Furniture 2023: New Living Trends

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Furniture Trends 2023: The New Living Trends For Your HomeBring a breath of fresh air into your home with the new furniture trends 2023!

Exciting colors, round shapes and natural materials ensure varied design options and an extraordinary ambience this year. In 2023, wellbeing is the top priority when it comes to furnishing. There are no limits for interior design fans: Mixing and experimenting are allowed!

We’ll reveal the current furniture trends in 2023 and give you tips on how to implement the new living trends. You can expect interesting and inspiring trends for your home.

It’s getting cozy: “Slow Living” will determine the furnishings in 2023Furniture Trends 2023: The New Living Trends For Your Home

The awareness of having to slow down our lives is also reflected in the living trends in 2023. “Slow-Living” determines the year 2023 and ensures a (re) reflection on the essentials. Our home stands for cosiness, for our relaxation area: Here we can consciously leave out the hectic pace of everyday life in order to enjoy life and switch off. Living spaces are no longer overloaded with unnecessary ballast. Instead, we concentrate on the essentials, but still create an inviting and cozy atmosphere. The focus is on high-quality materials and fabrics, selected pieces of furniture are favorite pieces with multifunctionality and character. Materials such as stone or wood and colors such as blue and green combine to form a symbiosis and transport us back to nature and to ourselves.

The living trends in 2023 at a glance

  • Organic shapes: this year furniture and accessories are no longer square and edged, but round, oval or curved.
  • Natural materials: wood, rattan and wickerwork will ensure comfort and warmth in our four walls in 2023.
  • Art Deco style: the roaring twenties are back this year. Patterns, gold, marble, velvet and satin are all the rage.
  • Urban jungle: The living trend is transforming our four walls into a green oasis. Exotic plants, artfully arranged, have a calming effect.
  • Statement wallpapers: This year it can be flashy, strong and unusual. Exciting sample wallpapers and modern photo wallpapers are particularly popular in 2023.
  • The trend colors for 2023: In addition to delicate pastel colors, the colors blue and green are also among the trend colors in 2023.
  • The carpet trends for 2023: organic shapes, natural colors and oriental patterns. Outdoor carpets will also be among the living trends in 2023.
  • The flooring trends for 2023: floors in wood and marble look are exactly the right thing for our home in 2023.
  • Bedding trends for 2023: Tropical patterns and bright colors such as green or petrol are all the rage in 2023.
  • The sofa trends 2023: This year, multifunctionality is the focus of the sofa trends.

Furnishing trend 2023: organic shapes

Curve stars can suddenly be seen everywhere. Furniture is no longer angular, but rather curved. Round or oval sofas and armchairs or curved, decorative accessories: this year, flowing transitions are the order of the day! The organic shapes bring femininity and playfulness with them. They give your room a retro atmosphere and fit perfectly into a modern but also nostalgic interior. Organic shapes radiate calm and transform our home into a real place of well-being.

Incorporate organic shapes into your home

It doesn’t always have to be new pieces of furniture to integrate living trends into your own home. Try small, round accessories, for example a round vase or a table lamp with a round shade. The flowing shapes give your living space a cozy feel. By the way: organic shapes will not only determine the furniture trends in 2023, but will also find their way into the garden furniture trends.

Furniture and accessories in organic shapesFurniture Trends 2023: The New Living Trends For Your Home

Furnishing trend 2023: natural materials

The natural materials harmonize wonderfully with natural colors on your walls: terracotta, beige or a dark forest green create a cozy atmosphere. In combination with white furniture and walls, furniture and accessories made from natural materials create a stylish overall picture.Furniture Trends 2023: The New Living Trends For Your Home

Furnishing trend 2023: the golden twenties

Art Deco glam takes us back in time. The style of the roaring twenties relies on lush patterns and details in gold, marble, velvet and satin. Lace, sequins and pearls decorate fabrics that show art deco-style prints. Animal and floral designs in the style of the 1920s also populate bed linen sets and pillow cases. Velvety soft details create a relaxed, cozy atmosphere and come into their own particularly well in combination with a reduced design. The focus of the living style is on dark and saturated colors, for example blue or green. The Art Deco style is noble and gives your home a special ambience.

Integrate the Art Deco trend in your home

This trend makes it easy for us: We can experiment and try out! Because different elements make up the Art Deco trend. Golden accessories, cushion covers or seating furniture made of velvet, table tops with a marble look: With the Art Deco trend, things can be a little more pompous and opulent. Mix high quality velvet furniture with gold decorations. Take advantage of unusual combinations. Wallpapers in dark colors or with geographical patterns are also just the thing for Art Deco glam.

Furniture Trends 2023: The New Living Trends For Your Home

Furnishing trend 2023: Lots of green plants

This year it shouldn’t only be green on the walls or in the furnishings: The flora is conquering our interiors, it offers a green oasis in our everyday life and becomes a place of retreat in the middle of our lives. A wide variety of plants, including exotic ones, in artistic arrangements ensure a calming effect. The trend of the “urban jungle” brings a little nature into our home.

