The Most Popular Trends for Paint Bedroom Colors 2021

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Most Popular Trends for Paint Colors for Bedrooms 2021Although this is a universal theme, the free use of flowers has never been so high in creative circles, so much so that experts believe that this year people will dare like never before in their homes. That is, those walls that have always been white are likely to be painted in shades full of personality – floor and ceiling, surfaces that the years forgotten when they decorated the house, should also go into chromatic dance.

As usual, Pantone announced its 2018 color: Purple Ultra Violet, as well as ink marks and even the Vogue printing house, made a bid. Now, WGSN, a trend bureau that knows everything about the subject when it comes to fashion and decor, has released its list of 10 paint color trends that will penetrate your home during 2021.

The cool thing is that although this is an eclectic list, there is a consistency between all the predictions mentioned above: all these colors combine very well with each other and are included in this year’s main chromatic trend: a modernist palette that brings back fresh clothes, powerful and bright colors that dominated aesthetics between the 1930s and 1960s. See below and choose your favorite color!

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10 Paint Colors for Bedrooms 2021

1. Orange Apricot (Apricot Orange)Most Popular Trends for Paint Colors for Bedrooms 2021

Whoever thought that Millennial Pink was going to say goodbye to the light, it was terrible. The dear color of each developed and received a dose of orange in its composition, becoming a little less smooth and more energetic. A good way to make an orange orange blend well with brown, black, and white in design, as our style director Adriana Fratini did in this editorial combining natural tones with tropical elements.

2. Moody MaroonMost Popular Trends for Paint Colors for Bedrooms 2021

In 2021, red will be one of the strongest colors, but it will appear in darker, saturated tones, close to reddish-brown. Woody and warm nuances should be seen both in large furniture and in smaller items, while continuing to use a darker palette in the decor, which remains in fashion.

3. Pigmented terracottaMost Popular Trends for Paint Colors for Bedrooms 2021

At present, earthy tones are a very strong palette and promise to remain obvious for many years. In 2021, the terracotta color gains more humor and personality by absorbing pigments: add an additional dose of burnt rose to it and find the perfect example for decorating both residential and public interiors.

4. Pale matteMost Popular Trends for Paint Colors for Bedrooms 2021

Slightly tinted proteins on matte surfaces gain strength in 2021, as they are the perfect complement for very light or very dark environments. The palette that forms is located next to the colors of the candy, but is softer and represents colors that, at first glance, do not attract so much attention.

5. Black metallicMost Popular Trends for Paint Colors for Bedrooms 2021

Basically, the black environment has never been so high – it’s even worth painting the ceiling! To make it all the more interesting, surfaces that add metallic luster combine with other well-matte surfaces to create a game of perception.

6. Green Military Acid (Olive Acid)Most Popular Trends for Paint Colors for Bedrooms 2021

Green moss was one of the primary colors of 2019 in both fashion and decoration. In 2021, it seems more acidic and closer to pistachio

7. Golden yellowMost Popular Trends for Paint Colors for Bedrooms 2021

Yellow gold copper began to appear in fashion in mid-2019 and is already considered one of the strongest trends in decoration for 2021. Bright and applied on tactile surfaces – velvet will continue to reign! This tone promises to bring a vintage and vibrant atmosphere at the same time.

8. Deep EmeraldMost Popular Trends for Paint Colors for Bedrooms 2021

Greens near the emerald, but belonging to a darker and bluer palette, promise to take care of the full walls in a deep atmosphere.

9. Saturated blueMost Popular Trends for Paint Colors for Bedrooms 2021

Full of life, blue seems saturated to interleave the energy in the environment through unexpected bursts of color.

10. Color blocking (conflicting pairs)Most Popular Trends for Paint Colors for Bedrooms 2021

Remember when the trend of the moment was color blocking? It’s time for the interiors to start this joke. The presence of bright colors contrasting in the same environment is commonplace, and they can appear both on the wall graphics, and geometric prints, as well as on bold combinations of styles. The sky is the limit!

Latest Interior Paint Color Trends 2021

Last December, Pantone put an end to the terrible expectation that makes us move every year, revealing its 2019 color. Living coral overthrew purple, the flagship of 2018. But here we are already in the throes of waiting for a verdict on the trends of 2021! By December, several tracks will be at our fingertips to be sure that they will be in the trend of colors in the coming months.

Stylish offices and major brands of painting or decor have already made their choice. Here is what you need to know to do your thing.

Trend No. 1: Green, Safe BetLatest Interior Paint Color Trends 2021

Safe and even inevitable. In connection with the current passion for green houseplants, green is needed with its procession of natural incarnations. Green therefore accept without moderation, in the form of paint, textiles, dishes or decorative accessories more or less dark. These empire-style velvet table chairs give a chic dining feel.

But it is desirable in muted shades, especially when it comes to covering a large area. Slabs of green sandstone strongly create a table in the 2021 color trend. For the winter of 2021, he will be found in a green hunter or forest, gray-green, bronze-green and, like new, emerald green.

The royal velvet green sofa is inspired by the 30s. Ideal to adhere to the trend of 2021, while maintaining the retro side!

A fir green sofa comes in several materials. Its tapered legs are the perfect model for a trendy living room in 2021. The emerald green lamp made of polyester and velvet serves as a shade of trendy color 2021 in the interior. With the onset of next spring, the green color will become brighter, taking into account neo-mint. Neo-Mint is a shade of turquoise hue selected by the English Institute WGSN.

Those who prefer muted tones will turn green. Between pastel-mint and light green greens, the mint-green is very luminous. Discover the shades of green trend and other new items in our article on decor trends 2021.

Trend No. 2: Pink, again!Latest Interior Paint Color Trends 2021

If the main part of the wave of the “millennial rose” of 2016/2017 has passed, its traces remain very present, as the decorative collections of the winter of 2020–2021 show.

