9 Major Trends in Bathroom Tile Ideas For 2021

Major Trends in Bathroom Tile Ideas For 2021Choosing a tile for the bathroom is not so simple. There are so many different designs in form, color and texture that you can get lost in the choice.

If earlier tiles were a necessary functional element of a wet room, today we strive to follow bathroom tile trends. Design, fashion and beauty come first when choosing material.

That’s why manufacturers have expanded their choices to provide truly unique styles for bathroom linings. They focus on patterns, colors, shapes and tile configurations.

1. Graphic patternsMajor Trends in Bathroom Tile Ideas For 2021

Accent tiles with geometric patterns look perfect on the floor or wall. Either in delicate subtle shades, or in bright contrasting colors, complex patterns on tiles entice you to stay in such an interior longer.

The popularity of patterned tiles continues to grow. From metro tiles to patterned ceramics, it’s safe to say that graphic tiles can be anywhere. This style really gives homeowners the opportunity to use their creative imagination or hire a designer to interestingly place tiles on the walls and floor in the bathroom.

Currently, we mainly see encaustic ceramic tiles, which are a popular choice for those who have patterned tiles, but porcelain styles are increasing. Expect to see many bold prints and colors across the tiles this year.

2. Matte tilesMajor Trends in Bathroom Tile Ideas For 2021

The popularity of matte tiles keeps up with the fashion in the new year. Matte tiles have a soft but powerful style that doesn’t look too overwhelming unlike glossy ceramics. The advantage of dullness is that water stains do not remain on it, as on a glossy one, on which the smallest spots are visible. This makes them ideal for flooring in the bathroom, especially in large bathrooms. Haze makes them easier to maintain. When laying tiles with a matte finish, make sure that there is enough light, both natural and artificial, as they do not reflect light.

Glossy finishes give the bathroom a more dramatic effect. They tend to create an elegant, highly polished appearance. That is why gloss is still popular. Glossy tiles are especially good for small bathrooms, as they tend to reflect a lot of light and create a sense of space that is larger than it seems. But since they need additional maintenance work and are dangerous to slip, glossy tiles are often used on walls or floors in a bathroom with little traffic.

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3. Neutral light tilesMajor Trends in Bathroom Tile Ideas For 2021

Modern design makes extensive use of neutral colors, and this remains the topic for 2021 bathroom tile trends. Bright colors such as blue, red and yellow are not common in the bathroom and will not become a bright star in the near future. Instead, homeowners are increasingly falling in love with neutrals and especially light neutrals such as gray and cream. Gray and beige have become very popular as extra neutral.

For bathrooms that need a bit more brightness, white is perfect. The bathroom is designed for relaxation, and these colors enhance this atmosphere. Being neutral, they allow you to relax, creating a quiet place for privacy in the house.

You can use these colors from floor to ceiling. To ensure that the bathroom does not become lifeless, use different shades of neutral colors, textures, shapes and or finishes to create beautiful compositions.

4. Subway tiles with lots of PizazzMajor Trends in Bathroom Tile Ideas For 2021

Some may think that subway tiles can be boring. These white rectangles seem pretty ordinary and everyday. In 2021, metro tiles will become a little more interesting, as they depart from traditional sizes. In particular, we will see that these tiles are offered in more colors, larger sizes and typical design patterns.

Metro tiles are getting thicker and longer, with sizes of 8 by 20. Combine them with a contrasting grout color, and the scene was set up for an amazing turn from the usual all-white color.

You can even combine different tile colors into vertical or horizontal stripes, and use different patterned tiles to create a delightful wall mosaic for the bathroom.

5. Hexagonal tilesMajor Trends in Bathroom Tile Ideas For 2021

Not only the colors and patterns of the tiles are becoming more diverse, manufacturers also play with shapes. 2021 bathroom tile trends will range from a traditional rectangle to many other geometric shapes. One particular shape that has recently revived is the hexagon. Hexagonal tiles return to the bathroom in all sizes, colors and textures, especially on the floors of showers, where they create a unique look.

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To take it one step further, create unique patterns using colorful tiles. Why stop at laying the floor in the shower? You can place these amazing tiles on the bathroom floor in the form of large bold graphic patterns, tiles with geometric shapes and combine with color patterns to create complex and visually appealing styles.

Hexagonal tiles can be used on a large scale (all walls or the entire floor) to set the tone for the bathroom, or they can be used on an accent wall.

In small bathrooms, they help improve the perception of space, especially in combination with neutral colors. In large bathrooms, they create elaborate accents in places such as the spa or beauty parlor.

6. Wood tileMajor Trends in Bathroom Tile Ideas For 2021

The image of wooden planks in the bathroom is just starting to take off in the market. Unconventional tile sizes have become popular for some time. Wood tile allows you to create decorative patterns such as herringbone.

While realistic tiles with the texture of oak, cherry, maple wood are the most common, in the new year there were many other available finishes. Porcelain tile is ideal for the bathroom, as it provides greater resistance to dirt and moisture, without sacrificing design aesthetics.

Tiles with wooden textures only reinforce the sense of nature, which is so necessary in the bathroom. For a more convincing look, you can try mixing natural stone tiles and other materials, such as concrete, with wood-like tiles. This will add an unexpected but pleasant style to your gender.

7. Marble floor in soft colors and larger patternsMajor Trends in Bathroom Tile Ideas For 2021

Marble is a high-quality material that is famous for its stunning luxurious beauty. Marble is a natural stone with a unique color and style. Differences in veins and subtle color shades create an attractive design. Despite the connection of marble with palace interiors and mansions, this natural stone gradually penetrated our homes, especially bathrooms.

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Thanks to nature, technology and improved transport, we have access to a wide variety of color and patterned marble slabs to choose from. In 2021, we are seeing a return to soft color tones. These neutral coatings allow the natural beauty of marble to shine at its best and without any obstruction.

The floor essentially turns into a large piece of canvas, where the natural beauty of marble complements the interesting pattern embossed on it. Interestingly, you do not need to get real marble to enjoy this style.

The miracles of technology allow manufacturers to create porcelain tiles that will resemble natural marble in almost all aspects. Therefore, if you are looking for a luxurious look with a more reasonable budget, marble-like porcelain tiles are what you should seriously consider when planning a bathroom renovation in 2021.

8. Textured finishMajor Trends in Bathroom Tile Ideas For 2021

Add variation, color depth and surface interest to any area of the bathroom by adding textured tiles. Textures may appear thin or pronounced depending on the material used, the applied finish and the desired color.

Three-dimensional tiles can inspire anything from sensation to an object or place. But when everything is said and done, it is usually considered a work of art. This category is presented in all kinds of shapes, sizes and styles, which can be combined into endless combinations for a one-of-a-kind space.

9. Metal FinishMajor Trends in Bathroom Tile Ideas For 2021

Metal ?! Yes, metallic is the new bright star of fashionable novelties for the bathroom. And many are already in love with metal tiles. Metallic is shiny and reflective, giving your bathroom a magnificent but extravagant look. This modern design is not quite there yet, but we expect to see it more and more over the next year.


Choosing the right tile for your bathroom can be quite a challenge. There is so much variety. You must choose what color, finishes and shapes you want, so as not to mention the material itself. We hope that the above information on bathroom tile design trends for 2021 will help you decide which tile will look best on the floor or walls of the bathroom.