Wallpaper 2023: Newest Trends

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Wallpaper 2023: 8 Newest Trends For A Chic InteriorThe building materials market is volatile. From year to year, new coatings appear that allow you to decorate the walls and ceiling of residential and other premises. We’ll tell you what the most fashionable wallpaper 2023 look like and present 8 of the freshest trends. However, as in all times, traditional finishing materials are relevant.

Gradient wallpaper trends 2023Wallpaper 2023: 8 Newest Trends For A Chic Interior

For more than one year, in the field of clothing and accessories design, smooth, vertical color transitions from light to dark shades or vice versa have been actively used. This trend was adopted by the masters of hair dyeing. It is also used to create fashionable nail designs. It is clear that it could not be ignored by the professionals involved in interior design.

Designers who create fashionable wallpapers for famous brands offer original options with color tints from floor to ceiling. This trendy 2023 wall wallpaper will bring a minimalist interior to life. Great idea, isn’t it? After all, Minimalism does not imply the use of more than 1-2 colors, and gradient wallpaper 2023 allows you to use dozens of shades at the same time.

It is important to properly match the 2023 wallpaper design with the ceiling finish. Its color must exactly match the last shade of the gradient “palette”. Otherwise, you will not be able to achieve the desired effect. The most unusual gradients are also possible. For example, a smooth flow of peach to green or orange to pale blue. However, such wallpaper for the living room 2023 should be used with great care and in metered quantities.

Wallpaper design 2023: “Metallic”Wallpaper 2023: 8 Newest Trends For A Chic Interior

Original new wallpapers 2023 – options with a metallic effect. They will also perfectly “dilute” the asceticism of a minimalist living room or bedroom. The most fashionable wallpaper for walls 2023 with a metallic effect should be black or graphite. They can be perfectly integrated into high-tech design.

Remember! It is not recommended to decorate the room in a totally black color. Although the combination of glossy and matte coatings of the same color is still relevant. You can freshen up this last year’s trend by using both matte and wallpaper for hall 2023 with a metallic effect for the walls of the room. Embossed metallic wallpapers also look interesting. And the rougher their texture, the better. They can be used to decorate a loft interior, combining with “brickwork”.

New Wallpaper 2023: “Monochrome”Wallpaper 2023: 8 Newest Trends For A Chic Interior

Black and white combinations will probably never go out of style. They are classics of Minimalism. However, why not make it more alive? Is monochrome wallpaper for hall 2023 with ethnic or geometric patterns suitable for this?

An interesting solution is white-black-gray wallpaper with a characteristic “northern” pattern. They are perfect for Scandinavian-style interiors, which are unlikely to lose their relevance in recent years.

For hi-tech, you can choose an option with a futuristic design. Drawings in the form of an endless spiral or “moving” pictures that create optical illusions look original. By the way, this 2023 wallpaper design can be used as an indicator of your fatigue. It is believed that the faster the picture “moves”, the more tired the person is.

“Waves”Wallpaper 2023: 8 Newest Trends For A Chic Interior

Would you like to use the trendiest 2023 wallpaper for your home? Then pay attention to the picture “Wave”. Designers offer an incredible variety of options. After all, waves can be very different. Ask your child to draw waves on a piece of paper. Surely, he will depict several parallel wavy lines. Here is the picture that adorns the trending wallpapers of many famous brands.

Now get creative and try to develop the theme. For example, replace thin lines with wide stripes with a gradient color transition. You will get something that resembles a sketch, using which modern wallpaper 2023 is made today.

Seriously speaking, the trend is the “Waves” pattern of any color and realism. And do not forget to pay attention to the new wallpapers 2023 with a relief wavy surface. They look unusual and fit perfectly into the interior of the living room or bedroom.

Alternatively, you can choose the embossed wallpaper for the 2023 hall with a wave pattern and a metallic effect. Such options are simply out of competition, but they can be used to decorate only one of the walls.

Modern Wallpaper 2023: “3D”Wallpaper 2023: 8 Newest Trends For A Chic Interior

Many may be surprised by the inclusion of 3D design among the trends. After all, you won’t surprise anyone with pseudo-volumetric images. However, designers who come up with what the trendy 2023 wallpaper should be continue to come up with new solutions.