The IKEA atmosphere in pink and blue, which can be found in the fall / winter 2021 catalog. We do not complain! Rose softens jewelry, illuminates poets and adds elegance…

Vases, pillows, rolls and bedding, lampshades… If you fell in love with pink pieces over the past two years, do not put them aside! Rose will still be very fashionable next year for decoration. To paint walls, change sheets, buy new pillows… Why choose? IKEA offers fashionable decor in shades of roses

Powdered, to the touch or in general, associated with pastel or dark shades, a rose always works wonders. Pink color for walls is associated with natural brown shades for this atmosphere I. B. Laursen

In the coming months, it is in the pink version of “pasta”, always in powder, but bright enough that we often find it.

Declination of roses associated with plum, brown and golden yellow at IB Laursen to create 2021 color trends

If your pillows are pretty pink, don’t put them in the closet too much. This year, to be in the trend of hue, associate them with gray, green or thick blue. Even dark yellow: an association that matches!

Trend No. 3: yellow in a spicy versionLatest Interior Paint Color Trends 2021

Like last year, yellow is not the color that dominates the catalogs of winter 2020/2021. But if he is not striking, he is nonetheless present.

And if it is relatively careful, then this winter it will be used in especially warm shades, with mustard, ocher or zander. Sofas, wraps, bedding, lampshades, curtains are lit, appear on neutral backgrounds, such as gray or dark, like thick green or duck blue.

Velvet and black metal for this chair. A way to stay in fashion 2021 colors with little touches. Warm yellow in Madame Stolz 2021 palette. A good way to bring this trendy color to your interior. Cotton and mustard yellow linen for the living room sofa is in fashion. Its warm color enlivens all interiors. On the marriage side of fashionable colors, yellows are also associated with more or less vibrant roses in the most modern blends.

Mustard yellow goes well with gray, pink and blue. If you have such a gray sofa, consider painting it with pillows. And if you do not decide to repaint your wall or are not going to change your beautiful blue-gray sofa, choose a warm yellow carpet. A set will probably be the best effect.

The yellow mustard rug with jute and fringe looks very boho. Night blue pillow, yellow backlit background, gold wall lamp: the trio of triumphs for the fashionable bedroom in 2021. Finally, in more pastel colors, close to yellow vanilla, which can be found upon arrival in spring.

Trend No. 4: Browns and Rusts to Keep Warm in WinterLatest Interior Paint Color Trends 2021

Pulling red or gray, depending on the case, from glossy brown to dark brown through terracotta, brown tones will still be present in the coming months.

But especially in associations, especially with shades of dark yellow, as in these moods of rooms. Red Tuscan land and yellow turmeric combine to create a cozy atmosphere in this room. Linen duvet cover has a significant “comfortable” advantage: it does not retain heat!

Brown shades are in perfect harmony with the trend of “nature” that characterizes our era, and bring a taste of neutral colors, reminiscent of the “raw” type of steel Corten. Brown color also conveys a certain image of elegance and classic chic. Ice brown, dark brown and ocher: a warm combination for pillows and very cozy rugs

Please note that if it is comfortable in the living room, a dense brown color is more difficult to use in small rooms that tend to shrink. If you do not use it sparingly and in combination with a bright or bright color. Lighter shades of brown can be very bright. This is what Amber Honeyshaw shows that the Dulux Valentine paint brand has chosen the color of 2019.

Trend No. 5: Blue RisesLatest Interior Paint Color Trends 2021

Some said he lost power last year. But this is evident in the forecast charts for the coming months!

Maisons du Monde made it one of the five color themes of 2019 in the Cozy Blue collection. Behr, a Canadian paint brand, has also chosen blue as its 2019 color. In this academic year of 2019, the American brand PPG Paints chose blue “Chinese porcelain” as the color of 2021.

Porcelain porcelain is a shaded blue orchid with a purple hue. This fashionable picture gives depth to every room in the house. And he whispers (rather loudly) in Pantone, whose well-kept secret may have leaked that the flagship color of 2021 will be associated with the marine environment… Du, or blue (s), then?

It’s true that Jack + Huei, an Australian creative agency, reproached Pantone for forgetting with its Living Coral 2019 that coral is dying of global warming. They proposed replacing it with the pale blue color of dead coral so that the world would recognize this loss. Will pale blue be in our 2021 palette? The answer is in December…

Blue also remains one of the most symbolic colors of the Scandinavian atmosphere in its muted or pastel colors. In their 2021 collections, IB Laursen abandons the assortment of navy blue linen washcovers.

But this is especially the blue peacock or duck, drawn to the turquoise, which is noticed by leafing through the notebooks of styles and catalogs of 2021. The perfect blue color to wake up dark days without creating dissonant effects!

It illuminates decorations both in the background color and in the keys, with the help of seats or accessories, on a lighter background. Night blue is also a good place to decorate catalogs lit with shades of yellow, ocher or gold. As for the famous blue Klein, a deep and bright ultramarine, they say everywhere that he will do more than ever, tell about him in the coming months!

Trend No. 6: Eggplant TouchLatest Interior Paint Color Trends 2021

A bright and neutral hue that flourished in 2015 and returned to the fore in the winter of 2020/2021.

I must say that eggplant tones have a great advantage for decoration: the ability to conduct various weddings. Sublimated by soft materials, ottomans and eggplant canapes are decorated with special chic. Bo Concept combines a dark bronze green sofa with an eggplant hanging in a boudoir

On the walls, in the carpets, in the bathroom… Art Deco spirit fashion with velvet and fringe fell in abundance to serve this trendy color. However, it is becoming increasingly rare in 2021 color maps. This year, the shade of eggplant tends to pink or red. An aubergine plaid kicks off a rose wedding in Bloomingville in a new decorative collection coming out this fall

Trend No. 7: Red, solid challengerLatest Interior Paint Color Trends 2021

In early 2019, red became relatively low-key, taking on deep shades that resemble Asian influences.

