Garden Design 2023

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Garden Design 2023According to industry experts, these are the top trends in horticulture and garden design 2023. Ideal for large and small yards.

Our annual roundup of garden trends is out and 2023 is already looking amazing. There is nothing better to get us through the long winter than thinking about spring and summer when our outdoor living spaces are in full bloom with gorgeous plants and people to enjoy the space with.

In 2023, our gardens will become living, natural spaces that we share with wildlife. These are small (sometimes tiny) but important players in the fight against the effects of climate change, and a nod to their habitat as part of our own approach to outdoor living is what will happen this year.

Garden design 2023

Of course, beautiful designs and gorgeous plants are still central to this year’s garden ideas. Eco-friendly and beautiful – the most trendy kind of garden – we suspect not only in 2023.

Designing gardens for climate changeGarden Design 2023

If the gardening trends for 2023 can be summed up in one word, it is sustainability. A sustainable garden can be many things. It could be a wildlife garden that creates its own thriving ecosystem by helping pollinators, hedgehogs and amphibians. The sustainable garden is increasingly taking into account and adapting to the changing climate.

If there is only one change that needs to be made in your garden in 2023, it is incorporating rain garden elements into your garden design. This could include something as simple as replanting waterlogged areas with moisture-loving plants, or you could go for a bigger renovation that includes a water reservoir and improved drainage.

Slow life and slow landingGarden Design Trends 2023

This pairs beautifully with the second biggest garden trend of 2023, the slow life. Marcus Ailes, director of horticulture at UK-based Dobbies, describes the trend as “a soulful theme that inspires us to take our time and appreciate the world around us.” Subdued tones and colors that change with light reflect the ebb and flow of nature around us.”

This type of gardening is all about enjoying watching your plants grow and admiring how they catch the light at different times of the day. Herbs are the perfect plants for this trend, and Marcus recommends planting Stipa tenuissima, Carex “Frosted Curls” and Carex “Prairie Fire” as part of “that muted theme.”

Living wallsGarden Design 2023

If you’ve always wondered how to create a living wall, then this year is finally worth a try. Much more natural looking than solid fences, living walls are in line with current backyard trends that make the most of all available space for plants, including vertical space in your garden.

And if you already have a garden fence or fence, this year you can cover it with climbing roses or camouflage it with trees and shrubs.

Urban zen gardensGarden Design 2023

Japanese garden ideas have never gone out of style, but this year the zen garden will be updated to be more modern and angular. Zen gardens traditionally have soft, lush forms, but in 2023, expect to see soft plantings contrasting beautifully with the harsh landscape.

Balcony gardensGarden Design 2023

Is there a balcony or terrace? This year you should consider creating a balcony garden. While ideas for small balconies traditionally focus more on furniture, the introduction of even a couple of flower pots will instantly enliven this tiny urban space. You don’t need a lot of pots or a wide selection of plants – just fill the corner with gutters and do a layered planting pattern with flowers and evergreens.

Modern rustic styleGarden Design 2023

Cottage gardens are usually seen as a countryside activity, but this year this traditional gardening style is increasingly making its way into urban and suburban backyards. Marcus explains that this species is for “growing new and unusual foods and plants in our gardens to create a wild, rustic atmosphere.”

You don’t need a lot of space to recreate a romantic outdoor country garden – you just need to be smart with your plant choices.

Planting a tropical gardenGarden Design 2023

Tropical planting patterns have been popular for over a year now, but this year’s tropical planting is more sophisticated than last year’s palm bonanza. Think exotic flowering vines, tropical bamboos, and subtropical evergreens. Tropical gardens 2023 is less about mimicking a vacation landscape and more about exploring rare and exotic plants.

Covered and open yardsGarden Design 2023

This is very different from the trend of outdoor rooms where patios and patios were turned into living rooms. While outdoor spaces aren’t going anywhere, we expect 2023 to return more to the idea of creating a single, uninterrupted space. between interior and exterior space. The goal is to open the room to light and fresh air from the outside, rather than create the illusion of a room from the outside.

Repurposed garden roomsGarden Design 2023

A garden room is always a luxury, and for those of us who now mostly work from home, it’s an invaluable opportunity to create some sort of separation between our home and our work—or workout—life. We offer garden room ideas in the garden in 2023, including a home gym and home office.

