7 Best Interior Paint Colors 2021

Best Interior Paint Colors 2021In anticipation of spring and summer, we are trying now to decorate the space around us in order to cheer up after the winter. And if you have at least one of the shades listed below in your interior, you are definitely insured against depression and sadness.

It is already known for certain that color can cause various feelings and emotions. For example, to cheer up and energize, calm and relax, raise or reduce appetite. Architects and designers have long learned to use these features of interior paint color in their practice.

YellowBest Interior Paint Colors 2021

It stimulates the brain, is effective for mental deficiency, and improves mood.

The yellow color in the interior can have a huge variety of shades, from cold lemon to warm honey. Its use depends on the purpose of the premises, their location and the chosen style.

The interior of the northern bedrooms, saturated with golden yellow tones, will always cheer you up. Various shades of yellow can also be introduced into the southern rooms. Lemon or whitened yellow, like butter, will give a room a joyful atmosphere.

If we talk about the stylistic features of the interior, it is the warm shades of yellow – ocher, gold, honey in combination with white that are traditionally used to create interiors of Russian classicism.

Interiors made in a modern avant-garde style often used a combination of yellow with blue, purple or red. Such intense color interaction is possible in public interiors. For example, in a cafe, bar or gym where physical strength is needed. With caution, you need to use such combinations in residential premises, as this can lead to nervousness and poor health.

In any interior, the combination of yellow with various shades of gray always looks exquisite. Gray color complements any other, and warm yellow especially. Only you need to choose the right saturation of gray. Light and light will cheer you up, and dark gray will give yellow more brightness.

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Red colorBest Interior Paint Colors 2021

It stimulates and stimulates the brain; it is effective in melancholy, but in limited quantities. Details may be red, but in no case, the entire wall. Completely red walls make the room visually smaller. If there is a lot of red, it can tire and reduce efficiency.

If you use this color correctly, it gives a boost of energy, raises the mood and enhances sexual energy. In combination with gold or the color of a noble tree, reds will make your interior expensive, literally palace. Also, details in red are very often used in oriental interiors.

Orange colorBest Interior Paint Colors 2021

It stimulates the senses and slightly accelerates the pulse, does not increase blood pressure, creates a feeling of well-being and fun, raises the appetite. The last moment is relevant for those families where there are children. Add orange accents to your kitchen and your kid will eat any breakfast with an appetite.

Too much of this color tires, so it’s best to make orange accents in the room (like the rays of the sun). Orange literally crowds out other colors; a person entering a room first draws attention to orange objects. You need to take this into account when placing emphasis. Orange is best suited for the kitchen, study and dining areas. And it is desirable that it was not too sunny room. For example, orange curtains will be a great option for the northern room, they will create the effect of sunlight pouring from the window.

Green colorBest Interior Paint Colors 2021

It has a calming effect on the nervous system and eyesight, soothes pain, relieves irritability, fatigue, reduces high blood pressure, and relieves neuralgia and migraines. In the interior it is, perhaps. The most pleasant color for our eyes. And it fits absolutely any room. Many find it difficult to combine this color with other colors. But even the shades of the green itself are perfectly “friendly” with each other. In addition, it is natural to combine green with shades of wood.

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With related colors – yellow, turquoise, blue and blue – harmony will be created in the interior. In combination with pastel and coffee with milk – green will become a kind of “lawn” for relaxation. But it is best to combine this color with white. The latter has the remarkable property of softening any colors, and the combination of white with green is especially delicate.

Blue and cyan colorBest Interior Paint Colors 2021

Blue calms the body, lulls, relaxes muscles. Effective for insomnia, nervous and physical overload. And blue – antiseptic, reduces suppuration, neurological pain and helps in the treatment of many diseases. This is probably why many of the rooms in our hospitals are painted in blue. However, too long exposure to both colors leads to depression and fatigue.

It is better when the interior has small bright blue accents. They will make the room positive. In spacious rooms it is better to use soft and light (diluted) tones. A blue ceiling will make the room higher. Combining blue in children’s rooms is best with white, pink or yellow. Mix with red in small proportions will add cheerfulness. Blue with lilac and light green affects creativity.

Violet (magenta) colorBest Interior Paint Colors 2021

It acts on the heart, lungs and blood vessels, increases tissue endurance. Violet colors are suitable for rooms where concentration is necessary, in addition, this color has a beneficial effect on the cells of our brain and helps to reveal abilities. But for the interior, it is considered an ambiguous color. In a room, it should not be the only accent. Next, for example, with a purple sofa, other shades of this color should be present, blurring a slightly too obvious accent.

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Purple creates a too bright contract with white, so if you are not ready for this, it is better to combine it with pastel beige or gray. Most often, purple can be found in the interior of the bedroom. Here it really gives rest to the brain. Also relaxing, literally meditative, is a combination of purple and aquamarine. This color is not very suitable for a children’s room, although 70% of teenagers pay attention to it. In the best case, use gentle shades in the nursery: lavender and pastel lilac.

Pale pink colorBest Interior Paint Colors 2021

It has a powerful sedative effect. Relieves stress, calms the nervous system. For example, if you have children who annoy you with their immoderate temperament, it is better to paint the walls of their room in pink. In such a room, the child will calm down in a few minutes, and the need for educational measures immediately disappears by itself.

Love and femininity are the main associations for this color in the interior. Therefore, it is most often used in children’s rooms, women’s bedrooms and boudoirs, in the living room of the newlyweds or in the bathroom. This color is best combined with cream and white. Looks good with a dark tree. Expensive, but a bit chilly, with gray. If you really like the pink color and you want to bring it into the interior of the kitchen, then here it is better to combine it with soft green. But keep in mind that this combination causes appetite.