Furniture 2022 For Kitchen and Living Room

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New Furniture Trends 2022 For Kitchen, Living Room And Kids BedroomSuch a concept as creating an interior includes not only the choice of high-quality materials for finishing the ceiling, walls and floor of a particular room. Details such as curtains, light sources, textiles, various accessories or furniture also play an important role in this process. And if some of the listed positions, depending on the design and color performance, can be used both as a complementary fragment and as an accent, then the furniture always attracts attention and, in most examples, sets the mood for the entire design.

Despite the fact that fashion trends regarding furniture are not as fleeting as, for example, in clothes, shoes or various accessories, some changes and improvements in furniture design occur from year to year. We will tell you about what new furniture items should be paid to those who decided to renovate the interior in 2022 and how to choose the right environment for living quarters of various functionality below.

Furniture Trends 2022New Furniture Trends 2022 For Kitchen, Living Room And Kids Bedroom

Despite the fact that each person has his own idea of the concept of “beautiful”, “stylish” and “fashionable”, in 2022, when choosing furniture, designers still advise to look at the options, the characteristics of which meet all the newfangled requirements. And first of all, what should be emphasized is the proximity to nature, which means relevance to everything natural, from colors to the presence of rough tables, chairs and other pieces of furniture made of wood and other natural materials.

An equally interesting proposal is the simultaneous combination of unusual materials, for example, glass and metal, gloss and matte surfaces, and the use of fabrics pleasant to the touch in upholstery, for example, velvet or velor.

Another newfangled furniture novelty is the use of “old” items in the interior. It can be a one-of-a-kind “pre-revolutionary” floor lamp, “grandmother’s” chair or other attributes. At the same time, it is desirable that each subject has its own history and character.

Well, and the most important thing that can be said about the furniture trends in 2022 is a combination of “incompatible”. In other words, instead of certain criteria and rules, freedom and personalization come first, which can be expressed in a combination of pieces of furniture belonging to different styles and generations.

Popular furniture color 2022

Each newfangled season makes its own adjustments to the design and color of a particular product. The novelties of furniture offered to the consumer for 2022 were also no exception. And in this case, experts recommend paying attention to the shades of greenery, soil and vegetable crops, which are fully capable of conveying or emphasizing the connection with nature.

TerracottaNew Furniture Trends 2022 For Kitchen, Living Room And Kids Bedroom

This shade belongs to the category of more complex and at the same time combines red, orange and brown. A terracotta shade is used, as a rule, for decorating upholstered furniture, ottomans or tables.

MustardNew Furniture Trends 2022 For Kitchen, Living Room And Kids Bedroom

The use of furniture of this warm shade in the interior looks very original and allows you to add a touch of aristocracy to the room. If such an idea seems too expressive, you can always muffle the brightness of the mustard hue using chocolate, white or gray tones.

Mint greenNew Furniture Trends 2022 For Kitchen, Living Room And Kids Bedroom

Despite all its brightness and energy, this color fills the room with warmth, and also very successfully combines with sand and coffee shades, so it can be an excellent replacement for classic white. If cooler combinations are closer to you, then gray-blue or emerald will be an excellent complement to mint green.

Bottle greenNew Furniture Trends 2022 For Kitchen, Living Room And Kids Bedroom

Such a solution is acceptable for decorating furniture belonging to the “premium” class, because such a shade always looks rich, effective and expressive enough, which is quite acceptable for refreshing restrained and laconic interiors.

Blue-grayNew Furniture Trends 2022 For Kitchen, Living Room And Kids Bedroom

As for this variation, here the designers are betting on the restraint that characterizes the gray tint, and the attractiveness inherent in the blue. Furniture in this design always attracts attention, does not burden the overall picture, it seems slightly airy and refined.

Upholstered furniture 2022

It is very difficult to imagine any home without elements of upholstered furniture, because such items, like no other, are capable of filling a room with warmth, coziness and comfort. And the range of such products allows you to use accessories for the arrangement of almost all premises.

SofasNew Furniture Trends 2022 For Kitchen, Living Room And Kids Bedroom

The main feature of the fashionable sofas in 2022, of course, is the versatility and convenience of designs, as well as the high quality of materials and a large assortment, among which each buyer can choose the ideal option for himself. The list of current offers includes both classic products and sofas of unusual configuration, as well as modular and corner models.

ArmchairsNew Furniture Trends 2022 For Kitchen, Living Room And Kids Bedroom

As for the choice of armchairs, these products can act as an addition to the sofa structure or be used in the interior as an independent item. The armchairs that come with the sofa, as a rule, repeat the design of the larger item. If you want to use the accessory as an independent decoration of the room, then the designers are advised to give preference to products with rounded shapes and a high back.

Furniture trends 2022 for kids bedroomNew Furniture Trends 2022 For Kitchen, Living Room And Kids Bedroom

The arrangement of a kids bedroom is always based on environmental friendliness, maximum comfort, versatility and safety, because for a child his room is a whole world in which he should be calm and interesting at the same time. Therefore, parents should decide in advance on the functional areas of the room intended for the kids bedroom, and of course choose furniture wisely, without unnecessary items that will clutter up the space. In this case, designers distinguish three main types of furniture that will meet all the criteria as much as possible.

Modular headsets for a nursery consist of several items and are produced in a fairly convenient footage. Modern cabinet furniture has a more rigid frame, and many details allow you to adjust the height of some items if necessary.

As for upholstered furniture for a nursery, compact mini-sofas, original armchairs and ottomans remain a favorite category of items in this case. Separately, each parent can purchase a functional table, chest of drawers or practical cabinet.

2022 kitchen furniture trendsNew Furniture Trends 2022 For Kitchen, Living Room And Kids Bedroom

Modern kitchen furniture is not only a spacious storage system, but also attractive, comfortable cases for accommodating various types of built-in appliances, which makes life much easier for women. At the same time, it is ergonomics that is the main requirement when choosing a suitable kit. All drawers and cabinets should be located as conveniently as possible for use.

As for the colors of the facades and the style of furniture sets for the kitchen, everything here depends on the taste preferences of the owners and the size of the area of the room. The main feature of 2022 is eclecticism in kitchen design with an emphasis on keeping all components in one color palette and abandoning wall cabinets. As a replacement, designers suggest complementing the interior with island storage systems or installing more spacious floor cabinets.

Living Room Furniture Trends 2022New Furniture Trends 2022 For Kitchen, Living Room And Kids Bedroom

When choosing furniture for a living room in the season of 2022, you should give preference to elegant and as simple as possible items that are ergonomic, functional and made of high-quality materials. Simple but clear lines are in trend, as well as products made of glass, stone, marble and natural wood.

The most relevant solution can be called the use of transformers in the arrangement of the living room, which allows you to change the functional purpose and external design of an object. For example, if necessary, a compact sofa can be a great sleeping place, and a pretty bedside table or chest of drawers “turn” into a large dining table or ironing board.

Popular furniture 2022 combines the essentials for the comfortable existence of every person. And the attractive appearance and original design, in turn, will allow you to create a unique interior that will not only meet all the requirements, but also please its owners.

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