Most Popular Lighting Trends for 2020

Most Popular Lighting Trends for 2020Lighting is another part of the decoration, and any interior designer will point out that the correct use of it is capable of changing the look of a room. In this article we are going to talk about popular lighting trends that will give a lot to talk throughout the year, and that you will find in catalogs and stores.

The Lighting Trends Of 2020

Organic materials

If there is something to be said about organic materials, it is that they never go out of style: a certain style in natural fiber lamps may not be a tendency for a time, or a specific material may not work too hard for a while, but if we talk about lamps made with natural materials, we talk about durable and, generally, quality products.

Ethnic is a ceiling lamp made of cellulose, which gives it great lightness. In addition, its online sale is 100% exclusive in Newdecortrends, and it has the advantage that natural materials combine with virtually any type of decoration you want to use.

If what you need is to make a hallway stand out, or to light a part of a room well, a wall lamp made of organic materials is what you need. The small metal sconces give way to rounded shapes that monopolize the entire space of the wall with its design and with the light they project. You will have already realized that asymmetric shapes and with a touch of eccentricity will have a great role.

Wood with hardly any treatment

Within the wooden lamps, one of the lighting trends in 2020 is that it shows little or nothing treated, imitating the most rustic and wild state of it, in balance with the softness of the light.

If you look at the details of the Sabina Mantra collection, you will see that this way of working has been taken care of to the millimeter, offering wall, ceiling, table lamps… that will help you create a cozy effect. In addition, the linen with which the screens are made filters the light in a very special way, creating a set of great decorative value.

Copper or aged metal lamps

The next of the lighting trends for 2020 are copper or aged metal lamps. Metals are an absolute trend in decoration, and this year it has been the turn of copper to be at the forefront, paradoxically, providing a vintage touch.

This original color and finish are reinforced in the case of the Tibeta luminaire with an oriental design where again the asymmetry between the pieces, but the symmetrical curves of each lamp, are the most prominent features. Made of aluminum, it is covered by a copper electrolytic bath and metal wires in the same color.

Midcentury, a golden age for design

Midcentury is the tendency that tries to recover the designs, as its own name indicates, of the middle of the last century. Have you seen the Mad men series, or Pan Am? That is the aesthetic that they try to recover, bringing to the present and updating the practical forms and with a certain naive background, where the uniform color and the funny contrasts between different tones are some of the most outstanding features.

The simplicity of its lines make, as far as adapting to different decorations, a true wild card. White, smoked or green, the three models incorporate a wooden detail. In gold or chrome, the seven spheres of this elegant lamp are a perfect cover letter for an atmosphere in the style of The Great Gatsby.

Classic style in modern environments

To finish this first review of decorative lighting trends in 2020, we have left the classic style: if you have noticed, it is increasingly common to find, in modern environments and even avant-garde decoration, small touches and winks towards the classic.

A frame with valance, a small porcelain figure, and, of course, a lamp worked in this style.

Lladró offers you a wide variety of models for the hall or the lounge, but we want to highlight two that affect the tendency to look towards the East when choosing home decoration: it is Peacock and Yoga.

In the first case, the use of translucent porcelain is its most characteristic feature: you have seen paper, glass, wool, cotton screens… but when the way in which light filters the porcelain is something really unique.

Yoga, meanwhile, invites us to relax not only for the main figure, but for the level of finish and detail and the play of colors between the screen and the woman sitting in the lotus position.

These are some, but not all, of the lighting trends for 2020, a year in which Spanish design lighting takes center stage and occupies a prominent place on the international stage; attributes that you have been able to see throughout this article, such as the quality of the pieces or the versatility of the styles represented, are increasingly valued outside and within our borders, making the Spanish design be placed at the forefront in what which refers to the lighting sector.

Decoration trends 2020: smart lighting and LED as protagonists

Precious, nature and color: these are the three adjectives that best describe the trends in decoration of 2020. The new year will bring many new features for those who follow fashion and design interior.

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Among the decoration styles, the minimal, functional and reduced to the minimum power style will still be very present, but it will flow with other currents, other colors and other contrasts. The undisputed protagonists of this year are glass, wood and metals, which will influence not only the decoration but also all the decorative elements, however small, giving a touch of novelty to our homes.

