New Modern Landscape Design Trends

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New Modern Landscape Design TrendsModern landscape design trends involves the decoration of large land areas, park areas and personal plots. It stands at the intersection of crop production, architecture and construction. Previously, this way to ennoble the allotment was available only to wealthy homeowners, but today the situation has changed. Landscape design ideas allow you to create a comfortable and beautiful area for everyone, without exception. At the dacha, you can not only plant cucumbers or take care of flower beds, but also create whole works of art from plants and decor items. Moreover, landscape design does not imply the arrangement of exceptionally large land plots. You can even decorate a dacha on a traditional 6 acres in a stylish and modern way, if you use the advice of a designer or information from encyclopedias.

What is modern landscape design trends and its featuresNew Modern Landscape Design Trends

Landscaping is a practical gardening and ennobling of a suburban garden area. Its main task is to illustrate the harmony of beauty and functionality of the land. Thanks to these activities, both the site and the private residential building and other structures have the same design style. As part of landscape design, usually all plants are grouped and planted in a certain proximity to each other. They usually do not plant in a straight line, as this stops the formation of bushiness in them. When developing a modern landscape design project, climatic factors should be taken into account, because some plants simply cannot be grown in a short summer. However, the design of the site involves not only crop production, but also the decoration of the backyard territory:

  • lawns;
  • lawns;
  • flower beds;
  • tracks;
  • fountains;
  • artificial reservoirs, etc.

What to consider when designing and planning a siteNew Modern Landscape Design Trends

When developing a landscape design project, you need to take into account all corners of the backyard territory. Arrangement of the allotment should lead to the fact that from each viewpoint on the backyard territory a beautiful view of the site opens. It can be both entrance gates and greenhouses. Even garden beds cannot be ignored. Many paths should be laid on the site so that every corner of the garden can be reached not through thickets of grass, but along well-groomed paths. Also, landscape design involves a balance on the site between buildings and green spaces. Those. the mass of the dwelling house and outbuildings must be compensated for by the mass of plant crops. A huge garden with a small house in the center will not look very good. The same can be said for huge cottages in small areas. They don’t look aesthetically pleasing.

ZoningNew Modern Landscape Design Trends

If you do not divide the territory into functional zones, it will not look nice and neat. Competent zoning of a land plot allows you to increase its functionality and make the most of all available land resources. Before zoning a site, you need to determine all the design features of the allotment: relief differences, the contours of the allotment, the location of the electric cable, green spaces already available on the territory, etc. All this should be noted on the site diagram, and only then the territory should be zoned taking into account the available information. The territory should have the following zones: the owner’s or the zone of the residential building, the guest (gazebo, barbecue), children’s, garden and entrance group (a place near the entrance to the territory, decorated with flower beds and interesting decorative elements). If there is a free-standing bathhouse on the site,

Environmentally friendly materialsNew Modern Landscape Design Trends

A wide variety of materials are used for a stylish design of a land plot, but today more and more attention is paid to their environmental friendliness. Most often, stone is used for landscape design. It can be limestone, marble, sandstone, pebbles, gravel, river stone, crushed stone or granite. The type of stones used depends on the financial capabilities of the homeowner. Also, mulch is used to decorate the plots, laying out floorings under trees or playgrounds with it. To decorate individual elements in the garden area, glass is used, making stained glass windows or whole static figures from it. If sculptures are placed on the territory of the allotment, then most often they are made of copper. It is an inexpensive and environmentally friendly material, but it requires special care. subject to corrosion. Often the garden plot is decorated with wood products. This material remains in demand for many years, because it is environmentally friendly and resistant to mechanical damage.

