The Most Popular Wallpaper Trends 2025

Wallpaper Trends 2025

In 2025, wallpapers with oriental motifs, gradient, wood structures will be in fashion. It is worth taking a closer look at wallpaper trends 2025 when drafting interior design. When choosing a material, remember that the focus is on environmental friendliness. It is worth considering the full list of wallpaper trends, as well as figuring out how to choose the right option for a particular room.

Modern Wallpaper Trends 2025: Gradient

Modern Wallpaper Trends 2025

This option of staining is not the first year remains relevant. In 2025, it is still in fashion. A gradient is a smooth transition from one shade to another. It will look great on the walls. Shades can be contrasting, for example, white with black, blue with yellow are perfectly combined. There may also be a transition between similar shades, for example, from burgundy to red or from dark gray to light gray.

Gradient finish looks non-standard, but not pretentious. It is ideal for minimalist interiors. The transition is most often almost imperceptible, but it can also be in the form of large spots or blurry stripes. It is important to choose a design based on personal preferences. It is also worth considering what visual effect you want to achieve. For example, with the help of vertical lines, the ceiling in the room can be visually made higher. Horizontal walls are slightly “pushed apart”, while diagonal ones will make the space more dynamic.

Wallpaper Trends 2025: Abstraction

Wallpaper Trends 2025

This print is also at the peak of popularity. These wallpapers look great in any style of the room. That is why abstraction is often chosen by designers, because they know that this is a good option.

Wallpaper in this style is often bright. The drawing can be both large and barely noticeable. The first option is recommended to create an emphasis on a specific area in the room. The second is recommended for all walls.

Which prints are currently relevant:

  • patterns that consist of dots and lines;
  • imitation of abstract paintings – there may be broad strokes, smudges of paint;
  • outlines, as well as graphics;
  • neat monograms, as well as other ornaments in the classical style;
  • abstraction that looks like a wood or metal texture;
  • large figures that are arranged in a chaotic manner.

Wallpaper Ideas 2025: Botany

Wallpaper Ideas 2025

Floral wallpapers have been in demand for many years. They are associated primarily with Provence or vintage style. Also, this drawing resembles a grandmother’s house in the village. Thanks to the floral ornament, it will actually be possible to create a different atmosphere. You can choose wallpaper with one or more large flowers that completely occupy the wall. Dandelions or palm leaves also look good. Floral print has been in fashion for a long time, only shades, materials, as well as the size of the ornament change.

Among the floral patterns, the most relevant options can be distinguished:

  • Scandi motifs. These are small drawings of berries or leaves that are not striking. They harmonize perfectly with ordinary furniture and plain finishes. This option can be considered for any room.
  • Small flowers. They are recommended for interiors in the English or neoclassical style. Also well suited for areas such as shabby chic and Provence.
  • Large flowers. If the wall mural is bright and bold, then it is best for an accent wall in the bedroom, kitchen or living room. Perfectly combined with a dark palette. The interior is spectacular and memorable.
  • Greenery. We are talking about needles, branches, leaves, etc. The wallpaper looks simple and mature, so it is perfect for any room.
  • Retro pattern. It should be made on modern material to look stylish.
  • Tropic. The interior will be beautifully decorated with exotic fruits, ferns and palm leaves.

Wallpaper Design 2025: Asian and oriental motifs

Wallpaper Design 2025

In the near future, the fashion for exotic interiors will continue. Now oriental themes are in special demand, so you can take a closer look at this material. We are talking directly about China and Japan.

Oriental wallpapers can be used to emphasize the unique style of the interior. When designing, it is important to take into account everything to the smallest detail, for example, shade, design of interior items, the presence of a different decor. It is important that the room does not resemble an ethnographic museum, but is cozy. You also need to try to choose wallpapers that harmoniously blend into the interior and will not catch your eye. It is recommended to add another decor that has a similar ornament. You can use neutral furniture and decorations.

What elements for oriental design are relevant:

  • wallpaper in the form of landscapes;
  • a large plot print that will fill the entire surface and look like a picture;
  • sakura drawing;
  • stylized Chinese ornaments;
  • pagodas;
  • prints depicting white cranes.

Trending Wallpaper 2025: Fauna

Trending Wallpaper 2025

To decorate the walls, you can use images of fish, birds, and other animals. This is a good opportunity to revive the interior. It is important to choose a trendy pattern if you want to stay in trend.

What options are currently available:

  • Birds – it can be both parrots and swans, hummingbirds, cockatoos. Tropical animals are especially interesting. They are suitable for the kitchen, and for the bedroom, dining room.
  • Monkeys, tigers, jaguars. This is a good option for creating an accent on the wall. It is desirable that the furniture in the room be made of leather or natural wood. Carpets will successfully fit into the interior.
  • Children’s drawings. They will look great in a child’s room.
  • Marine theme. You can look at the wallpaper with whales, jellyfish, fish and other underwater inhabitants. They can decorate the wall, both in the bathroom and in the kitchen.
  • Stylized birds and animals. They can resemble both oil paintings and children’s drawings.

