New Kitchen Decorations: Easy and Cheap Ideas

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New Kitchen DecorationsIt is not necessary to have much knowledge in design for decorating kitchens with good taste. With ingenuity and willingness to do so, we can make this living space of the house, look nice and cozy, and above all, that it is practical. We will show you some easy and cheap tips.

Separate zonesNew Kitchen Decorations

The kitchen, along with the bathroom, is one of the places that get dirty in the day to day, so it is recommended that they are well organized and all stored in place. One of the ways to have the kitchen always well organized is to divide it into two spaces: cold zone and hot zone.

This makes our kitchen always tidy, because the different things in it will not be mixed. If, for example, we are going to cook a salad, only the cold area will get dirty while the hot one will remain clean. Believe me that if you separate the room well, you will be surprised to see your kitchen clean for longer.

Hot AreaNew Kitchen Decorations

In one of the spaces you will put things hot or that require fire. That is, the oven, the microwave, the hob or hob and everything for cooking.

Cold AreaNew Kitchen Decorations

In the cold zone the dishes, the dishwasher, the refrigerator, the cutters and everything that does not require hot things will be placed. Normally, the cold zone is already established by the sink, so where the sink is located will be this area.

Color ideasNew Kitchen Decorations

White kitchens never go out of style. White tiles, open shelves and perhaps cabinets with glass doors, make a kitchen look wider.

White kitchens with a touch of color look fabulous.

That means that everything must be super organized, so closed doors could make a better option.

Dark closets can look ultra chic in the lower half of the kitchen, under the countertops. They can be dark gray or some shade of teal.

But of course, you can color all the cabinets, as we see in the kitchen below. Sage green tones are being used a lot today.

Lighting fixturesNew Kitchen Decorations

Lighting is key to making a kitchen comfortable and beautiful, so invest in a spotlight or smartly placed pendant lighting.

If you have cabinets above the countertop, it might also be worthwhile to place LED lights underneath, and even inside them to illuminate the space.

Storage in kitchen decorationNew Kitchen Decorations

When we have already found the style of decoration that inspires us and the colors that we like, we still have to face a demand that will allow our kitchen to always look wonderful and also be functional, and it is the organization. Keeping everything in its place is vital, as in any home environment.

It is when we consider integrating shelves and other furniture that allow us to maintain glassware, crockery, food, appliances and everything needed in the kitchen. To admire a beautifully decorated kitchen, you have to keep it organized. In these images, we will see some details integrated into the decoration that make the kitchen more beautiful and more functional.

Side tablesNew Kitchen Decorations

An auxiliary table, with or without wheels, can be very decorative and functional.

Functional tables that have enough space to place not only dishes and other utensils, but also fruits and vegetables.

TraysNew Kitchen Decorations

A pretty tray with spices on the countertop.

HooksNew Kitchen Decorations

The pans and pots hanging on hooks, you can easily get and you will have everything you need at hand and organized.

VasesNew Kitchen Decorations

Nice vases will help us to place the spoons and other items and they look great.

Small details that we add to the furniture and that make the difference, to place the chopping board or the hostesses, you will be surprised to see everything you can organize and make the kitchen look more beautiful.

If you have an awkward space inside the kitchen that you don’t know how to take advantage of, you can consider customizing a custom pantry. It is amazing what kitchen designers can do with a space that you see wasted.

Open shelvesNew Kitchen Decorations

Currently, it is very common for interior designers to include floating shelves or open storage in kitchens. This is because the open shelves make the kitchen look bigger and brighter and also fulfill a great function as a decorative element. Placing plates, cups and tableware to match each other and combining with the rest of the room or contrasting with the other colors, is perfect to add style to your kitchen, in a functional and original way.

Floating shelves taking advantage of a small space on the countertop to store all the bowls.

Shelving can also be an easy way to add interest in kitchen decoration, and of course, it is much cheaper than cupboards. Without a doubt, open storage is a practical, easy and tasteful idea, if you know how to take advantage of it.

Aromatic plants in kitchen decorationNew Kitchen Decorations

The aromatic plants can be in addition to a decorative element, make the kitchen always smell great, and you can also have aromatic herbs on hand to cook whatever you want.