In its catalog, winter 2020-2021. AM.PM abandons its products in a range of solid red shades. Cherry, reaching for plum or spicy color, more orange, red, with its ability to enhance any decor, found a place of choice in the color trends of 2021. Sheets are also available in red for a warm night space. Linen sheets are very chic

But this is quite frank in the first photographs of the IKEA catalog for 2021. Red is associated with pink, but also with green and yellow. Red cinnabar for this atmosphere to discover in the new IKEA catalog. In furniture or painting, red finds its place. Red brings warmth to the soulful universe. Through textile red adds light to the room

December is the perfect time to play the red card without reservation! From bright red to burgundy red is the color of the holidays! Take the opportunity to find out the latest New Year trends.

Trend No. 8: Black is back!Latest Interior Paint Color Trends 2021

We are far from the baroque atmosphere that dominated in the early 2000s. But it is clear that black is making a noticeable repetition in color trends in the coming months. If we are told that black is not a color, the force must still see its influence in the setting.

Black color gives a subtle shade, highlighting pastel, golden or bright shades, as well as gray anthracite. It will be used this year in the main shade or in keys. The dining room is dressed in black at IB Laursen through matt furniture. Baroque in black and gold colors in GIFI for hairdresser or salon. Decor is decisively at the forefront of color trends in 2021!

Crockery, chairs, a bedside table… Black touches emphasize other colors of the room. Used for large pieces of furniture, even in the main color, it gives decor.

Black and white in a cozy atmosphere can be found in the IKEA catalog: furniture with decoration, black is a place in our interiors. Especially in the kitchen, but also in the bathroom, black will settle mainly in our homes this winter. Black and marble for the bathroom AM.PM. A marble and metal dressing table brings a very chic touch to the room.

Trend No. 9: gray is always…Latest Interior Paint Color Trends 2021

More neutral than black, gray, however, continues on its way unmistakably as a trendy color in 2021. Elegant, timeless, particularly easy to marry, he is a plebiscite in all its nuances, from anthracite to almost white. Danish brand Madam Stolz dedicates the head of his new catalog to anthracite gray, illuminated by white vases. The walls or furniture are decorated with a fashionable shade.

Anthracite, black and gold for a very winter production of Madame Stolz. Candlesticks, tables or paintings are available in dark colors. As comfortable in the living room as in the bathroom, it also shines with its ability to combine all styles.

If the shabby interiors a few years ago paid him much attention, today gray color adorns the walls of modern space, Scandinavian-style salons or rooms that love light sobriety. This fall, House Doctor launches the Softness collection, which is dominated by a gray color associated with some very neutral keys, light or dark

This is, of course, connected with the structuring of black keys, but also with warm yellow and gold, with red, with pink or with green. And now it is up to you! The palette is large enough to play with envy of flowers and choose those that look like you. Good mixes in perspective.

How to put paint color trends on associations

Thick greens or a blue duck are associated with roses or golden yellow shades for weddings that are both rich, sophisticated and smooth. Posing a very fashionable charm linking a rose with bronze greens

The warmth of the combination of warm tones, from golden yellow to ocher and red-brown, enhanced with black strokes. In small touches, fashionable colors blend perfectly in any interior.

The power of black, softened with pastel shades, including pink and gray, or lit with golden touches or warm yellow hues. Fashionable associations for your decoration in 2021. In the bedroom or living room, mix the trendy colors of 2021 for a fashionable result.

The timeless elegance of shades of gray is emphasized with pale pink or yellow, like peacock blue or emerald green.

2021 color trends that blend harmoniously with urban or rustic interiors

Amazing atmosphere that brings some shades of red against a background of neutral shades. Bright red in combination with dense green: an association that can be found in the IKEA 2021 catalog. We do not deprive ourselves of any unusual associations with trendy colors of 2021: pink and yellow, red and purple…

In textiles or furniture, some new combinations of trendy colors refresh the mood.

As long as you follow the rule that underlies the choice of color for 2019-2021: use neutral shades of natural inspiration, stone, sand, rust… To which brighter or pastel colors will be added.

35 new paint color trends for year 2021

Colorful interior design ideasnew paint color trends for year 2021

While neutral color schemes inspired by Scandinavian decor are very important, it is now fashionable to decorate your home with bright colors. But if you are not sure how to add a colored spot to your space, you have come to the right place. The following ideas share tricks and ideas to enliven your decor with a rainbow of shades.

Bright colors in the bathroomnew paint color trends for year 2021

Dipping your finger in a sea of flowers for the first time at home can be intimidating. That’s why we think the easiest way to get started is to add a bright shade or two to the smallest place in your home. An example is the pint-sized bathrooms in this New York apartment, renovated by DB Studio. Fun spaces combine graphic tiles with lights and accessories in electrified shades of yellow, pink and red.

Abstract prints and complex shadesnew paint color trends for year 2021

If your minimalist side is not on board with vibrant, pencil-like colors, consider mixing things with abstract prints and sophisticated shades. A bohemian living room by Logan Killen Interiors is decorated with a pale blue sofa. Pillows and two printed Memphis chairs add soft colors and vibrant designs.

Living room Pearl tonenew paint color trends for year 2021

Jeweled furniture lends a cozy touch to this strange and chic living room by renowned interior designer Miles Redd. An ultraviolet sofa captures the space with a bright color, while lemon yellow and apple green chairs create balance. Ceramic turquoise bedside tables contribute to the symmetry of the room.

Multicolored butterflies wallpapernew paint color trends for year 2021

Butterfly wallpapers, upholstered home furnishings, Ikat pillows and an Anthropologie embroidered blanket are highlights of this white bedroom in a converted French and French home.

Multicolored turkish carpetnew paint color trends for year 2021

The dull shade of turquoise paint and the rich Turkish rug are the key ingredients that give Zoe Feldman a dramatic aesthetic in this living room.

