New Trends in Ceramic Tiles 2023

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New Design Trends in Ceramic Tiles 2023Decorative ceramic tiles are not only durable and practical material, they can transform any room beyond recognition. Shine and saturation of colors, ornaments and patterns, durability of service life, water-repellent surface – any glazed tile that is recommended to be installed can boast of this.on the walls of the kitchen, bathroom, hallway and other rooms. As a floor covering, tiles with a relief surface are usually chosen, which will not allow anyone to slip and fall. If your choice is fashionable ceramic tiles 2023, then you should focus on modern ideas and trends, the design novelties of which were used in the previous year. There are no cardinal changes in the fashion for tiles, however, some nuances and trends should be considered in more detail.

Fashion trends in the ceramic tile market 2023New Design Trends in Ceramic Tiles 2023

By means of a perfectly matched color scheme, tiles solve a variety of design tasks, and this turns out to be advantageous. For example, on dark tiles of saturated shades, you can see the reflection of decor, furniture, objects, this not only looks advantageous (especially in the bathroom), but also visually increases the size of the room. Large geometric patterns on wall tiles can create a light, modern vibe in a kitchen.

Advice! If you are planning to buy fashionable ceramic tiles in 2023, taking into account modern ideas and trends, new designs, first of all, think about how to correctly use all parts of the available space.

You should completely abandon the artsy and large furniture and plumbing, extra accessories. Modern interiors are natural and ergonomic, harmony is achieved through exquisite simplicity, noble restraint, the choice of high-quality materials, and the correct use of color schemes. This trend can be seen in most design options.

The latest trend towards the competent mixing of several styles and the final overcoming of stereotypes and conventions inspires designers to use tiles not only in bathrooms and kitchens, but wherever you need to diversify textures and revive surfaces.

This task is simplified today, as ceramic tiles have moved away from traditional shapes and colors, demonstrating to the enthusiastic buyer absolutely unprecedented examples of colors, qualities and shapes.

Focus on naturalnessNew Design Trends in Ceramic Tiles 2023

The fashion trend for comprehensive naturalness first of all touched all finishing materials, in particular, beautiful ceramic tiles 2023 of an unusual design appeared.

Feel free to choose options with an imitation of the texture of wood, any natural stone or marble, even concrete, and what is completely new – metal. Today, ceramic tiles quite realistically imitate the above, which contributes to its popularity. Sometimes the rougher the texture, the better it looks in the interior.

Particularly relevant is the imitation of the texture of natural wood, especially one that can only be distinguished by touch from its counterpart. Extravagant and flashy-looking tiles are much less common in the interior of the kitchen and bathroom in 2023.

Today, discreet and neutral colors in grayish and (especially) black matte tones are fashionable. To give the room a more lively look, it is quite possible to choose, for example, textured tiles.

Trendy colors of ceramic tiles 2023 – terracotta, sea wave, autumn and spring foliage, moss and stone. When looking for special inspiration for fashionable decoration, remember that today luxury is shown in subtlety and elegance.

Important! The choice of tiles cannot be based on the conclusion: “I came to the store and I liked it.” Everything in the room should be in perfect harmony – only in this way can you build not only a functional, but also a super-fashionable space.

Tile trends 2023 – stone and marble effect tilesNew Design Trends in Ceramic Tiles 2023

Today, marbled ceramic tiles are very fashionable, as they help create strict minimalist interiors, give kitchens and bathrooms an irresistible look.

For example, you can combine such pseudo-marble with decorative wall decoration, complement the entire interior with small but exquisite details. Even decorative columns are acceptable, today no one will accuse you of an excessive desire for luxury.

You can give the interior a fashionable “naturalness” by imitating natural stone, especially since such fashionable ceramic tiles 2023 go well with chrome steel and glass.

On a note! Fans of high-tech style and minimalism should know that stone-look tiles are a great choice for such an interior. Moreover, in the coming years, these styles are unlikely to lose their relevance.

One of the most beneficial and pleasant properties of modern ceramics, which imitates stone, is the fact that the tiles are almost always matte, and at the same time also embossed. It is not only beautiful, but also non-slip, so practical owners can use it when decorating the hallway, and not just the kitchen or bathroom.

