY professional, you can build your own bed out of wood or pallets, for example. Or how about a bookshelf or a stylish heater cover? But don’t worry: We’ve put together a lot of handicraft trends for beginners too. For example, start with a simple wardrobe. Then you can dare to build a trendy pallet sofa for your balcony – one of the craft trends for the coming summer!

  1. We can’t get enough of candles – and try new craft trends

Twisted Candles, Dip Dye Candles and Bubble Candles: 2021 was probably the year of homemade candles! The light objects no longer just create a cozy atmosphere, but become real decorative highlights themselves. There is no end in sight for this handicraft trend in 2023, because there are always new ideas to be discovered on social media.

How about, for example, organically shaped, braided or marbled candles? We have put together our three most beautiful DIY candles for you below. Just click into the video tutorials! You can also find more trendy ideas in our article on making candles yourself.

We hope our craft trends 2023 could inspire you. You can also find more creative tips and tricks in our Craft Ideas category. Here you can find out more about trendy diamond painting, pottery at home or Christmas handicrafts.

DIY craft trends 2023DIY craft trends 2023

There is so much handicraft, painting and self-made as never before! The DIY trend will continue this year – whether to beautify your own home, to relax after work, to amuse the little ones or to give away to loved ones. We are therefore showing you the most beautiful DIY craft trends for 2023 here. Be inspired by our ideas and get creative yourself!

DIY craft trends 2023: make candles yourself

This trend is here to stay! Homemade candles like the cool Twisted Candles are already an integral part of the interior world. The spiral beauties are a real eye-catcher in every room – and super easy to make. In our video we show you exactly how this works:

New shapes and colors

If you want even more variety, you can simply try other shapes. For example, have you ever tried to connect two or more candles together in a wavy pattern? There are really countless ways to turn the warm light sources into small works of art!

There are also a few things to try out when it comes to colour: although neutral tones remain trendy, we will also be able to discover more colorful models and multicolored variants in 2023. For example, how about a candle in Illuminating Yellow, one of the Pantone Colors of the Year?

Handicraft trends 2023: make scented candles yourself

If you long for even more comfort, it is best to use scented candles. These are easier to make yourself than you might think. All you need is leftover wax, two pots that fit together, a wick, a glass jar and your choice of aromatic oils.

That’s how it’s done:

  1. Add a few drops of aromatic oil to the wax melted in the water bath.
  2. Then pour this mixture into the clean glass jar.
  3. Put the wick carefully in the middle and you’re done!

Extra tip: Instead of a glass jar, you can also use mussels, coconut or lemon peel. Especially cool and sustainable! You can find out more in our article on making candles yourself.

DIY Trend Foam Mirror: Beautify an old mirror with construction foam

As if packed in cotton candy or little clouds: a real interior must-have this year are the foam mirrors – mirrors with a foam edge. The best thing about this trend: you can easily make the cool Foam Mirrors yourself! This not only makes the mirrors significantly cheaper, but also makes them truly unique. This DIY is therefore perfect for anyone who wants to turn an old mirror into a magical decorative object in no time at all!

What do you need for this upcycling project?

  • Construction foam/ PU foam (amount depends on the size of the mirror)
  • Mirror
  • Pad made of cardboard or old newspapers
  • Gloves

That’s how it works:

  1. Spread out the pad and place the clean mirror on it.
  2. Then turn the attachment onto the can with the construction foam. Shake well and follow any instructions on the packaging!
  3. Hold the can upright and spread the foam over the mirror frame. Slightly move up and down to create a pattern.
  4. It is best to let the construction foam dry overnight, remove it from the base and place it in the desired location. Complete!

Extra tip: if you want, you can embellish the dried Foam Mirror with spray paint. Pastel colors such as pink, light green or lilac are particularly stylish!

Sustainable upcycling: make new from old

Be creative and protect the environment at the same time: The topic of sustainability has also arrived in the handicraft world. This is particularly evident in the upcycling trend : This means that you recycle obsolete objects instead of throwing them away. Thanks to a few simple tricks, unloved treasures can quickly become favorites again!

For example, you can quickly give old wooden furniture a new coat of stain or varnish. Disused clothes are turned into an individual cushion cover, yesterday’s newspaper into sustainable wrapping paper. Do you have old bottles, cans or glasses at home? You can easily convert them into stylish lanterns, vases or even lamps by spraying or painting them!

DIY craft trends 2023: The Japanese Shibori batik technique

Of course, old clothes and other textiles can also be spiced up with paint. And this is where the Shibori trend comes into play! This is a fabric dyeing technique from Japan that is more than a thousand years old. Similar to batik, patterns are created by tying, folding and knotting. The focus here is primarily on clear, geometric patterns.

While kimonos used to be prettied up with this technique, today we would like to dye everything we can get our hands on: from serviettes to pillowcases to bed linen, anything is actually possible!

Extra tip: Dyeing with natural dyes such as indigo, red cabbage or turmeric is particularly sustainable!

Handicraft trends 2023: DIY with natural materials

Also goes perfectly with the sustainability megatrend: handicrafts with natural materials! Even when working creatively, many people want to be in harmony with nature. This is why hobbyists now prefer to use biodegradable work materials. Not everything has to be perfect: Rough surfaces, small irregularities and supposed mistakes are just what make the charm here.

Do you enjoy braiding, knotting or weaving? Then you should definitely try willow, rattan or jute! A jute ribbon, for example, is ideal for the macrame knotting technique. You can now also find this natural material and matching craft kits in many shops for craft accessories. By the way, the trend is perfect for lovers of the boho style!

Extra tip: Of course, you don’t necessarily have to buy your work materials for the handicraft trends 2023. Nature itself also offers you many decorative objects such as stones, branches or leaves!

Make organic shapes out of clay or modeling clay

They are an alternative to straightforward, functional furniture: objects in organic shapes. It’s hard to imagine the interior world without them. Sweeping lines and flowing curves: Inspired by nature, organic shapes are soft and soothing.

So, it’s no wonder that DIY fans are now also jumping on the bandwagon: After all, homemade decorations in organic shapes are real eye-catchers! Air dry clay or modeling clay is perfect for this craft project. For an authentically natural look, use the best in creamy white or terracotta.

Then you can start: There are no limits to the design of your decorative objects! Nice DIY projects for beginners are, for example, small jewelry bowls, vases or abstract figures. Advanced users can even design stylish jewelry! After drying, you can spray the objects with clear varnish or paint them as you like.

Tip: Are you looking for craft ideas for children? Modeling clay is perfect for this! The material is very easy to shape and not only strengthens the creativity but also the motor skills of the little ones.

Grandma’s creative trend: embroidery with modern motifs

An ancient art that is currently thriving again: embroidery. And now not only the older generation relies on needle and thread! The fashion world is already showing us that embroidery can also be cool and modern. Here, embroidered dresses, pants or even shoes are on the rise again.

Unlike in grandma’s living room, the focus is on fresh colors and motifs. For example, abstract illustrations or strong, embroidered messages are particularly popular. Embroidery work has thus become more than a nice pastime: it is a form of artistic expression.

Handicraft trends 2023: Handwritten cards and lettering

Another retro trend that is reviving in these times: writing letters is back! If you haven’t seen your loved ones for a long time due to travel restrictions and the like, it’s best to grab a pen now. In our fast-paced world, a handwritten letter is a welcome change from email or messenger messages. So, surprise friends and family for Valentine’s Day, Easter or just in between!

Do you not only want to make your letters particularly personal, but also visually appealing? Then now is the perfect time to learn lettering! This involves drawing or painting your letters. The best thing about it: This type of writing is not only great, but also a lot of fun!

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