Mustard yellow decorationnew paint color trends for year 2021

Renovated by Lucy and Company, this modern farmhouse-style house is decorated with yellow mustard décor. We love how the shadow can instantly refresh a space dominated by woody shades.

Unusual home decornew paint color trends for year 2021

To be honest, we love vibrant colors and exotic patterns. So, of course, we fell head over heels when we saw this living room Alida and Miller. Here, colorful textiles from around the world warm the funky bohemian space. Horse painting, assembled at a local thrift store, is a tribute to the 1970s counterculture. Fancy accessories, such as decorative swans on the floor and phrenological head on the end table, are located right at home in this unique space.

Decorate a neutral space with colorful curtainsnew paint color trends for year 2021

Godrich Interiors used vibrant flower curtains to decorate the family corridor in a neutral style. Abstract painting on the table adds many kaleidoscopic shades.

Attach space with repeating colornew paint color trends for year 2021

Interior designer Zoe Feldman used blue, green, and purple spots to turn a simple living room into a colorful oasis. Several different purple decorative accents bring space together.

Bohemian living roomnew paint color trends for year 2021

Blue is the main shade of this vintage trailer created by interior designer Megan Georgopoulos. Navy ceilings and colorful handmade accessories by local craftsmen personalize the space. We love sunbeds, because they are ideal for both sleeping and relaxing. Cork flooring is a small, hand-painted focati carpet.

Season things with neon colorsnew paint color trends for year 2021

The new design project will present the traditional living room with a colorful elevator with two pieces of furniture. An acrylic coffee table enlivens things with a pink shock. A chair with green apple armrests winks in a classic style.

Pink and Yellow Decoration Ideasnew paint color trends for year 2021

The casket-sized space turns into a dramatic winter, a living room in the monastery, reconstructed by the House of Vodri. Here, dark blue walls surround the yellow-pink relaxation area.

Layer Multiple Templatesnew paint color trends for year 2021

This Santa Fe, New Mexico home combines countless fabrics with vibrant patterns in French and French interiors to create this eclectic room. The striped runner on the table combines all the colors used in space.

Colorful wallsnew paint color trends for year 2021

A one-of-a-kind characteristic wall dripping with colorful texture makes a catchy statement in the house remodeled by Black Lacquered Design.

Unexpected Color Cabinet

Sometimes all you need is one bold shade to shake things up. Interior designer Peter Ferenc installed shocking pink wardrobes in this Berlin bachelor house.

Midcentury Inspired Living Roomnew paint color trends for year 2021

Yellow curtains and turquoise armchairs add energy and hiss in the middle-inspired living room of the Sarah Wittenbraker Interiors.

Lemony Fresh Yellow Kitchennew paint color trends for year 2021

The new backsplash may add a bit of zest to the white kitchen. French and French interiors enlivened this space with colorful Spanish tiles. Yellow bar stools complete the fresh, lemon look.

Protect your space with a rugnew paint color trends for year 2021

From pale periwinkle to coral pink, most of the beautiful flowers that can be seen in this living room thanks to the affordable interior design are repeated in a floral carpet with a pattern that provides space.

Bright wallpapernew paint color trends for year 2021

The Abaca Interiors design team heated this white bedroom with live wallpaper. A golden accent pillow and chevron table lamps add a little thrill.

Home Decor Inspirationnew paint color trends for year 2021

The inspiration for this tiny, lush, refurbished Vidal Design Collaborative room is the wooden canopy above the house. Live wallpapers reflect the bizarre spirit of a storybook.

How to match unique color combinationsnew paint color trends for year 2021

Mint green and harvest gold are an unlikely combination of colors that works in this beautiful Marion Alberg cuisine. The picture above the table helps to harmonize the shades. Purple flowers and copper pendant lights add a bit of contrast, which enhances visual interest.

Decorate black wallsnew paint color trends for year 2021

Like white spaces, black walls are the perfect backdrop for vibrant colors. Decorated with Sarah Wittenbreaker interiors, this Austin, Texas home features cheerful, colorful décor that softens the sharp dark walls.

Colorful contemporary artnew paint color trends for year 2021

A bright, oversized painting by Roy Lichtenstein protects the living room in the chic beach house Nexus Designs. On a coffee table, Jeff Koons Ballon Dog in orange. In the corner on the left is a yellow cart from the room and the board. Can’t afford any of these expensive things? Do not worry! You can find a wide range of reproductions and fakes on the Internet.

Ultraviolet living roomnew paint color trends for year 2021

Pink, purple and green will move in this multi-color living space designed by Liz Caan and Company. Wallcovering – Wallpaper by Philip Jeffries What a Precious Orchid. Ikat-inspired pillows – Osborne and Little. Our favorite feature is the Stark tapestry rug.

Polka dot wall stickersnew paint color trends for year 2021

Emphasize the simple white interior – spring polka dot wall stickers. This children’s bedroom at Westport, Connecticut, Chango & Company House looks like it is sprinkled with colorful confetti.

Millennial pink is here to staynew paint color trends for year 2021

The millennial pink color is unlikely to have ended – in fact, many interior designers say that the super favorite shade is here to stay. In this light and airy porch of interior designer Linda Cava, the cute color is decorated with clumsy wooden furniture.

Awesome Wall Featurenew paint color trends for year 2021

The foundation of this vibrant Emily Lister Interiors living room is the stunning wall. Blue armchairs, a Moroccan orange rug and colorful pillows emphasize vibrant colors.

Bright Bedroom Tipsnew paint color trends for year 2021

Studio Stamp for an adult bedroom is painted in candy. The anchor of this place is the turquoise headboard of Serena Lily’s seahorse. Colorful bedding, including pillows, combines all the other delightful shades that illuminate the room.

