11 Top Home Decoration Trends 2025

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Decoration Trends For 2020If you want to have a home to the latest in decoration, do not miss what things will be trend next year. Bet on dark and warm tones in the textiles, in the bathroom choose the white color and natural materials, and the chandelier will conquer the home. Newdecortrends points out decoration trends that will triumph in 2025.

1.  Neofifty style is imposed

The ‘neofifty’ is fashionable: a modernized ‘ Mid Century’ in which simple lines predominate. They return, in short, the 50s, with checkerboard floors and powerful colors, although all passed through an elegant, careful and less garish sieve.

2.  Dark shades and warm accents in the upholstery

The spaces of 2025 will be luxurious and in this sense sumptuous textiles and warm colors are imposed. On the one hand, the darker tones will predominate, with all varieties of red, green and deep blue as protagonists of more elegant spaces. On the other, neutral colors, such as gray or beige, coexist with accents of warm tones -such as oranges, tiles or burgundy- in the upholstery of large pieces like the sofa or other seats.

3.  The dresser is made with a definite space in the house

Decoration Trends For 2020Among the pieces highlighted, the sideboard gains more and more room in the decoration of the house of Newdecortrends users. Above all, the colorful, colorful and seventh -century sideboards.

4.  Color and large prints in the living roomDecoration Trends For 2020

The materials will be the main protagonists in the salons, and will be reflected in trends such as artisan finishes, attention to detail and simple lines. In the living room, color and large prints gain prominence.

5.  White color and natural materials will dominate the bathroomDecoration Trends For 2020

Wood, stone or marble are already classics. The color will be gaining place in the small details, a trend that has been seen also in the last Salone in Milan, as they tell us from Newdecortrends. The metallic finishes, such as bronze or gold, find their place in elements such as soap dishes or faucets.

6.  The bedroom bathroom border is finished

Regarding the distribution of households, in general people want more and more versatile and open spaces. Thus, the bathroom will gain presence and will be incorporated into the bedroom. The way to do it, with identical coatings on the floor and the wall -like, for example, microcemento-. Also headboards that separate the bedroom from the wet areas without closing the space completely.

7.  Color invades the kitchen

Definitely, the kitchen opens to the house and gains more and more prominence in the home. In any case, it remains a unique space and color will be the key. In addition, wallpaper, especially with plant motifs, is gaining more and more followers.

8. The chandelier conquers the homeDecoration Trends For 2020

In recent years, we have seen how the chandelier has been revisited and new designs have been making a hole in the houses amazing versions and contemporary designs in which prominence especially the use of plastic gains prominence. The chandelier is no longer an exclusive luminaire of the living room, but is a more versatile piece that also finds room in the bedroom, kitchen and even the bathroom.

9. In the bathroom, large round mirrorsDecoration Trends For 2020

They will be eighties style. In addition, in the bathrooms, as in the rest of the floors, the terrazzo will dominate.

10. Carpets ‘gamberras’

Decoration Trends For 2020Upholstery is no longer an exclusive world of neutral colors. The warmer tones with small drawings that look for a certain contrast and add texture are prevailing in Newdecortrends. A certain ‘hooligan’ trend will spread to carpets, with flecks, spots or dots.

11. Bakelite phones

Decoration Trends For 2020Yes, we have been seeing them little by little in the houses, but they will definitely be a decorative fashion accessory, and very much in line with the revised Mid Century aesthetic, which you should have at home.

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