Saving natural resourcesNew Modern Landscape Design Trends

The modern design of garden plots contributes to the restoration of human contact with wildlife. Some part of the territory of the allotment is left specially untouched, and the cottage is included in the natural interior. This approach allows you to seriously save natural resources using the energy of the sun or wind. Of course, solar panels or windmills are not yet particularly common among garden owners, but that will soon change. Also, electricity on your site can be saved with the help of special luminous artificial stones. They are used to fill paths or decorate the facade of a building, i.e. no need for electric lights when using them. And today scientists are busy breeding a class of plants that glow in the dark. While such plants were grown only in laboratory conditions, one of the principles of landscape design is the conservation of natural resources.

Modern components of landscape design trendsNew Modern Landscape Design Trends

Landscaping is a complex of works on the improvement of the backyard territory in various available ways. To create a beautiful stylish area, it is necessary to carefully consider all the constituent elements of the composition. They must obey a single project. The designer on the site should smooth out all clear geometric lines, making them smooth and blurred so that they look as natural as possible. All objects on the backyard area should look like components of wildlife. Put on should be decorated with spectacular flower beds and stylish front gardens. The shapes and sizes of flower beds depend on the style and size of the site. An important element of landscape design is the lawn, which must be cut in a timely manner. And, of course, tall trees and small shrubs should be left on the site.

Trees, shrubsNew Modern Landscape Design Trends

Modern landscape design assumes maximum environmental friendliness, therefore, it is not recommended to cut trees and shrubs on the site. Exceptions are old dry trees in terrible condition. It is best to create paths between existing large crops. It is also worth planting new trees. There should be a lot of green spaces, they make the garden a full-fledged garden. They emphasize the interesting layout of the territory, combining all the details of the site into a single system. It is necessary to plant shrubs and trees on the site in those places where they can emphasize the shape of the relief and elements of structures on the landscape. Green spaces look spectacular near stairs, retaining walls, bends of garden paths and gazebos.

On the backyard in a variable climate, you can plant:

  • apple tree;
  • cherries;
  • irgu;
  • mountain ash;
  • linden;
  • maple;
  • lilac;
  • barberry;
  • larch;
  • cedar;
  • spruce, etc.

Types of reservoirsNew Modern Landscape Design Trends

It is difficult to imagine a modern site without a high-quality reservoir. Of course, few people manage to build a pool on their backyard grounds, but most homeowners can design an elegant pond. If there is a natural reservoir on the site, then it can be refined and somehow beaten. But most often an artificial reservoir is made on the territory. There are many types of such reservoirs, here are just a few of them: ponds with fountains, miniature reservoirs in a barrel, ornamental swamps, natural mini-waterfalls, children’s pools, etc. Each of these reservoirs has its own characteristics, design reasons, design rules and purpose. For example, a decorative swamp is typical for plots located in a lowland, and mini-waterfalls look spectacular on areas located at an angle.

Decorative architectural structuresNew Modern Landscape Design Trends

Decorative structures are important details of landscape design. They are subdivided into small elements, small architectural compositions and large design objects. These structures should be harmoniously combined with each other and with other decorative elements (reservoirs, flower beds, trees, etc.). Decorative architectural structures on a garden plot are standardly presented in the form of any plant elements and artificial components. It can be figuratively trimmed shrubs, and living walls made of plants, and unusual hedges in the form of labyrinths, and benches made of various materials, and arches, and decorative bridges. There are a lot of constructions that can improve the garden plot. It is necessary to select items that will effectively fit into the existing design project, and install them on the backyard area.

TracksNew Modern Landscape Design Trends

Beautiful garden paths are a must-have for any landscape design. Their size and number depend on the area of the territory. The paths are not only practical, but also decorative, so they need to be beautifully and appropriately designed. The material for the road surface must be selected based on the specifics of the site and the type of soil. The paths should overlap with the facade of the residential building so that the landscape composition looks complete. If there are many hollows and hills on the site, then steps should be included in the configuration of the roadway. The path on the site should not bump into the wall. It is better to make up a whole network of small ennobled paths that smoothly go around and penetrate all the landscape elements in the backyard area. Also, the roadway can lead to some important architectural detail: a fountain, a statue or a bench.

