Kitchen Trends 2023: Modern Decor

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kitchen trends 2023Handleless fronts in a minimalist style or open wooden shelves and copper accents for a modern country house charm: the kitchen trends 2023 are more diverse than ever before. We summarize the most important things about kitchen design: These colors and materials are in and we will say goodbye to these trends next year.

Kitchen trends 2023: vertically structured fronts as an accent in the “mix and match” kitchenKitchen Trends 2023: The innovations in colors, materials, cabinets and accessories

Whether the larder or the kitchen island: vertically structured fronts are the trend for 2023. Fronts made of natural materials look particularly attractive. The filigree fronts are an integral part of the programs of renowned manufacturers. They add an elegant touch to the modern “mix-and-match” kitchen. It’s about a mix of materials. The natural stone worktop joins the adjoining glass dining table and the wooden cabinet joins the brass wall shelf. The corrugated fronts of the kitchen island effectively complete the concept.

Kitchen trends 2023: The classic wooden fronts are getting an updateKitchen Trends 2023: The innovations in colors, materials, cabinets and accessories

Natural materials are used in abundance in modern kitchens. The classic wooden fronts are increasingly interpreted in a modern way. Milled details, fronts with vertical grain and cabinet doors with integrated handles give the kitchen a modern look. The designers assume, however, that other materials for fronts will become established in the next few years. Concrete and natural stone offer numerous possible uses.

Hidden spaces in the kitchenKitchen Trends 2023: The innovations in colors, materials, cabinets and accessories

A kitchen with a pantry, wine cellar or functional laundry room is of course something special. More and more homeowners are opting to optically hide the adjoining space. The doors are often made of the same material as the kitchen fronts.

Which colors for the kitchen?Kitchen Trends 2023: The innovations in colors, materials, cabinets and accessories

Even if you don’t plan on doing a kitchen renovation in the next year, you can still spice up the old kitchen fronts with color. One coat of paint is usually enough to completely transform the cabinets. The trend color for next year is green – in all its nuances.

From blue-green to teal or olive green: the green hues are said to have a relaxing effect. The combination of teal and black marble looks particularly attractive.

Gray also has its charm. The gray nuances require less courage than yellow or grass green, but offer numerous design options. Because not all gray is the same: dove gray relaxes the eyes and has a calming effect, light gray promotes the ability to concentrate. By combining several nuances, certain kitchen elements such as island or dining area come into their own. Light oak adds a homely touch.

Worktops and kitchen splashbacks made of terrazzoKitchen Sink Trends 2023

The terrazzo has gradually crept into the hearts of kitchen designers and is often used in design. The material is made from cement and natural stone fragments such as marble, dolomite and sand. It is significantly cheaper than natural stone and also significantly easier to care for. The terrazzo panels can be wiped with a damp cloth and sanded down. The material is used for countertops and back walls.

High gloss was yesterday, matt fronts will be the trend in 2023Kitchen Trends 2023: The innovations in colors, materials, cabinets and accessories

Not only the color, but also the finish significantly influences the appearance of the kitchen. High gloss was yesterday, matt fronts will dominate the kitchen market in 2023. The matt kitchen not only looks good, it is also very practical. The matt surfaces are less sensitive to scratches, and stains and fingerprints are less visible.

Kitchen innovations for 2023: mixers with touchless technologyKitchen Tap Trends 2023

Not only the kitchen fronts and the worktop are important when designing the kitchen. The right accessories should not be missing either. For example, kitchen fittings are increasingly being equipped with a sensor. The touchless technology is super practical when you rinse vegetables and fruits, wash dishes or simply need a cup of water for the sauce.

Innovations for the kitchen: the separate kitchenkitchen cabinets trends 2023

An open living area that houses the kitchen, dining room and living room is a multifunctional space. And like all multifunctional rooms, it is often a major challenge when it comes to furnishing. It is much easier to set up a separate kitchen. Incidentally, it can later be spiced up or repainted as the mood takes you. This freedom of design simply does not exist in the open-plan living area. So that it looks harmonious, the kitchen should be coordinated with the rest of the interior.

The separate kitchen is particularly practical for families with children: the children can do their homework while the parents prepare the meal together. The new kitchen has become a retreat where the family can spend time together without being distracted by the computer and television.

Kitchen trends 2023: Designing pet-friendly kitchensKitchen Trends 2023: The innovations in colors, materials, cabinets and accessories

Electronically extendable plinth drawer for animal feed or an automatic feeder with a timer: the modern kitchen is pet-friendly and hygienic. More and more manufacturers offer the possibility to incorporate special accessories for cats and dogs in the kitchen project.

Kitchen trends: storage space and orderKitchen Trends 2023: The innovations in colors, materials, cabinets and accessories

From the complete cleaning cabinet to various drawers, spice racks and cutlery boxes: everything has its place in the modern kitchen. In the next year, too, order will be a top priority in the kitchen. By the way, only pictures, books and small decorative objects are put on the wall shelves. Cans, packages and boxes are stored in the pantry.

Small kitchen with character from IkeaKitchen Trends 2023: The innovations in colors, materials, cabinets and accessories

Small but nice: the small kitchen is getting an update. The fronts of the cabinets from Ikea range are made of bamboo. The natural material is extremely robust and easy to care for. At the same time, bamboo is in no way inferior to solid wood. The fronts can be easily combined with a dark worktop.

Kitchen trends 2023: Dark kitchen fronts are making a real comebackKitchen Trends 2023: The innovations in colors, materials, cabinets and accessories

In recent years, white and cream have set the tone in the kitchen. This year, dark kitchen fronts are celebrating a comeback. Black, anthracite and various chocolate nuances have successfully established themselves. A kitchen like this looks particularly elegant when it is made from high-quality materials.

The kitchens in the upper price segment are mostly made of polished wood and marble. The materials reflect the light and make the kitchen appear large and bright. Alternatively, you can set accents with a contrasting color. It significantly influences the ambience. A black industrial kitchen in combination with yellow walls is extravagant and individual. Terracotta breaks up the strict look of the black kitchen cabinets.

Corrugated kitchen cabinets, filigree door handles and modern space-saving appliances: the modern kitchen is functional and yet elegant, homely and practical at the same time. It is a retreat for the whole family. The trends for next year also place great value on functionality. Easy-care surfaces made of terrazzo stone, pull-out plinths for animal feed, touchless kitchen fittings and numerous organization systems make our lives easier and cooking more pleasant. At the same time, the kitchen is homely. The trend color green and all its nuances create a cozy ambience. But dark colors such as black, anthracite and dove gray are also celebrating a comeback. Accents are set primarily through the combination of different materials. Natural stone, glass and wood continue to play the main roles in the design.

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