Wallpaper 2023: with waves

Again, back to the topic of waves. An image of a wave pouring directly into the room will look gorgeous on the wall. Such wallpaper for the living room 2023 will delight everyone you invite to your home. You can paste over only a part of the wall with them and arrange it under the picture, enclosing it in a frame made of stucco molding.


The latest squeak of interior fashion is the wallpaper for the living room 2023, which depicts animals making their way into the room through a punched wall. They will perfectly fit into ethno or Fusion style interior. In addition, they can be made the only and main decoration of a minimalist design.

Remember, these options are only suitable for very spacious rooms. It makes no sense to use them in small apartments. It is not recommended to use embossed “wave” wallpaper for the kitchen 2023. Soot and grease particles will accumulate on them, so they will quickly lose their attractiveness. Choose options that have Scalloped Waves on their markings. This means they can be abraded and washed.

Glowing wallpaper 2023Wallpaper 2023: 8 Newest Trends For A Chic Interior

When choosing a wallpaper design 2023, pay attention to the luminous options. They are luminous and fluorescent. Want to impress everyone who looks into your home? Use the trendy 2023 3D effect wallpaper made with fluorescent paint.

They are especially suitable for bedroom decoration. In the evening, these wallpapers will create a cozy and romantic atmosphere there. There are also new 2023 wallpapers for luminous ceilings with a design in the form of a starry sky on the market. They will become the semantic center of the interior of a nursery or a teenager’s room.

New wallpaper 2023 in grunge styleWallpaper 2023: 8 Newest Trends For A Chic Interior

Torn clothes with frayed to the fringe legs and holes in jackets and trousers a few years ago marked the triumphant march of the grunge style on the world catwalks. From there, he entered the realm of interior design. So it’s no surprise that many brands offer modern 2023 grunge wallpapers.

And if earlier they were used mostly for living rooms, today many people prefer grunge wallpaper for the kitchen 2023. Their characteristic feature is the creation of the effect of an aged, worn out surface of the walls.

To people outside the realm of interior design, the idea of specially finishing surfaces so that they look ragged may seem wild. However, it’s all about the right combination of grunge wallpaper with furniture and decor. Thanks to them, the interior of your home will become super trendy.

Popular Wallpaper 2023: “Primitivism”Wallpaper 2023: 8 Newest Trends For A Chic Interior

Wallpapers 2023 surprise with variety. There is a clear tendency to abandon pretentiousness in favor of simplicity and, if you like, primitivism. An exception is cases when Neoclassicism is chosen as the design style.

Wallpaper with a simple floral pattern of faded colors, reminiscent of pencil drawings, is in fashion. Continuing the theme of graphics, let’s say that wallpapers with geometric patterns applied in thin, barely noticeable lines are in trend. Not a fan of pencil drawings? Then choose options with imitation of watercolor. Now you know which modern wallpaper 2023 you should use. Our tips will help you create an unusual and stylish interior.

2023 Living Room Wallpaper: 6 Key TrendsWallpaper 2023: 8 Newest Trends For A Chic Interior

The easiest way to transform her is to pick up trending wallpapers for the living room of 2023. The specificity of the living room gives the widest possibilities in the choice of wallpaper, since there is no need to worry about high humidity, as in the bathroom, or high temperatures, as in the kitchen.

By the way, we talked a lot about the functional characteristics of the 2023 wallpaper. And today we want to focus on the most trendy textures and wallpaper designs for the living room. re you ready for an overwhelming change? Then read our article!

Living Room Wallpaper 2023: Room OptimizationWallpaper 2023: 8 Newest Trends For A Chic Interior

The term “optimization” seems strange in this context, but this is the mission that well-chosen interior elements (especially large ones) carry. Many new wallpapers for the living room in 2023 are designed to increase the “efficiency” of the design at times!

For such an effect, it is worth considering the parameters of the room, the illumination, the color scheme and textures of the surfaces of furniture and textiles, as well as the desired result. We will give you guidelines!

Metallic and glossy wallpaper – masking and visual magnification

Clearly traced highlights and shadows will allow the artist to create the illusion of volume even on a flat sheet. Glare surfaces will also come in handy for you and me if we want to mask a not very flat wall or visually enlarge the space.

Photo wallpaper with perspective – a magic illusion!

Roughly speaking, if you would like to “extend” a room in any direction, a photo wallpaper with a perspective effect is a great solution. Don’t clutter up the space in front of them too much. But it is profitable to beat the image with a grain of imagination – a great idea!

