Laminate Floor Trends 2023

Laminate Floor Trends 2023Interior solutions and the style of the premises are determined by fashion trends. Manufacturers of furniture, floor coverings, textiles participate in annual exhibitions, which determine which trends will be relevant this year. We have selected up-to-date reviews of popular laminate options, which we will introduce you to in our article. With the information provided, it is easy and simple to choose materials for finishing houses and apartments, paying attention to the surrounding interior.

Top flooring trends in 2023

Laminate design novelties in 2023 allow you to create an interior for every taste. Flooring manufacturers offer up-to-date color options from classic wood textures to bright and colorful collections. When choosing the right laminate design, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

  • layout of the premises and its division into zones;
  • type of furniture, finishing materials, lighting options;
  • types of textiles – curtains, carpets, accessories complementing the interior, furniture upholstery.

Guided by the listed factors, you should select the color of the laminate, top coat, texture, pattern. If a specialist is engaged in a design project, he takes into account the preference of the customer, and offers several options for fashionable laminate floor trends in 2023. Let us consider in more detail what fashion trends for laminate are offered by manufacturers.

Return to antiquityLaminate Floor Trends 2023

Wooden floors never go out of style. Natural board looks beautiful in the room, while it is convenient and practical. Among the options on the market, parquet and solid boards with a pronounced texture are in demand. Of course, the cost of an array is far from accessible to everyone, so the owners are looking for an equivalent alternative – and this is a laminate.

Modernlaminate- these are multilayer boards, the design of which is designed for medium and high loads. Laminate floors are much cheaper than parquet, while they do not differ in design, and are not inferior in technical characteristics. The fashionable laminate in 2023 is considered to be a rustic floor, as well as lamellas with visual irregularities, wavy patterns that will make the interior more comfortable.

Designers note that in 2023, herringbone decors will return to fashion. For this reason, the model range of most manufacturers has been replenished with new collections of Christmas trees in two varieties:

  • Hungarian Christmas tree (found under the name English or classic) – the dice are laid at an angle of 90 degrees to each other. The popularity of this pattern is due to the fact that the planks are assembled at an angle, and the pattern is not formed by printing. This design forced manufacturers to modernize the locking system on the boards, so that the short side of the lamella was joined to the long one. The Hungarian Christmas tree laminate laying technology is more complicated than the standard method, and therefore the cost of installation work is higher. Despite the costs, the final result exceeds all expectations, due to an interesting and unusual pattern.
  • French Christmas tree – the location of the slats at an angle of 45 or 60 degrees. In comparison with the Hungarian Christmas tree, the effect can be achieved by imitating a pattern on a wide laminate plank. At the moment, there is no opportunity for trademarks to produce separate dies that were assembled in such a pattern. Choosing a floor covering for such a pattern should be carefully, since far from all manufacturers offer decors worthy of beauty.

CombinationLaminate Floor Trends 2023

Multifunctional premises require a special selection of finishing materials, especially for rooms with several zones. For these purposes, designers select a combination of several coatings – laminate and tile, laminate and parquet. The combination of several materials looks original. With the help of two coatings, it is possible to successfully zone the space of the kitchen and dining room.

In addition to the combination of several coatings, the modern look has a combination of different colors – dark and light. In separate interiors, designers combine up to 3-4 colors.

You can combine not only colors, but also sizes. Some manufacturers put laminate collections on the market in one color, but in different sizes. By connecting boards with a width of 139 mm and 189 mm, it is possible to achieve an unusual floor design.

Laminate floor tilesLaminate Floor Trends 2023

The floor of the kitchen, hall, hallway, bathroom, as a rule, is laid with tiles and porcelain stoneware. We agree that such a solution is practical, but there are a number of disadvantages associated with the complexity of installation and the features of the surface, which is cold to the touch and hard. What to do in the case when the owner of the apartment wants to see the pattern of the stone or the characteristic pattern of the tile, but does not want to lay the tile, given the shortcomings?

Laminate manufacturers have provided a solution to this problem, and are launching collections of laminate flooring imitating tiles on the market. So fashionable laminate 33 classwear resistance, characterized by increased thickness, the locking system is reliably protected from moisture, which increases the service life of the floor.

Moisture resistance, a reliable protective layer allow you to lay the coating in the bathroom, in the kitchen, as well as in other high-traffic areas with high humidity. Manufacturers of modern laminate in 2023 guarantee that, subject to the operating conditions, their products will last for many years, without the risk of deformation, and retain an attractive appearance. Trademarks also provide recommendations on issues such as cleaning your own laminate flooring, care secrets.

