Home Decor Trends 2020: Decorated Ceilings

Decorated Ceilings Trends 2020The decorated ceilings take center stage in 2020. Every day we find more decorative options to make them shine, let’s discover them!

We already saw it a few weeks ago in the post about the 2020 trends according to Pinterest : roofs take center stage. It is no longer a matter of painting them white and forgetting them, but every day we have more decoration options that make them shine. Striped or moles with which you stay?

And is that the roofs do not have to be boring and always blank, there are many options to turn them into the center of attention and give them prominence. From painting them to decorating them with paper, with light or using moldings that make them stand out. Anything goes

That’s why today, we are going to see some ideas that we like the most about how to turn your ceiling into a more decorative space and surprise people with and without them. Do you join this trend? We fall in love.

Ceilings with moldingsDecorated Ceilings Trends 2020

The moldings gain strength and we do not say it. You can see it every day in more places. In interior decor trends 2020 we have seen how these ideal ceilings are given prominence. An idea that we love, highlight them with color in the center.

In this way a dull roof can acquire character and become special. If you already have it as standard, congratulations, and take the opportunity to highlight it with a little color in the center or in the molding itself. If not, today there are many options for your ceilings look so nice. From more recharged to simpler, find the perfect one for you.

In this case it is important to have a high ceiling that allows us to install the moldings. If your roofs exceed 2.60 you are in luck because it is one of the best solutions to give life to a roof and do not involve a great expenditure of money or time and the result is so beautiful. As simple as in the last image, it brings elegance to the room.

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Moldings with lightDecorated Ceilings Trends 2020

Another option is the moldings that incorporate lights inside to highlight our ceilings and turn them into a center of attention, enhancing all their beauty. We have also seen them at CasaDecor 2020 and every day they are more common in restaurants and places but also at home or even in offices.

It is an idea that brings that extra modernity and elegance to any room by highlighting the ceilings. And with the LED lights it becomes something within everyone’s pocket, because their cost is minimal and the light they offer is white and pretty. Perfect to create special environments.

Full color ceilingsDecorated Ceilings Trends 2020

We have to confess that we have loved this idea for years. Give personality to the ceiling through color seems a perfect way to turn any room into something else. Because the color has not been made only for the walls, we can also play with it on our roof and achieve results as spectacular as these.

There are different options to put it into practice. The classic would be to include only color on the ceiling, from the molding, if you have. Or directly on the roof if there is no molding. A simple solution that always works and that we can try in dark colors (if your ceiling is high) or lighter (if the ceiling does not have too much height)

We can also combine part of the wall or walls with the ceiling so that the visual effect makes our ceiling look taller. This way if we use a dark color it will not make so much effect that the roof falls on us. Do not you think it looks great?

The most important thing is always to find the balance between the different colors and elements of the space. In this way we will be able to highlight the ceiling but if it is heavy or overwhelming. And we will turn a simple room into something special. So when in doubt, try a lighter color first…

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Wallpaper on the roofDecorated Ceilings Trends 2020

Perhaps the most fun and striking option of all is to use wallpaper on the ceiling, creating a very special space. From papers with a lot of color to more simple ones like this one with golden moles, the result is striking and very modern. And today there is such a variety of wallpapers that the hard part will be choosing it.

It is an ideal option for the rooms of the smallest in which we can play with many combinations. As for example the stripes that we can put alone on the ceiling or combine them with the wall. It’s hard to choose, right?

Other ideas that are fun and always look good are the moles or the gold or black stars. A simple option but that will make our roof stand out without overloading. A fun effect for a studio or a juvenile room.

And if you are more daring you can choose a paper with geometric design like these triangles. Or this beautiful combination that was chosen as one of the trends by Pinterest in 2020. Gold is always a safe bet.

Only for the most daring are the boldest wallpapers. Like tropical prints, so fashionable. They will fill your roofs with birds, butterflies, flowers and leaves. Or the prints with all kinds of multicolored designs. In these cases it is better to leave the walls white or light colors to make the ceilings the center of the room.

These are the ideas to decorate ceilings that we liked the most, we hope you found the article interesting. You can find more images on my Pinterest and so you can soak in amazing and colorful ceilings. And what do you think, do you dare to try it? Why would you decide to try it at home? We are looking forward to hearing your comments and ideas. And if you have put it into practice, explain your experience. Happy week.

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