Jewel Toned Furniturenew paint color trends for year 2021

Although some people believe that diamonds are a woman’s best friend, we prefer colorful gems, especially when it comes to multi-color interiors. Here, luxurious tones of precious stones, including sapphire blue, canaries and fuchsia fantasies, add luxury to this living room by Toronto Interior Design Group.

Colored furniturenew paint color trends for year 2021

Are you looking for a simple and cute way to decorate things? The stools of Linda Cava, interior designer Linda Cava, in this Brooklyn kitchen are decorated with their own color scheme and create an amazing splash of red.

Update with colorful beddingnew paint color trends for year 2021

The right blanket can instantly refresh your space. Here, Studio Stamp interior designers refresh the empty space with colorful linens. Homemade drawings over the headboard correspond to all shades of the bedspread.

The color code of your book collectionnew paint color trends for year 2021

Activate your current color scheme by removing the protective covers from the old bindings. Interior designer Erica Burns turned the home library into a spotlight by organizing color books.

Panton color of the yearnew paint color trends for year 2021

If you are looking for a fashionable shade that will liven up your interior, consider Pantone UV in 2018. The durable shade works with both warm and cold tones, and, as shown in this space decorated with The English Room, the shade is combined exclusively with emerald green. Pay attention to two striped DIY paintings on the wall? They combine all the colors used throughout the room.

Black new whitenew paint color trends for year 2021

When it comes to interior design, black is the new white. In this small, sunny Sally Wheat Interiors living room, matte black walls accentuate colorful décor.

Moody colors can make a room feel biggernew paint color trends for year 2021

You can make a small room more spacious with a sullen paint color. The trick is to use glossy paint that reflects light. In this minimalist room by Alison Giese Interiors, varnished navy blue walls create the foundation for a mix of colorful furniture. Painting the ceiling white enhances the feeling of spaciousness.

2021 interior paint colors

The interior is an important part of home comfort. Already not 2020, but he still left a mark in the world of interior paints and trends. Color is one of the most important parts of the interior. Indeed, it is thanks to him that our design of any room can become, at least, a delightful and bewitching look. But every year, trendy colors change. Some people follow the trends of the new year, while others remain true to only one shade and do not change the entire interior.

Fashionable paint colors in the interior of 2021

Interior Color No. 1Fashionable paint colors in the interior of 2021

Fashionable color of the walls in the interior – last year, one of the trends in the interior was the turquoise color. It also means compassion and healing. This color is inspired by water and sky. Last year, this shade helped people create a successful, beautiful and excellent interior.

Interior Color No. 2Fashionable paint colors in the interior of 2021

In 2020, this trend was called honeysuckle. It exudes confidence, courage and courage. The bold spirit of this color will stimulate, instill in you positive energy and relieve negative mood. Fashionable colors in the interior – honeysuckle in the interior – is a bold step in creating a beautiful interior. In general, this shade is rather unusual – it is a cross between intense pink and red. What is the trendy color in the interior? Honeysuckle is a color that will look fresh and attractive everywhere, day or night. It can be used on pillows, walls, various bedspreads, small household appliances and desktop accessories.

Honeysuckle is a special color that will add bold and even dynamic sensations to the interior. It can be used on large areas of the house, for example, in the bedroom or living room. If used in the design of the kitchen or dining room, it will be an appetite stimulator. But in order to incorporate this color into the kitchen design, you will need to use it with various details, such as cutlery stands, bedding, dishes, candles and so on. Trendy colors in the interior photo 2021:

If you want to color any precious item for yourself, then use the honeysuckle color. Or for the brightness of the interior, for a bold presentation, paint the walls or buy wallpapers of this good shade. Honeysuckle will explode emotional energy in the kitchen, hallway or throughout the house.

The most fashionable color in the interior, in general, this pinkish shade is more feminine, it can not be used immediately when trying to create a house for sale. It is better to use it with small touches, no doubt, in this case the room will be ready for sale, it will stand out among other options.

Interior colors number 3Fashionable paint colors in the interior of 2021

Trendy color combinations in the interior, for a fun and carefree home, try a citrus yellow hue. It not only gives positive energy, but also retains a pleasant mood for a long time. Use this color in unusual places, for example, in the kitchen or in the bathroom. It will look fantastic, especially when combined with pale blue or khaki. Studies have proven that yellow and its shades cheer up, help fight fatigue, improve relaxation and help maintain a good mood for a long time.

Interior color trends 4Fashionable paint colors in the interior of 2021

In a room with a vintage design, smoky violet (or smoky violet), dark brown, burgundy, berry colors and even bronze look very good. All of them will turn the interior of your home into something rich, elegant and elegant. A pair of these colors with dark wood furniture and leather upholstery will make the room truly stylish. Fashionable colors in the interior photo:

Interior colors 5Fashionable paint colors in the interior of 2021

Farm inspired vintage palettes were also trendy in 2020. Given the current desires of interior designers, such a color palette is very relevant. It uses colors that can often be seen on different farms. Namely, these are the colors of playful orange, green and light, moderately bright brown tones. They will give your home an earthly, more natural feeling.

Interior colors 6Fashionable paint colors in the interior of 2021

What a fashionable color in the interior, last year the turquoise color symbolized salvation, so you can stick to your fantasies. That is, why not try transparent and pearl shades? Light cream, cream white, pale gray, light sage color and neutral tones will make your home pleasant, that is, you will want to feel as if saved, with a soft retro feel. Fashionable colors in the interior photo:

Interior colors 7Fashionable paint colors in the interior of 2021

Some people yearn for last year. They want to come back to this and for this change the interior. So, another trend in 2020 was the palette with tribal and clay flowers. The tribes reflected the concept of saturated orange and brown, indigo and curry. “Tribal” (colors) – this word is similar to the word “flame”. Therefore, this palette includes flames, fire-like shades. They will add some excitement to the design of any room interior.Fashionable paint colors in the interior of 2021

The fashionable color of the walls in the interior – 2020 was diverse. This was reflected in colors that were trendy and popular in interior design for 365 days. The 2020 color palette included tones, from explosive pinks to soft and silver tones. All of them were used by designers and were very popular. Now it remains only to wait what colors will be in the new decor trend of 2021 itself.