Wallpaper with large patterns

These are suitable mainly for large living rooms, however, if you again want to divert attention from the imperfections of the walls, choose patterns that contrast with the background. Elements of patterns, as if directed upward, are suitable for living rooms with a low ceiling.

Striped flight – the way to art deco!

Of course, not every striped wallpaper lends an art deco feel to interiors, but the fashion for them has blossomed again thanks to the revival of the style this year. The most hit option in Art Deco is the black and white stripes. Vertical ones will visually raise the ceiling, and horizontal ones will expand the space.

Living Room Wallpaper 2023: Super DecorWallpaper 2023: 8 Newest Trends For A Chic Interior

Now let’s talk about an equally practical wallpaper design with an emphasis on decorative effects. Such wallpaper in the living room of 2023 will make a splash with its mere presence. They will radically change the look of your living room – or, perhaps, make you want to change the decor and furnishings. But it’s worth it! See what amazing solutions the top manufacturers have to offer!

Works of art

The impressive wallpaper reminiscent of an abstract work of art will grab attention even if there are no paintings on the walls! Abstract spots are in trend, somewhat reminiscent of oil stains on water or watercolors. Looks great with both minimalistic and extravagant furniture and decor. Naturally, if you have chosen such wallpaper for one accent wall, try to leave it as open as possible.

Imitation of other materials

Thanks to modern technology, a brick or wood wall printed on wallpaper will be difficult to distinguish from a real one. The effect of such changes is simply amazing, and even such a don perfectly suits decorative elements of a wide variety of styles. All that remains is to decorate the living room according to your taste – from country style to grunge style!

Wallpaper trends 2023Wallpaper trends 2023

Designers draw inspiration from the Victorian era, the tropics are replaced by the Scandinavian Forest, birds drop their feathers, panoramic landscapes become monochrome, vinyl imitates the relief of plaster, and interlining convincingly pretends to be fabric. We tell you what wallpapers are in trend in 2023.

Wallpaper mills

The wallpaper mills resurrect the decorative tradition of Victorian England with its love of detail, intricate floral patterns and dark hues. Wallpapers from the new collections in Victorian style give a complete feeling that outside the window is Baker Street or some British county with an unpronounceable name.

Many people are now interested in interior design, so more and more non-standard solutions are used in decoration. Fabric wallpaper, artistic plaster, polyurethane and foam plastic moldings – these and many other materials open the way to a world of wide possibilities. The only question is the appropriateness and proper installation, otherwise the result will be unaesthetic. How and how to glue MDF panels on the wall so that they look neat? Let’s figure it out.

Fashionable wallpapers in 2023 are not only inspired by the Victorian era, but also quote it verbatim. Imperishable plant patterns are in vogue by William Morris, a prominent representative of the Victorian era, who revived the fashion for medieval aesthetics and was one of the first to use the word “designer” in relation to himself.

Considered a fashion hit in the 19th century, Morris wallpaper returned to trend status more than a hundred years later. Flowering spring meadows, lush garden flowers, songbirds, forest clearings – Morris’s natural motifs exist outside of time and easily take root in modern interiors.

Mysterious forest

Tropical ornaments, firmly established in the interiors, still remain relevant, but gradually give way to the first line in the hit parade of forest motifs.

The fashionable focus is Scandinavian primitivism with two-dimensional images of forest flora and fauna, which sometimes look emphatically naive, as if drawn by a child’s hand, and sometimes fabulously and mysteriously, like an enchanted forest clearing inhabited by magical deer, squirrels and rabbits.

Another maturing trend from the world of wallpaper botany: plant drawings, similar to digital illustrations that we used to see on the Internet, and now we can try on the walls.

Bird stories

Last year, animalism burst into interior fashion. Monkeys frolicked on the walls, zebras walked, tigers and leopards hunted. Fashion fights in 2023 will definitely continue to develop the animalistic theme, but the angle promises to shift a little. Now the focus is on birds.

Patterns with birds on a dark background and images of bird feathers will become a fashionable hit.

Fruit counter

Fruit stalls are another source of inspiration for wallpaper brands.

In 2023, wallpapers are charged with vitamins and bright colors of ripe lemons, exotic pineapples, juicy pomegranates and grapefruits. The most fashionable option is a repeating fruit pattern on a contrasting dark background.

Fruit wallpapers are appropriate not only in the kitchen, their appearance is justified in any room.

