15 BEST Living Room Colors 2022

BEST Living Room Colors 2022In the field of decoration, colors are one of the great protagonists. Thus, when looking for ideas to decorate, one of the most important aspects to assess are the colors for modern living rooms. There are tons of options available. Which one to choose depends on several aspects, both related to the characteristics of the living room and your tastes and preferences.

If, for example, you are a great lover of minimalist style, cold tones, such as gray or blue, will be your great allies. If instead you prefer a warmer, Mediterranean-style environment for your living living room, you should bet on warm tones: orange, yellow, green, etc.

Below we will tell you which are the best colors to paint a living room, proposing a series of combinations that you will surely love. Take note!

10 living room colors that are trending today

Here we tell you what the following living room decoration ideas are.

1. Navy blueBEST Living Room Colors 2022

Although in the field of decoration dark tones have always been a taboo subject, the truth is that today they are more fashionable than ever. And navy blue is an excellent option when it comes to choosing the best colors for living rooms. If the space is not very wide and / or there is little light, the key is to combine this tone with others such as white or beige. This way you will get a perfectly balanced living room with a most pleasant atmosphere.

2. Turquoise blueBEST Living Room Colors 2022

Turquoise blue is one of the star tones this 2022. If you want to put the focus of attention on a certain wall, you can paint it turquoise blue, and the rest white. An exquisite color combination that brings freshness and light to any space.

3. RedBEST Living Room Colors 2022

Bright colors, like red, are in fashion. This is a color that transmits a lot of energy, so ideally you should combine it with white furniture and decoration elements to balance the environment, something very important in the field of decoration. Otherwise, the living room will be too cluttered.

4. BeigeBEST Living Room Colors 2022

If you like harmonious spaces that convey peace and tranquility, earth tones such as beige are your great allies. Choose natural wood furniture and you will have a very warm and pleasant stay as a result.

5. Pastel shadesBEST Living Room Colors 2022

The vintage style is booming in the world of decoration. A style that fits very well in all types of homes and that has a certain touch of nostalgia. Well, you can also introduce it in your living living room with walls in pastel colors, such as serenity blue or quartz pink. They are tones that convey peace, so that, beyond aesthetics, they will help you create a space in which to relax and unwind.

6. BlackBEST Living Room Colors 2022

Black has always been a color that has not received much attention in the world of decoration. However, it is one of the best ideas for living room paint colors 2022. The key to making it really look good is knowing how to combine it. Combining with white furniture and decoration elements you will get a living room with the most modern minimalist style.

7. Lime greenBEST Living Room Colors 2022

If you like strong colors and want to give the living living room a touch of joy, lime green is a great option for the walls. A perfect tropical tone for a cool space, where you will feel in full contact with nature. Choose some indoor plants as a decoration element, and voila!

8. VioletBEST Living Room Colors 2022

Violet is another of the best colors for small living rooms. One of the great advantages it offers is that it can be combined with all kinds of colors and tones: white, beige, gray, yellow…. Violet is very versatile, so you can play with it to get the decoration you want.

9. CoralBEST Living Room Colors 2022

Coral is the color of 2019 according to Pantone. Thus, it is one of the most demanded tones this year to paint living rooms. Choose a soft tone that is serene and calm, but without losing the characteristic strength of coral. Combining it with white you will get a current, fresh and rejuvenated space.

10. OcherBEST Living Room Colors 2022

And finally, ocher, a very special shade of yellow. If you are looking for colors for dining living rooms that go out of the conventional, you will love it. You can bet on it to create a Mediterranean or colonial style space.

How to combine colors for modern living rooms?

Before choosing a color for the living room, you should know the golden rule to combine colors in the interior of the home, which decorators follow: 60% of a color should be the protagonist, 30% of an intermediate color and the 10% remaining for accent notes.

For example, you can choose a certain color to paint three of the walls in the living room, reserve the intermediate tone for the remaining wall, and incorporate accent notes in textiles and decorative elements.