Volume and geometric patternNew Design Trends in Ceramic Tiles 2023

The use of ceramic tiles with distinguishable geometric patterns and ornaments for composing all kinds of compositions in the decoration of rooms is also a fashionable technique today. You can give the surface visually additional volume, imitate three-dimensional space, give dynamics, make the interior modern. As a rule, young people tend to choose just such options.

Even the most uncomplicated ornament – say, bricks, a simple mosaic, stylization of fish scales or honeycombs in 3D format looks simply amazing. The strictest proportions and thin, gracefully drawn lines are a demonstration of good taste, as geometry is still in trend.

Speaking of volume, it is worth mentioning that ultra-fashionable is:

  • a tile with an imprint of a leaf pattern, moreover, with a detailed drawing of all the veins;
  • patterns like frost on winter windows are popular; drawings of the type of diverging circles on the water;
  • imitation of raindrops (in our time, any familiar natural phenomena can become a motive for imitations).

Check out the latest 2023 tile collections from famous brands: they will really blow your mind.

White is still in fashionCeramic Tiles 2023

Nothing looks as perfect as a white kitchen or a gleaming white bathroom. If you are tormented by deep doubts about which color scheme to prefer, then white tiles are still a win-win option for the interior.

White color is a feeling of comfort, light, lightness and freedom. The magic of white shades creates the illusion of infinity and transparency of space in the interior.

Psychologists believe that a person perceives the white color as a kind of new beginning, which has a positive effect on the psyche. Indeed, white tones never bother and do not irritate the eyes, which is why they are so appropriate in a room where a person wants to lie in the bath and relax at least for a few minutes.

It should be noted that white bathroom tiles come in a variety of shades, as this color is ambiguous. Barely noticeable bluish shades will make the interior colder, while the cream shade is much warmer, it all depends on what visual effect you want to achieve.

You can make your bathroom impeccably sterile and very cold, or vice versa – soft, cozy and warm. All this is achieved with the same color. It all depends on what kind of white bathroom tiles you decide to buy, and whether you will use other colors.

Advice! If you add brown shades, they will make the bathroom more comfortable, and blue – more “clean”. Orange and yellow tones will add positive emotions, and the combination of white and black is an “timeless classic”.


  1. If you are not inclined to make repairs often, but love variety, then a white bathtub will be just a background for you.
  2. The color of furniture, towels, and other details can change, and this will make the room look different every time.
  3. Today, you can use accessories “under the tree” or under the natural stone. It is worth noting that white tiles in the bathroom can help you visually expand or, conversely, narrow the space. To do this, two walls need to be made light, and two dark. Thus, a narrow bathroom will appear a little wider.

Fashionable ceramic tiles 2023

Among the latest fashion trends are small and narrow ceramic tiles. It looks a bit like a traditional mosaic, visually makes the ceiling higher in the room and is able to create an interesting and non-standard texture on the walls. However, there are other ultra-fashionable novelties.

Hexagon tiles are trendyCeramic Tiles 2023

Today, the most fashionable form of ceramic tiles is the hexagon. The popularity of tiles in the form of a regular hexagon is definitely breaking all records in 2023. The shapes of such tiles and their sizes can expand their traditional range within a single collection.

It is worth noting that this is new, nothing more than a return to the historical traditions of the 18th century, while this form, on the contrary, was very common. By the way, it is considered ultra-fashionable to use large hexagonal porcelain tiles on the floor, especially if the interior design is decided in vintage style.

Another original novelty is puzzles made of ceramic tiles of various geometric shapes, and without a seam, but in this version it is important to choose the right colors.

The use of a base (gray or white) in this version is almost mandatory, then gently blue shades, yellow, green tones, graphite, as well as golden or brown shades are added. By the way, today the color of a dusty rose is fashionable, it looks unsurpassed on gray.

The tile is not just big, but very largeCeramic Tiles 2023

Not so long ago, amateurs found large-sized tiles only where materials were offered for finishing industrial premises or public places.

Today the situation has completely changed: not just large tiles, but very large ones, even huge ones, are very fashionable. Product manufacturers create entire original collections that are dedicated to large-format ceramic tiles.

The main feature of large ceramic tiles is their distinctive ability to give the coated surfaces not only a more rigorous, but also a more refined look. However, a large format always requires additional space.

