New Decor Trends for Kitchen Curtains

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New Decor Trends for Kitchen Curtains
Curtains in the kitchen should be practical and beautiful at the same time.

Indoor curtains often fulfill not only a decorative but also a practical function. Correctly selected curtain trends for the kitchen will decorate the room, and sometimes adjust its size. A well-chosen model of curtains visually enlarges or stretches the space – it all depends on what goal is set. It is especially important to choose the right curtains for windows that are disproportionate in size or face south.

Basic requirements that kitchen curtains must meet

When choosing curtains for the kitchen, it is important to consider the practical side of the issue, because beautiful curtains are not always the right option for a particular room. So, if you give preference to long and snow-white curtains made of delicate fabric, you will have to rejoice at the purchase for a very short time, because the kitchen is not the best place where this option should be used. Constant humidity and splashes generated during cooking will make the curtains oily in just a month, which will be impossible to wash without losing their appearance.

New Decor Trends for Kitchen Curtains
The style of curtains largely depends on personal preferences or design ideas.

Useful advice! Whichever option is chosen for the curtains for the kitchen, the main thing is that they are easy to care for, and the fabric can be easily washed.

The kitchen is rightfully considered the place where the probability of surface contamination is the highest, because it is not only where food is cooked, but also consumed. In many kitchens, the dining table is placed near the window to provide ample natural light. Therefore, the first thing that should make a start when choosing curtains in the dining room and in the kitchen is practicality. In this case, the priority will be curtains that do not fade, do not fade, they should also be resistant to the accumulation of dust, third-party odors, soot and dirt.

It is also necessary to purchase interior textiles that have been pre-treated with special means that prevent light fire. This is especially important when it comes to designing a window in the kitchen, which is located near the hob. In such a situation, the preferred option would be linen fabric containing a synthetic material, which is characterized by dirt and dustproof properties. In addition, these curtains are easy to wash and hardly wrinkle. It is not recommended to give preference to products that consist of polyester or viscose.

New Decor Trends for Kitchen Curtains
The correct model of curtains will allow you to increase or extend the space, change a disproportionately large or small window

Before choosing curtains for the kitchen, you need to take into account their functional significance, because, in addition to protecting against unwanted glances, these textiles must protect the room from excessive direct sunlight. In this case, it is important that the curtains do not completely block their flow into the room. Another important functional feature of curtains is the fact that they must be easy to close and open, and no objects should interfere with these actions.

Also, do not forget that curtains in the interior of the kitchen play a decorative role. They are considered a key element in creating a complete kitchen look. The correct drawing, length and shade of curtains will become the hallmark of the chosen interior style in the room.

New Decor Trends for Kitchen Curtains
With the help of correctly selected curtains in the kitchen, you can highlight accents, create a certain visual picture

Curtains for the kitchen : what they look for when buying

Before choosing curtains for the kitchen, you need to determine which option will look best in the kitchen interior. Therefore, designers recommend paying attention to such nuances:

  1. The general style of the interior. The design of kitchen curtains should fit as much as possible into the style in which the kitchen is sustained, they must be in their place and should not violate the general concept of the room.
  2. Ease of use. Due to the constant exposure to dirt and odors, low-quality textiles will quickly deteriorate, so it is better to choose proven options.
  3. The size of the kitchen space. The design of the curtains for the kitchen is selected taking into account the dimensions of the room. For example, if you want to visually expand the area, you need to choose a pattern with transverse stripes, and if the goal is to increase the height of the ceilings, then vertical stripes on the curtains will look best.
  4. The size of the window and how it is opened. With a small opening, the tulle version of the curtains will visually make the window higher, and will also not interfere with the free penetration of natural light into the room.
New Decor Trends for Kitchen Curtains
It is important to choose the right curtains, because in addition to decoration, they also carry a purely unitary load.

When decorating a window in the kitchen with curtains or curtains, the following criteria should be taken into account:

  1. The shape and overall area of the kitchen. In addition, the width of the window frame and the height of the ceilings are taken into account.
  2. The amount of light. The degree of illumination of the room depends on which side of the world the kitchen goes to. Based on this criterion, the density of the curtain fabric is determined.
  3. Household appliances placement. Curtains should be freely placed on the window, and nothing should prevent them from hanging beautifully.
  4. General style of the kitchen. This factor affects the color, style, length and other indicators of the product.