1. Beige and grayBEST Living Room Colors 2022

The beige and gray are two tones fit swimmingly in the field of decoration. Neutral colors that bring a lot of light to any space. If the living room is small, make beige the main color for the walls. The natural wood furniture and introduces gray in elements and details such as the sofa, for example. If you want to give the living living room a contemporary and modern touch, you can enliven yourself with one of the exposed brick walls.

2. Gray and redBEST Living Room Colors 2022

If you need decorating ideas, you will love this one: combine gray and red. Taking into account that red is a very intense color with a lot of energy, bet on light shades of gray so that the environment is perfectly balanced. A color combination for modern living rooms that you will love if you have a daring personality.

3. White and turquoise blueBEST Living Room Colors 2022

Painting the walls in turquoise blue and choosing white for the furniture is a wonderful idea for a living room full of freshness and good energy. For textiles and decorative objects you can choose pastel tones, such as rose quartz. A very serene and quiet space, although with notes of color that give it a touch of joy.

4. Black and whiteBEST Living Room Colors 2022

One of the star color combinations for dining living rooms, perfect for minimalist decoration styles. If the space is small and does not have a lot of natural light, paint the walls white and introduce black in pieces and details, such as the sofa or the TV cabinet. If instead the living room is large and with good natural light, you can paint three walls white and one of them black.

5. Coral and blueBEST Living Room Colors 2022

Another great combination for a fresh and light-filled space: coral and blue. So that the environment is not overloaded, accompany them with soft tones, such as quartz pink, white or beige, for example.

Top tips for matching wall colorBEST Living Room Colors 2022

If you need ideas to decorate, surely the following tips to combine the color of the walls come in handy. The first and most important thing is that you take into account the orientation of the living room and the climate. If your home is located in an area with a cold climate and the living room is also oriented to the north, it is best to compensate the environment with light tones and touches of color.

Second, we recommend that you measure natural light before choosing colors to paint a living room. This is especially important because natural light can brighten or tone the color temperature. If there is not much natural light, neutral tones are your great allies.

Third, you must study the size of the living room. If the living room is not too big, do not use great contrasts because the environment will be too busy. In addition, you must take into account the furniture to have an idea of the whole.

And finally, play with the proportions. If you paint the walls gray or dark brown and the ceiling white, the walls will appear to be taller. On the other hand, if you are looking to shorten the atmosphere of the living room, choose a dark tone for the back wall.

Walls, furniture, doors and floors

Beyond the walls, you must analyze the living room as a whole to find the most suitable decoration style. Thus, once you have chosen the wall colors that you like the most and fit the characteristics of the living room, it is time to decide the material of the furniture, doors and floors.

The wood is a material that fits wonderfully with any color and decorative style. If you want to achieve a rustic style, you can combine the beige walls with natural, untreated wood furniture.

For the floor, laminate flooring is an excellent option. A synthetic material with a very simple maintenance and that allows you to choose both the color and the finish. Choose a surface that matches a tone in the wall color range so that the contrast is not excessive.

And, if you want to give the living room a rustic and modern look, you can choose one of the exposed stone walls. If the space is not too big, choose white for the rest.

5 keys to choosing colors to paint a living roomBEST Living Room Colors 2022

Pay attention to the aspects that you must take into account when choosing colors when painting a living room.

  1. Size: one of the most important aspects to assess is the size of the living room. If it is small, it is best to bet on light tones, not too intense.
  2. Orientation: Of course, where the living room is facing is very important. If it is to the north, keep in mind that it will not receive too much natural light, so you should choose soft tones, such as off-white or purple.
  3. Natural light : natural light is one of the most important aspects in the world of decoration. If the living living room enjoys many hours of sunshine a day, you can choose darker colors for the walls.
  4. Decoration style: do not forget to value the decoration style of the living room. For example, if it is Nordic, the ideal is that the walls are in neutral tones such as white or. On the other hand, if the living room is Mediterranean in style, warm tones such as turquoise blue or lime green will fit better.
  5. Stay: and finally, you must take into account the stay in question and the activities that you usually do in it. The living living room is a space for conversations with friends and watching television, so you can choose stimulating tones, with strength and energy.

Did you like these colors for living rooms ? More living room decoration trends and ideas.

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