How to Choose the Paint colors for bedrooms

The bedroom can be decorated in any color. It can be refreshing light, neutral pastel or deep dark tones. Any color scheme can be effectively beaten, forming a harmonious and complete interior.

Choosing paint color schemeHow to Choose the Paint colors for bedrooms

The choice of colors for the design of a bedroom should first of all correspond to the taste preferences of the owners of the home. Next, you should rely on some characteristics of the room. For example, for a small room, it is not recommended to choose dark tones. With a similar finish, the bedroom will seem very small and gloomy, even if it is furnished with light furniture. In such conditions, more delicate and light shades will harmoniously look. With their help, you can visually expand the space and make it more comfortable. And this applies not only to classic, but also pastel colors.

If the bedroom is spacious enough, then the visual expansion of the space can not be addressed. So, in the room it will be fashionable and attractive to look dark accent wall, surrounded by walls painted in the same color, but a couple of shades lighter. You can make the room more original by contacting the wall decoration in different shades and textures. For this, special wallpaper for painting or beautiful decorative plaster is ideal. With the help of such materials, you can give the color scheme of the bedroom an attractive depth, and the overall ensemble – a unique gloss.

The choice of colors depends on the location of the bedroom. For this, it is necessary to take into account the direction of the windows in the room and how much natural light penetrates into it. If the bedroom windows face west, then, as a rule, in the mornings of light there is not enough light in it. For the design of such rooms, it is best to choose lighter colors. The most successful option will be the classic white color.

However, do not forget that such environments must be diluted with bright accents and accessories, otherwise the interior will turn out to be boring and monotonous.

If the bedroom windows are facing east, then the design of the room in dark colors is acceptable. Interiors in such conditions can be decorated with dense curtains of deep shades that will not let in bright sunlight in the morning. But here, dark colors should be diluted with light and colorful details, so that the bedroom does not turn out too gloomy. Rooms with a northern orientation are recommended to be decorated with soft and warm colors, and for southern bedrooms, the cool choice is cool tones.

Experts do not recommend choosing flashy colors for decorating the bedroom. They will interfere with fast falling asleep and complete relaxation. It is worth considering that over time, such palettes in the bedroom will begin to cause irritation and will interfere with healthy sleep. Suitable for decorating the bedroom, not only classic and pastel, but also natural tones. Especially often, people choose a soothing green color, which has a beneficial effect on the emotional state of a person.

Popular paint colors and shadesHow to Choose the Paint colors for bedrooms

To design a beautiful and harmonious bedroom, many colors are suitable. Let us consider in more detail the most popular and attractive of them:

  • Recently, neutral gray has become very fashionable. It fits perfectly into the interiors of different styles – from the unchanging classics to the ultra-modern hi-tech or loft style. However, with this color it is worth being careful that the situation does not turn out too boring and fresh. To make the bedroom interior attractive and complete, it should be supplemented with contrasting and rich accessories or decor items.
  • Another universal color is lilac. Its shades can be used in interiors of different styles. Against the background of beautiful lilac walls, furniture made of dark wood and decor made of light plastic look especially harmonious. Such environments are often complemented by glass elements. It can be a coffee table neat, a large mirror or glass cabinet doors.

If the bedroom is decorated in deeper lilac tones, then items decorated with gilding and artificial aging will find their place in it. Often in such interiors they combine several shades of lilac at once. For example, it can be a “tasty” combination of dark lilac and more delicate pink tones.

  • If you want to create a calm and peaceful interior, then you should turn to the airy blue color. There are a large number of beautiful tones of blue. For wall decoration in the bedroom, a neutral gray-blue, delicate heavenly, spectacular azure or cornflower blue shades are suitable.

It is recommended to refer to such a palette if the bedroom is located on the sunny side and a sufficient amount of natural light penetrates into it. It is worth noting the ability of blue to visually expand the space, especially when it comes to its lighter shades.

  • With this palette, you can visually make the ceiling higher. Against the background of blue walls, furniture from different materials will harmoniously look. Especially spectacular in such environments look beds, bedside tables and cabinets made of wood in light and dark colors. It is recommended that the ceiling in the blue bedroom be finished with lighter materials, so that the result is a truly airy and light interior.
  • The deeper and denser is the blue color. The bedroom in such colors is suitable for both young people and older people. Blue color is rich in shades. For decorating the walls in the room, a variety of tones are suitable – from the mysterious indigo to the sea blue-green.

Despite its bright personality, the blue color is perfect for lovers of the classic style. In the bedroom, the walls of which are decorated in such a way, accessories from velor and velvet will look spectacular. Against the background of blue wall decoration, interior items made in contrasting and dark colors will look attractive. It is recommended to choose models made from precious wood. Such things are expensive, but their appearance and performance more than justify the high price.

As for textiles, both dark and light fabrics will look in the blue room. For curtains, you can choose luxurious velvet, for cover spoilage, and for a canopy – airy transparent organza.

  • Turquoise bedrooms look very attractive and bright. This color is ideal for interiors in the style of French Provence or elegant classics. Often, such wall decoration is also used to create a beautiful atmosphere in a rustic or Scandinavian manner.

Using turquoise it is possible to create a cheerful atmosphere in the room

The turquoise color is ideal for decorating a cozy nest of the newlyweds or a children’s bedroom. Such decoration is recommended if the bedroom is located on the south side. Turquoise is effectively combined with classic white. In such bedrooms, white furniture and contrasting decor elements will harmoniously look.