Useful advice! If you have doubts about which curtains are better to choose, then you should not stop at a temporary option. In this case, it is best to leave the window uncovered for a few days. Often this time is enough to make a choice.

New Decor Trends for Kitchen Curtains
It is necessary to take into account the general style and color of the room before buying curtains for the kitchen

The most popular options for kitchen curtain fabrics: natural materials

When choosing a material for a kitchen curtain, attention should be paid to a practical option that does not require careful maintenance, complicated ironing or washing. Most often, curtains deteriorate due to cooking splashes, grease stains, soot and specific, sometimes very persistent odors that are easily absorbed into the material.

For these reasons, the fabric should be easy to wash without losing shape and color, even after many washes. It is best when the material is dust and dirt repellent, and does not absorb foreign odors. It should be borne in mind that thick and heavy curtains are not suitable for decorating a kitchen.

New Decor Trends for Kitchen Curtains
A natural material for a kitchen curtain must, above all, be durable and easy to clean.

Natural fabrics that are used to make curtains include:

  • linen;
  • cotton;
  • silk;
  • satin.

If you look at the photo of curtains in the kitchen on the window, then it is easy to notice that models made of natural fabrics always look beautiful and elegant. Such curtains are mainly used to decorate classic interiors such as Provence, country. The main advantages of these materials are considered naturalness and environmental friendliness, as well as the fact that these curtains are pleasant to look at, in addition, they are pleasant to the touch.

New Decor Trends for Kitchen Curtains
It is desirable that the fabric is easy to wash and dry as quickly as possible.

Natural tissues are hypoallergenic, characterized by the ability to freely pass air and light. The disadvantages of using natural materials include the high price of finished products, as well as impracticality. Curtains are sensitive to UV rays. If you choose the wrong product and the wrong temperature when washing, then there is a possibility of loss of color and shape. Natural curtains wear out quickly and become less attractive.

Curtains in the kitchen made of synthetic and non-standard materials

To frame window openings, short curtains made of synthetic materials are used as modern curtains for the kitchen . The main reasons due to which they have become quite widespread are their low cost and availability. Other factors that have made synthetic-based curtains popular include:

  • strength;

    New Decor Trends for Kitchen Curtains
    Synthetic materials are often used to make kitchen curtains.

  • wear resistance;
  • fire resistance;
  • Immunity to sun fading.

In addition, such curtains practically do not wrinkle and, with proper washing, do not shrink. Despite the advantages, stylish curtains for the kitchen made of synthetic fabrics are very electrified during operation. For this reason, they are more likely to attract dust particles, which is why they have to be washed much more often than products made from other materials.

Non-standard options for curtains include models made of bamboo and plastic. If you look at photos of modern kitchen curtains made of such materials, then you can pay attention to the fact that they look fresh, unusual and interesting. In this regard, these models will always be the central element that attracts the attention of others.

New Decor Trends for Kitchen Curtains
Synthetic material for sewing curtains in the kitchen is most often resistant to grease, soot and vapors

Bamboo curtains are widely used to complete shabby chic or Provence interiors. White plastic products will perfectly fit into modern interior trends, such as high-tech, minimalism. Plastic curtains are durable and durable, but in some situations they can cause certain difficulties associated with caring for them.

The texture of fabrics should also be chosen based on the features of the interior and style ideas. So, they distinguish embossed, velvety, soft and matte materials. If a beautiful glossy set and other furniture with shiny facades are installed in the kitchen, then embossed fabrics will look good on the windows. If the kitchen is dominated by wooden furniture with polished surfaces and metal furnishings, then it is better to give preference to soft velvety curtains that fill the room with coziness and warmth.

Curtains, which are characterized by a small print on the fabric, should not have excessive drapery, otherwise the whole pattern will simply be lost. If the products are monochromatic, then, on the contrary, they can be hung thickly to create a three-dimensional effect. Looking through photos of beautiful curtains for the kitchen, you can notice that a combination of various fabrics is often used, and first a light synthetic tulle is hung , while curtains made of natural fabric are in the background .

What color to give preference to when choosing curtains for the kitchen: photos of beautiful interiors

The color of the curtains is determined by the kitchen, or rather, its size and interior features. In addition, the taste preferences of the person who spends the most time in this room also affect the color scheme. In order to avoid mistakes and choose a really suitable color option, you should know the basic selection criteria.

New Decor Trends for Kitchen Curtains
When choosing the color and texture of the kitchen curtain, you need to take into account the geometry of the room and the style of decoration.