It can be a simple wooden box with small pots of herbs inside.

They also sell planters with special shapes.

Or you can place shelves near the kitchen window.

Most popular plants

Parsley : this is the plant that is usually in every house par excellence. If someone is growing something in the kitchen, it sure is parsley. They give an incredible smell to any place and are perfect to decorate multiple dishes giving them a lot of flavor.

Mint : it is another of the plants that can be put without problem, in our multiple pot, if we decide to place aromatic plants in the kitchen. Peppermint is used to prepare sweet drinks and make delicious infusions.

Garlic: garlic grows fast and is also very useful for many meals.

Boat labelsNew Kitchen Decorations

The boats for the kitchen are a great help in 100% of the times, since they allow us to have everything well ordered and above all to know what we have in each place. We will give you some ideas that will surely get you out of trouble on more than one occasion, especially if the kitchen boats are equal to each other. Another way to contribute in a proper kitchen decoration.

Have you ever thought about how beautiful all the boats in your house would look with labels so you can name them each thing? We are going to present you with different labels for the kitchen.

In order to enjoy these beautiful labels, all you have to do is download them to your PC and cut them out.

Then you paste them in your boats. So that it does not peel off, you need a glue that does not dissolve in water, which means that it must be an industrial glue. With this it is achieved that when washing the boats, the label does not end up taking off.

This is an excellent craft to make an afternoon. In addition, these cards not only serve you for the kitchen, but you can use them for whatever you want.

Kitchen Decorations Cheap

Are you thinking of changing your kitchen? Well do not miss this article where we tell you the secrets to for kitchen decorations cheap. Impossible task? Now you will see that not so much …

The kitchen is the heart of a house, a place where we spend many hours and also very good times around the food. But choosing a kitchen that suits our needs and in which we feel comfortable and happy is not an easy task.

The first thing to consider is your needs and pace of life. We must think well about the use we give to our kitchen and its main elements to choose the most appropriate and take advantage of the entire space.

Today there are many options to cover every need, so you should think carefully before deciding on one, because it will accompany you for a long time. These are the main tips when designing a perfect kitchen for you.

Ideas for kitchen decorations cheap

Set a budgetKitchen Decorations Cheap

The budget is key in any task that we are going to undertake and is indispensable in a good design of your kitchen. You should think about the maximum price you are willing to pay and think about which items you prefer to invest more or what you can save.

There are those who bet on luxury appliances or there are those who prefer a custom-made countertop of the latest materials. You must be clear that it is the most important thing for you, that it is essential and what will depend on the budget that is left.

The budget can always be modified a bit but it will allow you to start from a base to start designing your perfect kitchen, if not when you realize it, the kitchen you have dreamed may be impossible to achieve. That is why it is better to be clear from the beginning.

How is the space?Kitchen Decorations Cheap

The shape of the kitchen is one of the things that is often imposed by its distribution. The size of the space and its own shape will largely determine the shape of the furniture (straight, U, L …)

Any specialist in kitchens will make a distribution based on the space you have. You only need a plan with the exact measurements and they will propose you the best solution. But you can also make a scheme according to your tastes that they can transform into 3D so you can see it more clearly.

First the work areaKitchen Decorations Cheap

In kitchens it is recommended to distribute everything from an imaginary “working triangle”, composed of storage-washing-cooking, corresponding to the refrigerator, the sink and the plate. Since they are the three axes around which a kitchen revolves.

The sink area should be close to the refrigerator, as one of the most common movements is to take out fresh food to wash before cooking. While the plate and the sink should be on the same front or at a continuous angle, especially considering that the separation between the two will determine the work area.

If we place the appliances first, it will facilitate the work: first the refrigerator, then the sink and finally the kitchen. You must separate them from each other so that there is more or less 1.20 m in between to be comfortable, or at least a minimum of 90cm.

Next to the refrigerator, the pantry or food storage areas are usually located. Next to the sink, we will put the dishwasher, also near a closet to store the utensils. And below, the garbage bins.

The oven is located near the kitchen and in this area drawers of different depths for ladles, cutlery, rags and of greater depth for casseroles are also placed. It is the way to have everything at hand.