Tips for your urban jungleFurniture Trends 2023: The New Living Trends For Your Home

Do you want to transform your home into a small urban jungle. The living trend is easy to implement, but it has a big impact. Our tip: Do not arrange the plants individually, but place them in groups. Arrange the plants at different heights. Modern macramé hanging systems offer a practical solution.

Furnishing trend 2023: statement wallpapers

Statement wallpapers will become the star of the interior this year! Striking patterns, strong colors, floral designs, geometric shapes, anything that catches the eye is allowed. But don’t overdo it and treat the modern photo wallpapers, the exotic flower dreams or the romantic scattered flowers to no more than two walls per room.

Furniture trends 2023: These are the trend colors this year

This year we can sweeten ourselves with delicious ice cream colors in pastel ! From lemon, mango to pistachio to strawberry, choose the color of your favorite ice cream and bring pure taste into your living space.

Two more trendy colors in 2023: blue and green. Both colors are close to nature. This year you are in trend with both a delicate mint green and a bright green. The color blue also adorns our walls and furnishings in all shades.

Integrate pastel colors into your home

Pastel colors can be wonderfully combined with each other or with natural wood tones of decorations or pieces of furniture. Less is more should still be your motto: Don’t immerse more than one or two walls of a room in the delicate pastel shades. A wall next to it should be designed rather restrained in warm white, beige or light gray. If you are really brave, you can paint one side in a delicate color and contrast it with a bright one.Furniture Trends 2023: The New Living Trends For Your Home

Furniture trends 2023: These are the carpet trends for 2023

  • Carpets in organic shapes: Round, oval or rounded carpets will find their way into living trends this year.
  • Outdoor carpets: In terms of appearance, they hardly differ from conventional carpets and transform our outdoor area into an open-air living room.
  • Natural carpet colors: Earthy, natural carpet colors are trendy this year. Beige, taupe, brown or gray create a harmonious, calm atmosphere.
  • Oriental carpets: The traditional designs of oriental carpets will also be an integral part of furniture trends in 2023. The distinctive patterns are a great eye-catcher, especially in simple living spaces.

Tips for choosing a carpet

Choose a small rug for a small room, a large rug for a large room. Because a carpet that is too large makes a small room look even smaller, while a carpet that is too small cannot develop its full effect in a large room. Also make sure that the respective furniture has space on the carpet: In the living room, the sofa, the side table and the armchair should have space on the carpet. In the bedroom, the carpet should protrude a little at the end of the bed and on the sides, in the dining room it should be around 70 centimeters longer than your table on all sides.

In the dining room area, choose a rug that matches the shape of your dining room table. Choose an elongated carpet or carpet runner for the entrance area. When choosing the size, always make sure that your doors can still be opened comfortably.Furniture Trends 2023: The New Living Trends For Your Home

Furniture trends 2023: flooring trends 2023

Wood and marble also dominate the new flooring trends:

Wooden floors have long been a classic among floors, but this year they are getting a new meaning. They give our home a particularly natural look, radiate warmth and create a cozy ambience – and that is exactly what will be important in 2023. Whether modern vinyl or design floors, easy-care laminate or classic parquet: floors with a wood look are the right thing for your four walls this year!

Marble floors have long been considered old-fashioned. However, in 2023, marble floors are back. Whether light or dark marble floor: The noble material looks particularly great in the kitchen and bathroom. It doesn’t always have to be an expensive stone floor made of marble. There are now high-quality vinyl floors in marble design, which are usually a little cheaper.

Furniture trends 2023: bed linen trends 2023Furniture Trends 2023: The New Living Trends For Your Home

In the bedding trend, bright colors meet tropical patterns and prints. Bedding with plants and animals is all the rage this year and transforms our bedroom into a place of well-being. Above all, green and petrol set pretty accents in the bedroom. If you prefer something a little more subtle, you can of course also rely on the trend colors of 2023 for bed linen: delicate pastel colors.

Furniture trends 2023: sofa trends 2023

As a result of the fact that the living space available to us is becoming increasingly scarce, new demands are placed on our furnishings. With the furniture trends for 2023, the furniture has to be multifunctional and smart, but not neglect the look. In the course of modern flexibility, stools are designed as 3-in-1 furniture and can also be used as a side table or shelf in no time at all. Large dining tables can be converted into a practical high table variant. Sofa landscapes impress with their high adaptability. Sitting, lying or simply relaxing is possible in a few simple steps.Furniture Trends 2023: The New Living Trends For Your Home

These sofas inspire with their multifunctionality

You can easily imitate the new furniture trends in 2023 in just a few simple steps and transform your four walls into a modern home. In the online shop you will find great furniture and home accessories to redesign your bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen or hallway with the living trends from 2023. I hope you enjoy combining and designing! 2023 promises us ice cream-colored naturalness – let’s enjoy it!

Would you like to collect even more inspiration. Take a look at our post Modern living ideas. There you will find more great tips and ideas.

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