White Garden Planting SchemesGarden Design 2023

The White Gardens are still here in 2023, but they will be a little different from last year. Think delicate all-white seating schemes instead of all-white furniture and painted decks. White color with natural accents is the trend of this year. It’s a less intense look than last year and all the better for it.

Tiny gardens with water featuresGarden Design 2023

This year – the third during the pandemic – it’s all about appreciating whatever space we have and filling it with plants as much as possible. In 2023, innovative ideas for small gardens are being widely adopted into mainstream garden design, with minimalist structural designs and dense planting patterns the dominant look.

Interestingly, even the tiniest gardens will have water features in 2023, and they will look like tiny natural ponds, rather than the concrete or stone water features we’ve become accustomed to in previous years. Expect to see water lilies in even the smallest backyard.

Midsummer night picnicsGarden Design 2023

Year-round garden use is one of the obvious post-pandemic gardening trends, but we expect gardens to also be used around the clock, with evening garden parties becoming more popular. Impressive garden lighting ideas will play a key role in turning backyards into magical nighttime spaces.

Landscape design trends 2023Landscape design trends 2023

In 2023, the approach to landscape design will change significantly. Those local trends that have long remained in the shadows will become popular. Such changes are largely related to climate change and the peculiarities of the cultivation of certain plant species. Modern landscape design trends may seem unusual, but they will be relevant for every suburban area! About what features of landscape design will become popular in 2023, read in this article!

Top 10 Landscape Design Trends 2023

If you want to transform your site next year, pay attention to the following trend directions:Landscape design trends 2023

  • Pergolas. This design will not only decorate the summer cottage, but will also become a support for many climbing plants. A beautiful pergola can be placed near a recreation area or near a country house. It is best to choose flowering plants for pergolas that do not lose their decorative effect for a long time. Earlier we wrote about what climbing plants can be planted in the country.
  • Natural style. This is the most requested style of the next season. A certain neglect of the site, naturalness and plants that need minimal care are the chips of this stylistic direction. With them, the site acquires its charm and resembles a natural ecosystem, and not an artificially created composition.
  • Plants of architectural type. Such cultures, first of all, combine bright flowering, decorative effect and stable appearance during the entire growing period. They are immediately visible and recognizable due to non-standard foliage, exotic or patterned flowers. Such plants can act as a bright accent against the background of the entire landscape. Such crops are planted pointwise so as not to disturb the harmony of the country landscape. The most popular crops in 2023 will be such crops as borzyanka, miscanthus, gout, cortaderia, bergenia, swamp irises, astilba, kovel.
  • Suspended structures. This is a real hit for next season! Different climbing cultures can decorate any garden and give it sophistication, fullness, chic. Preference is given to non-traditional hanging pots, various planters, flasks, wooden boxes, baskets. Earlier we wrote about how to use baskets and planters in the design of a summer residence.
  • Harmony outside and inside. It is very important that the concept of a country house is fully consistent with the concept of a garden. They should represent a single organism in style and transitions from one decorative element to another. The furniture in the garden is increasingly reminiscent of the appearance of the room, and flowerpots for indoor flowers completely repeat the garden ones.
  • Bright flowers. Next year, bright flowers in pink, purple, blue, red, yellow, blue and purple will be the most relevant. Plants should be planted as a bright accent in the flower bed, choosing more natural colors for garden furniture and other structures.
  • Patio area. This zone will not lose its relevance next year, but the changes will relate to lighting and the selection of plants for decorating the recreation area. Choose crops that can form a vertical garden or living wall. There is also a popular barbecue area, various bonfires and gazebos located in the recreation area.
  • Broken stones. Broken stone walkways are back in fashion. They should consist of asymmetrical boulders, asymmetrical slabs, decorated in the most natural style. The use of granite, porcelain stoneware and other materials is welcome. Also, broken stone can be used to decorate the area near the pond or pool.
  • Beds of decorative type. They look great in the garden and are suitable not only for harvesting, but also for decorating the cottage. Non-standard beds are the most relevant. They can be both an accent and the main element of the composition. Vertical beds will become especially popular.
  • Burnt wood and metal. Next season, burnt wood will again be popular for decorating fences, various summer cottages and facades. This material will help to make the site inimitable and unique, and also fits perfectly into the natural style of the cottage. Metal structures will become no less popular. Various forged products will adequately decorate the garden.Landscape design trends 2023

These trends will change your cottage in 2023! All of them are easy to implement and are great for updating the site. How do you plan to change the dacha landscape next year?

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