New Garden Trends 2021: Our Top 10 for Your Garden

The year is drawing to a close – but we dare to look forward to 2021 and show you which garden trends to expect.New Garden Trends 2021

Vertical gardens are one of our New Year trends [Photo: Piyachok Thawornmat /]

Everything has its time – even fads in the garden world. So the 60s were the time of Hollywood swings, the 70s came with coniferous trees in the form of cutting and the 80s trumped with wild natural gardens. Even today, the garden world is in a constant state of flux and every year brings new products and trends on the way.

Garden Trends 2021: Our Top 10 for your garden

Which new ten garden trends 2021 you should not miss for the coming season under any circumstances, we have summarized for you below.

10. raised bed and herb snails

Even in recent years, the raised bed was one of the garden trends par excellence. And even in 2021, the enthusiasm for the raised bed does not want to decrease. No wonder, after all, the comfortable working height makes it easy to care for the plants standing upright – even for people with back or knee problems, working in the vegetable patch becomes a pleasure again. Meanwhile, the raised bed has even got a little brother: The herb snail moves our spice variety also one floor up. The spiral-shaped arrangement saves additional space and can also plant herbs with a variety of location requirements close to each other: Mediterranean herbs such as rosemary ( Rosmarinus officinalis) grow in the upper, dry and nutrient-poor area, while the peppermint ( Mentha x piperita ) at the bottom of the snail finds a moist and nutrient-rich place.New Garden Trends 2021

The herb snail ensures back-friendly working [Photo: Picture Agency Zoonar GmbH /]

9. Bee friendly garden

Bee dying is currently on everyone’s lips. In particular, the number of wild bees has decreased dramatically in recent decades, because modern agriculture, the use of pesticides and too little food make it difficult for hard-working helpers. Fortunately, the trend is increasingly in the direction of bee-friendly gardens: With bee-friendly plants, a small watercourse or an insect hotel, you can easily turn your own garden into a real bee’s paradise. The absence of chemicals for weed and pest control also helps the bees, which often suffer just as much from the sprays as aphids, ants and Co. In addition to a good conscience and the support of bees, bee-friendly gardens usually have another advantage: The harvest is often larger, because the hard-working bees pollinate the flowers of fruits and vegetables.New Garden Trends 2021

The trend towards the bee-friendly garden will continue in 2021 [Photo: HABRDA /]

8. Sustainable fertilization

If you want to harvest a good crop, you have to supply your plants properly with power. Many hobby gardeners still resort to mineral fertilizers for this purpose. However, these have some disadvantages that are not immediately apparent: Since the mineral fertilizer releases its nutrients almost suddenly, it can lead to over-fertilization of the plants or to the washing out of nutrients. At the same time, the mineral fertilizers lead to an imbalance in the soil, which is reflected in changes in the pH and the degradation of humus. Therefore, the trend for 2021 is organic fertilization. In this form of fertilization, the nutrients remain longer in the soil, in this way have a depot effect and are not easily washed out. In addition, the organic alternatives improve the soil structure by promoting humus formation. The best-known organic fertilizer is probably the fertilizer with compost or manure. If you do not want to compost yourself, you can now also use a whole range of packaged organic fertilizers – such as oursPlantura Bio Universal Fertilizer – select. These combine the benefits of sustainable, environmentally friendly fertilization with the practical handling of packaged fertilizers.New Garden Trends 2021

Our Plantura Bio Universal Fertilizer is a great alternative to compost

7. Flowering fences

Distracting glances and unwanted visitors? A fence is a must in many gardens if you want to keep some privacy. Unfortunately, such a privacy is often not very attractive and destroyed on top of that, the natural ambience of their garden. A trend that will probably conquer many gardens in 2021: the flourishing fences. Here our simple fences in the summer simply become the habitat of colorful plants. Whether vine plants, climbing plants or large shrubs – the imagination knows no bounds. Wisteria ( Wisteria ) depends, for example down with lush floral display on the fence while ensuring a decorative eye-catcher. Climbing roses ( Rosa wichuraiana ) and clematis (Clematis, on the other hand, elegantly grow up on the fence and wall, giving them a charm of enchantment. So the fence not only protects against unloved eyes, but soon attracts even all eyes in the garden.New Garden Trends 2021

Climbing roses and lavender turn a fence into a real eye-catcher [Photo: Jorge Salcedo /]