Curtains should be in harmony with the overall kitchen interior. It is required that all surfaces in the kitchen are correctly combined and echoed with each other. This also applies to the color of finishing materials, the color scheme of kitchen furniture, textiles and decor items. For example, if the walls of the kitchen are made in beige or cream tones, then curtains with a golden sheen, yellow models or any brown shade are considered an excellent option on the windows.

A contrasting color with respect to the walls is preferred. Curtains in the kitchen should not match the color scheme with vertical surfaces, otherwise they will simply dissolve against the background of the walls. That is why the curtains should be several shades darker than the surrounding surfaces. For example, such combinations as black and white, yellow-green, red-blue, brown-milky colors look good in the interior.

Curtains should be an independent decorative element. In this case, the curtains act as a bright accent in the room and stand out significantly against the background of other surfaces. For example, orange curtains look original, which emphasize the kitchen, decorated in light white.

Other criteria for choosing the color of beautiful curtains in the kitchen

Each of the interior styles is characterized by its own color content, which distinguishes it from other areas. For example, the country style is emphasized with the help of pastel types of curtains for the kitchen. In this case, the use of floral motifs or stripes is considered mandatory. When decorating the interior in ultra-modern styles, the use of shades of cold colors is encouraged, while the classics, on the contrary, tend to use from one to three warm tones in their ensemble.

New Decor Trends for Kitchen Curtains
If the room is made in muted pastel shades, then you can hang darker curtains, which will add originality to the kitchen.

Useful advice! The universal colors of curtains that can successfully fit into any interior and style include white, beige, cream and sand.

An important role in choosing the right shade is played by the area of \ u200b \ u200bthe kitchen room. In a large kitchen, you can experiment with the color of the curtains and use any options you like. Choosing beautiful curtains for a small kitchen, you should weigh the pros and cons. A small kitchen needs tricks that will visually stretch, enlarge or expand the area of the room. Usually blue, lavender, white or light green curtains work well for small spaces.

The last nuance that affects the choice of the color of the curtains is the illumination of the room. So, in the kitchen, the windows of which face the south-western sunny side, during the day there is always a sufficient amount of natural light that needs to be shaded a little. Therefore, in this case, it is recommended to give preference to dark dense fabrics. If, on the contrary, the kitchen is deprived of the required amount of light, then it is better to stay on translucent curtains that let the sun’s rays through as much as possible.

New Decor Trends for Kitchen Curtains
The shade of the fabric can either be in harmony with the general design of the room, or be a color accent

Before finally deciding what color the curtains are best to hang in the kitchen, you need to remember that warm natural shades will create an atmosphere of family comfort in the room. Cold tones are more suitable for bachelor rooms, because they emanate formality and severity.

White curtains in the kitchen are not considered practical, because on a white background traces of dust, especially splashes of dirt, grease and other dirt, will be clearly visible. If there is no desire to give up white in the kitchen, then it is better to give preference to beige curtains or other light shades.

Plain curtains are more suitable as an accent element in the kitchen, which is distinguished by plain walls and other surfaces. In this case, decorating the window with bright textiles with a noticeable ornament or pattern will make the kitchen more lively and interesting. The Scottish-style cage is considered a universal ornament for rooms of any size.

A curtain with a print of horizontal stripes will visually expand the boundaries of the room, vertical patterns will “stretch” it in height. Curtains with a floral print look beautiful in any kitchen, while for a small room you should select a small pattern, and for a large room it is more appropriate to choose a large ornament.

How to choose the right length of kitchen curtains: photos of different options

If you look at the pictures of curtains in the kitchen, then you can pay attention that most often they choose models of medium length that reach the windowsill. Deviations are usually no more than 30 cm.This option is considered the most practical, especially if furniture or household appliances are installed near the window. If the cooking area in the kitchen is located far from the window, then in this case, you can pick up long curtains to the floor.

Useful advice! When choosing the maximum length of curtains, you need to make sure that the edges do not lie on the floor, because this option is more suitable for decorating a living room or bedroom, but it will not be appropriate in the kitchen.

New Decor Trends for Kitchen Curtains
For a small kitchen, choose short curtains with easy assembly.

