2020 Kitchen Remodel Trends

2020 Kitchen Remodel Trends2020 kitchen remodel trends is considered a very good option if you want to give a different touch to your home. The kitchen is one of the most important places in our home, and it is the space where many people spend much of their time. That is why it is recommended, from time to time or depending on the taste of the person, a remodeling that takes into account even the smallest detail. In our article today, we will give you some ideas that you can put into practice when it comes to kitchen remodeling.

“When you do this work, you need good planning and expert help to avoid future setbacks with electrical installations, gas installations or water drains in the kitchen.”

Suggestions for Kitchen Remodeling2020 Kitchen Remodel Trends

  • Before starting any kitchen remodeling work, it is important to know what budget we have to do these jobs. Let’s not forget that this is the basis of everything, since we would not want to spend others when the same result can be achieved for less money.
  • The remodeling will depend mainly on your budget allocated for it, so it is convenient to quote a specialist or architect who has notions of a functional kitchen.
  • If you have already decided to do the remodeling, it is extremely important to take into account that the work will leave your kitchen disabled for a short time, and you will need a lot of organization and planning to choose the appropriate dates, so that it does not interfere with your day to day.

This issue of kitchen remodeling is very common. If you spend good time in the kitchen preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner, it is logical that you want that space to be the most cozy, pleasant and functional for you. If the kitchen you currently have does not meet precisely those expectations, perhaps it is convenient to invest in its remodeling, since the kitchen is one of the most important and busiest places in a house.

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“Remodeling the kitchen is not just about changing the furniture. In this case, you need good planning and expert help to avoid future setbacks with the facilities. ”

Once you know and have analyzed all the changes that you would like to implement in the kitchen, it is convenient that you start by defining priorities. Once you decide the changes, and they begin to execute, it will be difficult to reverse.

How to start? Do you know what your kitchen needs?2020 Kitchen Remodel Trends

Perhaps it is important to recognize that not everything must be changed or remodeled, but some things must remain as they are. This, on the one hand, prevents you from doing unnecessary work and on the other hand, it allows you to save on remodeling work.

How should your new kitchen be?

Your new kitchen must be a functional kitchen. As a work area, cooking should be practical and save you as much time and effort as possible. There must be a correct relationship between the elements that make up the kitchen, such as the refrigerator, stove, sink, dishwasher, trash can, windows (light), etc. Travel must be minimal when working in the kitchen.

In terms of interior design, you must be very careful and respect the layout of previously built spaces, regardless of whether it is a house or apartment.

Suitable furniture

The conditions of the furniture and accessories must be appropriate. You should check if the doors, hinges and handles are in good condition, if the color of the kitchen is pleasant to you. It is also important to check if the style or model of the furniture is the most appropriate for your needs Do you have large enough surfaces to prepare food? Are shelves, drawers and cupboards enough?

Accessories and kitchen appliances

As for the appliances you have in the kitchen, do you like them and are they functional? For example, does the refrigerator meet your expectations? Do you prefer one that doesn’t make frost? Or do you prefer a refrigerator that makes ice? Is the stove easy to clean? Do you prefer gas or electric burners?

Installations in your kitchen

How about the contacts on the wall? Are they enough? Are they in the right place? Is lighting enough? Do sink or dishwasher drains work well or get clogged frequently? Is the gas installation in good condition or do you often smell gas? It is important that these facilities are in the best conditions before remodeling the kitchen, otherwise, it would imply undoing all the advanced and rebuilding.

Floors and walls

Although work is being done on kitchen remodeling, evaluate whether your floors in the kitchen are easy to maintain, which on the other hand, should give the feeling of a clean and fresh place. It is convenient that you use an easy maintenance paint or wall covering. It is also recommended to have a clear wall that feels clean.

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If you are thinking of remodeling your home, or specifically your kitchen, and need furniture, cabinets or drawers, Todeschini offers a beautiful collection of custom-made furniture that works as very good options to give a touch of practicality and spaciousness to your kitchen.