  • Soothing effect has a natural green color. You can beat it with refreshing and warm colors. For example, it can be sunny yellow, fresh white, beige or cream shades. Experts say that green has an extremely positive effect on the human psyche and emotional state. In such conditions, you can relax and unwind.
  • A room made in purple will look bright and attractive. In such conditions, you can put furniture in both snow-white and dark colors. Against the background of purple walls, various contrasts look especially attractive. For example, it could be a dark brown or black double bed with white linens.

For a bedroom of such a “sweet” color, it is necessary to purchase a sufficient number of lamps. It can be built-in light bulbs, ceiling chandeliers and trendy spotlights in the dressing table, mirrors and niches. Purple looks spectacular in tandem with white and pink. If you correctly mix these paints in one room, the interior will turn out to be very delicate and attractive.

  • An interesting and calm interior can be composed in an olive or pistachio bedroom. Such colors are revealed in conditions of sufficient natural light. A bedroom in this design can be beaten with more dense tones of green, brown, beige or cream. In such a bedroom, there may be furniture in both neutral and contrasting colors.
  • A bedroom with white and beige walls will look beautiful and fresh. Especially relevant is such a finish for small rooms. With the help of snow-white palettes, you can visually make the room more spacious and bright. White color must be diluted with bright accents and contrasting interior items. Fortunately, this classic coloring is combined with many colors, so it’s not difficult to create a beautiful and organic ensemble.
  • If you like bright and rich colors, then you should turn to the design of the bedroom in orange, red and yellow colors. These colors are especially relevant for rooms that do not differ in sufficient natural light. Using these rich colors you can create a positive and attractive interior. It is not recommended to place furniture too bright in a room with such wall decoration, otherwise the interior will turn out to be too flashy and annoying.
  • Many people are afraid of the design of residential premises in black . But in fact, if you correctly dispose of this color, the interior will turn out to be very fashionable and attractive. The main thing is to follow a few simple rules. For example, it is not recommended to buy dark furniture for such rooms, as it simply dissolves against the general background. In a black room, interior items with glossy surfaces will look spectacular.
  • A beautiful and stylish interior can be made in the bedroom in a brown and chocolate shade. It is worth noting that these colors belong to the classics and are perfectly combined with many palettes. It is not recommended to place dark pieces of furniture in dark brown rooms, because such a situation will look too gloomy. Against the background of brown walls, things of a creamy, delicate peach, beige and shade of creme brulee will look especially harmoniously.

Common paint color combinations in bedroomHow to Choose the Paint colors for bedrooms

Most often, the following color combinations are used in the interior of a bedroom:

  • an ensemble of white, purple and pale pink;
  • yellow and green;
  • white with lilac;
  • blue / cyan / turquoise with white;
  • black and white;
  • brown with beige and cream;
  • gray with purple and pink, as well as black, brown and white;
  • pistachio with a rich and dark shade of green;
  • orange with white;
  • red with black and white;
  • yellow with beige and white.

Designer’s and psychologist’s adviceHow to Choose the Paint colors for bedrooms

Designers and psychologists agree that the bedroom should be decorated in calm shouting colors.

The best colors for bedrooms are: beige, green, peach and white, as well as their shades. Of course, they can be diluted with other colors so that the interior does not seem boring.

Psychologists do not recommend finishing the walls in the bedroom with catchy and energetic paints. If you like such palettes, then they should be used for surfaces located behind a berth, otherwise they will prevent quick falling asleep. However, to place such colors opposite the bed should be those people who want to wake up easily and energetically.

Gray and black colors are calm, but experts say that these scales can depress and cause depressive moods. They must be diluted with rich and vibrant accents of positive shades. Do not complement the dark finish with the same dark curtains. For example, in a dark brown bedroom gray or black blackout curtains will look depressing. It is better to turn to lighter, lighter and translucent curtains.

Paint colors for bedrooms – latest trendsPaint colors for bedrooms - latest trends

Color in the bedroom is an extremely individual matter. Succumbing to the prevailing fashion and following the trends, it is worth noting, however, to give up your tastes in order to feel good in your own bedroom.

It is color that largely creates the atmosphere in interiors. Whether we feel calm, whether the room seems comfortable to us, is of great importance not only for our emotions, but also for actual physical relaxation.

How to make our bedroom not always the same, and how to use modern trends?

Each year, trendsetters and style experts publish the latest definitions of what will be fashionable and relevant in a particular season. In fact, the proposed patterns and colors determine the direction of our efforts in interior design. However, this does not mean that we should mindlessly copy the proposed samples, especially since sometimes they are far from reality. However, it is important that they become our starting point, a source of inspiration. Only a combination of what is fashionable, what stylists offer, with what we like, what is our personal beginning, will ultimately create an interesting, individual and unusual interior.

PurplePaint colors for bedrooms - latest trends

These are extremely fashionable and desirable colors this season. Perfectly manifested in the bedroom, as these are the colors of creation, mystery and luxury. They give the interior a sensual, magical character.

Violet has a lot of shades. Depending on whether we use light, pastel lilac tones, or, possibly, darker plum tones, including eggplant, we will get completely different effects, and different colors will suit them as a complement.

Violet fits all interior styles. Beautifully presents itself in modern minimalist interiors and in lofts. Here it is best combined with beige, gray, and also – in an extremely sophisticated combination – with red. In such interiors, this color can appear in its intense, saturated version. However, its shade should be warm and soft.

Romantic and provencal interiors combine purple with pink, ecru, light green, turquoise and shades of white. Here shades come in much more delicate, enlightened, but also colder. Lavender and violet tones create a soft, delicate atmosphere that is also wonderfully suitable for use in children’s bedrooms.

In the glamor style, violet appears in combination with pink and black. It uses all the shades of this color in different saturations.

