The Best Balcony Designs 2021

Best Balcony Design Trends in 2021The motto of all balcony design trends in 2021 is more light and freedom. It is these key points that architects try to take into account, helping clients find a cozy and practical solution for apartments. When only 3 – 6 sq. m, many questions arise about how to make it beautifully and functionally. We have prepared a complete guide: original tips, photos and answers to popular questions

It is not enough to choose only the design or style of furniture, you still need to take care that the balcony becomes a full-fledged room (unless you are going to leave the room as it is, as a walking area). You will need glazing, insulation and light. It is impossible to lead the batteries to the balcony, to transfer the kitchen too. Therefore, in order not to get into a mess, be sure to consult with an architect. Having solved the technical issues, breathe out with relief: it’s time to open the Internet and read articles on the improvement of your new room.

How to choose a balcony designBest Balcony Design Trends in 2021

It’s very simple – you should be as comfortable as in other rooms. Even if the balcony is only 3 square meters, and it is reserved for the dryer – let your imagination fly! The walls can be painted by hand. Hang something to your taste on the windows, be it soft linen curtains or laconic blinds. And don’t forget about the chair. After all, you need to put a basket of wet laundry somewhere while hanging out on the dryer?

A few words should be said about lighting. Many people forget about it, hoping for natural light. However, twilight in the middle lane comes early, especially in autumn and winter. Provide a couple of outlets and bring the main lighting to the ceiling. Relatives, and you yourself, then more than once remember this decision with a kind word.

Don’t forget the chair. You should be comfortable on your balcony.

Cabinet or libraryBest Balcony Design Trends in 2021

Balcony design 2021 must be practical: more and more people are switching to remote work, why not organize a separate office? A computer desk with a chair will take up a minimum of space. In the opposite side, you can place a bookcase with books, because, despite globalization and gadgets, paper editions are still dear to the heart, so the library on the balcony will definitely become one of the coziest places in the apartment. Just insulate the walls and think about ventilation – books do not like moisture and frost.

Why not organize a separate office on the balcony?

Game roomBest Balcony Design Trends in 2021

A spacious room where you can make noise, a lot of light and air – these are the reasons why it is worth organizing a playroom here. When choosing a design for a balcony, it is better to take pastel colors. Contrary to the trends for bright children’s furniture, we advise you to choose a calm range – it does not depress the nervous system. Just make sure that it is not cold on the balcony in winter, for this you need to pre-insulate the walls and conduct electric floor heating.

Contrary to the trends for bright children’s furniture, we advise you to choose a calm range.

WardrobeBest Balcony Design Trends in 2021

The trend of recent years is to take things outside the apartment, i.e. to the balcony. More and more people are ordering racks and cabinets with bars according to their sizes. So the apartment has more space and less dust. And you are the owner of a separate dressing room, like the heroes of the films.

Taking things out to the balcony is a trend in recent years.

Hobby areaBest Balcony Design Trends in 2021

Remember the last time you drew, sewed, collected something? Each person has their own interests, why not give them a separate room. So it will be possible to be alone with yourself, away from duties, work bustle and life problems. Even the smallest balcony will allow you to install a secretaire or a sideboard, an armchair with a coffee table or a rack with many toolboxes. Get inspired by ideas from the Internet, take up space with your hobbies and remember – you can and should spend time on yourself.

Even the smallest balcony will allow you to install an armchair with a coffee table or a rack with toolboxes.

The gymBest Balcony Design Trends in 2021

If the space allows and your loved ones are not against buying a simulator (the budget, the noise produced is discussed in advance), organize a training area on the balcony. The ability to ventilate quickly and relatively good sound insulation are the undoubted advantages of this idea. Cardio is suitable as exercise equipment, after all, the power equipment is large and heavy. Good and gymnastic equipment, yoga mats, training pears. The Balcony will be the place where your day will start positively!

If space allows, organize a training area on the balcony.

Dinner ZoneBest Balcony Design Trends in 2021

If the balcony is adjacent to the kitchen, and the wall between them is not load-bearing, allow yourself the luxury of a separate dining area. Soviet stools with kitchen corners are a thing of the past. Now you can organize a stylish bar counter with a beautiful view outside the window. Or even buy a wide table made of natural wood for 6 – 8 people. A leisurely dinner for all family members and friendly gatherings will fill your balcony with harmony.

Friendly gatherings or family dinner will fill your balcony with harmony.

Balcony design 3 sq. mBest Balcony Design Trends in 2021

A few practical tips for arranging a small space:

  • many people prefer not to glass such a small balcony. In this case, make sure that the decoration, furniture, flooring are moisture-proof;
  • the light color of the paint visually increases the area. In this case, it is better not to choose blue – it quickly fade in the sun;
  • when choosing a balcony design, the photo must be considered carefully. Some unscrupulous people give out a much larger area for 3 square meters. In practice, it turns out that the planned furniture simply does not fit in or looks bulky. Consult with loved ones, do not hesitate to ask about drawings.

Balcony design 6 sq. mBest Balcony Design Trends in 2021

Life hacks that will make the space harmonious:

  • do not dismiss the folding furniture – even a “serious” desk can have a lifting lid, due to which the balcony becomes visually larger;

Pay attention to synthetic rattan furniture. It is inexpensive.

  • cork flooring is not the best option for a balcony. The material does not interact well with moisture; over time, squeezes remain on it. Want a floor that is pleasant to the touch? Choose insulated linoleum, or a rug made of moisture-resistant fabric;
  • do you like the Mediterranean style, but do not have enough funds for such a design of the balcony? Pay attention to synthetic rattan furniture. It is inexpensive, while outwardly it is not inferior to its natural “brother”.

Popular questions and answersBest Balcony Design Trends in 2021

How to insulate the floor on the balcony?

The optimal solution for warming the balcony is a warm floor. Its device allows you to provide a comfortable temperature even in a harsh winter. But here you need to take into account the point that the water system cannot be introduced if you have central heating. Therefore, the most suitable option is an electric underfloor heating with a cable system. Thermostats are used for control. The main advantage of this type of insulation is uniform temperature distribution, economical power consumption.

What will help to save yourself from the heat on the balcony on sunny days?

From the sultry scorching sun on the balcony, and in any other room, I would recommend several options:

  • fan. It can be overhead or stationary;
  • thick curtains made of natural fabrics (cotton and linen);
  • special tint reflective film. It transmits light, you can fully look out the window, but it reflects most of the sun’s rays, not allowing the heat to penetrate into the room.

What should not be done with the balcony, in your opinion?

Many people prefer to combine a balcony with a room, creating additional space there. But one must not forget to legitimize such decisions, otherwise the owner will face difficulties in selling the property, or even receive a fine, plus an order to return everything to its previous state. You should not turn the balcony into a kitchen or place grill equipment there, arrange a picnic area. You need to understand that in the event of a fire safety violation at home, you will have to pay a fine. This also applies to those who smoke on the balcony.

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