Once everything is located, imagine yourself in that kitchen doing the usual tasks and check that you have the necessary space for each of them. And that the distribution gives you comfort and fluidity when making them.

Choose the color wellKitchen Decorations Cheap

When choosing the color of the perfect kitchen furniture, we must think about the luminosity of the space and also its size. The kitchen should be a comfortable place, to work in it comfortably. For this the color is very important.

If it is a small space and with little natural light it is better to bet on bright and light colors, such as white or light wood, since dark colors subtract space visually.

In large spaces we can bet on bolder colors and play even with the color on the walls. If you feel like giving a color note to your kitchen you can bet on synthetic countertops that offer a wide variety of colors and finishes.

The countertop: think about the functionalityKitchen Decorations Cheap

The countertop is the surface where we work in a kitchen and therefore it is the part of the kitchen that suffers the most. We continually place things on top, cook, beat, cut and even leave the casseroles fresh from the fire, or start defrosting food.

Therefore, countertops must be functional and resistant, as well as aesthetically beautiful. Natural stones such as marble or quartz offer us great resistance to temperature, stains and cuts. They can also be found in many varieties and colors. But marble, for example, can be damaged with lemon.

Granite is resistant to temperature, scratches or moisture but can be stained. Melamine countertops are more delicate and require you to go more carefully, while synthetic ones offer different variables that you should consider. All have strengths and weaknesses.

The important thing when choosing a countertop, is to be well informed of what each of them offers and choose the most suitable for us. Guiding us above all for its functionality and resistance rather than for its aesthetics, we will thank you in the long run.

Kitchen Appliances: an essential part of our day to dayKitchen Decorations Cheap

Appliances are an essential part of our life and it is worth investing in them a little more. When choosing them you must take into account the kitchen space, your real needs and what you are going to use the most. Find out about its powers and functionalities before deciding.

The kitchen demands a lot of energy, so it is very important to take into account energy consumption when choosing appliances that can reduce consumption. Induction plates, for example, save up to 30% compared to ceramics. Find out well before deciding.

Tailored kitchen furnitureKitchen Decorations Cheap

The wide variety of kitchen furniture allows us to find one suitable for each personality and taste. Whether you like the most classic and the most modern and minimalist kitchens, you will surely find it.

But again we recommend you prioritize functionality over aesthetics. Think that the kitchens are spaces where you have to clean regularly, that grease accumulates, that stains … Choose designs and materials that help you to keep it clean and does not become an odyssey every time you touch cleaning.

Make the most of spaceKitchen Decorations Cheap

In a kitchen we will always need extra space, so take advantage of every corner of the kitchen to store and in the long run you will appreciate it. Choose tall furniture and use corner corners with removable corner cabinets.

DrawersKitchen Decorations Cheap

Here design and functionality do not always go hand in hand. Make sure that the design you choose is functional and easy to open and that it can also be cleaned well. Although it seems unimportant, you’ll be glad to have taken it into account.

Lighting FixturesKitchen Decorations Cheap

Lighting is always essential in decoration and it would not be less in a kitchen. Bet on good lighting for each area that helps you work. LED lines can also be incorporated under suspended shelves or cabinets that generally coincide on the countertop.

FaucetKitchen Decorations Cheap

Another of the elements to which we sometimes pay little importance are the taps. But when using the laundry it is good to have an ergonomic and easy-to-handle tap. Stop to think about the design that best fits you.

And finally … the personal touchKitchen Decorations Cheap

We arrive at the part that gives personality and creates a special environment. The walls must also be designed for their functionality, especially the cooking and sink areas that can easily stain. It is not necessary to tile the entire kitchen but to protect these areas with tiles or resistant materials and easy cleaning.

But this should not prevent you from decorating your kitchen as you like. The personalized decoration of your kitchen and the attention to detail will be what makes it stand out. Think about the accessories within the environment before choosing them so that everything is harmonious.

And it is that the kitchen is the heart of a house, a place where we spend many good times and to which we must take care with care. We hope we have helped you with these cheap ideas to design a perfect kitchen for you.

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