The Most Effective Trends of Home Decor Ideas in 2021

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The Most Effective Trends of Home Decor Ideas in 2021Trends in home decor ideas this year, like every year, offer a lot of details thanks to which you can breathe life and peace into your home. We can easily say that the theme of this year is calm. Placement of kitchen furniture, office tables, panels for the bathroom or hallway … No matter what detail you choose, this year space, tranquility and sophistication will come to your home.

Beginning of an Endless Age: Copper and BrassThe Most Effective Trends of Home Decor Ideas in 2021

As in the past year, in 2021 copper and brass parts take first place among decoration tips, this is especially true for the kitchen and living room. These details give the space in which they are applied a sense of comfort and at the same time simplicity. For example, it can be a faucet in the kitchen or a flower pot. If you are aiming for sophisticated design, but you don’t like the flashy and eye-catching details, you can give preference to more modern options, for example, copper and brass accessories or details. This year’s superstars are a harmonious combination of copper and brass in all respects with velvet upholstery or curtains. The copper and brass parts can be elegant elements of mirrors in the bathroom, chandeliers in the living room, attracting attention with their geometric shapes, or details on the tap, giving a new look to the kitchen worktop. If you decide to use copper and brass in the interior, be sure to ensure that you have allocated enough space for additional lighting.

Wood loves metalThe Most Effective Trends of Home Decor Ideas in 2021

Even if it seems stunning to you when you read it for the first time, this year the tree, which has no intention of losing ground under the yoke of the times, plans to work with metal parts. This means that we will often witness the tandem of panels and paneling, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, with metal supports or handles. In addition to panels and cladding, there is a high probability that we will meet with wooden materials in the form of accessories. You can apply these pretentious details with vintage textures, from wall-paper to countertops, focusing on industrial chic. What kind of dwelling would you prefer, if you are thinking about design with emphasis on wood, you can create a light and peaceful atmosphere, combining a beige and white color palette with different shades of natural wood surfaces. Using light sources in handmade metallic shades, you can create an elegant contrast with a relaxed atmosphere. If you need examples for inspiration, you can take a look at the AGT panels in a wide selection of colors.

Bold materialsThe Most Effective Trends of Home Decor Ideas in 2021

One of the brightest and most important trends of the decor this year is the radical materials that users previously often reacted with caution. This is especially true for furniture upholstery and wall panels. What kind of materials are we talking about? The top positions in the list are occupied by leather, which we will meet not only in the upholstery, but also on the walls in extraordinary textures, sewing options and patterns. It seems that this year one of the most popular materials will be Terrazzo, which was previously almost not preferred because of the high cost, as well as the difficult and lengthy production process. For a coating of Terrazzo, that is, a material that is obtained by mixing stone crumbs of marble and granite, followed by adding cement to this mixture, the choice often falls for different purposes: From kitchen worktops and floor coverings to bathrooms to floor coverings. This magical material can give elegance to the place where it is used in a matter of seconds. Also, be prepared to see this material often in designer accessories such as vases, bread cutting boards, or decorative plates.

Harmony of colorsThe Most Effective Trends of Home Decor Ideas in 2021

Colors are the most important elements of decoration. They change along with seasonal trends and are manifested in various fields of application. All the trends of this year are moving along the lines of a more natural and rustic style. This year, in the kitchens, where we most often spend the most time compared to other areas of the house, pastel brown tones will prevail. As for the design of kitchens, it follows the path of country and modern. Basically, in these areas, users want to create an atmosphere of cleanliness, spaciousness and peace. We can say that you will often come across powdery, beige and yellow tones. In areas such as the living room and the lounge in which you indulge in relaxation, we will most often come across shades of brown. As for such eye-catching details as upholstery and carpet, attention will be focused on soft mint green, pink and sand flowers. The bedroom is the place where you can most effectively apply brown and dark brown tones. These colors help provide a better sleep and create a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom. At the same time, these colors can be used as an elegant element of decor.

Chaos and Beauty

The minimalist approach has been content for a long time does not leave the top of the trends in home decor. Although he will always be timeless, this year he passes the baton to “maximalism.” What does maximalism mean? In general terms, maximalism is one of the most popular trends of the 80s. It consists in creating chaotic ordering with the help of bright patterns and colors. Although at first glance such a decor looks like a “vinaigrette”, in fact this trend provides for a careful selection of elements from which you can ultimately get a masterpiece. The main principle of this trend is the simultaneous use of different, but harmonious designs and patterns. The output is a chaotic and heavy space, to soften and lighten which are used accessories or design objects made of materials such as marble, rattan, bamboo, wood, etc. In other words, with maximalism, on the one hand, you cut back, and on the other, you more than compensate. And there remains an unsurpassed harmony of these two diametrical opposites, which your eyes revel in unspeakably. Everything is so simple.

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