Lighting trends 2020

The 2020 will feature not one but several styles, creating a very characteristic mix: from classic to modern, from vintage to shabby, from modern to ethnic, from Nordic to Arabic. Together with the decoration elements, interior lighting will be the perfect accomplice to create unique and original design environments. Attentive! It is not about mere aesthetics or good taste, colors, shapes or models; there will be much talk about caring for the environment and innovation. The design lamps that will give more talk will be LED and smart. In you will find so many ideas, inspiration and products to renew or create from scratch a new look for your home.

Black and gold lamps

A trend that began in 2019 and continues even more strongly in this new year. The details in gold are a true must have, either to give a touch of elegance to the room or by simple combination of colors. An original solution, designed to emphasize light, heat and turn any space into a cozy place. In fact, the luminous reflections of the golden part create cozy and intimate atmospheres, rich with feeling and warmth. The black and gold lamps, with canvases and timeless shapes, find their harmony in the different styles of decoration, from classic to modern, through vintage. They are perfect for the living room, dining room or even for the bedroom, offering class and elegance without equal. An example of this is our Thea lamp, with design lines and natural materials such as wood that blend with colors of precious materials. This creates the perfect environment and adapts perfectly to any indoor environment.

Modern and innovative: opt for LED lighting in any room

Innovation, creativity and modernity. The lighting trends for 2020 are the result not only of design, but also of technology. The low consumption combined with simple and contemporary lines, adapt both to design environments, and to those familiar and professional. You can choose between LED panels or pendant lamps, such as the Eline lamp of essential and original appearance. The LEDs allow in fact to create unique designs, unmatched in the field of traditional lighting. Their versatility allows them to be integrated in any way, without suffering technical limitations as they offer the advantage of being able to always project and develop new forms and different design ideas.

LED technology is not simply aesthetic but they are both functional and practical. Decoration trends 2020 address the typical LED tapes for cabinets, shop windows, stairs or study areas. Chest of drawers to illuminate at night or in the afternoon, with discrete dimensions so that you can also use them as a decorative element.

The latest LED trends are positioned in the number one position in terms of originality, customization, style and design, but also in terms of optimization of time and space. LED lighting is fashionable both in indoor and outdoor environments. Like everyone thanks to its low consumption and long service life.

Smart home

Each occasion is the perfect time to make something special about cleaning the house, a reading on the couch or a break. Smart lighting or smart Home is much more than this. It’s technology, innovation, functionality and comfort: it is enough to think of all intelligent systems that receive orders through a smartphone and an app or with a remote control. All functionalities are customizable and easily programmable depending on the needs of each one. And no, it is not complicated to use: it is as simple as using the television or mobile remote control. All you need is to have a WIFI connection.

Illumination is no longer simply light. Enlightenment is experience, feeling, emotion. Thanks to Smart Home systems you can create environments and atmospheres based on your tastes, your lifestyle, your demands. Colors, timing, on and off programming or vocal control are some of the options that you can easily manage through an intelligent lighting system.

Other trends you can’t miss

Design and functionality come together to create unique products. You will not only find elaborate designs but also 100% functional objects, such as LED panels. True lighting systems that are capable of detecting a human movement and respond to it with a request for light. A perfect solution for those who need, for example, a little light on the kitchen countertop, or for those who always have their hands in the dough. The LED panels are also perfect in the attics or in the cellars, where the light changes from one moment to another. Thanks to the motion sensors, the panel turns on or off in autonomous mode when a human body is approaching.

If the classic lamps are not for you, then choose a large floor lamp or cult objects such as the Wagenfeld from Tecnolumen. A design lamp and fashionable. The shapes, styles and colors are multiple: surely these lamps will become the true protagonist of the room.

Trends 2020: the essentials in lighting and decoration.

With the arrival of the new year we look at the designs and decorative styles that will be a trend during 2020 and we bring them to you so that you can have your home, establishment or commercial premises to the last in terms of interior decoration and lighting.

The proposals in decoration and interior design are open and contrast styles, natural products and designs are taken, handicrafts, poorly treated wood and in front of these trends, sophisticated styles, decorations with shabby airs, full of accessories full of elegance and glamor

Earth colors such as sand and terracotta tones break into interior decoration to provide warmth, they are ideal to combine with natural materials such as wool or cotton blankets or textiles, crockery, earthenware or earthenware lamps, clay tonalides, fabrics in linen burlap,…

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And in front of the natural tones, the gold ones stand out as the emerging metallic hue in all its finishes; Mid Century trends have brought back all the glamor of those years and gold metals become a must to give a touch of elegance.

