15 New Home Decor Trends 2022

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New Home Decor Trends 2022From navy blue walls to floral wallpaper and canopy beds, there are helpful and unexpected solutions to make your home look stylish and cozy.

2022 is a beautiful number and the beginning of a new decade, and it brought us not only a pandemic and general confusion, but also interesting chips in home decoration. Introducing the very best home decor trends from interior design professionals.

1. Vintage accents

Fashion is known to be back. And this applies not only to clothing. Modern interior designers are increasingly turning to vintage and classic pieces. Among the characteristic elements, interior designer, names tables, chairs and armchairs with diagonal legs, spindles (wooden decorative elements on chair legs, stairs), which were most often found in furniture of the 1800s and early 1900s. However, the main thing here is not to overdo it and use such luxury pointwise – a maximum of one or two elements in the interior (for example, in the photo above).

2. Dark blue colorNew Home Decor Trends 2022

Dark blue, or classic blue, is the Pantone Color of this Year and is loved by designers because of its versatility. It provides the perfect contrast for interiors and exteriors in both traditional and contemporary home styles.

Whether you are updating a kitchenette or a room with contrasting white and wood finishes, the shade creates a majestic look without going completely black.

Dark blue is the color of the year, including in the interior.

3. Floral wallpaper

If, after reading the title, you feel uncomfortable, do not rush to panic, perhaps 2022 will force you to change your ideas. Floral wallpaper is still trendy, but with a more modern twist, says interior designer. Big pieces, bold colors and even metallic versions are more fashionable than ever. They are especially good for powdery baths and foyers. If you are not ready for drastic changes, you can use them fragmentarily in the interior, combining them with calmer tones of the wallpaper.New Home Decor Trends 2022

Floral wallpaper can be used fragmentarily

4. Contrast decor

If you’ve wanted to paint your home black for a long time, now is the time. But in moderation, of course. Nowadays it is quite possible to see a chair with black fabric and a white frame or a console table in dark wood with light fittings.New Home Decor Trends 2022

Contrasting colors are welcome in the interior

5. Non-white kitchens

All white kitchens were the trend of the 2022s. Now, designers have turned their attention to spaces that go beyond these boundaries. For example, wardrobes, islands and shelves made from natural wood will help maintain a bright and airy atmosphere, not limited to pure white.New Home Decor Trends 2022

A white kitchen should be diluted with wooden shelves, cabinets and other elements

6. Colored cabinets

Another option to dilute a white kitchen is to choose one or more elements such as a kitchen island, wall cabinets in the kitchen or base cabinets, in bold colors – dark red, bright yellow, green, deep purple or navy blue.New Home Decor Trends 2022

Bright kitchen cabinets are in trend

7. Four-poster beds

If you have long dreamed of a king bed  – the hour has come ! Modern four-poster beds are no longer draped with heavy fabrics and massive headboards. Versions made of acrylic, metal and elegant upholstery materials are relevant.New Home Decor Trends 2022

Four-poster beds have returned to fashion, but in a lighter and more modern interpretation

8. Patina accents

Patina is an antiquity finish that is applied to furniture and other furnishings. “One of the new trends in design is respect for patina and age,” says interior designer. Shades of clay and terracotta, as well as faience and ceramic decorative items will be relevant.New Home Decor Trends 2022

At the peak of popularity, aged furniture and interior items

9. Olive trees

Green plants in the interior always look advantageous. But here, too, the designers suggested returning “to the roots” and recalling the myths of Ancient Greece and the main symbol of that time. Olive trees are not only refined, fresh and sophisticated, but also remind of a country with a bright sun and delicious cuisine.New Home Decor Trends 2022

Olive wood will perfectly refresh the interior and make the atmosphere more sophisticated

10. Antiques

Pictures, plates, vases, mugs – 2022 made it possible to collect a real home museum. And no one dares to say that you are stuck in the past, because such interior decoration is at the peak of popularity.New Home Decor Trends 2022

In 2022, collecting antiques is more trendy than ever

11. Art in the kitchen

When collecting art, don’t forget about the kitchen. After all, on it they not only cook and eat, but also relax their souls.

The emphasis is always on making the kitchen a cozy room rather than a cooking workshop.

According to the expert, this can be achieved by hanging art in the kitchen or using open shelves to display items that highlight your personality.New Home Decor Trends 2022

Designers urge to perceive the kitchen not just as a room for cooking, but as a place for the soul to rest

12. Curved sofas

This home decor trend is back in 2022 from the 60s and 70s, with a more modern take on lines and curves.

Designers rethought the trends of the past and focused on functionality and smooth curves,Legion-Media

13. Rattan and vine furniture

Wickerwork is reborn, said interior designer in an interview with New Decor Trends: “They warmly remind me of my childhood, yet evolved in fresh and exciting ways, be it chairs, tables or lighting. It’s the perfect blend of modern and traditional styles. “New Home Decor Trends 2022

Wickerwork is back in the interior again.

14. Freestanding bathtubs

If earlier a bathroom ensemble was, as a rule, a bathtub in close proximity to a sink, washing machine, cupboards and other interior items, then in 2022 it has become fashionable to make a bathtub the center of a room. And feel like a royal person! The emphasis has shifted to the design of the bathtub (for example, with decorative legs), and not to a single style of all plumbing.New Home Decor Trends 2022

Now the bath is the center of the composition

15. “Cozy” fabrics

A great trend for those who like to get a job reading their favorite book. Blankets and soft mohair have replaced luxurious velvet this year. It remains to brew a cup of delicious tea.

Reading a book over a cup of tea under a cozy blanket is what 2022 is calling usHome Decor Trends

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