Landscape wallpaper

The trend for landscapes and architectural elements is not losing ground. Natural and architectural panoramas regularly appear in design projects and collections of wallpaper brands, which visually enlarge the space and open up the walls.

Realistic and engraved landscapes with architectural ruins, misty mountains, forest paths, pastoral meadows and reservoirs are in fashion.

The images are pacifying, the shades are restrained, the colors are at least. The most popular options are monochrome.

Relief and imitation

Designers’ fascination with embossed interior elements has not bypassed fashionable wallpaper for walls.

Wallpaper with an expressive texture is an option for those who are not ready to see deer, lemons, ancient Greek ruins and other active prints on their walls.

Embossed vinyl wallpaper tends to imitate gypsum stucco, copy the bumps and cracks of decorative plaster, and show textured botanical patterns.

Non-woven wallpaper

Back in the 17th century, they came up with the idea of covering wallpaper with chopped wool fibers, achieving relief and surprisingly accurate imitation of fabric.

In 2023, non-woven wallpaper successfully pretends to be fabric again, referring us to the traditions of bygone eras. Textured textile wallpapers enliven smooth walls without being obtrusive – the perfect ally for minimalist and classic interiors.

Popular Wallpaper 2023Popular Wallpaper 2023

The importance of competent design of the walls in the room is not even subject to discussion. Man began to decorate the walls of his dwelling more than three thousand years ago, starting with drawings on the walls of primitive caves. With the development of man, technologies, materials and tastes have changed. Each era is marked by its own peculiarities of the interior decoration of the walls of the premises. Homeowners now have access to wallpapers of various types.

Popular wallpaper 2023 – fashion trends in design

When choosing new wallpaper collections 2023, we most often think about color, style and design. However, few people think that wallpaper can not only decorate the interior, but also visually enlarge the space. Making a choice in favor of a particular collection, you need to remember how long the material will retain its performance properties and aesthetic qualities.

You should be guided by fairly simple criteria: environmental safety for yourself and your family, ease of use, as well as the resistance of materials to external factors.

Non-woven wallpaper 2023

Technological progress gives us more and more new technologies in almost all areas, and the construction industry is no exception. Wallpaper manufacturers are constantly on the lookout for creative materials and technologies, using various raw materials to make designer wallpapers 2023. But, perhaps, non-woven samples are most in demand.

Where is fleece used? First of all, dressmakers and seamstresses use it, they make some parts of clothing with it. In addition, it is widely used in the manufacture of wallpaper.

What is fleece? Why are beautiful wallpaper collections 2023 based on it so popular? Interlining is a non-woven semi-synthetic material. Outwardly, it is no different from thick paper, but at the same time it has higher wear resistance and tensile strength. To obtain the desired relief, foamed vinyl is applied to the interlining.

3D wallpaper 2023

The latest 3D technology has inspired designers to create wallpapers of the future that seem simple on the surface. Stylish 3D wallpapers 2023 have become one of the latest trends in the world of interiors, the main difference of which is the presence of a three-dimensional widescreen image, which is formed on flat surfaces and creates a complete feeling of full-fledged reality. The use of 3D wallpaper is recommended for people looking for a practical interior with a tendency to reinstall frequently.

Fiberglass Wallpaper 2023

To give your imperfect walls an impeccable reputation, enough imagination plus environmentally friendly fiberglass – and your walls will delight with their beauty and unusualness. High-tech fiberglass wallpapers 2023 are in great demand in the Russian market. Why did they so firmly “took the soul” of the people’s hearts? There are several reasons, one of the main ones is that they are very easy to work with. In addition, they are resistant to abrasion and easy to glue.

For the manufacture of glass wallpaper, no materials are used that are associated with traditional wallpaper. The basis of such a coating is a special glass, which is heated up to 1200 degrees and becomes plastic. This glass consists entirely of natural materials. In the classic version, cullet has a white or light gray tint.

This modern decorative wall covering, despite its venerable age (more than 80 years), has not lost its relevance, and modern technologies have made it possible to add even more aesthetics to this universal wall covering.

Liquid wallpaper 2023

Liquid wallpapers work well in all spaces without exception. Compared to ordinary paper wallpapers, liquid ones are more expensive, but they are also more durable. They won’t warp or tear. This will not happen with liquid wallpaper. They are convenient to impose in any, the most difficult places. They contain decorative additives and fillers, they can be of various structures, colors, textures. You can use them in almost any room.

