What Are the Kitchen Trends for 2025

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What Are the Kitchen Trends for 20202025 is perfect for updating the interior of the house, and especially the kitchen. In this article you can see ideas of the new designs of kitchen trends for 2025 and choose the most attractive option.

Kitchen Design Layout 2025Kitchen Design Layout 2020

To choose the right design and determine the geometry, you need to follow the following rules:

  1. The number of people living in the apartment.
  2. Dimensions and location of windows.
  3. Household appliances that are in the kitchen or will be installed later.
  4. The size of the room.
  5. Compliance with the installation of kitchen equipment (we are talking about gas stoves, ovens, refrigerators and others)

To obtain a comfortable and productive room, you should consider all the nuances. It all starts with the choice of material and colors for the future premises. At least these few points will be responsible for the comfortable perception of the walls and the organization of coziness.

2025 furniture trends for kitchen2020 furniture trends for kitchen

The main element in choosing kitchen furniture is shape. It all depends on the geometry and area of the room. All kitchens are divided into:

  • Linear
  • U-shaped
  • Angular
  • Peninsular
  • Island

Next, we will begin to disassemble each option.


In 2025, this is a more popular and widespread model in Russian apartments. Perfect for small kitchens or long but narrow rooms. For a small apartment, this is the most convenient and practical option.


Modern 2025 kitchens are often designed as a corner option. This is also a popular kitchen layout.

It is convenient that all furniture manufacturers will easily select the right sizes for the kitchen and all the elements will fit perfectly into any room.


In Russian apartments, this is not a very popular option. More suitable for large and spacious rooms. Therefore, country houses for this type are more convenient.

Please note that the headset can serve as the main table for cooking, but at the same time switch its purpose to the bar counter.


This is mainly the creative decoration of a corner or U-shaped kitchen. The difference is that the headset separates the cooking area from the eating area. Most common in studio apartments.

But for a simple large kitchen, this option is suitable and not only will look great. Such a kitchen is used by people who love to separate areas of rooms.

The peninsula may include the following details:

  • Place to eat
  • Bar counter
  • Quite a rare option, but sometimes feasible – a stove or sink.
  • A place for cooking.


The most interesting, unusual kind of kitchen. Pretty luxurious, so only owners of large apartments or large country houses can afford it.

The whole idea of the kitchen is that the main cooking table is separate from the rest of the equipment. It can also be used as a headset or hob.

Interior style kitchen trends for 2025Interior style kitchen trends for 2020

The designs for the 2025 kitchens vary widely. But the main popularity went to kitchens made from natural materials with an interior close to nature.

But the blessing this year, designers decided to step back from popular interiors and embody more advanced and interesting styles.


That kitchen, which was previously mentioned. Farm style gives calm and peace. It does not include any complex and catchy elements.

The main material used is natural wood. This style is quite easy to perform, but at the same time it uses high-quality and pleasant textiles, which are now popular.


In simple terms, this is an old interior. The style that was used before the development of Art Nouveau and more advanced high-tech options.

In this case, a large number of wooden elements are used, and they must be large and plentiful in appearance. The most common materials for the kitchen are:

  • A rock.
  • Leather upholstery.
  • Naturally or artificially aged items.
  • Forged metals

Eco friendly

This year, a new kitchen is considered a room close to nature. This means that the decor is made of natural materials, green shades are used around.

The main thing is to create a feeling of freedom and spaciousness as in endless fields. People should feel spring or summer.

Such an interior perfectly includes living plants.


This year, Art Nouveau has not changed at all and has remained as concise and maximally functional. In 2025, this is a great idea for decorating the kitchen. And we assure you that this style will be popular for many years to come.


For lovers of light shades, designers offer a Scandinavian style. A completely good idea would be to add colors from the Scandinavian palette.

It is important to choose the right combination so as not to focus on one color. And for a surge of mood, it is advised to add some bright elements to the kitchen.

Basically, an unusual chandelier, attractive design of window sills and upholstery are used as decor.


From the catalog of kitchens in 2025, you can immediately determine the obvious favorite. Minimalism has occupied the upper fields of ratings for many years and this year is no exception.

A simple interior and laconic look can easily be combined with many decorative elements. It does not give an overload effect, but creates the most pleasant and comfortable conditions.

Kitchen trends for 2025: 10 ideas to inspire youKitchen trends for 2020: 10 ideas to inspire you

The kitchen has become the center of the home, a practical and functional space where you can work daily, but also where you can get together and enjoy moments of leisure. It has been an important transformation and, therefore, it is not surprising that the most current trends for this part of the house reflect this evolution.

Thus, in 2025 elegant and sophisticated kitchen furniture is carried, which could almost be confused with those in the living room. Dark colors, natural materials or simple lines are some of the commonalities that contemporary kitchens share. In addition, they are looking for homes with character, according to the needs, tastes and concerns of their owners. In this sense, the predominance of made-to-measure kitchens stands out, which make the best use of space and in which both interior and exterior are custom designed.

Discover the latest in kitchens and get inspired to reform yours.

Open kitchens: a trend that never goes out of styleOpen kitchens: a trend that never goes out of style

Although at first many users had reservations about the kitchens open to the living room and dining room, the truth is that this trend has only become popular in recent years. At the end of the day, if the kitchen is now a multifunctional space, where you can live with the family, it makes sense to unite it with the rest of the house to enjoy a large day area : open, comfortable, bright, versatile and cozy.

It is clear that this trend is related to many others that we will see below, since open spaces demand a more discreet type of furniture, with integrated appliances, hidden handles, and simple and elegant shapes. That is, a type of furniture that blends in with the architecture of the home.

For those who still do not see it clearly, another booming option is to incorporate sliding glass doors, which allow to maintain visual connection and light access, but facilitate the isolation of the work area when deemed necessary.