Pastel BluePaint colors for bedrooms - latest trends

It emphasizes and enhances what is most desirable in interiors – space and light. This season, we bring to the bedroom a color widely recognized as cold, but its other features (light scattering and optical increase in space) allow us to resort to it more boldly than ever before. In interiors inspired by the English “modern country” style, this color appears next to white, beige and delicate pastel shades. Thanks to this combination, blue seems warmer, and the interior takes on a cozy character. Separate, darker coloristic accents may appear in such bedrooms – dark blue, dark brown or black.

In modern compositions, blue appears in a similar combination. The economical form minimalist style warms cold blue interiors with shades of natural wood and fabrics and plenty of light.

GrayPaint colors for bedrooms - latest trends

Actual is not one season, and, it seems, does not depend on fashion trends. Performs in interiors in any shades, becomes the object of a variety of compositional and coloristic experiments.

In the bedroom, the gray color is most often “framed” in the white frames of skirting boards, door frames or stucco moldings. Especially light shades of gray should be combined with pure white to emphasize the fact of its presence. Warm colors of wood, fabrics, weaving, paper, cork or metal add to the gray bedroom warmth and tender charm.

Modern interiors boldly resort to intense shades of gray. Dark graphite colors can add depth and become an expressive backdrop for high-quality contrasting furniture and decoration elements. The bedroom, decorated in shades of gray, seems original, sophisticated and intimate.

Wall Colours for BedroomWall Colours for Bedroom

We tell you which colours are best for this and other rooms in the house to promote harmony. The five most original and colourful ideas to paint a wall (or walls) and give a new look to home decoration.

In addition to changing the closet, there is another fairly common action these days: renovating the home decor. Whether it is changing the furniture, adding some pictures or painting the walls of a room in our home, the fact is that we need to give a new look to the home decoration.

At this point we are already very clear how to hang the pictures on the wall to give a different touch to a room and we have also tried our luck with crafts and we have dared with the most original ideas to renew old furniture. So, once we are at work, we want to paint the walls of the house in a different way. Although betting on the most original and colourful ideas to paint a wall is a very good option, it is important to take into account which are the best colours to paint a room.

For example, it is not the same to choose a colour to paint the wall of a bedroom and that helps us fall asleep, than to opt for a tonality with which to paint a wall in the living room. To help us choose the best colours to paint the walls of a bedroom and help us fall asleep (in other things) we have spoken with expert Ikea decorators who give us some tips.

Blues, greens, grays and even red, all colours have a place when deciding on a hue to paint the walls, you just have to know how to choose based on the type of emotion you want to convey. In addition to helping us choose the colours with which to paint the walls of a bedroom, Ikea’s expert decorators also propose shades for other rooms and recommend us how to bet on them and get it right.

The best colours to paint the walls of a bedroom and help us fall asleep (among other things)

Relaxation in the bedroom with green wallsWall Colours for Bedroom

Green is one of the colours that tends to throw us back when painting the house, although in recent times we have seen a great presence of this colour in many kitchens.

But if you dare to paint the walls light green, you will know that you will be betting on a peaceful, relaxing, calming environment. It is great for a room like the bedroom, but also for other rooms in the house such as the work and study area, to encourage greater concentration.

It is a colour that we relate directly to nature, so freshness is guaranteed. And if you do not dare to add it in such a drastic way to your walls, you can start by painting only one of the walls (while the rest of the room remains white) or add small touches of green through the textiles as a cover. duvet, curtains or cushions.

Calm and tranquility with blue painted wallsWall Colours for Bedroom

Blue is a colour that conveys security, confidence, tranquility, harmony. Although, as with green, it will depend on the chosen tone. So be careful, because if you are looking for those emotions, you can find the opposite if you paint the walls a too strong blue, like an electric blue.

The range of blues is very extensive, that’s why we love the idea of combining several shades : you can choose a lighter one such as pastel blue for one of the walls of the room, while the bedding, the cushions or the small decoration introduce other more powerful tones.

The energy of a wall painted red, pink or orangeWall Colours for Bedroom

Red, pink, and other warm colours can cause feelings of optimism, energy, and joy. Ideal for living rooms, dining rooms or youth bedrooms. This is the influence of colours on our emotions:

  • Pink : pink has always been related to childhood, romanticism… But pink can be much more. This colour helps us to relax, to awaken sensitivity and tenderness. It is a colour that we especially like for children’s bedrooms, dressing rooms, dining rooms with lots of natural light… You know what they say about seeing life in pink, right?
  • Orange : painting the walls orange is complicated, because we are talking about a colour that conveys very strong sensations, a colour with a brutal personality and not always easy to combine with other tones. Orange transmits joy, vitality, creativity, dynamism. Create warm and comforting environments. If you bet on a dark orange colour, combine it with furniture in wood that is also darker, so that they produce that contrast. Of course, for the walls we recommend a more peach-like orange with which to soften the environment and not have problems when introducing other colours.
  • Red : painting the walls red will automatically make you feel a brutal energy. It is the colour of passion, love, courage, vitality. But precisely for that reason we have to try to be restrained with its introduction in the different rooms. Spending a lot of time in a room painted red can cause us some stress, so you can introduce it in the hallway, the dining room or on one of the walls of your children’s bedroom (without overloading it).

Sobriety and elegance with a gray or black wallWall Colours for Bedroom

There are those who think that gray and black are sad colours and avoid bringing them into the house at all costs. Of course, to introduce dark colours you should do it in rooms with a lot of natural light, in order to avoid creating spaces that are claustrophobic or that seem smaller than they really are.

Gray is in charge of transmitting security, calm, sophistication, elegance, self-sufficiency… That is why we love it for a corner like this with the chaise longue in the photograph, but also for one of the bedroom walls, a dressing room and even a bathroom.

Black is mystery, silence, sobriety, elegance, introspection. It is ideal for adding character to a certain area of a room (such as the wall at the head of the bed ) and allowing items such as paintings or shelves to stand out.

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