2020 Kitchen Remodel Trends2020 Kitchen Remodel Trends

When we begin to remodel and reform our house we hate most is the time of the works and all the chaos that is formed inside. In this article we are going to talk about kitchen remodeling and we are going to show you photos of already remodeled kitchens. The ideas that we are going to give you can be done without works and you can get very modern and elegant interiors depending on your style.

Remodeling of small and modern kitchens2020 Kitchen Remodel Trends

In kitchens for small floors, interior remodeling can simply consist of placing a wallpaper under furniture and cabinets. Also if you choose a wallpaper of colors that contrast or stand out on the basic color of the interior you will also get a very original decoration. However, in small kitchens we recommend that the predominant color be white because it will open and fill the interior with more light.

Making remodel in the kitchen without works2020 Kitchen Remodel Trends

Another of the ideas for remodeling small kitchens is to open them to the living room or the living room. In this way, the kitchen will become an American type. However, you have to keep in mind that for that the works are inevitable. On the other hand, the remodeling of kitchens by itself can be carried out by painting the wall under the cabinets in a bright and cheerful color. You can also change the furniture especially if they are old or have been using them for many years.

A very modern and elegant kitchen renovated without works2020 Kitchen Remodel Trends

On the other hand, there are modern small kitchens in which remodeling involves adding a decoration to the wall. This decoration can be a panel that mimics the texture of some concrete material such as wood, for example. We advise you to always take into account the combination of the colors inside with the colors of the furniture.

Turning the kitchen into a very modern and elegant space2020 Kitchen Remodel Trends

In contrast, in larger kitchens you can use the same or other ideas to remodel the kitchen. In this case you already have more free space and you can place some brightly colored chairs that can serve as decorative accents inside. However, for greater elegance and modernity we advise you to bet on dark smells, more specifically for the black color, which you can combine with other colors.

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Making a kitchen decoration with white and wooden furniture2020 Kitchen Remodel Trends

One of the most frequent questions we ask ourselves when we want to do a kitchen remodeling is how to furnish my kitchen. There are very original furniture ideas that combine two colors or even two materials. In the photo above you can see that the furniture is made of wood but the doors of the cabinets and the drawers are white. In this case the wood plays the role of a background color and the white color stands out on it.

Remodeling the interior of the kitchen without doing works2020 Kitchen Remodel Trends

Instead, there are models of kitchens in which some furniture is of one color and other furniture of other color. This option also allows you to create very modern and interesting kitchens. In addition, when doing the kitchen remodeling, you paint the browns a dark color, the white color will stand out again and you will create a kitchen with white accents.

A white kitchen with wooden accents2020 Kitchen Remodel Trends

On the other hand, in white kitchens the accents can be of other colors. We even advise you that if your kitchen is white, choose another color to create these decorative accents. Accents can be on closet doors and chairs. In this way the accents will stand out at the bottom of the kitchen and when you look at the table and the chairs the accents will also stand out.

The elegance of black color combined with wood2020 Kitchen Remodel Trends

Kitchen remodeling can be done in a modern and elegant way if you turn your kitchen into a place where black color predominates. You can use this color for furniture and for the floor you can bet on a lighter color. In this way the furniture will stand out on the light ground floor. On the other hand, you can choose furniture with decorative accents included as you can see in the image above in which wood is the accent of black furniture.

A rustic kitchen renovated in a modern way with wood2020 Kitchen Remodel Trends

On the other hand, in rustic kitchens you can also add small details to fill it with modernity. You can opt for more original and unconventional textures for furniture and you can add some wooden beams on the ceiling. You can also combine different textures in your kitchen.

Adding some original and interesting details to the kitchen with an attractive wood in the furniture2020 Kitchen Remodel Trends

On the other hand, you can choose the option of using the same decorative detail for the furniture and another different decoration for the wall and floor. In this way the remodeling of rustic kitchens will be very modern and original.