New Interior Design Trends And Styles 2023

New Interior Design Trends And Styles 2023Now is the time to talk about the new interior design trends 2023. The latest trends partly correspond to the old ways of organizing space, partly bring the latest unusual combinations to the design world. If you want to breathe fresh life into the space of your apartment, you should learn more about all the fashion trends.

Fashionable interior 2023 – main trends, colors, stylesNew Interior Design Trends And Styles 2023

The trends in 2023 in terms of materials are natural and sustainable finishes. Wood, parquet board, natural stone, such materials are leading in the cladding of private houses and city apartments.

The interior colors that will be relevant are warm beige shades, the contrasting interaction of black and white, almond and pale blue colors.

In terms of style, although the classic style does not lose its relevance, in the new year, modern trends come to the fore. This is laconic minimalism, loft, modern, retro 70s and high-tech.

The combination of natural texture and high-tech technologies is a trend that has been rapidly developing in recent years. To the full extent, such a novelty of designer fashion is also applicable to the interior of 2023.

MaterialsNew Interior Design Trends And Styles 2023

The main fashion trend is finishing materials of natural origin. These are durable stone and wood. In the same row with these materials is porcelain stoneware. This material has a democratic price compared to natural types of stone. Porcelain stoneware is also less demanding to maintain than wood. Reliability, environmental friendliness and characteristics of these materials come to the fore.

Such materials are actively used in facing and decorating living space in the new year. At the same time, designers urge to use a creative approach and not be afraid to combine these materials with each other. So in the bathroom you can lay out tiles with marble textures and an accent wall made of wood, or vice versa. You can also add wooden furniture, decor or a stone sink here.

The choice in favor of such materials suggests a deep, calm palette of colors with contrasts of white and dark shades.

Textured glass when choosing materials is also a fresh idea for 2023. Such an interior component makes the room airy and elegant.

Application of textured glass:

  • For finishing – here glass blocks replace a partition or a separate wall
  • As a decorative element – jewelry, dishes, vases made of this material have become fashionable again
  • In the bathroom – embossed glass for the shower cabin or as door decoration.

Trends 2023 suggest contrasting combinations of rough and soft materials, slabs with a noticeable relief and smooth surfaces. The texture and pronounced lines will add volume to materials that are monochrome in color.

Trendy Interior Colors 2023New Interior Design Trends And Styles 2023

With regard to colors in 2023, the following distinctions can be made.

Trends keep the main contrasting colors – white and black, as well as traditional shades of gray, brown and beige.

Color schemes with these colors can be applied throughout the apartment – from the hallway to the living room. The combinations of white and black look especially elegant in the bathroom.

To make the interior more expressive, the palette of the listed colors can be diluted with shades that differ from them in the direction of brightness by 1-2 tones. Playing with these shades, you can set accents, divide rooms into separate zones and emphasize all possible elements.

It is believed that white and light colors make small rooms spacious. To give coziness, a good idea is to dilute the white color with dark shades. This combination can dissolve the boundaries of the room and make it even more comfortable.

Also next year, interior shades of warm yellow are gaining popularity, which we subconsciously associate with sunny weather and good mood.

These include the following variations of yellow:

  • Yellow-brown dusted ocher color
  • Narcissus shade Pantone 14-0850 Tpx Daffodil
  • Mango sorbet with a yellow-orange tint
  • Straw

Cold shades also remain popular when decorating an apartment. These are a variety of cool options for blue, including sapphire. And also cool options of gray and green with quartz and malachite colors are relevant.

You can use these colors as backgrounds in the apartment if you have enough sunlight. If there is not enough lighting, it is better to use these types of colors in moderation or buy furniture in these colors.

Trending Interior Styles 2023New Interior Design Trends And Styles 2023

Minimalism is the megatrend of 2023. The number of requests for this style on the Internet is growing every day. The fact that such a direction occupies the tops of trends is not surprising, since nothing superfluous is supposed to be in this style. In the flow of problems and an overabundance of information, people want the brain to rest at home and not be overloaded with unnecessary details. Minimalism, with its graceful simplicity and uniformity, fully satisfies our desires.

Functionality is the second essential feature of this style. We try not to clutter up the space with large unwieldy furniture and an extensive amount of decor. The ratio of 20% to 80% is the ideal proportion in this style for filling the room with furniture and accessories. The first indicator is how much space the furniture occupies, and the second is the free space.

The idea is that everything used is multifunctional and applicable in different situations. So the tiles on the floor in the corridor should be moderately beautiful, durable, reliable, and at the same time should clearly separate the entrance hall from the rest of the apartment.

In a minimalist setting, they try to get by with 2-3 basic colors: white, gray and beige. You can use an additional brighter shade as an accent.

In zen interiors, the minimalist direction intersects with stylish oriental exoticism. This current design option is common in places for recuperation and relaxation – in bedrooms and bathrooms.

Here you can also highlight the branch of minimalism called “Japandi” – this is an organic combination of the “Scandi” style and the Japanese moderate approach to organizing rooms.

Important features of this direction are:

  • Environmental friendliness
  • Natural light range of colors
  • Ergonomic and functional furniture
  • Thoughtful storage spaces
  • Applying raw imperfect textures
  • The predominance of natural light, which appears due to the open space of the room, the absence of blackout curtains, as well as partitions that let light through.

In general, minimalism is distinguished by a clear zoning of the room, a planned interior without excessive decor, clean lines, open spaces and increased lighting.

The refined interior in the Classical style remains popular. In this area of interior organization, symmetry, harmony and proportionality dominate. Here, natural materials are in the lead – parquet board, wood, natural stone, porcelain stoneware. The latter material is also environmentally friendly, since it is made from clay without chemical additives and is cheaper. Ceramic granite reproduces different surfaces close to the original, and under the guise of marble, onyx and granite perfectly decorates classic interiors.

