These Are New Garden Trends 2021

We will show you the best garden trends for this year, so that your garden will certainly shine in fresh splendor.

New Garden Trends 2021In the warm spring and summer months, the focus is on the garden season. Many people see the time spent together with their loved ones outside in their own garden. They rely on timeless plants and garden furniture, but do not ignore the new trends. The “fashion of the garden” is not fast moving like the textile fashion. But there are some novelties year after year. The trends that garden lovers expect in 2021 are eclectic and innovative, yet with traditional and natural tendencies.

Trend 1: Long live the naturalness

The designers and gardening enthusiasts are discovering their love of nature this year. They use soft and smaller forms that express appreciation for nature. Smaller and larger kitchen gardens where vegetables and growing fruit remains popular. It includes more organic products that contain no pesticides or similar substances. Unlike in recent years, many garden owners promote the breeding of bees and other animals. Beekeepers in their own garden are in high demand this year. Nesting aids and insect hotels are in demand, as are useful plants that serve as important food sources for insects. So that the bees and their conspecifics find flowering plants all year round, connoisseurs rely on seasonal plantings. In spring, the cornelian blooms ,produce the egg-shaped and reddish-shiny drupes. In summer, the insects fly on privet or summer linden, in autumn they get through the ivy new power and energy. Linked to the desire to lure insects into their own garden, is the rejection of the chemical pesticides. Instead, hobby gardeners prefer to rely on organic remedies and proven house recipes such as nettle sud. Pests fight them with ladybirds or nematodes, so different millimeter-sized roundworms.

Trend 2: cooking in the open air – the outdoor kitchen in the garden

Grilling has been a trend for years. The boom is undoubtedly continuing this year. In the form of a fully equipped kitchen, it will receive a new meaning in 2021. The beautiful kitchens allow hobby gardeners and chefs al fresco to use the profitable harvest for a delicious dinner. The outdoor kitchen is in no way inferior to the “ordinary kitchen” and contains everything your heart desires: cupboards, sink and an integrated cooker. The rustic or modern kitchens can be built with little effort. With the help of sockets and installed connections that install a professional, is provided for the power supply. The additional consumption does not necessarily have to cost more. In addition, some outdoor kitchen replaces the kitchen in the house in the summer months, so that a Mehrverbrach is not always assumed. Price-sensitive women, who look at the purse during the investment and basically want to save permanently, look for a cheap provider . If you ask for a serious comparative sample, depending on your own power consumption you will receive an offer that is great for seasonal gardening and is also a good choice.New Garden Trends 2021

Whether rustic or modern, depends on the personal taste. One thing is certain: The outdoor kitchen will be big in 2021

Trend 3: Diversity means (cross) bed

The planting in 2021 is versatile as it has not been for a long time. Hobby gardeners are free to combine the most diverse varieties and types of herbs and plants. Variety is high on course, which also benefits the insects. There are no clear trends, although trends are emerging: Ornamental grasses are just as popular as in previous years. Tulip bulbs and garlic are considered secret trendsetters of the summer and fall season. Other plant favorites of the season are dahlias, verbena and feathered grass.

Trend 4: Unusual, exotic and extravagant colors

The garden of 2021 is anything but sad. The coloring of the plants and flowers is strikingly exotic and extravagant. Pale pink, brownish yellow, dark purple to mysterious black – mysterious and eye-catching colors dominate.

Trend 5: High live the raised bed

A new, old trend that amateur gardeners in the city or in the countryside take up equally, is found in the form of the good old raised bed. Raised beds are useful gardeners , as they cultivate useful plants for humans back-friendly and set visually decorative accents. Raised beds are available in stores in every imaginable size and design. If you do not have a garden, set the versatile raised bed on the small balcony or the roof terrace.

Trend 6: Urban Gardening

Interested residents have been gardening within their city since the 1970s. New is the “Urban Gardening” idea so not, but the countless projects in recent years promote especially the community gardening together with neighbors and like-minded people of the city or community. In the foreground in 2021 will be the joint projects of the raised beds, seed exchanges or the innovative concepts for vertical gardens. The cities are now beginning to support citizens’ initiatives with a green thumb. So they release fallow, forgotten areas for use. The principle of the vertical gardencomes into play by greening entire house facades. Some towns and cities stand out from the crowd with their efforts: In Andernach, the urban areas are full of fruit, vegetables and plants that have been harvested in selected locations. In Stuttgart there are own coordinators for the “Urban Gardening”. They help to build new gardens and green spaces faster.New Garden Trends 2021

Urban gardening, that is the (non-profit) gardening in the city, is finding more and more followers

Trend 7: Mix of new living elements and digitization

Is the garden the new living room? Many perennial favorites and new trends speak for it, because the “inside” and “outside” merge into one unit. Modern terraces are living rooms with innovative, spacious open-air lounge furniture. Generous and comfortable are the preferred elements in the “natural living room” – from the perfect seating landscape over warming patio heaters to the innovative floor covering.

  • In 2021, floor slabs in small formats will outstrip the large slabs. They are equally used on garden paths and terraces. Ceramic is a material that is very trendy in 2021.
  • Every living room has a lamp. They enrich the modern garden especially at night and immerse it in a magical light thanks to modern LED or underwater lights.
  • The lounge furniture turns from “comfortable” chairs in 2021 into high-quality trimmings in discreet colors such as gray, brown, black or white.
  • Brilliant accents are associated with the exotic flowers of the plants. Wind lights, cushions and fairy lights in green, pink or gray make the garden shine in a completely new light.
  • Modern technology will arrive in 2021 in the “Smart Garden”. Modern apps on the smartphone control the lighting and irrigation of the pool, fountains or exterior lights. Digital helpers help happy gardeners to plant the areas by regularly monitoring nutrients in the soil.

New Garden Trends 2021In 2021, the local garden will be transformed into a modern outdoor living room on warm days


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