The composition of liquid wallpaper is cotton, silk and cellulose fibers. The material is applied in the same way as liquid plaster. This is the ideal solution for complex ceiling reliefs. Liquid wallpaper is well suited for rooms that have a lot of architectural elements.

Photo wallpaper 2023

Stylish sign of the times – wallpaper. Popularity as well as demand for them remain high. This coating is an alternative to standard wallpaper. The size of these products can be adjusted so that they occupy the entire wall in the room. On the wallpaper, you can place family photos (for example, a photo of a child) or choose options from the manufacturer’s database.

New collections of photo wallpapers 2023 are particularly durable and durable. There are products with a texture that imitates leather or fabric. Both paper and vinyl coverings are available and are resistant to washing and fading under the influence of the sun.

Vinyl wallpaper 2023

Vinyl wallpapers also look relevant. They are resistant to frequent washing, they are recommended for kitchen areas, bathrooms and utility rooms. Ordinary wallpaper emphasizes the defects and irregularities of the walls, visually making them more noticeable. The foamed vinyl surface, on the contrary, successfully hides the defects of the rough surface due to high production technologies.

A rich selection of textures and colors, excellent performance, ease of gluing and maintenance make these wallpapers a win-win option.

Paper wallpapers 2023

In 2023, beautiful paper wallpapers are back in fashion. They have a variety of colors, which allows you to make the interior of the room stylish and original. They are good to use in rooms that will not be exposed to pollution and damage (for example, in bedrooms). Bright colors that evoke positive emotions are recommended for children’s rooms.

Paper wallpapers are the least durable, but relatively inexpensive and extremely easy to install. Moreover, paper is a fairly environmentally friendly material, it allows the walls to “breathe”. Therefore, such coatings are suitable for interior wall decoration of any interior.

Among the new materials in the interiors appeared:

Structured wallpaper for painting. This material gives the wall a specific texture, which is obtained due to wood shavings placed between the layers of paper. Depending on personal preferences, they can be painted with acrylic paints in any color. Thus, you can update the interior repeatedly with a minimum of costs.

Non-woven wallpaper. This is a new generation product that allows you to glue wallpaper quickly, easily and accurately. As the name suggests, this material contains fleece. This raw material makes this type of wallpaper very advantageous in terms of quality in all respects. Sticking does not cause any problems, since the elastic fabric adheres very well to the wall. At the same time, we lubricate the wall with glue, and not the strips of wallpaper. Thus, we avoid the risk of impregnating the wallpaper with glue, which, if excessively impregnated, will tear and crack. In order for the wallpaper to stick well to the base, you should use a special roller.

Wallpaper 2023 – modern interior trends

Modern wallpapers 2023 are the perfect addition to trendy and stylish interiors with an unsurpassed sophistication. They can be used in any room, whether it is a house, apartment or office. Today, the construction market has a huge amount of this decorative material.

What wallpapers will be in popular in 2023? If you’re looking to renovate, you’ve probably already thought about the issue. Is it better to choose lighter and calmer tones, or give preference to a catchy texture that will perfectly suit your interior? Will your friends, acquaintances and relatives like these wallpapers?

The main trend of the coming year is designer wallpaper 2023, which gives the room a special charm and zest. Floral motifs bright patterns and interesting patterns allow you to adapt the wallpaper to any composition, help to make the interior more attractive.

Glossy wallpapers are great for a glamorous style, while a simple geometric pattern will look good in modern interiors.

A special place among the finishing materials for the repair of interior walls is occupied by wallpaper with an abstract expressive pattern (for example, imprinted golden lines arranged in diamonds). They help to achieve an interesting effect, and a wide selection of colors and patterns allows you to match them to other decor elements.

Floral patterns are a very trendy trend that is being used in living rooms and bedrooms. These wallpapers look best on one or two walls. It is necessary to carefully customize the chosen option for the purpose (it is advisable to hire a professional contractor for this purpose), choose only branded and high-quality goods.

Popular and modern wallpapers 2023, which successfully contrast with the main range of the interior, can make any room more expressive and interesting.

Living room wallpaper trends 2023Living room wallpaper trends 2023

The main message of fashionable interior trends in 2023 is no monotony! Designers offer customers hundreds of interesting and original solutions for wall decoration. We will talk about the most current living room wallpaper trends 2023.