Textiles brocades, velvets, flocking and wallpapers in vivid tones such as green, blue and maroon to contrast and combine with golden and copper tones will be the essential elements in more sophisticated decorative styles.

Curved lines and products and designs without edges, rounded, circular and oval shapes are another trend that will continue to dominate 2020, round rugs that invite you to rest, mirrors of curved lines, dining tables or round or oval auxiliary tables, Suspension lamps or table of spherical shapes will be your perfect allies to give a curved touch to the decoration.

Ethnic and exotic pieces and accessories are also a trend in decoration, a colorful oriental rug, a carved wooden furniture from India, silk cushions from a Moroccan bazaar, lanterns and Arabic lamps…. Any piece that brings personality and contrasts to the decoration is well received among the new trends in lighting and decoration.

If you want to keep up to date with regards to lighting and design, check out our website, we will be happy to assist you in illuminoteca, our online store and physical lamps and cool things in Madrid.

What trends will mark the lighting in 2020?

Since light is a way of giving personality to the environments, any forecast on lighting trends will point directly to the personalization of spaces. Designers and specialists already presented months before the end of 2019 some lines of what we can expect for the next 12 months, confirming that in regards to LED lighting for the home, many aspects already known will continue.

What can you expect from the decoration in 2020?

From the known so far, several conclusions can be drawn for the interior of the home:

  • The open spaces, of marked minimalist character, will continue to gain strength. The trend will continue to point to the union of living room, dining room and kitchen, although the forecasts point to more daring decisions such as joining bedroom and toilet.
  • The intention of creating open spaces is logical: gain more meters. The result is more flexible spaces, in which the scenes can quickly mutate. This will involve decisions in the field of indoor LED lighting, since the logical thing is to change the central light points and make modifications to the accessory lights.
  • Details and textures will prevail. With the light, the creation of home environments will be sought, which provide warmth, brightness and respect the original colors of any element.
  • To help minimalist environments you will bet on luminaries of geometric shapes. It will also increase the search for lamps with organic forms, framed this trend within the concern for the environment and energy efficiency.

The led decoration will remain fashionable

From 2019, a relevant data for the decoration of the home was also extracted: according to Cetelem Observatory data, the expenditure most related to the home (decoration, reforms, etc.) was the one that suffered the least decrease. In principle, this should assume that 2020 would continue to be a good year to undertake reforms and changes in homes.

In the field of lighting, in addition to what has already been pointed out, more daring options will be sought that are able to maintain their leading role when it comes to enhancing or highlighting specific areas. With the use of the appropriate luminaries in each scenario, the intention is to gain capacity in the creation of different scenes depending on the moment. Therefore, a good idea for lighting could be the use of adjustable lamps.

Illuminating a specific focal point will remain, for logical reasons, a fundamental pillar. For this, the ceiling lamps will continue to be used mostly. As for zoning, a good example could be seen in the kitchen and in the bathroom. The bet seems simple: to have a general lighting for the “work” moments and a dimmer and warmer light when you simply spend time in both rooms. Once again, this second layer of light will have the mission of emphasizing scenes.

Three specific data that decorating experts bet on:

  • For the bathroom mirror, the backlight will be sought using cold light so that the skin colors are as realistic as possible.
  • Dichroic lights will acquire their own name. Already in their halogen version they were used a lot in the decoration of spaces and now with the proliferation of LED lights they have gained even more prominence. His particularity? They loyalty very well the colors of the areas that are to be enhanced, generate less heat and consume less electricity, values that are now intensified even more if the choice is a dichroic LED light.
  • The LED lamps also point to take a leading role in this field, since it fulfills several functions serve as additional lighting to the center point, they can be repositioned as needed and obviously enhance any desired area.

Materials for lighting 2020

Trends in hall lighting usually have a fairly relevant range in this field. In general, you will bet on an explosion of colors. In principle, no one will close the door. In contrast, maximalism prevails in the room, with dark tones that do not give up warmth.

This trend will complement very well with the choice of materials for the lamps. In addition to using warm lights for the rooms in which it is intended to create comfort, master combinations of somewhat more natural materials (what in design is known as “organic appearance”) will be sought with others that transmit more modernity such as metal. In this last current, what is expected is that copper or bronze continue to capture looks.

One more year, the wood will continue to shine. It is one of those materials capable of covering the needs that have been mentioned: it evokes warmth where they are placed and depending on the version of the lamp chosen it can meet as a main light or as an accessory with smaller luminaires.

