Curtain Trends 2024

Curtain Trends 2024Minimalism, two-tone fabrics, layering – we tell you which curtain will be in trend in the coming years and which models to choose for the interior.

Textiles are the very last touch that makes the interior individual, adds bright accents to the palette and attracts the eye. It is especially important to choose the right design for windows, because they always attract attention in the first place. In this article, we tell and show curtain trends 2024, with photos of stylish examples for different rooms.

Curtain Trends 2024

Simple shapesCurtain Trends 2024

The main trend of the coming years is minimalism in everything, including decor. This concerns not only its quantity, but also its quality. Such an interior does not look empty, but all the items in it are chosen wisely and are combined with each other.

For window textiles, this trend is expressed in simple, concise forms. Instead of complex draperies and voluminous ruffles, there are straight curtains or neat Roman blinds made of high-quality eco-friendly materials. If you want to focus on the windows, use richer and deeper shades.

Natural tonesCurtain Trends 2024

Curtain manufacturers in 2024 will look to nature for inspiration – this is generally characteristic of modern design. First of all, this will manifest itself in the color scheme.

When choosing textiles, pay attention to noble natural shades. The trend will be:

  • Brown.
  • Beige, straw, ivory.
  • White and black.
  • Gray in every form.
  • Deep tones of green, terracotta, blue.

A floral ornament is allowed, but it is better to use stylization, rather than literal and too bright drawings.

Two tone fabricCurtain Trends 2024

Recently, designers have fallen in love with two-tone fabrics – they perfectly complement classic curtains.

Usually, most of the canvas is occupied by a neutral tone (beige, gray, white), and along the edges there is an accent strip of a beautiful rich shade: wine, blue, green, purple, chocolate brown, black. Or you can combine plain canvases from the same fabric, but in different colors.

This design looks concise and restrained, but at the same time interesting and modern. Moreover, you can fit two-color curtains into any style: from neoclassical to minimalism. This technique is used not only for curtains, but also for Roman curtains – a light canvas is bordered with a bright stripe.

Light curtainsCurtain Trends 2024

In northern countries, there is not enough sun and heat, so more and more dense fabrics are replaced with lighter materials.

And this is not only tulle – you can choose any light fabric for windows. The material can be smooth, mesh or woven. If you choose light decorative curtains for the living room, complement them with light blackout roller blinds. They are almost invisible when assembled, but completely block out the light when you put them down.

LayeringCurtain Trends 2024

The main secret of a beautiful interior in neutral colors is a variety of textures.

It is they who add dynamics to it and reveal shades of color in different ways. This is especially important in monochrome spaces.

If the room is decorated in beige, gray, brown or black and white, use textiles as a textural accent. Look stylish:

  • Draperies combined with beautiful tulle.
  • Tulle plus Roman or roller blinds.
  • Several types of curtains.
  • Blinds and light, almost imperceptible tulle.

Rejection of textilesCurtains 2024

In some cases, curtains are completely abandoned, continuing the tradition of minimalism. This is a rather bold decision and is not suitable for all situations.

When empty windows are appropriate:

  • The apartment is on a high floor and at a great distance from other buildings.
  • There is little sunlight in the room.
  • Do not sleep indoors. Usually this is the kitchen and living room.

In other situations, it is better to curtain the windows – curtains not only decorate the room, but also “cool” it, protect it from bright light and provide privacy. In this case, it is not necessary to use textile models. For example, in contemporary and minimalism blinds made of wood or aluminum look organic, and some shutters are even made of rice paper.

Inconspicuous corniceCurtains 2024

The modern interior strives for smoothness.

To do this, it should not have unnecessary details, sharp corners and eye-catching structural elements. If earlier they chose massive cornices with decorative elements, now it is worth doing exactly the opposite.

One of the main trends for curtains is a hidden cornice. It is mounted simultaneously with a stretch ceiling, the crossbar is hidden behind the structure. The result is a feeling that the curtains are floating in the air. The effect is enhanced if you add LED-backlight, which is also hidden under the canvas. By the way, this trend looks great in small rooms with a low ceiling, as it visually makes it taller and generally pulls the proportions of the room up.

What curtains are in trends?

Consider which fashionable curtains to choose for the interior this year.

Laconic curtainsCurtains 2024

Standard floor-length curtains are a win-win classic that does not go out of fashion at the same time and meets all modern trends.

The laconic design will not lose its relevance in a couple of years – such curtains will last a long time and will be in harmony with any furniture and decor.

Most often they are combined with light transparent tulle – this combination will remain relevant, but choose high-quality fabrics (linen, cotton, modal) without unnecessary decorative elements.

Discreet roman blindsCurtains 2024

They are attached to the window, when they are lifted they are assembled into even stripes or beautiful folds – depending on the material and design.

They reach the window sill in length, which saves money, since less material is needed than for classic floor-length curtains. Roman blinds are very popular right now, and for good reason. Their main advantages:

  • Versatility – suitable for all rooms and styles, including classics.
  • Practicality – easy to clean, does not require complex care, can be washed in a typewriter. Great for the kitchen, because they do not collect dust and do not absorb grease as much as, for example, velvet curtains.
  • Compactness – since the design is small and the canvas is not long, this is a great option for small rooms, which do not want to be overloaded with bulky textiles on the floor.
  • Variety – you can choose any matter, color, texture. If you need to further protect the room from the bright sun, a blackout fabric is added to the back surface, and the canvas is fixed not inside the window, but covers the entire opening so that there is complete light isolation.

Japanese panelsCurtains 2024

Unlike the usual models, Japanese screens have just begun to gain popularity. But given the fashion for environmental friendliness and ethnicity, most likely this novelty will soon appear in many homes.

These are not curtains in the standard sense, which is why they are most commonly referred to as panels or screens. The design consists of several rectangular canvases about 70 cm wide, which are stretched over the mounts from below and from above. They are hung on the windows close to each other or even overlapped. They do not rise up and do not move apart like curtains, but move along the opening in different directions, so Japanese panels need a special cornice with several tracks.

Roller shuttersCurtains 2024

Previously, roller blinds were used in offices and other commercial premises, but now their simple design has turned from a disadvantage into a fashionable advantage.

Roller blinds are rectangular canvases made of fabric or other elastic material that lower and rise, twisting at the top onto a shaft-cornice. They are usually adjustable with a drawstring on the side. In the interior, they exist both independently and paired with traditional models: tulle, light curtains, floor-length curtains. Suitable for any room.

BlindsCurtains 2024

Blinds are a practical option for those who design space in minimalist, high-tech or contemporary styles.

And bamboo models organically fit into eclectic, boho and eco-style. Best suited for kitchen, living room or office.

The design consists of long and narrow flat panels that rotate at different angles, and the amount of light transmitted depends on this. They are vertical and horizontal. For standard windows in an apartment, the second type is most often used. To make the blinds look relevant, choose bamboo or aluminum models, and it is better to refuse cheap plastic.

What curtain color to choose?Curtains 2024

Despite the fact that calm natural shades are now in trend, this is not the only option.

If you want to add brightness to the room, use accent window textiles, but be sure to repeat this color in some other details: for example, in bed linen, decor, carpet, decoration elements.

It is believed that curtains should be a few shades lighter or darker than the walls so as not to merge with them, but now designers are increasingly abandoning this rule. Curtains in the color of the finish look unusual: they seem to dissolve in the surrounding space, but at the same time stand out due to different textures. The result is a warm and cozy interior. This solution looks great in the bedroom, nursery or living room.

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