10 Top Trends In Landscape Designs In 2021

Trends In Landscape Designs In 2021How to create a garden that will always be in trend? Style is fleeting and changeable, and gardens are not created for one year.

Landscaping of the garden is not a quick matter, therefore, fashion here is changing more slowly than in other areas of life. But landscape designers still highlight trends that are relevant for 2021. They are approximately the same throughout the world: a modern garden is a place for happiness. Therefore, homeowners should not be exhausted, creating a landscape design of a summer cottage, and therefore, in the garden trends 2021 there should be fruit trees and even beds (the realization that you yourself grow products should strengthen the feeling of happiness). We’ll talk about new trends in more detail.

DIY Landscape Design 2021

Trend No 1. MalnutritionTrends In Landscape Designs In 2021

The more disorder in the garden, the less joy there is from it. A groomed garden is annoying and frustrating. On the other hand, we are all head over heels busy with work, family, study, hobbies, travel … Therefore, an important trend in landscape design is to simplify the garden.

For this, gardeners will:

  • grow perennials, and group them according to how much they need watering.
  • place plants so that they do not create unnecessary work. For example, a pond or a pool should not have a tree that throws leaves into it, or a garden path should not have a bush that grows strongly, blocks the path and therefore requires frequent pruning.
  • use autowatering. In general, modern horticultural trends are telling us to automate everything we can.
  • choose durable materials that are easy to care for, make live borders for the tracks so that they are less likely to sweep, and so on.

Trend No 2. Impressive relaxation areaTrends In Landscape Designs In 2021

Designers formulate this trend as follows: “Why go on vacation once a year, if you can make such a courtyard that you will feel like on vacation all year round!” It is necessary to create a recreation area in which you will feel no worse than in any seaside hotel. And yes, you need to choose unpretentious plants for her – to kill oneself in gardening is not a trend.

Western designers propose to enhance the comfort of the recreation area with the following solutions:

  • Equip a speaker system in the recreation area (it must be properly protected from the weather) to listen to your favorite music.
  • To buy or make really good garden furniture with your own hands. This will take your suburban life to a new level.
  • Make good lighting. FORUMHOUSE has a lot of materials and ideas on this topic. No one regretted spending the money on this.
  • If there is no normal barbecue area, or an outdoor stove, or a good barbecue, then it’s time to make them. Such moments of life as dinner in the open air are expensive.
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Trend No 3. Make the ordinary beautifulTrends In Landscape Designs In 2021

Any garden is full of objects that cannot be classified as MAFs; rather, these are small outbuildings. Awnings under which something is stored, compost boxes … The trend is that these objects no longer cut their eyes with their inappropriateness. But they are not hidden, but, on the contrary, focus on them, just now these things should be beautiful.

What is offered here? Use old, vintage items to help write your story for the garden.

Change the purpose of old buildings. We already told how a FORUMHOUSE participant made a winter garden out of a greenhouse, and it turned out simply stunning.

You can try to push off the design of some favorite attraction, and use it to decorate your object. It will be unbanal and interesting.

Trend No 4. Places closed from prying eyesTrends In Landscape Designs In 2021

This trend is also associated with the insane rhythm of modern life. You need a place where you can hide from all the problems and worries and relax. Perhaps it will be a platform for yoga and meditation, or just a hammock in the corner of the garden, or an outdoor jacuzzi. Closed spaces are no less important than beautiful, great prospects, it is an important part of modern gardening philosophy.

Leading landscape artists and architects recommend:

  • Include in such a secluded area at least a tiny body of water;
  • To make sure that there is enough space for two in this place – sometimes you even want to retire with someone very close and pleasant;
  • Decorate the space with plants with lush crowns;
  • Such a place can be arranged behind the wall of a building to provide maximum privacy;
  • You can specifically protect such a zone with a pergola or a living wall of tall plants;
  • The color scheme for the design of this place should be as neutral and calm as possible.