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Lighting Design Trends For 2020


2020 has just begun and it is common for trends that took place in 2019 to vary, transform and change.

If you are looking for the new lighting trends for 2020, you have arrived at the right place because in Krealo we have researched and we have drawn some conclusions that you should consider if you are going to change lamps and decoration in your home.

New lighting changes for 2020

If you have come here it is because you are interested in knowing what has changed, or can change, in lighting for 2020.

Whether you are decorating your home, or want to renew the look of it, lighting is known to be very important to be left lightly. Even expert decorators take into account the type of light in the rooms.

For this reason, these points can help you know what lighting (and decoration) will be a trend in 2020. Are we going to analyze them?

1. Naturalness: straight lines and natural materials

Believe it or not, this 2020 wants a straighter design. Lamps made with natural materials but with straight lines are sought. Gone are the curves or strange designs, now it takes the most natural. These accessories focus on simple geometric designs, soft neutral colors and a prominence of form over extravagant aesthetics.

As for materials, wood, bamboo, rope, etc. These are just some examples of the type of lamps that we are going to find for this 2020.

Of course, everything will depend on the style you like for your home. Natural materials will look great in natural styles, even classic. For the most modern, look for an industrial style with metal finishes (cast iron, metal, etc.).

2. Retro and industrial styles are returning but in more refined ways

If in 2019 we already announced that industrial and retro styles were becoming fashionable, by 2020 they will continue with us, but in a different way.

And there are some changes: we are seeing more elegant metals, more varied tones and alternative designs. All are based on these retro and industrial styles, but they look for the elegance of them, not the one that remains vastly.

3. Edison’s vintage light bulbs are taken

As you know, Edison’s bulbs are no longer sold in stores because they have been removed. However, they are a trend for this 2020 because light bulbs are sought that, with the interior filaments, decorate.

Fortunately you have options, such as vintage LEDs, light bulbs with filaments that closely resemble those of Edison and that this year they will be in many decorations. Ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, offices, libraries, etc.

These bulbs are already easy to find and do not have the disadvantages of incandescent or Edison bulbs. In addition, they are ideal for lamps where the bulb is seen as they look for that.

4. Soft gold is the new finish

This is related to lighting in that the lamps made with a soft gold color are going to be very fashionable (and you will have to combine it with the rest of the home’s decoration and accessories).

The good thing about this color is that it combines quite well with any type of decoration which will help the transition is not very expensive. Of course, remember to be a soft color with simple and simple lines.

5. And metal finishes too

If we used to talk to you about the soft gold color, now we must talk about metallic finishes, because it is one of the lighting trends for 2020.

In this case, it focuses on modern decorations that seek greater attractiveness since the metallic finish can be combined with the soft gold color to achieve an effect that will attract attention in many homes.

6. The LEDs will continue to be the best option

Not only because of the advantages they have, but because they are going to lower a little price making their choice even better.

For those who have not yet opted for LEDs, the advantages you will find are:

  1. They last longer than other bulbs. Even leaving them on 24 hours a day, the LED bulbs can last between 13 and 17 years active. This, for other luminaries, is unthinkable, which saves.
  2. Although the price of light bulbs is more expensive, for longer active time allows the disbursement to be much lower. For example, if you buy a led bulb and another halogen, echo, etc. After x time you will have to change that last one and the cost will be double. Instead, the led bulb will not have to be replaced.
  3. These bulbs emit almost no heat, nor gases or toxic.
  4. They are suitable either to leave them on for many hours or to turn them on and off. In fact, when you turn them on you don’t have to wait until they offer you 100%, they will do so at the same time.
  5. They allow to play with them in the decoration offering bulbs of different colors or even that the same bulb changes color according to a pattern.

7. It is committed to accent lighting

When you think of a room, the first thing is that you have a lamp on the ceiling. However, for this 2020 it will not be so necessary because you can create the appropriate lighting with appliques or “accent” lamps, that is, those that offer specific lights to specific areas.

It is thus sought to create greater privacy in certain spaces that do not have to depend on ceiling lamps to illuminate, but rather do so with other types of lamps.

These are the points that we have considered most representative as lighting trends for 2020, but they are not the only ones, nor will they be. Normally, transitions are taking place throughout the year that will possibly be part of 2020. So we will be alert in case we should notify you of any important changes so that your home is always up to date.