6. Water in all variations

Whether a small water feature or a large swimming pond – in 2021 everything in the garden revolves around the blue water. Installed as an elegant design element or naturally as a fishpond – the small waterholes fit into every garden and turn it into a wellness oasis. But water is not only a blessing for people in the garden – animals such as bees and hedgehogs also benefit from the free water point in warm summers. Together with decorative swamp or water plants, your own little pond will soon become the center of the garden and your favorite place for all ages.New Garden Trends 2021

Water in the garden becomes a must-see in 2021 [Photo: Wonder Life /]

5. Smart Garden

Technology and garden do not match? Because of – in an “intelligent garden”, the Smart Garden, our home garden is equipped with the latest technology and thus facilitates our work. Particularly annoying routine tasks are eliminated in the Smart Gardening or can be done simply by pressing a button in the appropriate app. So the sprinkler already distributes water while you are still at work. For travelers, there are even flowerpots that will automatically pour when the soil is too dry – so the beloved potted plant does not mind a spontaneous getaway. So smart equipped, we can start relaxed in the year 2021 and have much more time to enjoy the beautiful things in the garden.New Garden Trends 2021

Technology can make gardening easier [Photo: Lamyai /]

4. Plant pots, hanging pots, vertical gardening

Plant lights have long had a reputation as a stale deco, but in 2021 you will experience a sensational return as a chic eye-catcher for your favorite plants. Especially new materials – such as concrete, metal or glass – and modern geometric shapes make normal planters look old. But also hanging pots on the wall and vertical gardening will be back in focus in 2021: In both methods, your plants will not only be skilfully staged, but you can also save a lot of space at the same time. Especially for small gardens is worth investing a vertical garden to grow fruit and vegetables. In this way you can create a great vegetable garden despite lack of space and also creates a great eye-catcher.New Garden Trends 2021

 The vertical garden is a practical idea for gardens with little space [Photo: Luoxi /]

3. Natural gardens

English lawn and meticulously cut hedges? Not in 2021 – this year, the trend is moving away from well-tended gardens to free-growing perennials and shrubs. However, although everything in the natural garden may grow as it pleases, the plants do not look messy but mystical and mysterious. Wildflowers, hedge and meadow not only offer a magical sight, but also a home for many animals. Especially if you additionally decorate with natural materials such as stones and wood, you will make your garden a wild paradise.New Garden Trends 2021

A natural garden not only looks beautiful, but also provides animals with a home [Photo: Peter Turner Photography /]

2. Dwarf vegetables and patio fruits

More and more people have only a small garden or even just a balcony for gardening available – unfortunately there is not much space for a large vegetable garden or even a private fruit tree. But if you do not want to do without home-grown food, with the next trend you will get your money’s worth: dwarf vegetables and patio fruit trees are more and more often found in gardens and on balconies. Classically, we already know the small fruit from the tomato ( Solanum lycopersicum ) or from the spinach ( Spinacia oleracea ), but also eggplant ( Solanum melongena ), lettuce and even pumpkins (Curcurbita ) is available in a small format for limited space. Even with fruit trees numerous small remaining varieties occur. The so-called patio or mini-fruit trees rarely exceed 1.5 meters in height and form a more compact crown so that they can even fit on some balconies. Here, too, there is an almost infinite selection: from the well-known apple ( Malus ) over the cherry( Prunus ) to the exotic lemon ( Citrus x limon ) there is something for every taste.New Garden Trends 2021

Patio fruit trees also fit in small gardens [Photo: effective stock photos /]

1. Old varieties

More and more are old, almost forgotten varietiesinto the focus of ambitious amateur gardeners. Although the old varieties often have a lower yield than new performance breeds, they are particularly well suited for the garden, as they are very robust. So defy old vegetables and fruits even bad weather and annoying pests, without hanging the head – perfect conditions for a long, happy life. The ingredients of these varieties are also convincing because they often have significantly more vitamins and minerals. In addition, many gardeners swear that the old varieties have a much more intense taste. So it is not surprising that more and more people want to return to these and thus want to do their part to conserve biodiversity. And that’s actually not as hard as you think:many seed senders for old varieties, where you can order quite relaxed on the Internet.New Garden Trends 2021

More diversity and biodiversity from old varieties is currently in fashion [Photo: GoodMood Photo /]

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