Trend No 5. Increase the joy of meeting the gardenTrends In Landscape Designs In 2021

The garden should delight from the first minutes, as soon as the homeowner enters its territory. The spectacular entrance to the garden is an important trend for the upcoming season. There are simple ways to achieve this effect:

  • Put tall containers with beautiful plants at the gate;
  • Along the path from the gate to the house, plant fragrant plants;
  • Be sure to make an interesting coverage;
  • The entrance group of the house is decorated with plants, the colors of which combine well with the color of the doors.
  • If the path rises from the gate to the house by steps, this also needs to be beaten – to grow moss, or to plant creeping plants in crevices.
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Trend No 6. Unique decorTrends In Landscape Designs In 2021

Recently, landscape designers, creating a garden, use materials and plants that no one would ever have thought to consider means for decoration. Not garden gnomes, but some kind of dry branches, dry seed heads, cereals, thorns – that’s it.

In the photo – the work of the famous Dutch designer Pete Udolph – his landscapes are as natural as possible.

Such things give the garden a uniqueness and take it to the most distant distance from the vulgarity of garden figurines from shops. It is very important to think creatively and see beauty in strange, unexpected things.

Trend No 7. Grow foodTrends In Landscape Designs In 2021

Integrating a garden into the garden is not a new trend, but in recent years it has become very relevant. People who used to be limited only to lawns and ornamental trees begin to plant tomato bushes in flower beds, or to make decorative beds, or to plant fruit bushes. It’s just that more and more people are starting to think about what they eat, and try to give preference to natural, environmentally friendly products.

The trend is to grow fruits even in the most limited space.

Trend No 8. Make your garden useful for the whole planet.Trends In Landscape Designs In 2021

On the one hand, this is the most difficult and confused component of modern gardening philosophy, but on the other hand, so many Russian gardeners do this. The garden can benefit not only the gardener, the very fact of its existence should improve our planet.

Hence the attraction to organic gardening, improvement of soil structure, rejection of pesticides, planting of plants that attract butterflies and bees.

In recent years, it has become increasingly common to share surplus fruits with the modern community, with those who need it. And another part of this trend is the design of the garden, as part of the wild. This is not suitable for everyone, but sometimes it just looks incredible.

Trend No 9. HouseplantsTrends In Landscape Designs In 2021

Indoor plants – we know how, love, practice for many decades, but now they are reaching a new level. The modern garden philosophy does not support a utilitarian attitude towards growing indoor plants, it should be a creative process to create truly impressive green corners inside the house. All plants should be just fantastic.

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Trend No 10. There should be good furniture in the garden

Inexpressive, in every sense cheap garden furniture is a thing of the past. Now gardeners all over the world are gradually switching to very high-quality tables and chairs, possibly made by themselves, resistant to atmospheric effects. It is believed that garden furniture should be such as to serve for many years. Ideally, do it yourself and pass it on to children. Of course, it should be as comfortable and very beautiful as possible.


Other important trends of the new season are also from the series “garden for happiness, not for work.” They are as follows:

  • less lawn, more ground cover plants and cereals;
  • soft zoning, less strict lines, more blurry borders;
  • the garden continues the house, overlooks the kitchen, dining room, even the living room;
  • rain gardens and a bio plateau come into fashion. (At FORUMHOUSE, the topic of the bioplate has been discussed for a long time and in detail). And the rain gardens are arranged so that the water does not go into the stormwater, but remains on the site, goes from the drainpipe directly to the flowerbed;
  • shrubs are beginning to be of great importance, from them create groups and even large arrays that take the place of elements that are difficult to create and which are difficult to care for: the lawn, compound mixborders, molded hedges. Trees and shrubs with a topiary haircut are absolutely not in trend.
  • umbrella plants are becoming extremely popular. They create an air haze for the garden, soften its shape;
  • pastel muffled colors remain in trend, but after last year’s exhibition of flowers and landscape design in Chelsea a new direction appeared – to mix bright, contrasting colors in one composition and dilute them with herbs;
  • rockeries and alpine hills go out of fashion, but they are still very appropriate in gardens with a pronounced slope.

In general, the trend of the past years continues – the garden becomes more and more like a fragment of the wild, beautiful is considered to be natural, which is favored by lack of maintenance and simplicity. However, it cannot be said that a modern garden costs homeowners cheaper, by no means. We have to invest in mechanization and automation of labor, expensive furniture, lighting. But gardening is one of the most exciting hobbies that a person can have, and it pays off.