For example, in a small-sized bathroom or kitchen, corridor, such tiles will have to be repeatedly cut and carefully adjusted, which will ruin the original idea.

Large-sized ceramic tiles in the interior have not left the fashion catalogs for several years in a row, for this reason they now have their own decorative and quality standards.

New – concrete look tilesCeramic Tiles 2023

After such modern interior styles as loft, hi-tech, minimalism and even art deco came into fashion and became stronger, there was a need to imitate concrete details and structures.

The fact is that laying natural concrete is not only a completely difficult task, but also very dusty. Therefore, the use of ceramic tiles 2023, imitating real concrete, is an excellent option, an optimal and convenient way out.

On a note! Pseudo-concrete (in the form of tiles) will not only help to avoid the mentioned inconveniences that are associated with laying the material, but also provide reliability, ease of maintenance, and a modern look of the surface.

Tile is a durable material that can withstand heavy loads, does not allow moisture and steam to pass through, and is non-combustible. The most pleasant advantage of a tile is how easily any pollution is removed from its surface.

Walls and floors decorated with tiles can be washed with any chemical means that no other finishing material can be proud of, and if you also take into account the above tips, your kitchen or bathroom will not only be cozy and practical, but and stylish.

New tiles design 2023

Whether placed on the floor or on the wall, tiling is one of the essential coverings. And for good reason, it has many advantages, it is easy to maintain and, above all, very trendy! Each year, new models come to light, all of which will look great in your interior. This is why we invite you to discover the new tiles design 2023.

Floor tiles is essential

Because it has many advantages, such as its durability, resistance, etc., tiling invests the interior of many homes. It finds place on the floor, but also on the walls, as in the bathroom or the kitchen, among others. In these rooms, it is appreciated for its resistance to water and projections, as well as for its ease of maintenance.

The tiles are available in a wide choice of colors, patterns and tile sizes to meet all needs and desires. Whatever style you want to give your interior, it will fit perfectly, or even contribute to it.

Among all these interior tiles, we invite you to discover the trendiest of this year, which you can discover in more detail on the store.

Imitation wood tiles

To take advantage of the warm appearance of wood and the resistance of the tiles, you can opt for imitation wood tiles. This type of tiling will give you a superb finish both indoors and outdoors. You will then be able to enjoy a beautiful parquet floor without having to use wood and without suffering the disadvantages of this material.

But, compared to parquet, the real advantage of this type of tiling is that it is more suitable for rooms, such as the bathroom and the kitchen, as well as those where there is a lot of traffic.

If tiling is so successful today, it is because it is easy to maintain and not very fragile. Similar to what you would do with parquet, you can also choose from different shades knowing that:

  • lighter shades will bring a feeling of brightness to the room and give the impression of a larger space;
  • More golden hues, such as honey, will be warmer for a cozy atmosphere.

Natural stone tiles

Because more and more of us are with everything that brings us closer to nature, natural stone tiling or natural stone imitation is more and more trendy. It is possible to find different kinds depending on the desired rendering.

The travertine tiles

He too is honored! Used for tiling, travertine, a sedimentary rock already used by the Romans for the construction of the Colosseum, responds to a desire to return to nobler and more natural materials.

As you can imagine, this type of tile is very resistant over time. It is also appreciated for its non-slip properties. Thus, it will easily find its place in the bathroom, but it will still be necessary to waterproof it afterwards. It will also look great in other rooms, such as the kitchen.

We particularly like its irregular appearance which gives it character and will bring charm to your interior. On the maintenance side, the ideal is to use black soap or Marseille soap to avoid the risk of damaging it with products that are too abrasive.

The marble tiles

Marble is a safe bet for the interior coating of walls and floors. We love its chic appearance, while being classic. It is easy to maintain and timeless. The proof, he constantly returns to the front of the stage.

Whatever its color, its brilliance gives it great luminosity. You will have the choice between different types of marbling, different colors, different slab sizes, etc., enough to meet all your desires and to make different choices depending on the rooms.

It will bring a touch of both naturalness and elegance to your interior that will look great. Timeless and unbeatable, marble or imitation marble tiling is ideal for creating a refined decoration.