Short curtains are also considered more acceptable in terms of fire safety. If the window is located too close to the gas stove, then it is better to give preference to blinds or roller shutters. Fabric curtains should be kept at a safe distance. To protect them from fire when exposed to drafts, a curtain bracket should be installed. If, in addition to the window, the room has a balcony door, then you can use products of different lengths or even choose different models. Also, this option is relevant if the furniture partially or completely blocks the approach to the window.

The main popular types of curtains for the kitchen: photos of numerous interiors

Choosing fashionable curtains for the kitchen, made of high-quality materials that meet all design requirements, is not an easy task, especially since there are many different options for decorating the space. A classic in kitchen design is the use of checkered curtains, which have been fashionable for several decades. In Europe, this option is considered authentic and associated with the village symbolism of the country style. Moreover, products often do not differ in the presence of the front or seamy side.

A feature of the arched version of the curtains is the uneven length of the curtains: they are usually longer at the edges, and very short in the center, thanks to this difference, the effect of a concave bottom is created. The bottom edge in such curtains can have the shape of not only an arc, but also a trapezoid or triangle. This version of the products is able to adjust the configuration of the window opening.

Another idea of curtains for the kitchen is a knitted version, which is especially perfect for a summer kitchen in the country and for a rustic interior, involving a large number of homemade things. Other popular types of curtains include:

  • curtains. They have a simple design and are made from lightweight fabrics. The main function of such curtains is decorative;

    New Decor Trends for Kitchen Curtains
    Unlike roller and panel curtains, as well as blinds, classic curtains have folds, so they are guaranteed to bring comfort to the interior.

  • curtains with lambrequins. The traditional version of products, which is represented by several canvases, complemented by decorative elements;
  • Roman curtains. Curtains are adjusted using a special mechanism that collects them at the top in an “accordion”. In the expanded version, they look like a whole canvas;
  • Japanese panels. In this case, there are two cornices in the kitchen: one at the top of the curtains, the other at the bottom. This makes the curtains look taut;
  • curtains-cafe. Small curtains that cover only the lower part of the window;
  • roll products. Attached directly to the window sash, pulling on a rope or cord is required to lift. They are compact in size and do not block access to the window.

Features of the design of curtains for the kitchen on eyelets

Eyelets are flanged rings, usually made of brass and used to secure a circular hole in the fabric. The first prototype of such curtains were sails on ships, which, thanks to the grommets, were easily raised and lowered. Then the scheme was used in the development of corsets and lacing for shoes.

New Decor Trends for Kitchen Curtains
Eyelet curtains fit almost any kitchen

Useful advice! Eyelets differ in a variety of colors and finishes, therefore, when choosing, you should pay attention to the rings that best match the shape and color of the cornice. For example, eyelets that resemble antique bronze, gold or imitate the shade of tin stand out.

The main advantage of grommet curtains for the kitchen is the fact that they are easy to open and close. The ease of movement of the curtains ensures a beautiful appearance of the drapery folds. Heavy and massive curtains or a veil look organically on the eyelets, in this case it is easier to keep their correct shape. This is ensured by the presence of a sealing tape, which is used when installing the eyelets on the curtain.

New Decor Trends for Kitchen Curtains
Fasteners can be selected from plastic, metal or wood

When purchasing curtains with eyelets, you should be very careful when choosing a cornice, since it remains in sight all the time and is considered one of the decorative elements. In store-shops, in addition to such curtains, you can pick up beautiful original forged or chrome-plated curtain rods. At the same time, the cornice made of chrome-plated aluminum is distinguished by an attractive luster, it is much lighter in weight than the forged version.

Another advantage is that these curtains are much easier to hang than products with hooks. This is ensured by the presence of large holes into which the eaves rod easily passes, and there are significantly fewer of them than hooks. It will not be difficult for anyone to move the curtains on the eyelets for the kitchen, because the rings slide very easily along the surface of the cornice. Due to the presence of rings that are qualitatively sewn into the fabric, even after a while, such curtains do not stretch and do not sag. A large selection of curtains on eyelets is presented among the Ikea curtains for the kitchen.

New Decor Trends for Kitchen Curtains
For curtains on eyelets, both dense and lightweight material is suitable

How to design curtains with lambrequins in the kitchen

Curtains with lambrequins for the kitchen perform mainly a decorative function. With the correct design of the window, you can transform the appearance of the room and make it much more attractive. Lambrequin is a decorative drapery that is placed in the upper part of the window and occupies the entire width of the cornice. Looking through photos of lambrequins in the kitchen, you can notice that they occupy at least 20% of the window height and in themselves look like mini-curtains.