Flora and fauna

Natural motifs began to conquer the minds of designers a few years ago. Last year, the main discovery of the wallpaper world was animalistic scenes.

Exotic animals and birds began to actively “penetrate” the walls of fashionable interiors. They didn’t stop in 2023 either. The new season has released hunting tigers, carefree monkeys, frisky mountain goats and beautiful tropical birds on the wallpaper.

Designers place trendy patterns on dark backgrounds or combine them with no less exotic floral prints. Among the topical subjects are oriental ones with Japanese cranes and blossoming plums, birds of paradise on blooming peonies.

For those who do not want too active exotics in the interior, designers suggest paying attention to unobtrusive forest prints. They help to create a calm, serene atmosphere in the house. Such wallpapers do not require any additional accents, their texture is interesting and attractive in itself.


When the views outside the window are not conducive to contemplation, the right wall decor comes to the rescue. Wallpaper with panoramic scenes help to visually expand the space, pushing the boundaries of the room. This is perhaps the easiest and most affordable way to correct the features of small rooms.

Panoramas can photographically reproduce some pleasant scenes: for example, seascapes, images of city streets, scenes from the life of animals. But this year the trend is species engravings, more reminiscent of illustrations of old books. Such canvases create a special nostalgic atmosphere, but at the same time they look very modern and stylish.

Optical illusions

An interior that is unique in every way is easy to create if you use printed wallpapers for wall decoration that create interesting visual effects. Usually such canvases adorn abstract compositions – voluminous, leading the eye deep. The print may consist of repeating geometric shapes, intersecting lines, color transitions, 3-D drawings.

When choosing canvases with optical illusions for walls, be careful. Excessively active stories only at first glance look attractive and unusual. If such pictures are in front of the eyes for a long time, they can cause unpleasant visual sensations, cause headaches, irritability, and increased fatigue.


Not only wallpaper designs are of interest to designers in the new season. Experts pay special attention to the texture and texture of the paintings. Walls imitating concrete, brick , plastered surfaces fit perfectly into many modern interior concepts. Their design makes any minimalist interior more complex and expressive.

For classic, retro, scandi style, “urban” textures are not suitable, but for these areas you can choose interesting and pleasant to the touch canvases: for example, textile, silk, linen or woolen wallpapers.


In addition to tactility, the focus of designers today is the environmental safety of wall decoration. For the design of stylish interiors, it is recommended to use natural canvases. The favorites are bamboo and hemp wallpapers, as well as cork, jute and cotton canvases. In 2023, handmade wallpapers are also gaining popularity. This is a rather expensive type of finishing materials, but it makes the interior truly exclusive.

Ecotrend is not even a stylistic direction, it is a real way of life. It goes well with the ideas of minimalism, harmoniously fits into Scandinavian and ethnic interiors, and can perfectly support the retro style. When choosing eco-wallpaper for walls, it is worth trying to ensure that the rest of the decor of the room matches this stylistic direction. In such an interior, furniture made from natural materials, natural textiles, ceramics, living plants will look good.


From season to season, fashion brings back the relevance of one or more bygone eras. In 2023, the trend is the geometry of the 60-70s of the last century. These are three-dimensional ornaments with special dynamics and elegance.

If the 20th century required contrasts and experiments, then in the 21st century fashion is more restrained. For wall decoration, complex shapes, broken lines, voluminous figures are offered, but their design is made mainly in calm deep shades: brown, mustard, grassy green, gray, brick.

Chic and glamour

This year, Art Deco is back in fashion – a brilliant style of the beginning of the last century. This bright design direction is attractive for its sophistication and diversity.

Choose one of the following wallpaper options to decorate your walls to match the Art Deco style:

  • With complex geometric patterns. It is desirable that the pattern and background be contrasting in color.
  • With abstract compositions in bold shades of red, pink, gold, black.
  • With a small repeating pattern of ethnic themes.

The only limit to choosing Art Deco wallpapers is your own imagination. Just try not to overload the interior with overly active prints and color palettes, so that over time it does not become a source of irritation and fatigue for you.

The fashion trends of the new season do not put us in a rigid framework. They combine restraint and craving for experiments, softness and self-sufficiency, simplicity and individuality. When choosing wallpaper for your home, do not rely solely on the recommendations of modern designers. First of all, focus on your own taste and ideas about coziness and comfort.

We hope our article was useful to you!

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