Of the color schemes in the classics, pastel shades of color are used.

In contrast to the classic design, the interior of 2023 will also use the techniques of the Art Nouveau style with its smooth transitions and rounded rooms. The decoration here uses floral motifs, red, green, brown colors.

A variation of this direction is manifested in the retro style of the 70s with a modern interpretation. It plunges into the bright colorful atmosphere of the past and helps to get rid of the problems of today. Old and solid vintage furniture is an important attribute of this style.

In the interior design of 2023, the modern Loft style will also be indispensable. This is where a well-thought-out design comes into play. This style is characterized by dark colors: gray, black, brown in combination with white or muted shades of bright colors.

Such interiors use high ceilings, brick walls, open communications, a minimum of furniture, industrial decors, and multi-level lighting.

The high-tech Hi-Tech style is firmly entrenched in the design market. In this area of design, metal, plastic, glass are used along with dark shades of colors and straight geometric shapes. In this style, emphasis is placed on pragmatism and utility of the situation. New fashion trends offer a combination of this style with natural materials.

Room Design Trends 2023New Interior Design Trends And Styles 2023

The main emphasis in the arrangement of rooms is on multifunctionality. With the development of remote work, there was a need for a room to quickly turn into a personal office, and then again into a rest room. For this room, the apartments try not to overload with unnecessary details. This is especially important for small-sized housing, where extra decors create a feeling of tightness.

If the rooms of the house are small, you need to decorate the interior in light shades. In this case, you can use the Scandinavian style or the combined style of Japandi.

Kitchen 2023New Interior Design Trends And Styles 2023

The kitchen is a place that all owners decorate according to their own taste. For those who want to try something new, the Loft style is suitable. All the techniques of this trend can be used here, including black and white color combinations, rough finishes and unusually shaped furniture.

Modern high-tech style is also appropriate in the kitchen. Since in this case it is possible to successfully combine technological devices with the situation. It is only better that in color and shape they correspond to a single style. The kitchen in the Hi-tech version is decorated with a dark contrasting palette with metal inserts. In this case, the kitchen apron can be decorated with plates with a metal surface.

Living room 2023New Interior Design Trends And Styles 2023

The living room is a place where people tend to spend a lot of time. In keeping with the presentation of the latest design trends, the living room should be spacious. Comfortable furniture of calm colors suits here. Stylish natural wicker furniture and rattan furniture are in an absolute trend.

Since the classic style holds trends, you can apply it to decorate this room. High ceilings, rich finishes in neutral or light colors with a minimum of decorative elements – all this will look great in the spirit of a classic style. Separate brighter accents will help to revive the interior.

In the modern format, types of bright colors are relevant – white, sand, shades of green and blue.

Bathroom and toilet 2023New Interior Design Trends And Styles 2023

This room looks great in different styles.

Marble slabs with gray veins never go out of style in bathrooms. Thanks to 3D photo printing technologies, this decor is repeated by ceramic granite slabs. Moreover, even professionals are not always able to distinguish marbled porcelain tiles from natural stone.

The chief designer of the Laparet brand, Anastasia Efremova, gives the following tips for decorating a bathroom:

  • Use tactilely pleasing embossed textures – wood, marble, onyx
  • Zoning space with different colors and invoices to separate a place for household items from a zone for relaxation or toilet
  • Thoughtful lighting schemes – you can create several at the same time types of lighting from bright to subdued-relaxing.

Bathrooms in 2023 are increasingly focused on a combination of futuristic high-tech design and traditional eco-friendly interiors. This is facilitated by the latest technical elements – a “smart” shower, as well as partitions made of “smart glass”.

If earlier people used a large bathroom as the main part of the bathroom, today they prefer the idea of a high-tech shower cabin.

“Smart glass” changes its transparency from perfectly transparent to frosted. And if a few years ago such a technical innovation could be afforded by large companies for partitions in the office, now this current trend is gradually coming to the home environment, including bathrooms.

Bedroom 2023New Interior Design Trends And Styles 2023

A modern bedroom should be a comfortable place to relax after a busy day at work. It is important to carefully select colors for this part of the apartment. Instead of dark shades, you should prefer milky and gray. Such color options are universal in use and can be combined with any other parts of the palette.

If the bedroom is large in size, it can be filled with warm colors. They give pleasant emotions and create a positive charge for the whole day. A smaller bedroom will suit cold variations of light colors. They will expand the space and fill the room with lightness.

Children’s room 2023New Interior Design Trends And Styles 2023

Psychologists recommend decorating a children’s room in soft pastel shades. You can zone this room with different colors if there are two children in the room and you need to delimit a place for each child. Muted pink shades are traditionally suitable for girls, soft blue or green tones can be used for boys. Dividing the children’s room into parts also allows you to visually separate the play area from the place for studying and working at the computer.

Yellow shades give positive and awaken creativity in children.

ConclusionsNew Interior Design Trends And Styles 2023

The design trends of previous years smoothly merged into 2023 and received a new development in the directions of minimalism, classics, modern, loft and high-tech styles. All of these styles take a course on the use of natural materials and natural textures, which are combined with technological elements of the apartment’s furnishings.

When decorating an apartment in 2023, it is worth remembering that beauty and style are manifested in details. Therefore, it is better not to rush to the trends, but to clearly think through all the elements of interior combinations and take into account all the details in the selection of materials, style and colors. You need to remember about the uniform style design of all rooms of your house, including the bathroom.

Then nothing will prevent your apartment from becoming a cozy and spacious place for home rest and work in the new year 2023.

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