Moreover, most often lambrequins are sewn from dense and heavy fabric, which is decorated with folds, flounces, tassels. Lambrequins are a rather original decoration, a window with them will look much more attractive.

Conventionally, designers distinguish 3 types of products: hard, soft and combined. Modern curtains for the kitchen with a hard version differ in that in this case the lambrequin looks like a narrow strip fixed to a seal, which is often non-woven or bandeau. A rigid lambrequin usually has a rectangular or oval shape.

New Decor Trends for Kitchen Curtains
Curtains with lambrequins should be in harmony with the general atmosphere of the kitchen

A soft lambrequin is considered more decorative than practical. It is sewn from drapery elements that are connected together so that during operation the lambrequin does not lose or change its shape. In this case, the decor is at least 1 / 5-1 / 6 of the total length of the curtain. In the photo of lambrequins for the kitchen, you can see the presence of other decorative elements, such as:

  1. Swag is a horizontal part, shaped like a semicircle, draped with folds and resembling a shell. It can be both symmetrical and asymmetrical.
  2. Semi-wag. It resembles a swag, which is distinguished by the presence of a hole on top.
  3. Jambot. In appearance, it resembles a frill, it is a side piece of a lambrequin with a beveled or stepped lower edge. Jambot allows you to emphasize the border of the window and creates a holistic image of the room.
  4. A tie is a part of a lambrequin, which differs in folds in the upper part and resembles two jambots connected by side cuts.
New Decor Trends for Kitchen Curtains
Lambrequin is more a decorative option for use in the kitchen.

The combined lambrequin is a combination of several elements in one product – it is both a hard base and a soft drapery. In the photo of curtains for the kitchen, this option looks the most magnificent and solid. The lambrequin looks especially beautiful in a room characterized by the presence of a large window opening and high ceilings.

How to choose Roman and beautiful curtains for the kitchen: photo options

Roman blinds are considered a functional and practical option for the kitchen, while they fit well into any room interior. Roman blinds combine well with curtains and drapes in the kitchen. When unfolded, they are a solid sheet, which, when assembled, forms soft, uniform and beautiful folds. Fashionable Roman blinds are made from any material and are usually installed in the place where there is no possibility of using wide curtains.

The most correct use of all usable space will be obtained thanks to a special cornice. In the photo of the curtain rods for the kitchen, designed for attaching Roman curtains, you can see that they are fixed directly to the sash of the frame, above the window opening or to the ceiling of the opening.

Useful advice! If the window has a significant width, then several strips of canvas can be placed on it.

The convenience of Roman curtains is that they are easy to adjust in height, this provides the ability to control the flow of sunlight into the kitchen. There is also the possibility of installing additional decor, such as tassels, braids, scallops and fringes.

New Decor Trends for Kitchen Curtains
Roman blinds look organic in both classic and modern interiors

The main condition when choosing Roman blinds is not to be mistaken with the fabric. If the room is sufficiently lit, then models made in warm pastel colors are suitable. The presence of a small pattern is allowed. If the kitchen is quite light, then you can choose a contrasting color. Due to the fact that the fabric for Roman blinds is impregnated with special compounds, it practically does not fade in the sun and retains an attractive appearance for a long time.

When choosing beautiful curtains for a kitchen with a balcony door, you should pay attention to roller blinds. In this case, it is permissible to use several separate canvases, which differ in length and are selected depending on which part you want to decorate – a balcony door or a window. The main thing is that the texture of the curtains is the same. Roller blinds, like Roman ones, make it easy to control the amount of lighting in the kitchen, because a special roller is used to change the length of the model, on which the canvas is wound. To protect the curtains from the effects of drafts, a special weighting bar, which is fixed on their lower part, will help.

New Decor Trends for Kitchen Curtains
Roman blinds are a canvas that, thanks to the lifting mechanism, can be raised and lowered, letting in light or shading the room

Another advantage of roller blinds is the fact that they fit snugly against the glass. Thanks to this, the product does not take up unnecessary space and is protected from contact with other things that are located on the window. Roller blinds allow you to use the window sill as an additional work surface, which is especially important in a small kitchen.

French, Austrian and Japanese designs of curtains for the kitchen: photos of beautiful windows

Classic French curtains are also called awnings and are considered a good idea for kitchen curtains because they are both stylish and modern. Before choosing such an option, you need to understand that it is not suitable for decorating a small window in a small room, because it visually makes it even smaller than it is. Therefore, it is better to leave the version of the French model of curtains for the kitchen for a spacious room with high ceilings and panoramic windows.