Wallpaper 2025: Ethno wallpaper

Wallpaper 2025

This wallpaper trends 2025 surprises with its diversity. With it, you can create an interior in the style of a forest or jungle. If you want the room to be made in Indian style, you can use patchwork wallpaper. They will look like a blanket sewn from small pieces of fabric. If the room is made in the Egyptian style, then marble wallpaper will be an excellent option.

Recently there has been a fashion for drawing a mandala. There have already been many fans of this solution. African motifs are also in demand. We are talking about masks, zebra and leopard patterns. You can also combine several prints at once, stylized as a savannah.

Modern Wallpaper 2025: metallic

Modern Wallpaper 2025

To make the interior more non-standard and textured, you should use canvases with a metallic effect. Thanks to the shine, it will be possible to make a restrained palette more lively. It will turn out to emphasize furniture, as well as large decor. Metallic wallpapers will perfectly fit into the interior if it is made in high-tech style.

Most often, wallpapers come in monochrome colors, such as golden, black, graphite. If dark walls seem gloomy, you can complement them with light details. For example, it can be a white ceiling and floor, beige furniture. Metallic finishes also look good.

2025 Wallpaper Trends: Graphic arts

2025 Wallpaper Trends

This category includes sketches, graphics, engravings. This also includes toile, pencil sketches. Most often, such images are painted in black and white. Sometimes there is a sepia effect. When the pattern is non-contrasting or repetitive, then it is suitable for the entire room. A large print is recommended as an accent. It should be combined with ordinary furniture in gray, white or black.

Graphic patterns have been popular for years. Designers often offer bold solutions:

  • Silhouette of a man. This is a good opportunity to make an accent in the living room or bedroom.
  • Contrasting patterns. Most often they are black and white. There is the effect of a break in space or rotation.
  • Brush strokes or mosaic. Most often, this technique is used for abstract graphics or landscapes.
  • Urban graphics. It can be a large drawing with a plot or dynamics. It is desirable that the houses are closer to the floor, and the wallpaper near the ceiling is as light as possible.
  • Gray-white images with bright accents. Let’s say it could be an ebony tree with a pair of colorful birds sitting on it.

Top Wallpaper Trends 2025: Knitted wallpaper

Top Wallpaper Trends 2025

This is an interesting novelty for 2025. The wallpaper visually resembles a knitted fabric, so they look unusual. Perfect for Scandinavian style interiors. Also recommended for eclecticism. If desired, these wallpapers can be entered into a loft or Provence.

The following decisions are also relevant:

  • wallpaper with a print that resembles a knitted image;
  • light wallpaper, which depicts large braids.

This option is well suited for both the bedroom and the living room. It is advisable to supplement the room with cozy blankets so that the wallpaper blends harmoniously into the design of the room.

Modern Wallpaper Ideas 2025: Monochrome

Modern Wallpaper Ideas 2025

Now it is in trend, so it is worth considering the option. If the walls of the same color seem uninteresting, then they can be revived. For this, a pronounced texture is suitable. These are voluminous threads on textile canvases that will not ripple. They do not violate the general principles of a monochrome interior. Up close they look interesting, so they attract attention.

You can use the imitation of marble, stone and wood when decorating the room. It also looks good brickwork, cement.

You can combine wallpapers of the same color with different textures.

If the wall decoration is plain, it should be supplemented with accessories. Mirrors, sconces, various paintings are perfect. Monochrome walls do not limit a person in choosing furniture, as well as carpets. Any decorative elements will not be lost, as is the case with bright wallpaper.

Popular Wallpaper 2025: Geometry

Popular Wallpaper 2025

This is a classic option that has been in demand for more than a year. With the help of this drawing, it will be possible to visually change the proportions of the room. This is often used by designers when creating the desired effect.

Stripes look great and can be used in different ways. Vertical ones will raise the ceiling, while horizontal ones will expand a narrow wall. If you use wallpaper with diagonal stripes, then this will increase the space.

Interesting options:

  • complex geometry;
  • classic prints such as plaid or polka dots;
  • 3D drawings;
  • images based on hexagons and octagons;
  • rhombuses of various shades;
  • geometric ornament;
  • zig-zags.

When choosing a geometric pattern, a lot depends on which option a particular person likes. You also need to remember whether you want to expand the room or change the height of the ceilings.

Wallpaper Trends 2025: Wall mural

Wallpaper Trends 2025

They appeared a long time ago, but periodically lost popularity, and then returned to trends again. From this we can conclude that designers are not ready to abandon photo wallpapers. Recently, they remain in vogue, but the designs are changing. To stay in trend, you should consider the most popular options.

What will be popular in 2025:

  • realistic landscapes with light transitions;
  • complex objects made in 3D format;
  • urbanism, which allows you to work with space (it can be an object that goes into the distance, which can visually enlarge the room);
  • large drawings, for example, one bud occupying the entire wall;
  • fantastic objects;
  • drawing resembling a watercolor texture.

Wallpaper trend changes over the years, so you will definitely have to follow it in order to stay in trend. Also, do not forget about personal preferences, because the design should be not only fashionable, but also pleasant for a certain person. With the help of wallpaper, you can create a unique interior that reflects the character of people. For this reason, one should not be afraid to experiment and choose bold solutions, because they often turn out to be the most successful.

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