Trendy laminate floor colors in 2023Laminate Floor Trends 2023

When browsing and evaluating laminate flooring trends in 2023, it is important to pay attention not only to patterns and patterns, but also to color. This year, natural shades remain fashionable, as well as a game of contrast (black and white, beige and black, bright shades of red). When choosing the color of a fashionable laminate, you should be guided by the following tips:

  • giving preference to light colors as a decor for interior surfaces, do not forget that they will make the room narrower and longer;
  • the combination of a light floor and dark walls allows you to visually shorten the room;
  • you can highlight the horizontal lines in the room by laying a light laminate, finishing the ceiling in a light tone, while the walls should be dark;
  • when repairing hallways, experts recommend choosing doors and floors in the same color scheme;
  • if you want to achieve the effect of a spacious room, then give preference to the floor and doors in light colors.

Now let’s take a closer look at the trendy colors of the laminate in 2023:

  • White – laconic style and purity. Laminate in a light tone with an oak or maple structure allows you to visually expand the space, adding brightness to it. The white floor goes well with the green tones that may be present in the decoration of the premises.
  • Gray is a versatile color suitable for rooms where you need to emphasize a neutral shade, but it is important to choose the right combination with other types of finishes. The best option for a combination are white and black surfaces. If you need to add coolness to the style of the room, then gray goes well with blue. An attractive effect will be obtained by combining gray and yellow, but the latter should be less in the interior (a separate curtain decoration, a small element of the sofa or wall decoration).
  • Beige. The neutral color of the laminate can be easily combined with other tones, and its practicality should also be noted, since scratches, stains, and dust are not visible on it.
  • A combination of red and orange. As decoration and decorative elements, you can select products and materials in yellow, brown and green.
  • Brown is a warm shade that allows you to create a natural cozy atmosphere. The brown color of the laminate is suitable for country-style interiors, and also emphasizes furniture and textured finishes.
  • Black is a combination of elegance and luxury. Preference is given to this color when designing modern interiors, while combining it with warm tones.

Fashionable laminate floor 2023 in the interiorLaminate Floor Trends 2023

With the advent of the new year, fashion trends in the interior are changing. Among the current styles in 2023, designers note:

  • Maximalism. As a floor covering, a laminate of standard geometry with a rich color is used – bright shades of red, deep brown. Making a color accent on the floor, it is important that it be bright and richly decorated.
  • Eco – the use of natural materials, while the interior should be dominated by open space. When choosing a laminate for laying on the floor, preference should be given to collections that imitate a massive or parquet board as much as possible, both in color and in pattern.
  • Vintage. For this style, a laminate in the form of an aged or bleached board in light shades is suitable – white, beige. At the same time, neutral and nude shades should be present in the room, emphasizing the conciseness of small details.
  • Japandi. For interiors in this style, it is recommended to select laminated floors with the structure of natural materials and the corresponding color scheme. Shades should be as close to natural as possible to create a relaxing space.
  • Industrial, loft, urban. The style is dominated by concrete textures, raw brick, plaster. Such trim elements are combined with a laminate in gray, white or beige.

When choosing a fashionable laminate for living space in 2023, you should pay attention to the fashion trends proposed by manufacturers. The correct selection of colors and shades of finishes, the combination of small details allows you to create the desired style and comfort zone, according to your own preferences.

Laminate floor colorsLaminate floor colors

Floor renovation already poses some essential questions when buying laminate flooring. Which laminate floor colors are best for your home? Should the floor be light or dark, smooth or structured, subtle or eye-catching? The variety of laminate colors and structures opens up a wide world of possibilities for you. But you also face the challenge of making the right decision for all your rooms, in terms of room brightness and furnishings.

What laminate floor colors are there?

A list of all laminate floor colors would go beyond the scope. You can choose between light and dark laminate floors in wood look, in natural stone or in tile look. Then there is laminate with a terracotta or fine stoneware look, in a patterned, creative design and in one color in all the colors of the RAL palette. In the private sector, wood and stone designs are the most popular. But even this limitation is characterized by an enormous variety of designs and numerous laminate flooring colors. Choose your floor based on the desired overall effect, bearing in mind that the floor covering has a significant effect on the perceived room temperature. Laminate colors look very harmonious and warm in the look of country house floorboards. White floors with a light grain are modern and timeless. Creative color and pattern combinations are motivating but also restless.

The color effect in the overall perception of the room

Dark floors in walnut, ebony or rustic oak give your room an elegant aura. On the other hand, there are laminate colors such as maple, beech and birch, which ensure optical enlargement and a higher light output in the room. In addition to the basic color, the pattern also plays a not unimportant role. Very small-scale designs, such as a strip parquet look, promote a restless ambience and are also associated with a perceived reduction in space. Light to medium laminate

Floor colors with a natural wood grain and long plank look increase the perceived size of the room in the direction of installation. A few preliminary considerations and samples of different laminate colors are helpful before buying. Optionally, you can get a feeling for the effect of a color online. With our room planner, in which you can virtually lay a laminate floor in your own four walls, you have the opportunity to get a feeling for what the corresponding floor would look like in your project.