French curtains consist of semicircular folds that occupy the entire surface of the product. The lower edge of the curtains is framed by cords on the hinges, with the help of which the curtains are pulled together and form scallops, which are preserved along the entire length. In this case, the scallops remain in place, regardless of whether the product is raised or lowered. The following types of French curtains stand out:

  • static;
  • lifting.

According to the classification of products by type of control, there are curtains that are manually adjusted by a chain mechanism, as well as automatic ones. In this case, the length is chosen depending on the wishes of the owner of the room: the curtains can be both to the floor, or close only the window opening. In the kitchen, short curtains that reach the windowsill are considered the most successful option. In this case, such a light material as translucent tulle will look good.

New Decor Trends for Kitchen Curtains
Japanese curtains work well for kitchens with balcony doors and large windows

If you look at the photos of the designs of curtains for the kitchen, then you can notice that Austrian curtains are something in between Roman and French models. In terms of the lifting mechanism, they do not differ from the Roman version, and the lush drapery makes them look like French curtains. Austrian models will perfectly fit into the classic interior of a spacious living room combined with a dining room. Such products will make the room graceful and solemn, especially if the room has a bay window.

Fixation of Austrian curtains takes place thanks to a special rail cornice. For control, a lifting mechanism is used, which consists of cords threaded into rings and mounted in the cornice. The degree of drapery and the height of the cornice is regulated by these cords. For Austrian curtains to look attractive, choose lightweight fabrics such as satin, silk or tulle.

New Decor Trends for Kitchen Curtains
Austrian curtains are more suitable for a classic kitchen and give it grace and style.

The Japanese version of the curtains for the kitchen is a screen or screen that plays the role of a kind of border between the window and the main room. The panels are composed of fabrics, the width of which is from 40 to 100 cm, and the height is equal to the distance from the eaves to the floor. For the production of such curtains, materials of various colors and textures are used. These models are considered the privilege of the large window In this case, products made of fabric with a print or pattern look most appropriate. The absence of drapery and folds allows the print itself to be fully demonstrated. This option is ideal for minimalist and ethnic interiors.

Bamboo and thread curtains: photo of kitchen curtain designs

Thread curtains (muslin) appeared in Russia several years ago, although they have been used in the Middle East for quite some time. Thread products are a curtain made up of separate threads. Interior designers often dilute the appearance of curtains with a variety of beads, feathers, beads. Kiseya is considered a good option for curtains for a small kitchen and for large rooms.

In this case, the color scheme is chosen depending on the design of the room. Products can be monochromatic, rainbow or contrasting colors. The main advantages of curtains for the kitchen:

  • practically do not get dirty and are easily erased;
  • do not require drying or ironing;
  • lower price compared to fabric curtains, so you can often update the kitchen interior;
  • thread curtains can be given any configuration when decorating a window;
  • both long and short muslin curtains look beautiful;
  • do not impede the penetration of air and at the same time create sufficient illumination.
New Decor Trends for Kitchen Curtains
Eco-friendly, inexpensive and convenient – it is for these qualities that buyers love bamboo curtains so much

The disadvantages of such products include the fact that the threads are easily confused with each other, and sometimes they are intertwined in such a way that it is impossible to separate them. Most often, in the manufacture of thread curtains, viscose, linen, polyester are used, in rare cases, wool is used for this purpose.

Bamboo curtains are considered unusual and add some exoticism to the interior. They are made of bamboo cane, jute straw or natural fabrics. The curtains do not take up much space, they are very light, and most importantly, they are distinguished by moisture-resistant properties. It is especially popular to use a combination of natural linen curtains or lightweight tulle fabrics and bamboo panels.

In addition to the fact that this option is considered a good way to decorate a room and is characterized by low weight, bamboo curtains are characterized by the following advantages:

  • easy to manage;

    New Decor Trends for Kitchen Curtains
    Bamboo curtains are easy to maintain

  • are made from natural environmentally friendly material;
  • protect the room from the sun;
  • do not fade or fade due to exposure to sunlight.

Bamboo products differ in different lifting options, they are folded according to the principle of Roman blinds or rolled up like roll-up models.