Ceramic tiles

Very original, this porcelain stoneware tile, a mixture of clay and silica, seduces us with its mixture of natural colors which draw patterns that we like to try to interpret. Among these shades, the beige tones bring a warm note, as for the gray tones, they give relief. This type of tiling being very resistant, it can be installed in rooms where traffic is intensive. You can associate it with a decoration in your shades of beige, black, white, gray which will highlight the tiles.

In addition, it goes very well with other natural materials, such as wood, but also with glass or metal. Each emphasizing the other for a harmonious and welcoming whole.

The black tile

Very current for several years, a black or dark gray tile will not fail to give character to your interior. But be careful, the room must be bright or spacious enough to accommodate this type of floor tiling.

You can also choose to use it on a wall, for example. It can then imitate slate or other natural materials. Depending on the result you want to achieve, you can play with plain colors or tone-on-tone patterns, but what is certain is that dark tiles can go well with different styles:

  • It can be used for an industrial decoration, for example.
  • You can associate it with a very colorful decoration to create a contrast or why not, with pastel shades.

However, it is more prudent to avoid black furniture which risks giving a very dark set, unless, of course, you want to try your hand at the “total black look”. If the result can be nice, it is necessary to have the space adapted to this kind of decoration.

Floor tile trends 2023Floor tile trends 2023

Whether indoors or outdoors, whether wall or floor, high-end tiling remains essential and is even making a big comeback. A chameleon, tiling imitates almost all materials and can be made very small or very large. Interior design designer helps you better understand interior design trends in floor tile trends 2023.

XXL tiles: the strong top-of-the-range trend

When it comes to tiling, the bigger the better. For what? Because a large format tile will enlarge a room, even if it is small. And on an already spacious room, it will give an impression of great freedom. Thus, we find in kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and on outdoor terraces more and more large tiles of 120 x 120 cm.

Spacious and elegant, XXL tiles are a must in all high-end collections and can even be placed on walls. And if it is available in all living rooms, it is because, from now on, top-of-the-range XXL tiling is also available in all materials, thanks to its “effects”.

When tiling imitates natural materials: the effects of wood, stone, metal, concrete…

Have you always wanted a waxed concrete floor in your living room but you find that it requires too much work? Do you dream of a stone wall but you own a new house? Or do you cherish the sweet dream of a floating floor but you don’t want to put it down? The tiles will allow you to offer you all the effects, thanks to a high-end imitation.

High-end floor effect tiles

All material imitations are now possible with tiling. You can choose a wood effect of all sizes and including all natural essences. Or a cement, concrete, terrazzo, stone or marble effect. To be placed horizontally or vertically, in the desired size, for the effect you want to give to your room: design, modern, cocooning, rustic. Today, we can even afford an “oxidized metal” effect for a very industrial decor. With current technologies, all choices are possible.

Marble, undisputed king of high-end tiles

As we have already underlined, marble remains a timeless material. Defying time, marble remains popular on floors and walls for its aesthetic, decorative and technical advantages (it is a material that is very resistant to heat, scratches and has a high durability, inside and out).

However, the price and maintenance of marble can sometimes discourage. The ideal alternative, which is becoming increasingly popular on the market, is then large-format ceramic tiles, still high-end but less expensive than blocks of marble. And the choice is then as wide as the “real” marble. Polished or matte, marble-effect ceramic tiles are inspired by the chromatic richness of the most beautiful marbles: from immaculate white to deep black, including pinks, browns, beiges, grays and even greens. All veining is also possible, depending on your desires.

Zellige, for ever more class and luminosity

This small original Moroccan tile is trendier than ever. These tesserae, whose base is made of clay, form, once assembled, either a mosaic of different colors or a plain wall. More used in the West on walls than on floors, this rather luxurious tile is available in all shapes and sizes. Its enamel layer makes it very shiny and allows it to bring a unique shine and luminosity to any room.

Glass enamels, hexagonal porcelain stoneware, travertines: small top-of-the-range tiles adorn all the walls

Almost as popular as the XXL trend: that of small tiles, which we often want to be quite graphic. In 2023, we like to play with patterns and shapes. And then we see the great return of hexagonal tiles for a very modern effect. Or mosaic, often colored, to give a living room some pep. Glass enamels are a delight in bathrooms and kitchens, preferably in green or blue for a soothing “aquatic” effect.

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