Custom kitchens. More customization optionsCustom kitchens. More customization options

Beyond the fashionable colors, or the trends that we are seeing here, what the user is looking for is that their kitchen is an extension of their personality. Ultimately, what is now carried are custom kitchens with kitchen furniture as they are tailored to the needs and preferences of each family.

In this regard, the 2019 Santos Collection stands out, in which it is possible to combine multiple finishes for bodies, sides, shelves, rear, countertops and furniture fronts and drawers. In this way, the possibilities of combination become almost infinite, forming unique and singular kitchens.

The same happens with the interiors, in which it is possible to integrate various accessories depending on the use that each user is going to give to his kitchen.

Modern and sophisticated wooden kitchensModern and sophisticated wooden kitchens

After a few years in which wood seemed to be losing ground in the kitchen world, it has returned with force. Thus, the comfort and solidity of this sustainable material are valued, which, however, is not limited to rustic-style environments, far from it. And that, despite the fact that the trend is to opt for darker tones, such as oak or walnut, which bring a lot of presence to any room.

The beauty of the grain and the warmth of the natural finish contribute to bringing a modern and cozy touch to the kitchen, avoiding the impersonal coldness with which this part of the house was sometimes associated.

Kitchens with natural stone: texture and beautyKitchens with natural stone: texture and beauty

Wood is not the only natural material that is back in the news, natural stones such as granite, quartz or marble regain prominence in the kitchen. Thus, they contribute to creating sculptural pieces, delicate and full of character, in which the beauty of the veining of natural stones is combined with a texture full of charm.

Although it is perhaps on countertops where we are most used to resorting to these materials, since there the aesthetic factor is combined with high technical performance, it is not the only option. This year we will also see them on floors, wall panels and even on kitchen furniture itself, whether natural or in synthetic reproductions that imitate not only the visual appearance, but also the honed touch of the stones.

Dark kitchens: an upward trend with numerous benefitsDark kitchens: an upward trend with numerous benefits

The black kitchens and gray kitchens dark allure for many reasons: they provide a distinguished atmosphere, combined with any color and, contrary to what it may seem, can be very bright in contrast, in airy rooms and plenty of natural light.

Of course, it is not a trend suitable for any room (it is better not to pose it when the kitchen is small or in low light), but in large spaces the dark furniture contributes to creating very interesting contrasts, giving visual strength and character to the home.

Furniture in black or dark gray is usually combined with more luminous colors such as white or light woods, but they can also be very well mixed with each other, in a minimalist and at the same time timeless aesthetic.

Kitchens without handles adapt to any environmentKitchens without handles adapt to any environment

Modern spaces are simplified, giving priority to light, harmonious furniture, which form cohesive blocks, where no detail draws attention above the rest. In this search for pure and simple shapes, dispensing with handles allows you to opt for completely smooth, very sober fronts, which are naturally integrated into the interior design of the home.

That is why in the most modern kitchens the opening of the drawers is usually automated, a functional option that is also very aesthetic.

Taking advantage of space in the kitchen becomes essentialTaking advantage of space in the kitchen becomes essential

Considering that the average surface of the houses has been progressively reducing, making good use of the space in the kitchen more than a trend is almost an obligation. Especially if we take into account that the space needs have not been limited, but rather to the contrary.

In this context, furniture brands such as Santos have reacted with new solutions to obtain the maximum usable net volume per total available space. Thus, they have expanded both the height and the usable depth in the different cabinets and drawers, gaining 9% more capacity compared to the standard measurements of most manufacturers. In addition, they propose multiple accessories to organize kitchen cabinets and drawers in a more functional way, and not waste a square centimeter.

Another very interesting innovation is the introduction of the drawer-plinth, which extends the capacity of the furniture practically to the floor (it simply leaves a margin of 2.5 cm, compared to the usual 12 cm). With it, you can take advantage of all the available height and depth under the counter, achieving up to four easily accessible storage levels.

Paying more attention to interiors is a trendPaying more attention to interiors is a trend

It is no longer enough that the interior of the furniture is comfortable or functional. Of course, that’s the minimum required, but also, now, it is expected to be attractive. Thus, the finishes and aesthetics of the furniture and drawers are taken care of both outside and inside, offering the same variety of colors and finishes for what is usually hidden.

This is due, among other things, to the fact that the interior of the furniture is increasingly shown, whether it be through showcases or retractable cabinets, which remain for a long time with the interior in view. In any case, users want to be able to customize them to their liking, which is why more options are offered for interior equipment, using, for example, noble woods, which were previously reserved for fronts.

The kitchens with a showcase returnThe kitchens with a showcase return

And since the interiors are now as beautiful as the exterior, the trend is to show them, and that’s why furniture with glass doors is booming. The essence of kitchen cabinets is not to hide the utensils and accessories but, on the contrary, to display them with pride as if they were collectibles.

In addition, you can play with different lighting options for the interior of the showcases, making them take a leading role in the setting of the spaces and become practically indirect lighting elements.

Kitchens with hidden hood are a trendKitchens with hidden hood are a trend

Appliance integration has been popular for many years, and refrigerators and dishwashers tend to blend with the rest of the kitchen furniture to create homogeneous and elegant environments. Now, this trend also reaches the extractor hood, achieving cleaner spaces, and avoiding the mixing of colors and materials.

The hoods are thus integrated under tall cabinets, or even on the worktop itself, where they disappear while not in use. It is also common to choose ceiling hoods, which provide maximum performance without visual interference.

These are just some of the latest kitchen trends that will triumph during 2025. If you want to know them better, and discover which ones suit your kitchen, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with our interior design team. We will be happy to design a custom project for you.

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