Pleated curtains and cafe curtains: design features

Pleated curtains are corrugated fabrics that are assembled in the same way as horizontal blinds. The fabric used for the production of these curtains is distinguished by the presence or absence of a pattern, a smooth or textured surface, while the color is selected depending on the type of room.

Most often, pleated curtains are used to create an interior in a modern style, are characterized by reliability and functionality, while creating comfort in the room no worse than simple fabric models. This type of product is a good way to decorate a window opening with a complex configuration.

Cafe curtains are designed to a greater extent to decorate a window in a small room, therefore they are considered the best option for curtains for a small kitchen. The curtains are mounted on a thin strip, which is located in any part of the window, for example, it can be in the middle of the window or higher.

After installing the plank, the upper part of the opening can be left open or used to decorate lambrequins, which are made of the same fabric as the curtains. The bottom of the product can be left in its original form, using scallops, brushes or decorative hooks. Cafe curtains will decorate a room made in Provence, retro or shabby chic style. Below you can see a good selection of photo curtains for a small kitchen.

New Decor Trends for Kitchen Curtains
The model of pleated curtains is most often used in the interior of the kitchen in a modern style.

How to sew curtains in the kitchen with your own hands: manufacturing features

Before you sew a curtain to the kitchen with your own hands, you need to decide on the model and choose the fabric from which you want to make it. As noted earlier, when choosing the color of the fabric, they are guided by the features of the configuration of the room and the general style of the interior, and the fabric is chosen to be practical and non-marking.

Important! If the small pattern on the curtains matches the pattern on the surrounding walls, then such an interior will look sloppy and sloppy. Therefore, if there is an ornament on the walls, it is better to choose a curtain without a pattern.

Reflecting on the question of how to sew a curtain in the kitchen, you should pay attention to the option made with the help of original suspensions. The advantage of original ties is that they can be attached directly to the curtain rod. To fix such loops, you do not need to remove the cornice. If you are not too lazy and first make a paper pattern, you will be able to avoid unnecessary loss of material.

New Decor Trends for Kitchen Curtains
Before you start sewing curtains in the kitchen, you need to choose a model and fabric for its manufacture.

Before you sew a curtain to the kitchen, you need to correctly calculate the amount of material. To do this, you need to calculate the length, which is equal to the distance from the eaves to the floor or to the battery. In this case, you need to add an additional 10 cm to the hem of the curtain from the bottom and top.

If you want to make a non-volumetric drapery, you should multiply the standard width of the cornice by 1.5. In the event that you need a voluminous drapery, you will need to multiply the width by 2, additionally adding 4 cm to the side hem.

When making a classic version of curtains, you need to cut out one or two rectangles. The main thing is to harvest the parts, observing an even cut. To do this, you need to make several marks on the edges, taking into account the allowances for bends and draw a straight line, and only then cut off the desired length. Before doing this, you should first iron and moisten the fabric, which will save the finished product from shrinkage.

New Decor Trends for Kitchen Curtains
It is important to correctly measure the window in the kitchen before sewing curtains.

To cut the loops of the suspensions, it is required to cut strips of a certain length and width from the fabric. In this case, the length is determined taking into account the curtain model, the radius of the curtain rod and the desired distance from the curtain rod to the beginning of the curtain. The width of the workpiece is determined by the width of the buttonhole, to which an additional amount is added for the sewing allowance. In this case, it is important to follow the sequence of actions. The top seam is performed first, then the side seams, and the bottom is last stitched. After stitching, the excess threads are cut off, and the finished curtain is ironed.

It is important to ensure that the decorative suspension loops are of the same length, otherwise the product will be skewed. If the two curtains are of different widths, then this option will also look ugly.

New Decor Trends for Kitchen Curtains
Fastening the eyelet to the sewn curtain in the kitchen using a clip

An important stage in the self-production of curtains is the decorating process. Studying the photo of curtains in the kitchen with your own hands, you can pay attention that the simplest and most popular decor option is a knot that is easy to complete without additional effort or cost. Also popular are magnet hooks and drapery on the cornice. In addition, tapes are used for pickups, stripes made either from the same fabric as the curtains, or from a contrasting one. For the same purpose, plastic beads are used, which are available in any color and design.

The kitchen is considered one of the main rooms in an apartment or house, especially if it also serves as a dining room. Therefore, modern kitchen curtains must be selected so that they look like an integral part of the interior. Using beautiful curtains to decorate the window opening will give the cooking area a complete and individual look.

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