About a modern vegetable gardenNew Modern Landscape Design Trends

It is difficult to imagine a garden plot without a vegetable garden. Flowers and unusually decorated shrubs play an exclusively decorative role, but the dacha should be of some kind. In the context of recent events and the fashion for environmentally friendly products, it is absurd to abandon the cultivation of a small vegetable garden. Vegetables and fruits will not spoil the appearance of the garden, but only complement it. Garden design should start with proper planning. It is necessary to think in advance where exactly the beds will be located, and what vegetables will grow on them. It is better to take the sunniest part of the allotment with a vegetable garden. Then it needs to be carefully demarcated for a neater look and for ease of planting. All beds must be the same size and rectangular. The beds should not be too wide, otherwise it will be inconvenient to reach the middle of them while on the path. They can even be lifted. This will not only give order to the landscape, but also improve yield indicators.

Modern trends in garden designNew Modern Landscape Design Trends

The landscape design of the garden allows you to improve the garden area without losing its functionality. Moreover, the beds will have a stylish appearance not only during the lush flowering of greenery and harvesting, but also when they are completely naked. To begin with, you can make a brick frame for the beds. Then the garden will look more neat. Also, for decorating the beds, you can use ready-made modular sections that are sold in gardening stores. Special containers are also sold today. In fact, these are huge pots in which crops are planted. They look very nice and have mobility. If necessary, such containers can always be rearranged to another part of the garden. Between all the beds, it is necessary to correctly arrange garden paths.

The choice of design paths in the garden depends on the type of road surface decoration in the rest of the backyard area.

Plants for the gardenNew Modern Landscape Design Trends

The choice of crops to be planted in the garden depends on the climatic conditions of the region, the composition of the soil, the personal preferences of the homeowners, and even fashion trends. When planting crops, it is necessary to take into account the orientation of the allotment. Tall plants should not shade low ones. But you shouldn’t plant the same crop in the same place for more than two years in a row. This will drain the soil and result in a poor harvest. When planting vegetables, you need to remember that the tops of carrots, beets or potatoes are interesting in their own way. It does not need to be hidden, it is only enough to weed the beds often. One of the beds can be occupied with herbaceous plants: dill, parsley, fennel, etc. For best yields, you need to locate similar and well-compatible crops with each other.

They require the same maintenance, which is convenient for watering and weeding. Well-compatible vegetables include:

  • cabbage and cucumbers;
  • peas and celery;
  • onions and parsnips;
  • potatoes and beans;
  • carrots and tomatoes;
  • beets and radishes.

Communications and lightingNew Modern Landscape Design Trends

Landscaping allows you to make the site beautiful both day and night. The spectacular appearance of the backyard area in the dark is achieved by well-chosen lighting. There are many types of landscape lighting. Standard vertical lanterns can be placed near flower beds, gates and building structures. But the illumination from the bottom of the garden object will allow you to spotlight its silhouette. If you place a spotlight of uneven glow on the tree, then the entire area will be illuminated by soft diffused moonlight. Ponds on the site also require separate lighting. Their lighting should be in harmony with other lighting of the area. As for communications, then within the framework of landscape design, they must be reliably hidden from prying eyes. Utility networks that need to be beautifully decorated include the following systems:

  • lighting;
  • drainage;
  • irrigation;
  • downpour.


The modern landscape design of a site of any style requires a high-quality design of the entire backyard territory. You need to take care of the vegetable garden, small flower beds and garden paths. All elements must be in harmony with each other. At least one detail falling out of a single landscape can significantly spoil the perception of the whole picture. The utility network can be partially hidden under the ground or in specially equipped shields and racks on the site. Landscaping is aimed not only at decorating the territory. It allows you to make the allotment as functional as possible. Even the decoration of the garden beds can improve yields every year. Before landscaping the summer cottage, you need to draw up a detailed plan of landscape work, and only then proceed to landscaping the site.

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