Why dark laminate colors make the room look smaller

All dark laminate floor colors deceive the eye and ensure that you perceive the room size as a whole to be significantly smaller than it is. This is a completely normal reaction of the human brain to the color effect, which in the case of dark nuances is associated with a compressed perception of distance. But dark floors also create coziness and harmony. They can increase the perceived warmth of the room and are therefore not fundamentally a no-go in laminate colors for smaller rooms.

The right laminate colors for all rooms

In large living rooms, as well as in open living and dining rooms and in cozy kitchens, you can set exclusive accents with medium to dark laminate colors. In this case, you should refrain from small-scale structures, as dark floors with small patterns ensure a strong reduction in the depth of the room. If your living rooms and the kitchen are less flooded with light, we recommend that you focus on a light-colored laminate floor. Also in the hallway, in the children’s room and in the bedroom, light floors are usually the better choice. The bathroom is an exception. Even if the room is small and there is little daylight, you can create a cozy wellness oasis with dark wood-look laminate flooring. If you design open areas in your home, you should opt for uniform floors with no visible transition. Here it is particularly important to check the laying direction in all rooms. In narrow rooms, you should follow the recommendation to lay the floor parallel to the window. Laying lengthways would make the joints visible and also make the room appear shorter and narrower. Especially with dark laminate floor colors, the right direction has an essential influence on the ambience in the room.

Light laminate to dark furniture?

It all depends on the style of living you prefer. In a rustic home, you can also combine country and colonial style furniture with darker oak laminate. In this case, however, the ceiling height as well as the ceiling and wall color must be taken into account. So that a room doesn’t look overwhelming and too dark, you should rather use light floors with small windows and in rooms on the north side. Light laminate colors in combination with dark furniture bring a lot of charm to the room. A great advantage of light floors over dark furniture lies in the fact that the color contrast provides an exclusive emphasis on the individual elements. On the other hand, if you only work in the light or dark color spectrum, the transitions become blurred and the details are less effective.

Dark laminate – also possible in small rooms?

In principle, you can use dark laminate colors to give your rooms an elegant, very exclusive and upscale look. For small rooms, choose a pattern that looks large and does not design the floor in small parts. In order to have as little loss of light as possible, you should ensure that the window front is painted in a light color. Dark wall colors are not generally taboo for dark laminate floor colors. It is important how you accentuate and which color-differing details you integrate. Light, very subtle furniture is recommended for dark floors and walls. You place the furnishings in such a way that the light falls on the white cabinets and is reflected in the surface.

Laminate flooring trends 2023Laminate flooring trends 2023

In 2023 the laminate flooring industry will continue its journey through Scandinavia and the Nordic countries. The trend continues towards more durable and natural designs. Against this background, the members of the European Laminate Flooring Manufacturers’ Association (EPLF) strive to bring new original designs and technologies to the market that meet customer expectations. Natural colours, textures and materials will dominate next year’s trends. This shows how important the topic of sustainability has become for customers who are looking for authenticity and longevity.

Manufacturers tend to move away from cold gray tones and playful bold decors that banish consumers from their homes. The designs continue to be very close to the original wood patterns with authentic, bright, friendly and fresh decors as well as naturally matt textures and subtle knots that convey a harmonious look. Light, naturally brown and whitened oak colors are highly appreciated by consumers and create a natural, warm and cozy cocooning atmosphere in their own homes. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the colors or the material: untreated oak wood is the customer’s favourite. The aim is to create a relaxed and harmonious interior design through light, pure natural nuances through to nutmeg-brown tones. However, some members are already observing the first signs and an interest in wood species other than oak. It remains exciting. According to the EPLF, 2023 could hold some surprises in store.

When it comes to formats, herringbone patterns continue to be popular on the market. In addition, wider formats are also becoming increasingly fashionable as they help to make interiors appear calmer.

Laminate flooring trends 2023 reflect consumers’ desire to create a retreat at home where they feel safe and protected from the outside world.

Be it soundproofing, waterproofing or sustainability, laminate flooring manufacturers are at the forefront of research to ensure high quality flooring. This is a strong selling point to convince consumers. Our members are making more and more water-resistant products to meet consumers’ desire to increasingly integrate wood into spaces where it wasn’t before.

Sustainability continues to be a focus for our members as they are actively involved in building a circular economy. Their focus is to provide authentic, eco-friendly and durable products. This is expressed in the EPLF’s “Made With Wood” campaign, which emphasizes the ecological properties of laminate floors.

All these efforts have only one goal: the association and its members continue to work towards making laminate one of the best performing products on the market.

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